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Full Summary: "Our purpose is one of infinite, some call us executioners some call us peacekeepers, some call us assassins, some call us heroes, and some call us villains. However, those are all meaningless titles given to us. We only have one true title, and that is Inquisitor."

Completely AU, Single Pairing, Somewhat OOC

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

"Flashbacks" - Talking

[Flashbacks] - Letters or Reports.

Theme Song: Meet Me On The Battlefield, by SVRCINA - Nightcore Version.

Main Writer: Revan the Edgelord

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Esdeath released a sigh of boredom as she watched her men finish off the remaining Northerners. It had been almost a week since Tatsumi had left the camp, and since then she has come to realize that she missed his company a lot.

The Ice Queen knew of course that she was going to miss him a little, but she didn't think it would be this bad to where she couldn't enjoy fighting, which was something she usually enjoyed regardless if her opponents were terrible.

"Even though I'm the stronger one between us, I bet I'm the only one who is missing the other's company." Was what Esdeath was thinking at this very moment.

She wasn't a fool and knew that Tatsumi disliked her, but what she couldn't still quite comprehend was why. She had understood in the past that using him to amuse herself had annoyed him tremendously, but that was practically weeks ago, so he should have gotten over that, right?

Nonetheless, Esdeath thought about the possible reasons why Tatsumi gave her the cold shoulder, and why he wasn't attempting to deepen their relationship.

Letting loose another sigh, this one being more along the lines of irritation, Esdeath decided to make her way back to her dragon as her troops began to celebrate their victory against the Northern , she would join them in these celebrations, but at the moment she wasn't in the mood, and wanted to be alone with her thoughts.

Her second in command, a tall and seasoned warrior had seen her walking away, and started to follow her while calling out to her. "General Esdeath, is something wrong?"

"No, I just wasn't satisfied with this fight." Esdeath answered as she continued walking. She wasn't lying when she said this, for she had found it to be dull, and that was because there were no Northerners who had even given her a little bit of a challenge. All of the ones she fought were weak, and didn't last ten seconds with her.

"Oh, well, I am sorry to hear that, General." As unfortunate as it was to hear this, her second in command couldn't really do anything to fix this, for the closest fort was about thirty miles West of where they're at right now.

Of course, if Esdeath wanted to, then she could most likely take the fort by herself, but her second in command had a feeling she wasn't in the mood to fight, and just wanted to be left alone.

"It's not your fault, so don't worry about it, Commander." She said in response as she approached her dragon, which was in the middle of feasting on some unlucky Northerner. "Oh, and don't stop the victory party on my account, you all have earned it."

"Understood, General!" Her second in command said with a salute.

With that said, Esdeath mounted the dragon and had it take off.

Once it was in the air, she looked at the soon to be night sky and thought of one thing.

"I wonder what Tatsumi is doing right now?"

"Hrah!" Was the war cry Tatsumi released as he planted his sword deep into the danger beast's skull before leaping off of it and landing gracefully on his feet.

As the creature fell, the Northerner who was riding it had been flung off of it and onto the snow.

"Ugh," The man groaned as he got onto all fours and saw someone's legs about three feet away from him. Realizing whose legs those belong to, the Northerner slowly looked up and saw Tatsumi staring down at him.

"Well," He started as he straightened himself to where he was sitting on his knees. "I guess this means it is the end for me, right?"

"That depends on you." Tatsumi answered in an emotionless tone, his blade resting at his side, but ready to be swung if need be. "If you tell me what I need to know, then you can walk away, but if you don't then..."

He trailed off as he looked back at Ulf and Wulf who had come up on his six in their Imperial Arm's forms, which happened to be two very large wolfs that were about the size of a horse.

Their Teigu was called the Twin Reaving Wolves: Skoll and Hati, and unlike other Imperial Arms, this one required two users to use it. He didn't know why the first Emperor decide to make only one Teigu that required two users, and would most definitely ask the man if he was still around, but he couldn't for the Emperor had died almost a thousand years ago.

The Teigu took the form of two silvery amulets, one of them having a symbol of the sun, and the other having the symbol of the moon, and depending on what time it was would decide which one of the two was stronger. If It was daytime, then the one who wears Skoll's amulet would be the stronger of the two, while when it is night time the stronger one would be Hati.

Seeing the blood on their mouths and dripping from it, the Northerner could only assume his companions had met their fate.

"I see your point." He said with an awkward smile as he looked at Tatsumi, whose lips curved slightly upwards.

"I'm glad you do, now tell me what I need to know." He declared in a firm manner while keeping his blade at the ready. He highly doubted that the man would try anything, but that didn't mean he was going to drop his guard.

"I would, but first you gotta tell me what you want to know." The man affirmed with a frown. He knew what he was doing was cowardly, but he didn't want to be eaten alive, and had a son on the way.

"The lost Imperial Arm, you're part of the expedition that's planning on retrieving it, right?" Tatsumi demanded to know.

"Is that what it is?" The northerner said with a bit of surprise. "I just remembered being told that we were going to recover a long lost artifact with some Southern boys."

"Artifact, Imperial Arm, Teigu, it doesn't matter what it's called. The point is, is that you know where it is located, and you're going to tell me exactly where it is, or else I'm going to let them eat you." The Grand Inquisitor affirmed with a tiny bit of irritation in his voice.

"Well, I can't tell you exactly where it is because that is something I don't even know." The Northern said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "However, I can point you to the village that had discovered it, but that's only if you give me your word that you, or your, companions don't kill me."

Deciding to accept his offer, Tatsumi cleaned his blade before sheathing it, and saying, "Alright, you have my word no harm shall come to you."

At this, the man smiled and said, "Wonderful."

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