I had sent Spock, Bones, and Sulu down to the planet. I was going to go but Ii had come down with a bad cold. Bones and Spock surprisingly talked me into not going. However, there was some problems that arose while they were there. I was in my quarters when they had been beamed back up.

Sulu came running to my quarters buzzing my door. I opened the door to see Sulu, I could tell something was up. "Mr. Sulu, what is it?"

"While we were on the planet something went wrong, we had to return in a hurry. However, we didn't fully get out soon enough before the bomb went off. You better come to med bay."

My heart raced, I was grateful that Sulu seemed to be okay. But my mind raced to Spock and Bones. Were they not okay? The whole crew was my family and I loved each seprately. But none were closer to me than Spock and Bones. I just wished that they got along better. They both seemed to be jealous of the relationship I had with them. Each were my brother.

I entered med bay and was greeted by Sspock. I was relieved that Spock was okay. But I could sense that something was wrong. "Spock, you alright?"

"Fine, captain. However, Doctor McCoy..."

Bones. Where was Bones? "Where is he? Where is Bones, Spock?"

Sulu had followed me to med bay. Spock looked at Sulu who glanced at the ground. I . looked at both of them.

"Tell me, where is Bones?"

"Captain, he is still on the planet. We were not able to beam him up with us."

I went to call Scotty. "Captain, he's..."

"Don't say it Spock." I said shakily.