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SPOILER: Going with Astre for Ciel's real name since it does seem like the most popular guess going around



The young woman swiftly turned around, having sensed the boy before he had called her name out in apparent happiness and braced herself as he slammed into her midsection, wrapping his arms around her in a clearly affectionate gesture.

"Now, now," Kagome placed her hand on the child's dark hair, "I don't think this is appropriate," She scolded, though her tone was light, "What would your father or mother think if they ever saw you in such a position, Astre? I am simply your caretaker."

The boy named Astre pouted and clung to the dark blue dress that she wore, "They might give me a spanking," He mumbled, but then looked up at her with desperation, "But you won't tell them, will you?!" He sniffled, "They all get to play outside, but I cannot," He looked saddened for a moment before perking up, "I get to play with you inside!"

'How do I get to be in such situations?' Kagome wanted to sigh, mentally rolling her eyes in her mind when a certain Taiyoukai came to mind, 'Right, he 'placed' me here to gather information while he hunts down a demon who pissed him off.'

And if she were to be one hundred percent honest, the only thing that made Victorian Britain even bearable to her were Tanaka and the four Phantomhive members, especially Ciel and Astre, since they reminded her so much of Shippou and Rin.

"Well, then," Kagome gently tried to pull Astre away, but he was having none of it, much to her apprehension, "Would you like to play chess?"

"You will just beat me again," Astre pouted again, "How can you even beat me? The only ones who can are Father and Ciel." He muttered, looking away with embarrassment.

Kagome shrugged, "A good friend of mine taught me shogi," She smiled fondly at the thought of Miroku, "It's essentially the Japanese form of chess, just a little more complex, I suppose," She said as Astre looked up at her in awe, "Besides, you have come very close to beating me many times."

"Yes, but–"


The Priestess could not help but to let the sigh escape her this time as an almost identical voice called her name out while Astre visibly stiffened and immediately gripped her dress as tightly as he could.

"Ciel." Kagome greeted politely, seeing both Vincent and Rachel not too far away and instantly wanted to go straight to bed at their obviously amused expressions as their twin sons fought over their caretaker.

"No, Kagome is going to play chess with me!" Astre tried to pull Kagome in one direction, frowning at his slightly older twin, "She promised me!"

"You get to spend much more time with Kagome than I get to!" Ciel retorted, pulling Kagome in the other direction, "You need to share!"

Kagome rubbed her forehead, not budging her spot, even as the twins pulled with all their might. She glanced over at Vincent and Rachel, clearly giving them a look that said 'do something about this'.

Ah, such was her life.