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Lost Reign


Princess Luna made her way silently down the darkening halls of the palace, using magic to set candles aglow along the way. Outside, the night was clear, her moon full, but she found no bliss in its beauty tonight.

There was unrest within the castle.

All the day long, Celestia had been tucked away in her chambers, none allowed to enter or disturb, not even Luna's presence was welcomed. The indignation she'd felt in the early hours of the morning were now waved, concern for her sister taking its place. So, the lunar princess found herself standing before her sister's closed chamber doors, hoping not to be dismissed as she had been so many times before.

"Celestia?" She called gently, but with enough volume to heard through the door. "Sister, may I enter?"

The silence that followed was agonizing, and just when she felt she was being shunned again, her sister's voice carried through.

"You may." Celestia sounded tired.

Not wasting any time, Luna summoned the magic necessary to push the double doors open, and stepped into the room.

The scene that greeted her seemed normal enough. Celestia was settled comfortably in her bed, her back to Luna, but she was smiling over her shoulder at her younger sister. Luna smiled faintly back.

"I'm sorry to intrude." Luna began as she approached her sister's bedside. "But the castle is restless with your absence. We've all been worried, it is not like you to seek solitude, sister."

"No." Celestia agreed. "But there is no cause for worry, not for me anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"Come closer, sister." The princess of the sun smiled. "And meet you're new neice."

"What?" Luna breathed, but found her hooves carrying her forward.

"She was born with the rising of your moon." Celestia said as the darker mare circled the bed to face her sister properly, cerulean eyes widening at what she beheld.

Tucked into the starlight chest of the pricess, with her head resting in the bend of her leg, was a tiny foal. A filly.

"Don't be shy, Luna." Celestia chuckled. "Come closer."

She did, bowing her head to be closer to the foal, inspecting her closely. Her coat was a soft grey, shining silver in the moonlight, her mane and tail black, but highlighted moderately with light cerulean and cobalt. And, she smiled, a tiny little nub of a horn protruding from her brow.

Luna's smile died with as realization struck her. "So, the rumors then, they were…"

"True" Celestia finished. "Yes."

"Does he know?"

"I don't think so." Celestia murmured. "But I can't be sure."

"He is a long way off." Luna pointed out.

"But he will not remain so." Celestia mourned. "He wants all of Equestria, it's only a matter of time."

"We can protect her." Luna reasoned.

"Not from her bloodline." Celestia lamented looking down at the precious life she'd just brought into the world. "If her magic is as his, if he were to corrupt her…he would be unstoppable."

"Then, what would you suggest?" Luna asked, desperation clawing at her heart.

"A dear friend of mine has agreed to take her on-"

"Celestia!" Luna balked.

-"Until such a time it is deemed safe for her return." Celestia finished firmly.

Luna's head bowed to look at the little foal once more. Hours old and already beset by strife.

"She is your daughter." Luna acknowledged. "But she is the heir to your kingdom, but also to his. How do you expect to know anything about her capabilities if you are not there to help cultivate them?"

"My decision is final." Celestia affirmed. "I take her to Queen Novo when my sun's light touches the sky."

Luna looked to protest, but only nodded with a tight expression. "As you wish, Princess." Cerulean eyes softened on the still slumbering babe.

I wish you luck.

A/N: Sory for the shortness, but this is just the prologue, normal chapters will run longer.

Honestly, things are a little tense between the sisters right now, but they just want what is best for the baby. Luna believes that's in Equestria where she and her sister can help guide and protect her. Celestia believes that the only way to protect her is to send her away where she cannot be influenced by her father.

Who is the baby's father? Too soon to say, but you are welcome to leave your theories in the comments:)

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