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Lost Reign

Chapter 1

Queen Novo no longer thought herself capable of being surprised, but with the arrival of the equine princess's letter late in the night, the matriarch found herself proved wrong. She'd known nothing of Princess Celestia's pregnancy, it wasn't as if it was any of her business, but Novo did consider the pony a friend, and their kingdoms were allied. She had the right to know if any knew heirs were produced. She had sent word to Celestia the moment she knew she was with child, after all.

Still, after learning her reasoning behind her secrecy, Novo couldn't help but be sympathetic. Her husband, may he rest in peace, had been good. Honest. Just. She couldn't imagine what Celestia must be going through, desperate and afraid. Her heart went out to her friend.

It was only their friendship that swayed Novo enough to take the child on. Royals didn't exactly go around adopting out their children at the first sign of trouble. Those guards weren't just for show, and magic was a powerful weapon, but as the hippogriff was learning, the circumstances this infant were born into were nothing if not special.

At the appointed time, in the early hours of the morning, Queen Novo stood outside the gates of the city. As the sky turned rose gold with the dawn, Princess Celestia stepped out of a swirling portal, a dark cloak shrouding her figure. With her magic, the princess lowered her hood and smiled at the matriarch. Novo couldn't help but note how tired the pony looked.

"Honey." Novo tsk'd. "You look awful."

"I'm sure even you didn't look your best after Skystar was born." Celestia chuckled.

"True." Novo admitted, albeit reluctantly. "But enough about that, let's see the little one."

Carefully brushing aside her cloak, Celestia revealed her daughter to the hippogriff queen. Novo dew in a breath of delight. She was such a pretty little baby, smiling up at her with light rose color irises, giggling and cooing.

"She looks a lot like you." Novo observed, smiling as the foal reached a hoof out toward her. It was true. Her coat was somewhat darker, and her mane was black, but anyone with eyes could see how she resembled her mother. "Have you settled on a name for her yet?"

"Artemis." Celestia smiled. "Her name is Artemis."

With great reluctance, Celestia drew her daughter in for a final hug, before using her magic to transfer her over to Novo.

"Thank you, Novo, for all you're about to do." The princess said earnestly. "I hope that my sister and I can settle things quickly between the two kingdoms. Once her father has been properly dealt with, I will return for Artemis, please take care of her until then."

"Relax, honey." Novo assured. "Your little filly is good hands here. I will adhere to your written instructions, and I will keep her safe. Now, go do what you have to do, so you can bring your baby back home."

Through the tears in her eyes, Celestia managed a small smile, before turning and stepping back through the portal.

As the swirling magic closed in on itself, Novo sighed, looking down on her new charge. The pony kingdoms were going through dark times, so dark that an heir such as the one she was holding, could only bring more strife. Novo's top priority was to her own kind, it was her duty to insure their peace and safety, taking on a princess from the matriarchs of two rivaling kingdoms did little to insure such peace and safety.

Nevertheless, Novo had given her word to her friend, not just a royal. If Artemis's father was as terrible as Celestia's letter suggested, then hiding her among the hippogriffs might just be the safest course of action. No one came to Mount Aris on a whim, the mountain was difficult terrain, and the wildlife was dangerous. The filly princess would be safe within the hippogriff city.

As the sun climbed higher into the sky, painting it blue, Novo retreated back within the city gates, Celestia's baby tucked under her wing.


Princess Celestia stepped through the portal and into the throne room of her palace. Luna released the magic she'd been holding, allowing the swirling vortex to close, and turned cerulean eyes to the sun princess.

"It is done." Celestia said waveringly. "She's safe among the hippogriffs."

"I still think she'd have been better off here." Luna stated bitterly. "Among her own kind. You said yourself that he doesn't even know she exists; why should we have to give her up?"

"Because it is what's best!" Celestia snapped. "Our love and our magic are not enough to keep Artemis safe should he discover her. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to protect those we love, and as the heir to my kingdom, I could not take the chance of keeping her here no matter how badly I want it."

Tension was suddenly thick in the air as Luna's eyes turned to ice chips. "Your kingdom?" She inquired lowly. "I was under the impression we ruled together, sister, but as with all things as of late. It appears I've thought wrong."

"Luna, wait." Celestia begged realizing her error, but the dark mare paid her no mind, only stopping before the doors to glare at the paler princess.

"All bow before the sun's power." Luna hissed. "But my moon is resilient, and my nights are of no lesser value than your days." With that and a pulse of magic, Princess Luna fled the throne room, leaving Celestia with her bitter words.

Tears washed over the sun princess's cheeks as she stood abandoned and in despair. Her sun's light was pouring over her from the great window, but there was no warmth in it. Her fractured heart breaking all together with the slam of a door.

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