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Vale docks 3RD POV

For Team RWBY today would have been another boring Saturday at Beacon but they received a call from Ozpin. Due to the increase in WF activity around Vale the Atles Military were spread thin as it is trying to keep the peace after Torchwick and the WF broke through the underground passage allowing the Grimm to invade downtown Vale. So when the Schnee Dust company was sending a super top secret Dust that was created back in Atlas to Vale, General Ironwood was forced to ask Ozpin for help in the security detail of the new form of Dust.

He agreed... reluctantly. So assigned Team CFVY, Team CRDL, Team JNPR, and Team RWBY to guard the Bullhead ship holding the New Dust till Ironwood himself personally collects the Dust from the Students. As the students waited for Ironwood to show they split up into their own teams and began to become lazy due to the boredom. Team RWBY found themselves inside the Bullhead contain the Dust they were guarding.

"Agh I'm so board." Yang complains as she lays back against a wall.

"You dolt, this isn't suppose to be fun. We are tasked with guarding a new version of Dust that could possibly change the way the word lives. It could eliminate Grimm quicker, it could teleport people to the other side of the planet, it could form an impenetrable shield that makes the walls obsolete, it could..." as Weiss was about to finish she noticed that Yang wasn't listening anymore but rather passed out from boredom from Weiss rant.

"You dolt... well at least we have someone else who takes this job seriously, right Blake." Weiss said as she turn to Blake who also was asleep with a the seventeenth novel of the Ninja of Love on her face.

"(Sigh) Is anyone else asleep." Weiss moans.

"I'm not Weiss." Ruby said with glee while sitting on top of one of the canisters of the new Dust they were supposed to guard.

"You dolt get down from there! These new Dust are completely unstable!" Weiss shouted while trying to pull Ruby off the Dust container that tips over letting out the Dust.

"Oh my Oum you Dolt look what you have done!" Weiss shouted while panicking that these things can explode at the drop of a hat.

"I'm sorry, let's just pick up this mess like this never... oh my Oum... it rainbow color!" Ruby shrieks in excitement as the Dust was indeed multi colored that forms a rainbow. Weiss was now irritated by this, but had to admit this was definitely interesting to see Dust crystals that looked like a rainbow.

"Huh... wha, oh guys what you got there?" Yang said as she finally awaken from her sleep.

"Oh the new Dust fell over but look at it Yang, it's rainbow color." Ruby said excitedly.

Yang took a closer look at the Dust crystal, it sparkles with the multiple colors of an actual rainbow. As Yang took it from Ruby and begins moves it back and forth it leaves behind an actual rainbow like a glow stick in the dark.

"WWWWhhhhooo, hay Ruby it's a double rainbow all the way. What does it mean?" Yang jokes as she makes a double rainbow with the crystal.

"Oh my Oum, Yang... That's AWESOME!" Ruby shouts with Glee as she also grab ahold of two Dust crystals and began to make a quadruple Rainbow that shimmers a lot longer then Yang's puny Double rainbow.

"You dolt the both of you." Weiss said grabbed ahold of one crystals from Ruby.

As she grabs that an explosion can be heard outside shaking the Bullhead they were in causing it to wake up Blake who fell from her sleeping spot onto the ground below with cat like grace.

"What was that?" Blake asked as she quickly rub the sleepiness from her eyes.

"We were playing with Rainbow and it had side effects... on giving Weiss an ex-plosive personality." Yang punned getting everyone to groan at the horrible pun.

After rolling her eyes another explosion can be heard that shook the Bullhead causing the Dust barrel to fall to the ground spilling it contents. The group started to get worried about what was going out there, so Ruby quickly pulls out her scroll and calls JNPR.

"Jaune what's going on out there?" Ruby asked.

"It's the White Fang, their attacking the ship yard, a few got through and heading your way." Jaune said as another sound of explosions can be heard in the background causing something to happen to Jaunes end causing her connection to break with his.

"Jaune, Jaune, Jaune!!!" Ruby shouts into her scroll receiving nothing but Static.

"What's going on out there?" Weiss asked.

"It the White Fang, they somehow got past the others and heading our way." Ruby said just as the sound of a buzz saw can be heard from outside.

"Finally something interesting." Yang said with a wide grin as she bash her gauntlets together.

Team RWBY got prepared for battle as the saw cutting into the ship was almost completed a large square.

The saw stopped as the metal wall fell down and smoke appears as a few canisters came through. Soon a a few WF goons came running in weapons drawn Weiss used her semblance ability to summon a small ice wall giving the team cover from the Dust rounds being fired at them. Blake quickly used her semblance and got Yang close up for the brawler to fight up close and personal. Ruby then quickly layed down suppressing fire giving her sister some breathing room as more WF members came in armed with the most superior Atles tec and guns they can get there hands on.

"Wow these guys must really want the rainbow Dust." Yang said as she barley got behind cover as a WF carrying a minigun came in and lays down suppressive fire.

"Yea it's not normal for the White Fang to send heavy troops unless it's really important." Blake said recalling the protocols from her time with the White Fang.

"Well we cant stop now team RWBY, we just got to hold out till Atles back up gets here." Ruby said firing blindly behind cover.

The fight kept on going and the teams were kept on being pushed back into the Bullhead hull till they were in the room with the Dust. They were surrounded on all sides by White Fang members with advanced guns. The only reason why they didn't storm down was because the fear of hitting the rainbow Dust and blowing up the place.

"Ugh this isn't good." Yang said as she ejected the last of the Dust shells from her gauntlet.

"Yea I'm running low on Dust, how about you guys?" Ruby said as she places in the last clip of her Cresent Rose.

"I'm on my last round." Weiss said placing in a Dust round into her rapier.

"I'm out." Blake said dropping the empty mag from the gun onto the ground.

"Well at least we get to die together." Yang said sarcastically as a stray bullet passed over head.

The team needed to fight up close so they remain behind cover waiting for there moment to strike when the shooting stopped and the sound of panick can be heard. The team looked up to see the WF running and trampling over each other trying to escape the room. The team looked onwards in confusing until a bright rainbow light can be seen from behind them. Apparently during the fire fight the stray bullet that nearly hit Yang hit the Rainbow dust causing it to start to pop and expand inside the container.

The team begins to panic and run for the door to escape but unfortunately the crate exploded and had different effects on everybody on board the Bullhead.

Outside the three team were holding off the White Fang as Atles war ships were with in view of the teams. There hope was destroyed when the an explosion can be overheard from the Bullhead they were guarding. White Fang members began to pour out in a panic, majority of those who couldn't get out began to fall to there deaths as the Bullhead was shot up into the air by a large force of wind dust, then began to spin around mid air with fire dust burning the falling White Fang members to a crisp, followed by Lightning shooting out of the ship zapping the remaining falling WF members to a patch of dust, it finished up by turning into a rock before falling down to the ground floor only for it to literally sparkle rainbows and then vanished before hitting the ground.

"Oh my Oum." Jaune said as he fell to his knees in disbelief. RWBY is now gone. The teams looked onwards in disbelief of what had happened. Soon some of them begins to mourn.

While they were in distraught and disbelief they failed to notice that the storm cloud formed after they disappeared and soon it started to flash lighting in neon lights while snowing rainbow colored snow.

Back aboard the Bullhead RWBY were in for a tough ride. They were thrown to the ground hard as there lips made the motion that of astronauts going into space then they were thrown to the wall as they felt the G-force push them against the wall before they began to float off as the room became completely static with electricity causing the girls hair to stand tall before finally the G-Force of fall pushed the girls to the top of the roof.

As the girls scream and panic the crate began to shoot beams multiple color lights from the crate causing weird side effects, like a disco ball of the multiverse. The first wave of lights that hit the screaming girls caused them to change their color palette with there partners, then the next one change there genders while changing their pallets back to normal. Then the third one change there genders back but turn Ruby, Weiss and Yang into Faunus and Blake into a Human, the finally light went over them causing them to split into a multiple rows of screaming girls all in different shades colors of a rainbow before finally they crashed sending the girls forwards with a huge thud renderings them unconscious.

After what felt like hours Ruby was the first person to wake up as her vision was still pretty faded and her ears finally stopped ringing, she noticed that she was back to normal and fine for the most part except for a major headache and the urge to vomit. She looked around and noticed that there was a bright light seeping in through the some holes in the Bullhead, actually for the most part half of the Bullhead was missing.

Before she could investigate she hear groans and moans coming from behind her. She turns around to see her team was now up. Weiss trying to walk straight only to fall over again, Blake checking if she still have ears, and Yang now hurling rainbow color vomit onto the ground.

"Is everybody alright?" Ruby asked as she sits down unable to stand up.

"Ugh I think I'm ok except for the vertigo." Weiss groans as she fails to stand up.

"I'm ok except for the missing ear part. That was freaky." Blake said as she had her bow off showing her Faunus ears still there.

"Ugh, now I know what Jaune feels like." Yang answers before vomiting again.

Ruby sighs in relief that her friends were alright but she looked around and noticed on the ground something that made her heart skip a beat.

"Oh my Oum... my BABY!!!" Ruby cried out before picking up a now destroyed Cresent Rose.

In the crash the weapons the team had was heavily damaged. Cresent Rose was was snapped in three ways. Myrtenaster blade snapped off while the guard was somehow bent upward. Gambol Shroud blade was broken down the middle and the trigger was missing. Then Ember Celico was fine... except that they were stuck in shotgun mode and welded together rendering them as fancy handcuffs.

"Well this sucks." Yang said disappointed that her hard work was destroyed.

"Oh Oum my bank account is going to have a field day with this." Weiss said as she looking at the rapier point sticking out of the wall.

"On the bright side at least we are alive." Blake said stoically but secretly on the verge of tears that her weapon that she had for a long time was now in shambles.

"What bright side is there my baby is dead!!!" Ruby cried out while cuddling her broken weapon.

"Ruby relax. I promise when we get back to Vale I'll pay for the repair of your weapon." Weiss said while rolling her eyes. This instant cheers up Ruby who instantly wiped her eyes.

"Really?!? Oh thank you Weiss!" Ruby said before hugging Weiss.

"Ugh get of me Ruby." Weiss said in vain trying to get her off her.

Eventually they let go and they all walked outside the Bullhead that was snapped in half. Outside they were blinded by the bright light but there vision returned to them. They noticed that they were on a green hill leading into a plane of some kind with an old concrete road leading downwards and out into the plains.

"Huh are we in Mistral or close to Vacuo?" Weiss asked herself out loud. In all honesty none of th girls had any Idea where they are except that it was deserted.

As they looked around they hear something moaning. They turn to see a White Fang member fell to the ground. The girls quickly looked around for something to use to defend themselves other then there fist so they picked up a lead pipe or a sturdy Branch. The man was clearly bleeding heavily from his wounds he had received he looked up to see the girls but before he could say something something jumped from the shadow of the ship. It then started to tear and bite into the poor Faunus as he screams out in agony. The team looked onwards in horror as the blood and guts of the infected sprays outward getting a few drops onto the girls.

The thing that was ripping the unfortunate Faunus to bits, then stopped half way through his stomach and slowly twisted its head revealing that half of its face was missing. It then started to sprint towards the group as it howls. Ruby was petrified with fear but Yang acted quickly and swing her tree branch into the thing head causing it to practically expload into bits under Yang's Aura infused swing.

"Oh my Oum What was that!?!" Yang said as she wiped the brains from her clothes.

"I think that was a zombie." Weiss said after getting the nerve to walk over to the dead corpse and poke it with the metal bit she found.

"W-Wha, um Weiss are you sure that you didn't hit your head in that fall." Yang said refusing to believe that the thing she killed used to be a human.

"No I'm pretty sure we all hit our heads, but I doubt that has anything to do with what you just killed." Weiss said getting sick after poking it a few more times.

Before Yang could counter argue they hear the WF member scream in agony as his body twitch like crazy before he got back up and let out a haunting howl. It then turns to the girls and begins to stumble sprint towards them only for Blake to quickly stab her metal scalp through its head killing it instantly.

"Ok that's a zombie, zombies are now real." Yang begins to mutter in disbelief that Zombies are now real.

"Well at least it can't get any worst." Ruby said finally pulling herself out of her paralyzed state.

Then the chliché happened as a strange looking Zombie without arms or a lower jaw walked on out and stared at the group before leaning back and letting out an ear piercing scream causing the girls to walk backwards covering there ears in pain.

After the screech stoped the girls looked up to see the beast was bent over and now straightening itself before it then lean back again.

"Oh no you don't!" Yang shouted before she swung at the screaming zombie.

Before it could scream again it was knocked down to the ground and from there Yang started beating it with the stick then Weiss came over and started hitting it with her scrap metal then followed by Blake then finally Ruby who all were now beating the screaming zombie for three and half minutes till finally Yang cracked its skull wide open.

"Why (huff) is their (huff) screaming Zombies (huff)?" Weiss asked why'll bent over huffing in exhaustion.

Before anyone could answer they hear the sound of trampling feet and soon a wave of Zombies flew over the Bullhead towards them.

"You had to say something." Yang said as she got into a defensive stance.

The team then charge towards the hoard of Zombies. Armed with scrap metal and wood they managed to fight off the undead. As they used there aura to strengthen their swings to the point that they can one shot practically anything with in reason.

As the hoard begins to thin out under the pressure of the girls they fail to notice a comically obese zombie came in running towards the girls knocking down.

"Oh come on, since when did fat guys have the strength of a paladin." Yang joked.

"Actually since when did people became this fat." Blake asked while dodging the slow movements of the fat zombie.

Yang just shrugged before continuing the fight with the fat zombie. As they continued to fight the Fat zombie had enough and rammed forward into the girls. They managed to dodge but to there surprise it did a complete 180 spin and knocked them down like a blowing pins. It sent Blake and Weiss towards the remaining crowd of zombie and Yang to the left. Ruby was sent flying forward before rolling hard on the ground. As Ruby struggled to get up the Zombie grabs her by the neck and turns her towards its face.

"RUBY!!!" Yang shouted out.

She quickly got up to her feat and ran towards the fat Zombie with red eyes of anger. She would have gotten to Ruby if a weird agile zombie sprinting on all four tackled her down to the ground. It then pounce on her and then proceed to try and bite her. Yang quickly used the tree branch as a guard against the zombie but the thing was to agile and her aura was spent so she couldn't get it off her. All she could do is watch as the fat Zombie was about to rip her sister in half with its teeth.

Blake and Weiss could barley hold their own against the remaining hoard. They managed to fend them off but they noticed Ruby about to be munched down on and were unable to do anything. The girls scream out to Ruby completely shocked that there was nothing they can do.

Ruby couldn't even scream or much less say anything as the zombie strangled her as it grab ahold of her squirming legs. Her life flash before her eyes as the last sound she can hear from her team was her name. The zombie head came closer and closer about to bite down on her torso. She knew this was the end.


A gunshot interrupts the zombie as it's once leather and pale head was missing, completely replaced with a fountain of Blood spewing out of the zombies head as it slouches down letting go of Ruby. Yang seeing her sister was not going to die becam invigorated to survive so with as mush strength as she can muster push the zombie away before reaching out and snapping it neck killing it.

"What, was that?" Ruby croaked as she gasp for air.

Yang quickly ran over to her and picked her up. relieved that her sister was going to be alright she had to wonder were did that gun shots came from.

A series of gun shots went on as the remaining hoard barreling down on Weiss and Blake began to fall down one by one. The girls then ran over to Ruby and Yang after catching there breath.

"You dolt are you ok?" Weiss asked with genuine concern for Ruby.

"Yea Weiss I'm gonna be ok." Ruby croaked.

"Then who is shooting theses zombies then." Blake asked as she looked at the fat zombie figuring out that the zombie was shot with a fifty cal bullet.

The girls just shrugged as they had no idea who did this. That's when they hear another hoard incoming. They barley had the strength to stand let alone fight. They were completely outmatched when they hear a sound of an engine roaring. They look over to see an RV crashing into some of the zombie before stopping near the girls.

The RV window on the driver seat lowers revealing a young blonde in a purple hoodie in the driver seat. She quickly looked over to the girls before looking back at the hoard of Zombies racing towards them.

"Well What are you waiting for get in." The mysterious woman shouts as gun shots can be hear from the other side of the RV.

Team RWBY had limited options and decided to go with them. They quickly sprinted towards the RV door as some zombie ran around the RV and were now chasing them. Yang managed to get Ruby in first but stayed behind to cover Weiss and Blake as they ran in. As she was the last one in a zombie quickly grabs her arm and takes a bite down on it. She screams out as her aura didn't protect against non lethal wounds.

The zombie was interrupted as a man with a skull and crossbones tattoo on his shoulder pointed a strange looking pistol at the Zombie head while pulling Yang back. As he shot a round into the zombie's head causing them both to fall backwards into the RV.

"Lily their in, punch it!" The man shouted towards the girl in the driver seat.

The girl now know as Lily nods her head as she speeds off crushing some zombies while leaving most of them behind.

The scene shows the RV driving off into the country side. While driving away they passed a sign that said 'Now leaving Trumble valley Colorado.'

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