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3rd POV

In the outskirts of town the peace and quiet can make one forget the horrors of the apocalypse. The white blanket of snow covering the decaying bodies. The cold howling winds covering the contestant moans of the undead, the freezing temperatures causing you nasal passages to close preventing the putrid smell of rotting carcasses that hide beneath the snow.

Peaceful simple peaceful. Thought as relaxing as a winter break from the never ending hoards of the undead sound, it means lack of easy access food. To which brings us to a small group of hunters out and about looking for food. Eli trudged through the snow with his brothers Double barrel in hand. He didn't had his iconic fire axe on him but rather a small machete with red duct tape around the handle. Next to follow was Sam who had a hunting rifle that has a telescope duct tape to the top while attached to his back by a makeshift belt made from car seatbelts. He was currently flipping his switchblade as he trudges through the snow. After him was Ruby who was occasionally look through her scope of a custom Hunting rifle that had her rose symbol sketched and chipped into the body of it. Surprisingly Yang and Blake followed right behind armed with their pistols.

As they trudged through the snow looking for food to bring home Eli caught something in the corner of his eye. He then made his way to the side before bending over some tracks left in the snow.

"Well looks like we have ourselves some tracks." Eli said as he looks down at a pair of paw marks. "What you recommend these be?"

Both Sam and Ruby walked over looking closely at the tracks in the snow. As they looked down at the tracks Yang and Blake stood guard.

"So, what do you think. About being out here. Instead back at home next to a nice warm fire." Yang asked sounding pretentious.

"I much rather be somewhere in warm then back home... like Banoi. Heard that it has a lot of fish out their." Blake remarks why'll wrapping herself in the quilt Alice.

"Yea guess a tropical island full of half naked zombies sound much better then freezing our butts off out here." Yang remarks sarcastically.

"Yea..." Blake remarks as she pictured what that would be like, before shaking her head of those thoughts.

The two remains quiet as they watched the clouds start to get darker by the moment. They were running low on food and wood for the past few days, so why'll Fang and Weiss went out looking for a generator so they can have some heat with the addition of lights. Eli took Ruby and Sam hunting. Why Yang and Blake are here was a mystery for Eli. But he just presumed that they want to get out of the tower after Blake discovered Fangs... drawings of cat girls.

"(Whistle sound) Hey, how you girls feel about eating canine tonight?" Eli said after getting their attention. Both Yang and Blake gave similar responses of discuses about eating a dog. But after their stomach gave a loud growl it let Eli know what they would do once they catches what every they were tracking.

The five slowly trudged through the snow making sure they don't step on the trail as they followed the trail they soon found another set of canine footprints that are much bigger. They soon came across more paw prints indicating that this lone wolf was part of a pack. This promote some excitement that the idea of a few wolfs will last them, if they weren't torn apart by them that is.

As they walked along the trail, Yang's mind starts to wander in an attempt to entertain herself. She then looked over to Blake who was shivering from the temperature, this prompted an idea in her mind.

"Hey Blake, Screw, Marry, Kill?" Yang states catching her partner off guard.

"Wait what?" Blake asked completely confused by her partners question.

"It's a game Lily taught me. I give you three names and you list them in the order of who you Screw, Marry, and Kill. Screw, Marry, Kill." Yang explains as she catches up to Blake.

"Oh... um I rather not play that game." Blake said trying to focus on the surroundings.

"Ok, how about a million Len, but." Yang suggest.

"Yang I'm seriously not in the mood for games." Blake protest in annoyance.

"Ah come on, you totally want to." Yang insist in a cutesy tone.

Blake simply sighs before caving in to Yang's request. "(Sigh) Fine, which three people are we talking about?"

"Heh, Yea girl." Yang said in celebration before clearing her throat in seriousness. "Alright out of which three would you Screw, Marry, Kill. Lily, Jaune, Sam?"

Blake rolled her eyes at the choice Yang left out for her. She thought about it for a moment before answering. I'd screw Sam, Marry Lily, and kill Jaune."

"Ha sorry vomit boy, guess he won't be using that fine ass." Yang said jokingly as Blake simply rolls her eyes again but with a small smirk on her face starts to form.

"Alright my turn." Blake said as she thought about her choice. She then thought of the three and with a small smirk gave her three. "Weiss, Sun, Alice."

"Oh, coming in with the girls, hmm. I guess I'll Marry Weiss for the money, even if she doesn't bring much to the table in bed. I'd screw Sun cause who wouldn't. And if I choose Alice I'd probably suffocate under her boobs. Actually maybe in vice versa. Oh, can I screw Alice if I promise to suffocate her in the end?" Yang said jokingly causing Blake to give a small chuckle.

"Alright, my turn again. Hmm... ooo. Ruby, Yang or Fang." Yang said causing Blake to blush and turn to Yang with an angry scowl.

"Hey don't hate the player, hate the game." Yang remarks to Blake scowl. Blake refused to answer that question and simply looked forward. "Ah, did I stump the kitty? Heh guess that make me the winn..."

"I'd marry Ruby, Screw Fang, and kill Yang." Blake mutters interrupting Yang's victory monolog.

"Wait, what?" Yang asked. "Aw why me, I can show you a real good time."

"Simply I cant kill Ruby due to her cuteness, I'd screw Fang because I'm not into girls, and you because blondes are not my type." Blake answers causing Yang to gasp in sarcasm. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I catch your tongue."

Blake then walks ahead with a smirk on her face leaving Yang awestruck. She shook her head and gave a small chuckle. "Heh, clever kitty. Oh it's now on."

Yang quicken her pace to catch up with Blake. The two just finally catches up with the rest who were now overlooking a small hill. The two walked to the side to see what were they staring at. Their eyes went wide upon the sight of multiple bodies lay in the ditch.

Some of the bodies remained still, the rest were still chowing down on the ones that remained still. As they munched down on their first meal they turned around to see the hunting party looking down upon them and they decided to head for their next meal. Something was off about these zombies, for one they all had similar model jackets with ranging colors of red white and blue, and a medical mask over their faces. Another was the fact that some appeared to have their necks slit or small gunshot holes in their body.

"(Sigh) And I was hoping for some wolves." Eli mutters before pulling out the machete and sliding down towards the zombies. "But I guess we have to see if any are carrying trail mix."

Ruby and Sam followed soon after with their melee weapons raised. Blake and Yang simply shrugged and pulled out their PP 22 and Fiffty seven but was stopped by Sam.

"Unless you two grabbed a silencer for them. Don't, best to keep this quiet as possible." Sam said as he flicks open his six inch switchblade.

"Eh, suits me fine. Guess ol Kitty cat going to get her claws out." Yang jokes as she holsters her gun and placed on a pair of brass knuckles that Olivia gave to her before sliding down the hill.

"Please stop it Yang." Blake complains as she to holsters her weapon and does a flip, landing on her feet and slides down to the surface before pulling out a Kukri with black duck tape on the hilt.

The five went to work on the recent resurrected zombies with ease. The first zombie was tackled to the ground with ease by Sam's weight before being punctured through the eyeball with the six inch blade.

The other two struggled to get close to an advancing ElI and Ruby. Thanks to this It just made it easy for the two to lodge a machete and Hatchet blade deep enough to be in between the eyes.

The last two were easily taken down by Blake and Yang. Yang simply kicked the back of the leg of one before quite literally knocking it's block off with a single punch. Blake however was more elegant and ducked under the zombies futile attempt to grab her. She then severed its head from its shoulders before flinging off the blood from her blade.

"Aww, and here I was hoping for a challenge." Yang said sarcastically as she flicks the blood from her hand.

"Eh, if we run into a coked up Juggernaut. Well you'll be the first one I'll call." Sam remarks why'll using the zombie sleave to wipe the blood from his blade.

"Aw thanks Sammy, who would have thought underneath that fat is a small jollier fat guy." Yang remarks sarcastically yet playfully to which Sam replies with a friendly bird flip.

"So, how did these guy's die in the end?" Blake asked looking at the bodies spewed across the ground. The group simply gave a shrug, except for Eli who was looking down at his foot.

He then stepped aside before brushing aside the snow. After a few brushes he uncovered a few 9MM casings in the snow. He held to his nose to smell that they have been fired not to long ago.

"Hey, Sam what ya recon. Few 9MM casings that's spread about like they been fired from a smg. But I don't see any of these guys having any weapon that fires these rounds." ElI asked as he hands the 9MM casings to Ruby. Sam took a quick look at the bodies spew about. The blood trail in the snow gave him an idea that this was not a wild animal attack or a zombie. Another thing to note was that most of these men had on medical mask over their faces. He noticed one body was missing a head and still had his gun in hand.

"Well they seem to all have their weapons on hand, so this clearly wasn't a robbery." Sam remarks as he picks up a blood stained Glock from the body.

"Also the only weapons that shoot these rounds are only pistols. So that doesn't explain the smg." Ruby remarks as she picks up another Glock seeing that not a single shot was fired.

"Um, can you guys pretend we aren't in some elaborate comic book crime scene and tell us what happened here?" Yang complains having no idea what's going on.

"Well it seems we are looking at an ambush set with in an ambush." Sam remarks as he inspects the Glock before shoving it into his hoodie pocket.

"So these people are like those bandits that attacked us a few months back?" Blake asked, grimacing at the memory of Velvets demise.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure these guys are different. Cause who would carry this many tranquilizers and bottles of chloroform." Eli said as he held up a dart gun and a bottle of chloroform.

"So these guys were what, trying to kidnap someone?" Yang asked as she looked around.

"Guess who ever they were looking for had a friend!" Ruby calls out as she waved the group over. All four of them walked over to Ruby to see her kneeling over two foot prints heading south with multiple canine footprints and human prints to the side.

"Good on you Ruby." Eli said as he stands up before pulling out his double barrel. He checked to see if the safety was on before flipping it off. "You three head back to base. Me and Sam will continue our hunt before returning back."

"What! But what about the people running away from these guys?!?" Ruby asked in shock.

"Well they are on their own. Sorry kid but we have no idea what's going on." Eli states as he houlsters the double barrel.

"Ok then why are you sending us back? I'm sure you prove we can handle any zombie." Yang asked as she crossed her arms.

"Well yes, but what if we run into these humans and they are hostile? Eli told me about the raid and what happened to your friend." Sam remarks as he removes the safety from his own rifle. "I think it's best for you to head back now. Besides Lily did warn us about the upcoming storm."

The girls gave Sam a dirty stare for bringing up the first encounter with bandits. It was still fresh in their minds, especially Velvets face when she died. The stare left Sam feeling a mixture of guilt and nervousness for reminding them of their friends horrific end. After a few moments Ruby was the first to stop before looking down the trail that led south, then back at the trail they made. She looked down at her hands feeling the tips of her cold hand. In her mind the fingers flashed from reality to fiction with her hand appearing to be covered in Velvets blood. She close her eyes to see Velvets horrific face choking blood causing her to open her eyes with resolve of what to do next.

"Fine, guess that leaves me to do this with our without your help." Ruby said toneless before walking past the two and grabbing ahold of the shotgun. It was a Winchester hunting shotgun with the barrel that was shortened at the top crudely. She quickly tossed it to Yang who caught it with ease, before removing her hunting rifle from her back. She then followed the trail with Blake and Yang, leaving Eli and Sam behind. Eli try's to reach out and stop Ruby, but a single glare from her told him that nothing was going to stop her. So he simply let them walk a bit.

"Ugh, god damn kids." Eli groans before dropping the dart gun and walking after them.

"Seriously Eli? Wouldn't it be easier just to tranquilize them instead of agreeing to this suicidal rescue mission?" Sam complains.

"Heh, Yea I'm sure we need something for elephants to even get them to fall asleep. Besides, my momma once taught me their are two way to argue with a woman. And neither of them work." Eli remarks as he followed the girls with Sam reluctantly following behind.

The two followed behind with Ruby taking the lead. After a half an hour of hiking the clouds start to get dark and the wind starts to pick up, as they came across a frozen River with a few cars sticking out from the ice. Up river was a bridge, probably fell down river at one point and got stuck on a mud bank. Down river was a bridge that they can see. It too had some cras that had fallen off of but for the most part seems to be in the same predicament as the other cars. The trail leads across and the ice for the most part seemed to be in good condition. They soon start to cross the river making it halfway when something flash at Eli who halted to see what's reflecting the small sun rays into his eye. Meanwhile Ruby had just made it to one of the cars. Their were some bodies laying about with some being bloodhounds and the rest humans. A closer inspection told that these guys died from slashes and cuts, made by something sharp and long.

As she inspected the blade Eli had a hard time trying to see what was the light before taking a step to the left to feel some water slushing up and hitting his boot. He looked down to see a small hole in the ice. He knelt down to see that the hole was the size of a marker but the edges were smooth. Almost as if it was made by a... bullet.

"Oh, shit." Eli murmurs to himself before realizing the flair was a sniper. "Oh, Shit! Guy get to cover!"

Eli shouts as he race to cover why'll everyone else looked towards Eli. They didn't understand what he was saying till the flash of light hits Sam and realized that Ruby was now in the opening.

"Sniper! Get Down!" Sam shouts as he grabs Ruby and pulls her to cover as a loud gunshot can be heard and a hole in the ice was made where Ruby's head would have been.

A series of shots were made as bullets wiz above them. After five shots the gunfire stopped for a few seconds before continuing.

"Oh, Oum we walked into a trap didn't we." Ruby whimpers at the idea that she almost got shot.

"Yea we did, still at least you tried to do the right thing. That's something most people wouldn't do even before the apocalypse." Sam said as he pulls out a small mirror and duct tape. He then grabbed ahold of the windshield wipers and yanked it off after a few tries.

"Hey, Sam. What do see?!?" Yang asked as a bullet wizzes passed her head when she tries to take a peak.

Using the mirror Sam saw where the shots were coming from. Down the river was a bridge that had some cars beneath it. On top a few flashes followed by gun shots can be heard. What caught his interest was a small army of people running towards them.

"Sniper is on top of the bridge. Seems he's keeping us down to cover his bodies!" Sam remarks as another bullet pings off the top of the car.

"Ok, then what are they armed with?!?" Blake asked as she pulls out her PP22 and the Glock she found. Before Sam could answer a makeshift arrow made from an aluminum stick and a syringe tip, went straight through the mirror destroying it completely.

"Eh, bows and arrows but otherwise just melee weapons. Guess we just need to handle the sniper." Sam remarks as another arrow pierced the car nearly hitting Sam in the head.

"Alright then, Ruby provide covering fire, Sam will take the shot at the sniper. Once down we need to lay down some suppressing fire on these assho... BANG BANG" Before Eli could even finish explaining the plan Ruby had already taken the shot hitting the sniper once through the heart before hitting him right through the eye that was using the scope.

"Or she could just go ahead and shoot. Works for me." Sam remarks sarcastically.

"Alright then, guess we are skipping to the cowboys and Indians crap sooner then expected." Eli said sarcastically as he pulls out a pipe-bomb.

"Whoa, where the hell did you get that?" Yang asked in complete surprise.

"I always keep a few on me after the incident with the Molotov." Eli Answers before lifting the fuse. He then throws the makeshift bomb as far as he can toss it. Landing on the ice before going off. The explosion didn't killed that many but definitely disoriented and severely injured the oncoming hoard of people racing towards them. It also unknowingly cracked the ice.

Eli, Blake and Yang quickly moved out of cover and open fire on the down bandits. Eli and Blake has an easier time shooting at the bandits but Yang had a few pangs of conscious when shooting at them. After shooting at them the returned to cover Ruby and Sam started to pick them off with ease as they scattered. As they took potshots killing the charging enemy with ease, till one of the makeshift arrows hits Sam in the shoulder from behind.

"Augh, their flanking is from the rear!" Sam Remarks as he removes the needle from his arm.

Eli noticed the incoming barrage of arrows and quickly slid to cover. They were to far out for a shotgun so he quickly pulls out his D-1911 and shot a few rounds hitting two and killing one.

As they shot at the two groups racing towards them the sound of hounds can be heard as another group of bandits raced in from the side with dogs of different sizes race towards them. Blake turns around to see the massive dog racing towards them and shifts her fire towards them. Most of the dogs where a mixture between pit bull and German shepherds, and some that are actual Wolfs. With the consistent attack from arrows why'll also trying to prevent the other group from getting to close, it was actually impressive how many dogs Blake managed to kill. But a few managed to race into the group and tackled Blake to the ground. Of course she could have used her semblances to dodged the attack but the girls agreed to use it in secrecy or if its a real emergency.

As she struggles to get the attack dog off her Ruby quickly interferes with the dog by shooting it with the powerful .308 round right through the dogs head.

"Blake you alright?" Ruby asked as she quickly helped her friend up.

"Ugh, Yea I'm alright. Now do you see why I hate dogs." Blake remarks sarcastically as she pulls a clip from her back pocket.

Ruby gave a small nod before returning fire on some of the bandits attacking them. The bandits although few in number thanks to the suppressive fire of all five left most of them bleeding on the cold ice that was slowly cracking. Unfortunately the five didn't kill all of them and a few got with in swinging distance. These bandits were much easier to identify up close. Similar to the men in the woods these guys had similar red Winter jackets with hoods covering their heads. Only difference is that these men had medical mask over their faces along with bandages covering up their upper face. Also strangely enough they seemed to be quiet, even after being shot, stab, and blown up. None of them made a sound. The group didn't had time to think what's up with these guys when the bandits came at them, brandishing what looked like medical equipment repurposed for combat.

The first one tackle Eli from behind and try to scalp him with a makeshift tomahawk made from a crutch and bone saw. Thankfully Eli head butted him with the back of his head before pulling out his 1911 and putting a round through his head. Sam was nearly shanked when one of the bandits tried to shank him with a scalpel. He of coarse counter this and slit the mans throat with his own scalpel.

Ruby, Blake, and Yang on the other hand got the dogs. Although this caused a bang of conscious for Yang and Ruby when ever they heard the creatures whimper as they died. But for Blake it wasn't the idea of killing dogs that caused her to hesitate, rather it was the dogs themselves that frightened her.

"Ugh, get off me!" Sam remarks are he struggles to get one silent bandits off him. He eventually managed to break free before delivering a hard right hook to the mans face causing his red hood and mask to fly off. Revealing horrifying truth of these silent attackers. The man was bald, with lots of scars showing massive surgery applied to his head, and his mouth was sewn shut leaving him unable to speak. And they eyes, they moved around sporadically like they were on some powerful drugs.

"Um, guys are you seeing this?" Sam asked with confusion and horror in his tone as he shot the man before he could get back up.

The rest quickly glanced over to see the disfigured man that they had fought. The look alone was revolting but what terrified them more was the fact that when they unmasked some of the other figures, they all were bald men with their mouths sewn shut.

"Christ almighty, the hell happen to them?" Eli questions as he shoots and kill one as it charges after him.

"Oh Oum, are they... Lobotomized?" Blake asked in horror as she grapples with one before pushing the attacker away.

"This is too freaky?" Yang murmers as she gave a quick jab to one attacker with her brass knuckles.

The five didn't had time to think as the hoard of lobotomized bandits kept on attacking, even after sustaining injuries they kept on coming. It was like they were the dead yet still alive. A living death. More and more quickly swarmed the five as they got tired. Eli and Sam got a few slashes and the occasional shank but because of how small the blades were they felt more like paper cuts. Over time the girls Aura start to cave in and they received cuts all along their arms and faces. As their strength starts to dwindle, soon someone will make a mistake and it would be over for them.

Sam who started to loose his edge and accidentally missed his chance and was grabbed by a few of these lobotomized bandits. He was tossed to the ground hitting the front of his head against one of the car. Right exactly where the 22 lodged itself, but even harder.

"Sam!!!" The group called out as they tried to fight off the lobotomized bandits with more force, but was getting no where since they couldn't use their guns this close.

Back with Sam his vision starts to get impaired and blur from the blunt trauma to the head caused heavy bleeding to effect his eyesight. He slowly turns around to see the three Lobotomized bandits standing above him with scalpels and scissor blades in hand. His vision then starts to get fuzzy and staticky like a broken tv, as the lobotomized bandits flashed in and out as Zombified versions of his parents. They held their blades up ready to stab him repeatedly.

"Mom, dad?" Sam murmured confused and disoriented from the trauma. That was the last thing he said as the Lobotomized bandits lowered their weapons for the kill... that was denied.

"Heiwadearu!" an old and gruff voice shouts out as a katana blade quickly and effortlessly dismembered the three lobotomized arms.

The man was clearly passed his prime and spoke in Japanese. But to Sam he couldn't help but see the man flash to a young caucasian with black curly hair. As the stranger quickly slash at the bandits with his katana the image of him seems to switch every time he blinks till he started to loose his consciousness. Before collapsing to the severe head trauma he called out to his "Bro?".

"Don't, bother with body. Aim like deddo!!!" The old man shouts in a broke Japanese accent as he decapitates Another lobotomized bandit.

"Um, what in Sam hell is going on?" Eli shouts as he struggles with one who was getting to personal with a scalpel till 'he' went limp when a Sig was pressed again its head before going off.

"He mean they don't feel pain, so treat them like a zombie!" An older girl who was wearing a bomber jacket with a hood over her face said in a heavy Australian accent why'll helping Eli up with one hand and shooting the bandits with her Sig.

With the help of the other two they managed to push some their way out from some of the Lobotomized bandits when a few more in blue coats came running over with regular guns in hand.

"You can't run forever Juliet! Give us what you owe and we will make it a clean death for your friends!" One of the bandits shout out only for a bullet to hit him in between the eye.

"Yea, you can have it, over my cold dead body!" She shouts out as she fires another round at the bandits in blue.

As the fire fight between the group and the bandits who were using those in red as meat shields the ice below everyone starts to give out from the damage and weight. The last crack came when Eli got out another pipe bomb but was unable to shoot when one bandit in blew raced behind him and stabbed him with a rusty kitchen knife in the lower abdomen. As he screams in agony he drops the bomb that went off. If it wasn't for bandit who refused to let go of Eli he would have been hit by the full force of the blast and shrapnel.

"Oh, Oum Eli!" Ruby shouts as she raced over to help him when the girl grabs her arm to stop her.

"Don't be an idiot, he done for!" The girl said as she struggles to hold her as the ice around the bandits cracked causing some to fall in. Ruby struggles to get out of the girls grip as the crack spreads to Eli. Ruby pounders what to do when the ice under Eli finally cracks causing him to fall in.

"NNNNOOOO!!!" Ruby calls out before instantly turning to a blues of Rose peddles and diving into the water after Eli. This left the girl completely dumbfounded by what she saw. Before even asking what's going on the other two girls called out to her and raced over to the open water pool before the ice below them broke causing everyone to fall in.

The water remains still, peaceful as if no one interfiered with it. Soon some bubbling cans to the surface with Eli's trucker hat. It soon was carried down river with the bubbles ceasing.

Back at Red Falcon HQ (hours later)

It's been a few days now. Sasquatch's team is expected to be back now since their extraction mission in Oklahoma has finished with only a few casualties of team Red and Blue. Even though some of the soldiers had died, one who unfortunately passed away gave birth to a young girl. When word spreads of the extra passenger being a new born baby girl it brought up the morale for everyone at base.

So with everyone getting ready for the returning teams Jaune, Nora, and Jacob were walking through the halls making their way to the gym where Ren and Aaron were currently. As they walked the three talked about the kid.

"Dude, naming a child after your friends pancakes is not a good name. I mean come on. Imagine what it be like to talk to Butter cakes the second." Jacob comments as he walks next to Jaune.

"And Mrs. Badass of badassary is a better name? Please, she isn't a biker. Besides Pancakes is the best food on the planet. Who wouldn't want to be named after it?" Nora remarks from the other side of Jaune.

"Because it's food. We live in a world of flesh munching deadites. I think it be insulting to name a child after food during this day and age. Besides she's the child of one of the most badass soldiers! I think naming the baby badass is more fitting and in honor of her as well!" Jacob responds.

"Um, since when did you guys get to name the baby?" Jaune asked after listening to the two rant on about the baby for the entire day.

"Since the baby hasn't been named yet, duh." Nora remarks.

"Yea man, she has been in this world for five days and she still hasn't had a name. Everyone around the base has been coming up with names for the little squirt." Jacob remarks.

"Really?" Jaune asked in disbelief.

"Yea, hay what do you think the baby's name is going to be?" Nora remarks with intrigue.

Jaune thought about it for a moment. He gave a shrug before replying. "Maybe after the place where her mother was born."

Both Jacob and Nora looked at each other before our bursting in laughter. "Phss, ha ha, oh Oum Jaune. Now that is a dumb idea."

"Heh heh heh, Yea man. Who would name a child after a town, or a state. Imagine that, Mrs. Carolina. Seriously that is the dumbest name ever." Jacob remarks.

"Well, everything in my pocket say's my choice for the name is what the baby name after." Jaune remarks in a huff of rage.

"Really then? I'll take that bet. Nora you in?" Jacob asked.

"Sure, what do you have in your pocket?" Nora asked as she pulls out of her pocket a few Fire crackers, a pink Zippo with a heart break in the center, and a small bottle of Alberta maple syrup. Jacob then pulls out a small book on speaking Spanish, a few sticks of gum, a single bent cigarette, a cheap yellow lighter, and a old unopened condom.

They then turn to Jaune who was regretting what he said as he pulls out a picture of his sisters, a keychain with an embarrassing teddy bear attached to it. And a Zippo lighter with a lightning bolt in the middle with a red tip.

"Wow, not much of a bet pool we have here. Still a deals a deal, winner takes all." Jacob remarks as he places the junk back into his pocket. Once in his pocket the lights instantly turns off leaving the three in the dark.

"(Sigh) and I just put away my lighter." Jacob remarks as he pulls out his lighter along with the rest giving a moderate amount of light to see around themselves.

"So what happened, power failure?" Nora askers as she looked around.

"No that's not possible. If the power were to fail then the back up generator would have gone back online." Jacob remarks. The three remained quiet trying to figure out what just happened when a faint scream followed by a loud howl can be heard emanating from down the hall.

"What was that?" Jaune asked as he held the lighter down the hallway leading to the faint howls.

"We should probably investigate." Nora remarks with Jaune nodding his head in agreement.

"Wait Wait Wait, hold on. The power turns off, we are left alone in the dark with little to no lights, and we hear faint howling noises, and you want to investigate? Have any of you seen a horror movie?" Jacob complains.

"Um no." Jaune Answers.

"Nah, who has time to watch horror movies." Nora remarks. "Besides you live in a world of flesh eating corpses. What's more scarier then that?" Nora remarks.

"... clowns." Jacob mutters.

"What?" Nora asked with a small smirk forming on her face.

"I really hate clowns." Jacob said with a shiver.

"Yea, I agree clowns are the worst but I highly doubt that their are clowns in the base." Jaune said. "Look, if their are killer clowns then I'll owe you. Fair enough."

Jacob remains quiet for a moment before answering. "... Fine let's just see what's on the other end of the hall."

The three walked down the hall trying hard not to stumble on something with the limited light they had. Eventually they came to a dead end where the screams seem to originate from. They would have walked away if it wasn't when Jacob accident burned his thumb and dropped his lighter. In the dark he noticed a faint red glow coming from the crack in the wall.

"Hay guys. You seeing this?" Jacob said as gave the sign to put out their lights. Once in complete darkness the lights coming from the sides revealed a faint red glow. The glow was dim enough by the wall but bright enough for anyone to realize that there is a hidden room behind the panel.

"Nora can you open this?" Jaune asked as he struggles to even get it to even budge.

"Is that even a question." Nora remarks with a smirk.

"I highly doubt that. This seems like the walls around here are made from concrete, and if this was hollow then I'm sure it's made of titanium. We can't just tear it down like it's a poster over a ho..." Before Jacob could even finish Nora had already spat in her hands, rubbed them together, and ripped the corner of the wall down with ease.

"I'm sorry you were saying something?" Nora replies with a small smirk to the dumbfounded Jacob.

"... I guess this is one of those Miltary Buget cuts being a good thing. That or you are secretly Superman." Jacob mutters as he shakes his head.

"Nah, Just all me." Nora remarks as she rips the bottom corner to the right revealing the secret room. Inside it seems that some emergency lights are on revealing a faint laboratory.

The three noticed that it was a standard laboratory, with chemicals on the counter, computer to the side, and all types of scientific gizmos all around them. What was strange was that in the center of the room what looks to be a huge glass tube that can fit a 8-foot man with ease. What was disturbing about it was that the side of the glass tube was cracked wide open.

"What in Monty's name was going on in here?" Jaune asked feeling uneased by the quit.

"I don't know, but if it's fucking clowns you two are on your own." Jacob remarks as he picks up a scalpel.

As they slowly moved into the room a faint munching sound can be heard. The three looked at one another before moving in closer. Jaune was the first to turn around the corner to see a Six and half foot tall creature with long skinny limbs bend over a body munching on something. It's skin was something dark but was impossible to make out thanks to the neon red tint of the room. Jaune realizes that this was that now was the time to back off since they were unarmed. As he takes his second step back he accidentally steps on a piece of glass. The creature quickly turns it head letting out a gruff howl. Jaune couldn't recognize the face but he rembered how the eyes gave of a bright red glow.

"Oh, shit. Blood Plague!" Jaune managed to shout before the creature jumps at him.

He didn't had time to dodge as the creature pounced him. The creature got off of Jaune before pulling him off the ground to meet its face. Jaune could see that despite having thin bones it was incredible strong. It's face was pulled back the bones to be revealed. It's veins seem to glow a faint neon red. As Jaune struggles to free himself from the vice grip Jacob quickly intervenes and jumps the creature planting the scalpel into its back. It howls in pain before dropping Jaune with a sudden this. It's attention turns to Jacob but before having a chance to exact some kind of revenge Nora steps in and toss some chemicals before tossing her lighter causing the creature to burst into flames.

It lets out a loud cry of pain, struggling to put itself out. As it try's to exhaust the flame Jacob grabs Jaune and pulls him back towards the door. The creature itself ran back before leaping up into the ventilation shaft, disappearing from the room. All why'll it howls echoes down the vent.

"Well, that's not good." Nora remarks.

"What, was that?" Jaune remarks in shock as Nora and Jacob helps him up.

"Looks like a feral, but ferals are immune to it." Jacob remakes.

"Yea, guess they ain't anymore." Nora said bluntly.

"We need to find Phrrya, as soon as possible." Jaune says with fear dripping from his tone.

"Wait what about my brother Aaron, he's with Ren?" Jacob remarks.

"Um guys." Nora said trying to get their attention but fell on deaths ear.

"Well Phrrya has the gun, beside Aaron is with Ren, out of all of us he's safer then we are." Jaune explains.

"Guys!" Nora try's in vein again.

"Bull, fucking shit Dude. Way I see it, we have a better chance if we have more people." Jacob argues.

Before Jaune could argue back Nora Shouts at the top of her lungs. "GUYS!!!!"

"What!?!" Both Jaune and Jacob shout looking at Nora.

"If that think killed everyone in here, then where are the bodies?" Nora asked. The two looked at each other before looking back at Nora. In the background, a dozen figures slowly pull themselves up. All had glowing red eyes and making moaning sounds of anguish.

"Oh, shit." Was what both Jaune and Jacob said before grabbing Nora and hightailing out of their as one blood Plague zombie howls causing the rest to chase after them. The three quickly raced down the hall as they were chased by the hoards of blood Plague zombies. As they ran the scene goes black before lighting up for a moment as if one was underwater.

Play "Way down we go" By Kaleo for a better effect.

Father tell me, we get what we deserve, Oh we get what we deserve

Eli struggles to swim with the injuries he sustained. As he fruitlessly tries to swim and remove the knife his breath gave out and he passes out from his injuries, before slowly sinking into the murky cold water below.

And way down we go, Way down we go'Say way down we go, Way down we go

As he slowly sinks Ruby quickly swam next to him and grabs ahold of his jean jacket and removes it before grabbing ahold of his 1911 and aimed it up at the ice. She fired a few rounds the flash from the gun shows Skelton like hand's with some traces of flesh clinging to the limbs reaching out. With every flash the hands get closer.

You let your feet run wild, Time has come as we all oh, go down, Yeah but for the fall oh, my'Do you dare to look him right in the eyes?

Back on the surface on the Eastern part of the river some of the bandits pull themselves from the water trying to dry themselves out while a few lobotomized ones carry out an unconscious Yang and Blake.

'Cause they will run you down, down til the dark, Yes and they will run you down, down til you fall, And they will run you down, down til you go, Yeah so you can't crawl no more

The small group of the bandits argued with one another on what to do when one calls out to them. They looked over to a bandit who was holding Blakes Bennie revealing to the dumbfounds others her Faunas ears.

And way down we go, Way down we go, Say way down we go'Cause they will run you down, down til you fall, Way down we go

On the other side of the shore, the Asian man carried the unconscious Sam with ease. To him he was no different then the pregnant girl he has been traveling with. The woman herself removes her jacket revealing herself to look like Velvet, and was pudgy in the gut, and not because she was fat. As the three head west towards the tower Sam starts to go in and out of consciousness. Seeing that the man would flicker between the elderly man, and a familiar figure that also carries a katana.

Oh bab-bab-yeah, Wow baby, Baby, Bab, down we go, Yeah

The scene then changes to down river as the scene remains quiet the ice breaks open after a few gun shots and one final massive blast. Ruby then drags herself out with an unconscious injured Eli. She quickly tossed aside his weapons before checking to see if he was still breathing. After a few moments Eli coughed up water revealing he was still alive.

"Don't worry Eli, I'll get you to safety." Ruby said as she removes the blade from his gullet and holster his weapons. She pulls off her hoodie and wrapped it around the wound as a turquoise. Once down she places his arm over her shoulder before dragging him through the snow as the Blizzard blocks the view of the two under a thick fog.

"I got you Eli, please... don't die on me." Ruby voice echoes as the fog covers her form as they walked through the blizzard.

And way down we go, Way down we go, Say way down we go, Way down we go