It's a woman's world.

AN: So this is another story idea that came to me while reading patattack750 story Game On would highly recommend it to read. Anyway it's the usual Jaune is the only male with aura but I'm gonna put my own twist on it. Also I haven't decided if it will be harem yet.Location: Juniors club. Downtown Vale.

Jaune hated being a man in a woman's world he despised it and almost every woman in it including his family that's why at the age of 12 Jaune Arc packed his bags and disappeared into the night forsaking his last name of Arc. As Jaune travelled Remnant he gained experience in fighting Grimm and bandits with the help of his trusty Hybrid rifle Revolution and his katana Anarchy.

These two weapons that Jaune had painstakingly handcrafted to make his way in the world were symbols of his goal to not be restricted and bound by the rules that governed his fellow man.

As Jaune sat at the bar drinking away a woman came up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder gripping it tightly.

"Hey there cutie how about you come and sit over with me im sure I can show you a good time" the woman whispered huskily in his ear.

"No" Jaune completely blew her off not even looking up from his drink.

The woman deepend her grip on his shoulder "It wasn't a request" she spat.

Jaune sighed as he got up and turned to face the woman as she smiled at him "See isn't it easy to just follow orders like a we-"

The woman was cut off as Jaune buried his fist into her stomach and sent her flying back to her seat then turned back and sat back down and continued drinking only to be interuppted again as the woman came flying from behind him.

"You little shit you think you can do that to me" she screeched as she flew to grab him only for Jaune to slip to the side and grab her head and slam it into the bar.

"If you know what's good for you stay down" Jaune spoke in a cold emotionless tone not even looking down at the woman.

As the woman looked up at him in spite she got to get back up when she suddenly froze as she caught a glimpse of Jaunes face his eyes looked to cut straight from the deepest blue ice beautiful but freezing showing no emotion his blond hair cut short at the sides but with some length on the top but what really caught her attention was the amount of scars covering his face.

Most ranged from small and barely visible but few were quite deep looking actually breaking through his skin and leaving a permanent reminder of the trials he had faced.

As the woman continued to stare Jaune finally faced her fully staring straight into her eyes with his cold blue ones and for once in her life the woman felt fear those eyes while beautiful were deadly she could see the utter contempt that he had for her.

"I'll give you this one warning get up and leave me alone or I will jam my blade into your skull" he hissed while fingering the katana that was sheathed resting against the bar. As the woman eyed the blade she knew that the man was completely serious he would kill her and not give a shit.

So with her head downcast the woman left Jaune returning to her seat. As she did Junior the owner of the club spoke up.

"you've got to have the biggest pair of balls I've ever seen to do that" he said while cleaning a glass. Jaune just looked at him and grunted while downing the rest of his drink. As time passed people came and left the club but Jaune remained at the bar drinking and talking with Junior and any other male worker while females were completely blown off by him.

All that changed when a Girl walked up to the bar asking for a drink but was refused by Junior saying she was under the legal limit she just stared at him until she turned to Jaune.

"What about him he looks my age" She said.

"He's special so he gets to drink" Junior replied not really caring if the girl in front of him had trouble with that.

"Well if you won't serve me a drink I require another of your services" she pulled a photo from her pocket. "Who's this woman" she asked.

As Junior looked at the photo he shrugged and returned it "Don't know Blondie never seen her before" he answered.

"I see she said so not only to refuse to serve me a drink but you also refuse to give me the information I desire and also don't call me Blondie call my Sir" she reaching down and grabbing Junior by the balls "Now answer my question" she shouted.

As she went to squeeze harder when the woman suddenly felt a cold feeling across her neck.

"I'd let those go if I was you" Jaune said with his katana in one hand resting against her throat while still holding his glass in the other hand.

"Who the hell do you think you are that you can threaten me" shouted the woman.

Jaune held up a finger as he downed the rest of his drink and wiped his mouth " To answer your question Sir" he said sarcastically "My name is Jaune and you are?"

"Names Yang, Yang Xiao-Long remember the name boy because it's gonna be the last thing you will" the now named Yang growled.

Jaune just smirked at her and then everything exploded Yang let go of Junior's balls and punched Jaunes blade away from her while she deployed her shotgun gauntlets Ember Cecilia.

"I'm gonna punch you until your bones are dust" Yang said confidently 'after all hes only a man what damage can he do against someone with aura' she thought to herself. Jaune didn't reply and instead brandished his katana and charge at yang jumping and twisting mid air in a tornado slash forcing Yang to raise her hand to block the strike what she wasn't expecting was to be sent skidding back a few metres.

She looked up at Jaune who's face was now emotionless not showing anything as she studied her opponent she realised several things. One was that this Jaune fellow was experienced in combat she could tell from his stance and the way he held his sword. Two is that while most males would never make eye contact with a woman unless given permission he was glaring directly at her. Three was that now she got a proper look at him he was taller and more fitter then the average male standing in at about 6ft and with a clear cut eight pack that she could see through his shirt.

While Yang was distracted ogling Jaune he charged swinging his katana precisely with no wasted movement each strike hit Yang who tried to block again but Jaune was swinging to fast for her to keep up as each strike connected Yang was sent stumbling back until finally she managed to block a strike she gave a yell of victory only to be cut off as Jaune punched her in the face sending her spiralling into one of the private booths in the club.

As Yang got up from the wreckage of the booth she glared "how did you do that?" she demanded.

"Do what?" Jaune asked as he inspected his nails.

"Hit me with such strength all males are supposed to be weak" she spat.

"Well I guess I'm not most males then am i" Jaune answered as he prepared to charge again.

"Oh no you dont" said Yang as she used a blast from her gauntlets to propel herself forward and swung at Jaune but the strike was blocked by the katana blade.

"huh" she said before Jaunes combat boot clad foot embedded itself in her gut sending her spiralling away again.

Jaune took a moment to look over his shoulder at Junior "you all good over there Junior?" he asked with concern in his voice Juniour just raised his thumb up at Jaune and groaned.

As Jaune turned his head back to the fight at hand he was greeted by a fist straight to the jaw that pushed him back when he looked up he saw Yang grasping her fist in pain.

"Goddammit how the hell did you not go flying and why does my wrist hurt" she said.

"I'll let you in on a secret Yang" Jaune said and then he started glowing an icy blue as he summoned forth his aura and glared at her.

Tangs mouth hit the floor and she looked wary now "You-You have aura that's impossible only females have aura" Yang yelled.

Jaune just laughed at her "Well like I said Yang I'm not like most males" and with that he unleashed another barrage of strikes against Yang who barely got her hands up to soften the blows.

As they continued fighting around the club Junior just stood there with his mouth agape I mean the boy had aura for Christ's sake that was unheard of in any of the kingdoms so while the Jaune continued his one sided slaughterfest against Yang, Junior pulled out his scroll and started recording.

Meanwhile back with Jaune and Yang they continued to dance back and forth with each other Yang managed to land a few glancing blows against Jaune but she was no match for him until she activated her semblance her lilac eyes turned blood red and her hair caught fire.

When Jaune swung his blade for the next hit she caught it with her hand and delivered a punishing blow to his torso while holding on to his sword causing him to lose his grip on it and be sent flying away but he flipped In mid air and landed on his feet sliding to a stop.

"Hmm that was a decent hit Yang I'll give you that" Jaune remarked then he reached over his shoulder and grabbed the rifle that was sitting there he then crouched and flicked a switch on the rifle the whirring of gears filled the air as the rifles barrel extended out and a scope popped up from somewhere in the body of the gun.

Jaune then reached behind to his lower back and pulled a magazine which seemed to hold 1.1"/75 calibre bullets as Jaune loaded them into the gun he pulled the Bolt back cocking the gun all of this took less than 5 seconds and as Jaune aimed at Yangs centre mass she could only say one thing.

"OH FUCK" she screamed as Jaune pulled the trigger and a massive boom was heard around downtown Vale as the bullet hit then detonated sending Yang flying out the doors of the club.

With the fight now over Jaune pulled the Bolt again ejecting the empty shell from the chamber of the gun he then pulled the magazine out and returned it to his back after it was secured he flicked the switch on his rifle making the scope disappear and the barrel shorten he then returned it to its shoulder holster and walked over to where his katana lay sheathing that next to the rifle on his back he turned to Junior.

"I'll be leaving now Juniour have a good night" he said with a wave as he walked out the door only to come face to face with flashing red and blue lights and a bunch of armed police officers.

"this is the Vale police department put your hands on your head and get on your knees" came the voice of one of the officers over the megaphone.

"Fuck" was all Jaune said as he complied.

Location: Vale Police Department(VPD) HQ.

As Jaune sat in the interrogation room squinting at the harsh light while waiting for questioning he looked up to the ceiling and sighed 'why me' he thought 'all I wanted was a quiet night of drinking but noooooo I can't get a fucking break'.

As Jaune was sitting there thinking about where his whole life went to shit on the other side of the two-way mirror there was a female officer staring at the file in her hands as she opened it up what she saw was pretty much nothing they had little to no information on the man sitting in the interrogation room nothing except the name he had given them and his basic details the officer sighed in exasperation the door to the viewing room opened up behind her.

"Anderson there's some people here to talk to you" another officer said to her.

As Anderson turned around she came face to face with the headmistress of Beacon Ozara Ozpin and her second in command Glynda Goodwitch.

"Good evening officer" the headmistress greeted "have you found anything of note about the boy?"

The officer sighed for the thousandth time "nothing except a name and his basic details" she answered.

"And what is the boys name?" questioned Ozpin.

"He only gave us the first name Jaune" replied the officer.

"No last name" asked Glynda with a raised eyebrow.

"He said he left it behind years ago" Anderson answered.

Meanwhile Ozpin was staring at the boy through the mirror studying his facial features 'could this be the Jaune Arc? He's been missing for 5 years' thought Ozpin.

As Ozpin stood there looking at Jaune, Glynda continued asking Anderson questions about why he had been detained.

"He's been detained for questioning and is believed to be the main suspect in a brawl that happened in a club downtown" Anderson said.

"Can you show me a missing person file from 5 years ago named Jaune Arc" Ozpin suddenly cut in.

"You think he's that Jaune?" Asked Goodwitch.

"I do" was the reply from Ozpin.

As Anderson went to grab the file some other officers walked into the interrogation room and sat down opposite of Jaune who continued to stare up at the roof completely ignoring the female officers.

"Listen here boy you're looking at serious jail time for the stunt you pulled back at the club" one of officers began.

"What did I do officer?" Jaune asked with a sarcastic voice.

"witnesses say you assaulted a woman" the other officer said.

"Were all the witnesses women?" Jaune questioned, The officers remained silent "Yeah that's what I thought to" snarled Jaune.

"Hey you don't get to talk to us like that!" shouted one of the officers.

"And why the fuck not!" Jaune snarled as he stood "is it because I'm a man and should be bowing down and begging for forgiveness you lot can go and get fucked" he took a deep breath and released it "I'll tell you the full story" he continued "A girl came into the club and asked for a drink Junior the owner refused her so then she asked for information it's well known that if you need information in Vale you go to Junior when he couldn't answer her she gripped him by the balls and threatened to punch him, thats when I stood in" he finished as he glared at the officers.

As the officers processed what Jaune had said they were called out by another officer and Jaune was left alone again 'thank fuck I can't stand those types of women those who think that all men are nothing but house husbands and trophies to be put on display' Jaune thought angrily with a slight snarl on his face.

Meanwhile on the other side of the two-way mirror Anderson returned with the missing persons file for Jaune Arc as she put it on the table Glynda and Ozpin opened it and read the details.

Missing person.

Name: Jaune Arc

Hair: blonde

Eyes: blue

Age: 12

Height: 170cm

Weight: 60kg

Noticeable features: Jaune was last seen carrying 1 large duffle bag presumed to be filled with supplies.

End file.

"Well he fits the description and we can only assume that 5 years of travelling would change him, We should probably contact the Arcs though and get them to confirm his identity" spoke Glynda.

"Before you do that Glynda I want to ask the boy a few questions" said Ozpin.

"What kind of questions Ozpin?" asked Glynda.

"I want to offer him a spot at Beacon" Ozpin deadpanned.

You want to what he can't come to Beacon he's a man" exclaimed Glynda in shock.

"And yet he took on a woman with aura and came out on top I want to know how" replied Ozpin.


As Ozpin and Glynda entered the interrogation Jaune just glanced at them and then huffed.

"So I take it you two are here to tell me off for assaulting one of your students" he said.

"You know who we are?" asked Ozpin.

"Yeah I know who you are Headmistress Ozara Ozpin and her ever faithful second in command Glynda Goodwitch" said with a little bit of respect in his voice.

"If you know who we are then maybe you should show some respect boy" snarled Glynda.

Jaune just smirked at her "I should but I won't" he said.

"Mr Arc" Ozpin began.

"I don't use that name anymore so don't call me Arc" Jaune interrupted.

"And why don't you use that name Jaune?" Ozpin asked with curiosity.

"Let's just say I didn't agree with the future my family had planned for me" Jaune responded.

"Fair enough now would you kindly answer another question I have for you?" says Ozpin.

"Sure" came the nonchalant reply.

"How did you survive the fight with one of the most powerful huntress in training?" Ozpins voice grew suspicious.

"I was waiting for you to ask me that and instead of explaining it I'll show you" Jayne said as his body started to glow an icy blue as he summoned his aura.

Ozpins and Glyndas jaws both hit the ground at the same time it had never happened before in the history of remnant and was supposed to be impossible but yet right before their very eyes a male was showing them his aura and by the looks of it he had a lot.

'Well that's unexpected' thought Ozpin.

Glyndas thoughts on the other were more like 'What….how… the duck's as she continued to stare at Jaune who finally cut off his little light show and smirked at the women in front of him.

"So there you go ladies that's how I survived" Jaune said still wearing the cocky smirk on his face.

"I have a deal for you Jaune" spoke up Ozpin finally getting her bearings together.

"Join Beacon Academy as the first male hunter in history" she offered.

"And why would I do that?" he questioned.

"If you join Beacon no charges will pe pressed and you'll be a free man I take it you don't want to go back to your family but if you refuse this offer we'll have no choice but to call them" she finished with a smirk on her face it was the perfect deal she got the first male with aura and he got to escape the last clutches that his family had on him.

"You sure know how to make a deal Ozpin I suppose they didn't make you the headmistress for nothing… what the hell I'm in this should be fun" Jaune said.

Chapter end.

AN: So new story over used concept but it's a concept I like so if you don't like it piss off. For Jaunes rifle think of Kinessa's rifle from paladins it uses two different caliber types the 6.5 creedmore for assault rifle mode and the 1.1"/75 HE caliber for sniper mode both made to kick ads at long distance.For his katana one side is the normal curved edge while the top is serrated all along the blade it will also utilise dust.And yes I know Jaunes aura is supposed to be white but fuck that I want it blue so blue it is. Anyway leave a review on how I could improve and if you want fav and follow.