A/N: This story is based off an RP I was a part of a while ago on a forum that's been abandoned. Anyway, I'm writing it because I can and I've gotten nostalgia for it. Some of the OCs are borrowed from other people so I will give them credit here and now.

JuniorAlexis: Roxanne Chartreux/ Tobathy Tomako

SilentDeathclaw: Dr. Remus Cormic/ Allison Cormic/ Six [Marcel Chartreux]/ Five [Sigma/ Recovery One]

If either one of you two are reading this, I want you guys to know that you're awesome!


They told me I was mad. That I had lost my mind, that everything I was doing to save her wasn't going to work. They told me that there was no cure to her condition, just like there was no cure for my wife's.

I had to prove them wrong. Allison was all I had left; I didn't want to lose her. I couldn't lose her. Her time was drawing to an end, it was a race against time.

A desperate race against time, a hopeless race against time, but it was a race I had to win.

Though the means of production weren't exactly moral, it had to be done to save her life. The screams of agony as they were born haunted me as well as the promise that I was made to keep.

Denila died in the end, she was never able to watch her children grow up to their full potential. Six kids was too many, it was only merciful that she died in the end.

Denila did her part to save my daughter; it was up to me to do mine. So I worked tirelessly in my lab, synthesizing a cure for Allison's condition.

I never left my lab. It was a mistake that I soon came to regret.

It was late on a Sunday when I received the call. The call that changed my world, the call that changed my life. It was two simple words from Allison's doctor.

Two words that stabbed my heart with a cut so deep that it never fully healed.

"She's gone."

I fell to my knees and started crying as I heard those words echo through the phone. I didn't see my daughter, I wasn't there on her deathbed. I wasn't… I wasn't there for her.

It was a mistake that I paid for deeply. One that I still mourn over to this day.

In my moment of grief, however, I was reminded of someone. An old, dear friend of mine. I slowly picked up my phone and dialed his number. To my surprise, he answered. We chatted for a while before I got to the point. He agreed and we set out to right my wrong, my mistake.

Between our minds, we were able to find a solution.

Project Orion.

Allison's second life.