Hey guys! So this is a one shot. The first of probably many. I had never wanted to write something as much as I did after watch tonight's episode. And part of me wanted to try and get something written just to get the emotions that I felt off my chest in some way. In my head this had felt right and writing it out felt right as well. So hopefully this is something that you guys enjoy. We can cry together, we can vent it out to each other, but most importantly I hope writing this helps ease the pain of losing a beloved character.

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Klaus stood in the bayou watching as the Crescents made their preparations for Hayley's funeral. In that moment he felt lost. Out of place in the one part of Hayley's world that he never cared to get to really know. This was and always would now be a piece of Hope. Whatever memories she may have with Hayley here while he had been off around the world, being afraid, he'd never get to know those memories. Unless Hope decided to share those memories with him if they could ever be in the same place ever again.

His eyes wandered around the area. He had been taking it in. Every scent, every sight his eyes could take, he embedded them in his memory. He knew this was probably the last time he would ever be in this place. The very place where Hayley had begun to really learn about herself. It was a strange feeling to know that he'd never see her standing in this area again. That was when he noticed a male beginning to remove the bark off a tree in a particular spot beneath two other carvings. Slowly walking over, he noticed the names carved into it. It was a reminder of those they had lost and he new that the male before him would be carving a spot for Hayley. He stood there for a moment debating on if he should just stand there and watch or ask if he could personally continue the task.

"May I?" His voice was soft. Not one that he even recognized in that moment. "I'd like to be the one to carve her name."

The male stopped and looked over at Klaus. Both of them were mourning. The male mourning the loss of his Alpha, and Klaus was mourning the loss of a friend, a partner that he wrongfully abandoned. The male simply nodded and handed Klaus the knife he had been using to clear the bark. Without saying anything, he left Klaus alone to continue the task.

He took his time with it. May it have been the artist inside him or the simple fact that this was not something that needed to be rushed, he never moved the blade of the knife if it wasn't calculated in some way. Even when it came to the letters of her name, it was done slowly, a piece at a time as he cut into the wood of the tree. It was as if he was creating a masterpiece that would live on forever. And it really would.

As he finished the final letter, he ran his hand over it, before looking down at the ground. The slight breeze that passed through the bayou made Klaus feel as if she was there standing with him. He sighed softly before bringing his eyes back up to the carving.

What Klaus couldn't see was Hayley leaning against the very tree he had been carving into. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she watched him. While she had stood by her decision, she knew it definitely wasn't going to be easy for any of her loved ones.

"I should have been there for you." He started to say. "And for Hope. But, I was scared...of this very moment." Hayley watched as he looked up at nothing in particular. "This family. Hmm."

Hayley chuckled as she leaned her head against the tree. "The family I never knew I needed." She said softly even though she knew he couldn't hear her.

"We are cursed to each other and to our home. And I know…" He looked away from the tree before looking back at it. "She needs me. I see that now. But loving her brings her closer to death."

The small smile that had been on Hayley's face fell. "I know that you wouldn't do anything to let that happen to her." They both knew that it would never happen. They both had proven time and time again that their daughter's safety was and would always be their number one priority.

"And I want her to live." Klaus said. The words alone had brought the small smile back to Hayley's lips. She could see the tears forming in his eyes, just as they had been growing in hers. "I want her to grow up. I want her to love. And be as strong and beautiful a woman as her mother."

Hayley's head tilted back as she looked up at the sky as she tried fighting back the tears. That's all she had ever wanted for Hope. To grow up, be loved by her family as well as whoever it may be that Hope brought into her life to love. At this very moment, it was hard for Hope to be loved by family when they couldn't even be near each other. Her father couldn't be near her without bringing them one step closer to the prophecy that would be her death.

"I don't know what to do." Klaus said as his fingers ran over her carved name in the wood. "And I really wish you were here to tell me, Little Wolf." The tears that had been building up in his eyes had finally gave way. The nick name brought Hayley's attention back to him, she caught the slightest smile forming on his face before it was gone.

"I'd tell you to be there as much as you can for her, given the circumstances." She said with a nod as she wiped the tears that were falling down her cheeks. "She's going to need you for the rest of her life, Klaus. You gotta let her know that in someway you'll always be there for her." She watched as Klaus took one last look at the carving before turning and walking away. Moving away from the tree, she began following him. "I know you can't hear me, but I know you'll do the right thing by her. You'll know exactly what to do even though you don't know it now. I know you'll keep her safe."

Klaus stopped mid step. There was a feeling that passed over him in that moment. He couldn't even begin to find the words that explained that feeling. For a moment he hoped that what he had felt was a sign, as crazy as it seemed. He turned to look back towards the carving once more. He took a deep breath and let it go before continuing to walk away.