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"What if there is nothing after this?" Klaus asked as he looked ahead of him as he sat on the bench next to Elijah. For a thousand years he never once thought about an after life. He never once thought of the possibility of what would come after his death. But in that moment, his thoughts were going crazy. "No peace, just darkness."

What if there wasn't peace for someone like him? A thousand years of wrong doings by his hand was sure to give him a permanent place in hell. He had always been afraid of being left alone. Would he be alone in the darkness that came with death if that was all that was waiting for him? Would he be forced to listen to only his thoughts that played through his mind as he sat in that darkness of the afterlife? Those thoughts and more were passing through in his mind at that very moment.

The white oak stake felt heavy in his hands. The very last piece that he had kept hidden from the world. All the trouble he had gone through to ensure it had stayed hidden while making others believe there wasn't a single piece left. Some part of him knew that one day that very stake would come in handy. He just never thought it would be now. He thought it would be at least a few decades into the future before he had decided to pull it out from its hiding spot. He thought he would use it when he would lose the his daughter to old age. But instead, he was about to use it now. He knew that he needed to do this. It was the one thing he could do for his daughter to ensure she had a long and healthy life. Not the short one she had recently subjected herself to.

"We face it together." Elijah said as he looked over at Klaus. Even Elijah believed that there was something out there waiting for the both of them. But if there was nothing but darkness, at least he'd be there with his brother, the very person he had spent his life with ensuring he had some kind of redemption. Klaus had done that in his final moments by saving Hope. It anyone had deserved peace over the darkness, it was him. "As always."


When Klaus' eyes shot open, he had been surprised to not find darkness that had surrounded him as he believed would be waiting for him. He saw light, colors, things he believed wouldn't be there in the afterlife. The fear he had before death was definitely nothing compared to what he had been seeing now. He was surrounded by light. Light that shown through the tress of the wood he had grown familiar with. The realization that he was at peace had brought a smile to his face as he looked around him. While there was a happiness that filled Klaus, there was a small nagging thought in the back of his mind. Who would be there with him? Or would he truly be alone?

Taking a step towards a path that had been near him, Klaus enjoyed the sound of the crunching leaves as he took each step. Sounds that he believed would be gone with his death. As he walked on, he began hearing voices. Some voices hadn't been familiar in the slightest bit as he made his way closer. But his hearing had zoned in on one very familiar laugh that reached his ears moments later. It was one laugh that he believed he wouldn't be able to hear ever again.

His pace picked up quickly after hearing that laugh. He wanted to reach the very place that everyone seemed to be at. If he found them, he knew she would be there with them. The moment he passed the last of the trees he found himself standing on the edge of what looked very similar to the bayou where the had Crescents lived. His eyes widened as he looked around. There were several people there talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves as if they weren't currently dead. This had not even come close to what he was expecting with the after life.

His eyes scanned the groups of people that were in front of him. But none of them had been the one person he had been looking for. Several had come close in some way or another but when they turned in the slightest, he knew it wasn't her. He began to believe he had imagined her laughter earlier. He had believed that maybe it had just been wishful thinking. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the tree that held the carving he had put for Hayley on the day of her funeral.

Looking at the tree he had remembered everything about that day. The way the bark came off as he carefully chipped it away, wanting it to be perfect. The artist in him demanding that a simple thing as carving a name into the wood of a tree needed to be a master piece. From his spot across the way, he knew he had done just that. He only hoped that if she had seen it, it would have brought a smile to her face as it did him.

As he looked at it, he had heard someone walk over and stand beside him. For a moment, he didn't want to look at whoever had come to speak with him. He hated the thought of someone seeing him and wanting to take their anger out on him in the after life for something he had done. But looking over, he was glad he had. Hayley stood there next to him, her hands clasped in front of her with a smile on her face.

"I was beginning to wonder when you'd make your way this way." She said as she continued to look forward at the very tree Klaus had been looking at.

Confusion had spread over Klaus' face at her words. "You know?" He asked curiously. He thought for sure she'd be asking what happened or why he had been there in the first place. He wasn't expecting her to be upset with him over leaving their daughter alone. "How?"

"I was there." She said looking over at him, giving him a sad smile. "I was watching over Hope. Seeing our baby girl's first transition." It had caused both of them to smile at that. While it was tragic that she had triggered her curse, seeing their daughter run free through the woods had been a sight neither of them would be able to forget. Hayley wouldn't be able to forget the sight she had seen that night. Klaus had helped through the worst part of it all and Hope had embraced it better than she had the first time she turned. "Then I realized what was going on when I saw you take off to meet with Alaric." She sighed softly. "I'm proud of you Klaus."

His eyes scanned her face as he took in the last words she said. It was something he was sure he had never heard come out of her mouth, or anyone's for that matter. He wasn't expecting them but he knew she had meant them. "I did what was needed to be done."

"I know." She said with a nod.

As much as they both hated the idea of Hope being without her parents it was a whole lot better than Klaus letting his daughter die. But while Hope was in fact an orphan just as her parents had been, they both knew that she would never truly ever be alone like they had been. Hope would still have Freya, Rebekah and Kol to look after her. They both knew that she would thrive as the tribrid she was. And they both would be there to watch her from time to time as she grew older.

"You aren't angry with me?" He asked wanting to be sure that she didn't hate him for leaving their daughter without her parents.

She chuckled and shook her head slightly. "I couldn't be angry with you, Klaus. You did exactly as I knew you would. You did right by her. That's all I wanted." She gave him a smile before taking a hold of his hand. "Come on, there are a few people waiting to see you."

A brow raised on Klaus' face as he looked at Hayley. "Who?" He asked, not wanting to leave from his spot before he knew who it was that was wanting to see him.

"Still stubborn." She said with a smile. She tilted her head off to the side. "Family."

Klaus looked over in the direction Hayley had tilted her head towards. Standing just outside the door of the house that sat overlooking the river stood a group of familiar faces that caused a grin to slowly form on Klaus' face. Ansel had been talking away, his hands moving in gestures as he spoke. Both Elijah and Finn stood there listening to the man with actual interest. Klaus looked at them for a moment before looking back at Hayley.

"This is peace, isn't it?" He asked hopeful. There was still a part of him that wasn't sure he deserved this. That this wasn't where he was supposed to be.

Hayley smiled and took a few step towards him, still holding his hand. "Welcome to the after life." She said as she kissed his cheek before pulling him towards the others.

~ End ~

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