Doctor Light: Version 2.0

After their meal was finished and the tour had concluded, Robin bade farewell to the Shadowmane Family. "Oh, must you leave already?" queried Donella, mildly dismayed. "Thank you very much for your hospitality, everyone" the Boy Wonder stated, "but we really need to get back to searching for Light."

The other Titans, even Raven let out soft moans of displeasure. "Oh, but must we leave" asked Starfire, "there are still many things we wish to see here." "Yeah, I think I saw a spell book at the market that looked interesting" added Raven.

Robin prepared to firmly ask his team to follow him. Until King Thaylog quickly rose from his seat and raised his hand. "No, your comrade is right" he said with a small frown, "you have a duty and that villain should be stopped before he can cause others harm."

At first, Beast Boy and Cyborg wanted to disagree with the elf king. But truthfully, they both knew he and Robin were both right and thus decided to leave. "There is but one problem, friends" chimed Starfire, "how do we plan on returning home?"

With that said, realization suddenly struck them all like a safe being dropped onto their heads. "Dang, she's right" yelled Cyborg, "do ya think you can open up that portal again, Raven" Robin asked. The young sorceress could only shake her head sullenly.

"That was an unexpected incident" she stated, "I didn't even know which tree in the meadow will create the portal." This made the team feel slightly worried. "Does this mean will we remain here forever" Starfire asked worriedly, no one around her offered a reply.

That is, until Gabriel warmly patted her hand. "Do not fear, my friends" he assured, "we can help open the portal for you." His family all nodded their hands in agreement. "We know exactly where to find it" Thaylog stated, "that is, if you truly wish to leave so soon."

In their hearts, the Shadowmane Family knew the time would come for them to part ways. But just as Robin prepared to speak, Raven suddenly tackled him. "Raven…what in blazes are you doing?!" he shouted with offense, which was followed by a massive energy blast flying over their heads.

Raven only gave her leader a look, one that seemed to say "need I say more?" Once back in formation, the team searched around them; wondering just where the light came from. All seemed eerily quiet, at the moment.

Then, without warning; another energy blast fired. It whizzed toward them like a bullet. But it was quickly blocked by Raven's force field.

However; in spite of this defense, Raven was almost terrified to discover that the blast came close to piercing through her barrier. "What the heck was that" Beast Boy exclaimed, "a better question would be where did it come from?" retorted Cyborg. Robin took out his staff and assumed a defensive crouch.

While Star ignited her star bolts, Cy charged his sonic cannon and Raven channeled her magic. "Be ready, team" growled Robin, "who knows where the next attack will come from." At that moment, a soft yet sinister cackle rang out.

"Might I suggest…looking behind you!" a voice called out, this was followed by a third energy blast. Because it came from behind them, Raven was unable to block in time. The blast struck them hard, sending each Titan falling about the ground.

Gabriel stared at them, utterly dumbfounded; "who are you, show yourself" he demanded. King Thaylog then looked up at one of the shops and spotted a figure looming over them. Once Robin opened his eyes, he looked up at the figure and gasped.

"What the…is that Doctor Light" he asked, rubbing his eyes vigorously. "In a sense, Boy Wonder" Light boasted, "but I'm no longer the low-level weakling you remember!" He leapt off the building and presented himself before his adversaries.

"When Cyborg came to and finally got a look at the criminal. He was so shocked, even his cybernetic eye almost popped from his head. "What the…What the hey is goin' on with your suit?" he asked in shock. Light simply posed mockingly at the befuddled teen.

"Oh, this; I suppose this place is giving me…a healthy 'glow' of health" he chortled. The Titans shielded their eyes slightly, for the glow radiating off of Light was near blinding. Regardless, they didn't plan on letting that stop them.

With a loud cry of "Titans, Go" from their steadfast leader, the Titans all rushed Light. Robin attempted to use one of his EMP discs, hoping to short out Light's suit. But the moment he threw it, Light smiled and fired a blast of energy; reducing the projectile to ashes.

Robin made a second attempt, this time by throwing multiple disks at him. But the end result was still the same; his strategy went up in smoke, quite literally. At that moment, Cyborg ran past Robin and glared at Light.

"You ain't the only one with blasters, dude" he shouted, while charging his sonic cannon. Once at full power, the young Robo-Teen fired a blast of blue energy at Light. The villain only chuckled in response and fired a blast of his own with but a wave.

This attack completely overwhelmed Cyborg's blast. This sudden display of might left the young hero rather flabbergasted. "Uh…best two outta three" he mumbled while sweating nervously, "sorry, my boy…but you're out of my league" Light responded. After that, he swung his right wrist; sending a wave of light energy towards Cyborg.

At the last moment, Starfire flew in and lifted her friend high into the air to safety. Cy snapped out of his stupor and looked over at his friend. "Thanks for the save, Star" he sighed, "you are welcome, my friend…but we must find a safer place to plan our next strike" Star stated.

Meanwhile; Beast Boy, Raven and Robin remained below and were desperately trying to make a counter attack. "Dudes, since when has Light ever been this powerful?" shouted the changeling. Overhead, Cyborg tried to scan Light for anything out of the ordinary.

After ten seconds, his wrist scanner picked up something on him. He looked more closely and could see something on his mechanical chassis. "Y'all, there's somethin' in his chest plate…but I can't make it out" Cy shouted.

Back on the ground, Thaylog and his family were busy leading their people to safety from the battle. At one point, Gabriel took a glance over his shoulder and his keen eyes could see the object protruding from Light's suit. "It's a crystal" he said suddenly, catching the attention of his family.

Beast Boy arrived beside him and questioned the meaning of his words. "His chest piece, I see a crystal lodged inside" Gabriel replied, Thaylog took a look as well and could see it quite clearly. "You are right, son and if I am not mistaken. It is one of Talora's crystals" he surmised.

"Well, any idea about how to remove it or turn down the power?" questioned Beast Boy frantically. Before anyone can answer, a blast was sent squarely in their direction. Beast Boy let out an "eep" and closed his eyes, believing he would be vaporized.

But then, his sharp ears could hear a shrill "ping" sound. He opened his eyes slightly to see Gabriel and Elbenor. Both standing in front of the blast and conjuring a sort of force shield to protect them. The young changeling heaved a sigh of relief and swiped the sweat from his brow.

"Thanks for the save, you guys" he said with a soft grin, "you are quite welcome, young one" Elbenor replied. After that, King Thaylog boldly approached the power-mad villain. Who only chuckled at him mockingly.

"You and your fellow creatures may be skilled" he chortled, "but that alone cannot save you from the light!" As he off another blast, the Shadowmanes remained firmly rooted where they stood. "Yo, get outta the way" cried Cyborg, "move or you'll get roasted alive!"

His cries fell on deaf ears and the elven rulers continued to remain where they stood. Light smiled wickedly, anxious to see the strangers fall by his hand. Finally, the blast hit; creating a strong and bright light that almost burned everyone's retinas.

The light slowly faded, seconds later and Doctor Light looked on to see the result of his handiwork. But what he found instead made the color drain from his face. The Shadowmanes all stood before him, not only in one piece still but also with glowing fists.
"What on earth" he murmured, utterly shocked by what he saw. "You may think you command they crystals' power, stranger" Thaylog growled. "But you are wrong; it is not yours to command, it is ours!" decreed Gabriel. To prove their point, the elves clasped their hands together and began chanting.

Light could only stare in confusion, pondering on just what they were doing. Then, at that moment; his suit began beeping loudly. "What…What is happening" he murmured in alarm, looking at his chest plate.

Much to his horror, the meter began to greatly decrease in power. "What the…my suit" he cried, "it's losing all of its energy!" He raised his hand, hoping to fire a shot at him. But the only thing that appeared was a soft flash, like that of a camera's light.

Thaylog smiled at Light and moved his hands about. "Behold the crystal's power in more capable hands. Aquarus Airous MAYBRON!" Upon uttering those words and with a wave of his hands, water flew out of the elf's fingertips.

Light was not expecting such retaliation and attempted to flee. But it was too late, for the water had completely washed over his body and it soon entered his suit. Which in turn, caused a massive short-circuit; electrocuting him viciously.

After a minute of twitching, electro shocks and pained screams. The suit finally died out and Light collapsed in a tired heap in the puddle around him. With magic still flowing through his hands, Gabriel placed cuffs around the man's wrists.

Light opened his eyes weakly, as the Titans gathered around him. "I had it…I had all the power I needed to bring you down, at last…and I was still defeated" he mumbled dejectedly. "Gonna take more than a power upgrade for you to take us down, Light" chimed Robin.

This statement was met with a soft giggle from Gabriel. "A most excellent quip, my friend" he chortled, Light could only grumble in both annoyance and despair at the exchange.

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