Chapter 76: Rage of the Black Rose Part 2

"What are you waiting for? Its your move, so hurry up!"

"If you're in such a hurry to lose, then I'll be happy to oblidge! First, I activate the effect of Spore in my graveyard. By banishing Aromage Carnaga from my graveyard, I can speical summon Spore with Carnaga's levels added to it (1-4). Next, I summon Aromage Jasmine (100/1900) in attack mode. Now, my level 4 Spore tunes with level 2 Aromage Jasmine in order to synchro summon Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram (2200/2000). And her effect activates, letting me add Blessed Winds from my deck to my hand. Lastly, I activate Red Medicine to gain 500 life points (4300-4800). And when I gain life points, Sweet Marjoram lets me destroy one of your cards, so say goodbye to your Blade Burner Falcon!"

Akiza's mage jammed her staff into the track, creating large spikes that impaled Shay's falcon and destroyed it.

"This duel is over. Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram, attack him directly and end this duel!"

"Don't count me out yet! I activate my trap card Raider's Sanctuary! I can summon one Raidraptor Xyz monster from my graveyard in attack mode with its effect negated, so come back Blade Burner Falcon!"

"So what? I can still destroy it and finish you off!"

"Not with my Half Unbreak! My monster is safe, and all damage is cut in half."

Shay swerved as more spikes rose up, cutting into him and his monster and dropping them to the edge.

Shay: 400

"You got lucky. I end my turn with one card face down."

"I'm still in this, Witch! I activate the spell card Rank Uo Magic Skip Force to Xyz Summon Raidraptor- Revolution Falcon! And since he was summoned using a Raidraptor Xyz monster, he gains the effect to destroy a monster on your field and deal damage to you equal to half its attack points. Say goodbye to your princess!"

But to Shay's surprise, Akiza's Marjoram effortlessly blocked each one of his monster's missiles.

"Surprised? As long as I have more life points than you, you can't target any of my plants with your card effects. Sorry."

"Oh, don't you worry, because I still have some tricks up my sleeve. When my Revolution Falcon attacks a special summoned monster, your monster's attack becomes zero!"

Akiza gasped as Shay monster tore through her mage, burning her to death as Akiza swerved to avoid falling debris.

Akiza: 2800

"I'll end my turn there. Your move!"

Akiza remained silent, glancing at her card once before turning her attention to her opponent.

"This duel is over. I activate my trap card, Blessed Winds! I'll use its third effect, paying 1000 life points (2800-1800) to summon an Aroma monster from my graveyard, so come back Black Rose Aroma Dragon! Next, I summon the tuner monster Aromaseraphy Angelica! Now, my level 1 Aromaseraphy Angelica tunes with level 7 Black Rose Aroma Dragon to Synchro Summon Blood Rose Aromaseraphy Dragon (2800/2000)!"

The crowd gasped as a massive figure loomed over the stadium. It was twice the size of Akiza's previous dragon, with its entire body made out of tree bark. Thorny vines draped from its body, blood dripping down menacingly.

"This duel is over! Blood Rose Aromaseraphy Dragon, attack his falcon and end this duel!"

"You fool! Did you forget his effect?"

"Actually, I didn't. As long as I have more life points than you, all of your card effects are negated!"


Shay's falcon was stopped mid flight as one of the Dragon's thorns wrapped around it and threw it against the wall, where it crumpled. Shay gulped nervously as her monster turned its attention towards him.

"Oh shit."

Shay cringed as the whips struck him over and over, crushin his duel runner before it gave out from under him and sent him flying into a wall.

Shay: 0000

Akiza wins!

Akiza shrugged off the booing and took her vicotry lap, not even glancing at the paramedics hunched over Shay.

That one was for you, Sayer.