Lorelai was wondering around the hospital corridors with a tiny Rory in her arms on the night of Rory's birth. Rory's father had just left, making himself clear he didn't have any plans to return and Lorelai needed to clear her head.

Rory was whimpering slightly but Lorelai knew she didn't need to be fed or changed so just held her tightly and spoke softly to her as she slowly wandered the corridor.

"We don't need him baby," She said in a soft voice, "he wouldn't be much help anyway, we are better off without him."

"Just you and me sweetheart," she smiled at her daughter who was beginning to relax, "well soon enough, we are just going to stay at my parents house for a tiny little bit, mummy needs some money first."

Lorelai walked passed a young man who couldn't have been more than a couple of years older than her, slumped up against a wall. Lorelai dreaded to think why he was standing outside a room like that, he looked quite upset. She smiled at him slightly as she saw he had noticed her staring and hoped he was just like Christopher and didn't want his baby and that the worst hadn't happened and there wasn't something wrong with his baby.

Luke was standing outside his sisters hospital room after she had just given birth to his nephew, Jess. Luke was already in love with Jess but it was clear that Liz was not. Luke spotted a young girl walked up the corridor towards him with a baby in her arms who was even smaller than Jess, something Luke hadn't thought was possible. The girl hadn't noticed him yet and seemed to be talking away to her baby. This girl looked about to be about the same age as Liz, but was obviously taking her child's birth better.

The girl smiled at Luke and before Luke knew what he was doing he shocked even himself by speaking and saying, "hi, I'm really sorry to ask but I really need to talk to someone do you mind if we chatted?" He felt like a dork but he kept speaking, "it's really ok to say no, don't feel any pressure, I really shouldn't have asked really. Jeez, Luke what are you playing at? Leave the girl alone. I'm sorry." Luke babbled once he realised that he had actually spoken to the girl.

Lorelai laughed, "quite a speech I must say, and actually I would quite like to talk to someone too, I'm scared out of my mind. If you don't mind, Luke was it? You can come back with me to my room, this one is asleep so I'll put her in the crib they gave me and we can chat. It's just down here." Lorelai turned and gestured down the corridor with one eyebrow raised.

Luke looked relieved and just nodded his head and followed her back to her hospital room and stood awkwardly in the doorway as he watched the girl put her baby in the crib place a blanket over her and kiss her on the forehead then after a moment of just staring at her baby seemed to remember that he was there and jumped a little before turning around.

"Ok, you first, sit down, I'm lorelai by the way, that over there is lorelai number two, I mean guys name their sons after themselves all the time why can't girls do it too, I'm just calling her Rory though for short, so, Luke I believe you called yourself, that is you right? What's up? Is your baby ok?" Lorelai spoke so quickly Luke almost couldn't follow.

"My baby?" Luke asked confused, "oh Jess, yeah I guess he is mine now. Well he is my sisters, but that's what I want to talk about. And yeah my name is Luke, well caught."

"Thank you, wait, you had a baby with your sister?" Lorelai asked with her eyebrows nearly reaching her hair line and a disgusted look on her face.

"What? No, of course not! My sister had a baby today, an adorable little boy she named Jess. She is only 16 so she doesn't want the baby so she said she is either giving it up for adoption or if I want I can raise him. I'm only 18 myself and of course I love him already but I'm not at all prepared for this. I have some money from when my dad died a couple of months ago but not quite enough for a place to live. I live over my diner, my dads old shop I just turned into a diner, I only opened last week, for gods sake! Why didn't she tell me before, surely she knew, she could have warned me and not just sprung it on me like this. I can't let him grow up not knowing me, I love him too much, I'm just freaking out because I'm not ready I had no time to prepare and now he's here in a room with a mother who doesn't even love him." Luke said his face growing paler towards the end.

"I'm only 16 too," lorelai said quietly, "and I'm sorry about your dad, what about your Mum? Could she help out. And I'm sure your sister loves him, she is probably just stressed. It's not possible not to love your little baby."

"She doesn't," Luke interrupted, "I saw it on her face, when I saw him and held him, it was like, wow, I can't even explain what it was like it was amazing, she held him for not even a minute and asked if she could put him down yet. As for my mum she died years ago, it's just me and Liz now and Jess too now but Liz is leaving, there's nothing I can do there, I saw it in her face she has made up her mind. I can't loose Jess too." Luke looked helpless.

"I know exactly how you felt," lorelai said with a wide grin on her face.

"Of course you do." Said Luke meeting her eyes. "Im going to keep him, I have to." Luke then said with a determined look on his face.

"Good" smiled Lorelai, "I don't think you'll regret it, I don't see how you could."

Luke the looked at her, "I wasn't the only one who needed to talk." He prompted.

Lorelai looked confused for a second then realisation flooded her face and she sighed, "ah yes, good old me."

"You're 16, you just said that."

"Ok then good young me, it just doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway like I said I've got little Rory now, and she is... well she is absolutely amazing. My parents think she should be hidden away from proper society until I am old enough to present her properly, whatever that means and her father, Chris, he all but said he wished she had never been born. Do you know where he was when I was giving birth? At a house party. A bloody party. He came here today, had the nerve to tell me the party was, 'a bit dead'! I guess he is a bit like your sister, no offence but he just doesn't care about his kid. He suggested adoption too today after he had met her, how could he do that? Anyway I've already decided what to do about him, if he doesn't want a place in his daughters life I'm not going to force one on him, I'm not going to block him out but he has to make the effort, if he wants too. My really problem is I can't stay at my parents, they haven't kicked me out or anything, I just don't want Rory growing up in that society, I want to give her a proper life. I have a bit of money and I can probably get more somehow before I leave, but I can't stay there. I just don't have anywhere to go." Lorelai said, finishing almost in tears.

Luke got up from the chair he sat it and knelt in front of her, "hey," he said softly, "I don't have anywhere to go either, I've got my place but I can't have a baby there. We can have no where to go together."

Lorelai laughed slightly which got a smile out of Luke, "what use does that do?"

"No use whatsoever."

" I don't even know where I want to go, I'm not staying in Hartford, I hate this place." Lorelai said with a stubborn look on her face.

"Well I win there then, I know where I want go, or stay more exactly. Stars Hollow. It's where I've always been. I just don't have a house, if you have a baby you need a house or at the very least more than a one room apartment, well apartment is a bit of a push, it really is just an office."

Luke and Lorelai sat in silence for a bit, "hey Luke," Lorelai said slowly turning her head towards him where he sat on the bed next to her, "this might be the tiredness or the desperation talking or maybe I'm still high on those drugs they gave me, but whatever it is it's talking, why don't you and me get our money together we can get a place I'm sure, for both of our babies in stars hollow. I've never been but you obviously love the place. I'm not sure if I can do this by myself. We could do this. I know we don't know each other and we literally just met and this is a terrible idea but I am tired and desperate and you know maybe a little bit high and well I trust you for some reason, you've got a little baby just as much as I do."

Luke looked at her in shock, "What?" "How?" "Why?" "When?" "Where?"

Lorelai couldn't help but laugh, "well done you know your 5 w's, how is how even a W, I know it has the W at the end, but it just isn't the same. And I've got to say I totally have already covered some of the ground for some of those questions, keep up!"

Luke seemed to recover from the initial shock, he shook his head slightly, "you can't be serious we don't know each other, I could a a crazy axe murderer or you could be a crazy axe murderer, you are definitely crazy. I mean you aren't I know you aren't but still, that isn't the point. You haven't even met Jess."

"Is that your only concern, I haven't met the newborn? You're right what if our personalities just clash?"

"You know what I mean!" Then Luke paused, "there is a place actually, near the diner, it's not perfect but it's 3 bedrooms, I was considering buying it for Liz, but I didn't have quite enough for a deposit, I totally could have done the monthly payments from the diner if I had just a bit more for a deposit." Luke said going a bit dazed at the end as if he was considering it. "No," he said, "this is crazy, you are crazy. We can't do this can we? We just met."

"It sounds pretty perfect to me. We could have a room each, and the babies could share once they got a bit older, at first we would have to keep them with us but in a few months. They would be best friends too!" Lorelai was getting excited, "I bet I have enough to finish off the deposit for you and then some to get us going with baby stuff."

Luke looked at her, "would it be totally crazy if I said yes?"

"Totally, but say it anyway!" Lorelai smiled at him, "you know you say crazy a lot."

"Ok." Said Luke, "lets do it, I don't think I would say that to anyone else so you better feel special."

Lorelai squealed and jumper at him hugging him tightly, "you won't regret this, not one bit."

Lorelai had squealed a bit loudly and had woke Rory up who started crying, Lorelai looked at Luke really guiltily and then jumped up and ran to her. She gently picked her up and held her close, looking in her face with concern all over her face as she rocked her whispering softly. Luke got up and stood behind her, he placed a hand on her shoulder and said, "I'm going to go check on Jess now, I shouldn't leave him for too long, don't be hard on yourself, she's ok, it's late I'll come back in the morning."

"Bye Luke." Lorelai said, now smiling slightly as she continued to rock Rory.

Luke walked down the corridor back towards Liz's room. When he entered the bed was empty so he figured she must be in the adjoining bath room, he walked over to where Jess lay crying slightly, "hey little man, I might have found us some friends." Luke said with a loving smile on his face as he picked him up.

He walked around the room rocking Jess slightly when he noticed the bathroom door was open, Liz wasn't there, she had just left Jess by himself so that she could go wonder about, he was sure she hadn't gone far but still that wasn't on, he was only a few hours old, she couldn't just leave him by himself. Then he saw it, on her bedside table, a piece of paper folded over with his name written on it. Luke's heart sank, he knew what it said before he even opened it. He decided to open it anyway just in case. Liz had left, she didn't say where she was going just that she wasn't coming back. She had said that Luke could keep Jess or put him up for adoption, adopt him himself if he wanted but that Jess was now Luke's problem. She had called her own son a problem.

Luke stormed off down the corridor towards Lorelai's room with Jess in his arms and the note in his left hand. When he arrived the door was still open so he just walked in. Lorelai was sitting on he bed with Rory in her arms. She looked up when she noticed someone entering and saw it was Luke, he didn't look pleased.

"Hey what's wrong?" She asked, then saw Jess in his arms and smiled, "is that Jess?"

"Yeah," said Luke his face softening considerable when he looked down at the little boy in his arms, "here, read this." He said shoving Liz's note towards her.

She took it awkwardly, struggling to not disturb Rory who had fallen back asleep in her arms. She read it and had to keep from gasping at several bits. She couldn't believe it how could anyone be like that. She was really starting to dislike Luke's sister. At the end of the note when she called Jess Luke's problem, Lorelai was struggling not to cry for the little boy in her new friends arms.

"How could she?" Asked Lorelai, "She is just like me, how could she?"

"She is nothing like you!" Luke said almost outraged, "I've seen you with Rory, you would never consider doing what she did."

"Well," Lorelai said after a minutes silence where they both thought about what Liz had done, "it's her loss. Are you going to adopt him then?"

"Yeah," said Luke smiling, "I'm not going to do it straight away, in a few months, life is going to be crazy enough. I'm going to let thing settle down, start a routine and then make it official then if there are any problems, I don't see why there would be but if there are, they couldn't take him away from me."

"They aren't going to take him away. I'm not even entirely sure who they are." Lorelai said with a small smile.

"Yeah me either, but I'd still rather settle in first." Luke then stood up, " I should get back to liz's old room, in case any nurses come by and get concerned, I'll come by in the morning, ok?"

"See you then, roomie!" Lorelai said in a quite excited voice as to not wake the two babies.

"Don't call me that." Was all Luke said as he left.