Hey everyone I know I am making a new story while I still have a brand new one but believe me I will continue it I am just trying to decide what it's gonna be like then all of a sudden I have this sudden urge to create this story I also want to apologize a head of time my spelling and grammar and such can get mess up not because I don't know how to spell it's because of the car accident I endure when I was a child a window went through my head and well thank God I am alive but unfortunately I am a bit slow and yeah I can read fine just spelling and writing and speaking is a lot harder so yeah I am sorry anyway I do not own Naruto only my OC so yeah let me know if you like my story k love you all! ;p

Third party POV:

A young woman name Elena had just picked up her best friend Don from the airport he just came back from the Marines Corp and he is very excited to return home both of them are these two had been best friend for 20 years now, each already have kids and a family of their very own. Both already in their age of early 30s years old everyone always assume that they would end up together because they were always together but that was never the case, they always consider themselves as siblings never lovers. They were practically similar yet different at the same time almost like they were twins themselves even though theirs was at least 2 years age difference they were inseparable. They always did enjoy doing everything together they even have the same hobbies like reading manga and watching anime (yeah they love that kind of stuff so what doesn't matter how old you are to enjoy something like that so screw you if you think otherwise) there are no surprises with them that maybe one of the reason why they can never be together but who to say then one day on a late winter night when Elena just picked up her best friend and is currently driving trying to get themselves home everything change for the both of them it is the beginning of the end of there old chapter and a new beginning starting to form.

"You know Don, you are so lucky that I love you so much otherwise I wouldn't be driving us home right now. I would have told your ass to sleep at the airport till morning or stay at the inn but nooooo i decided to pick you up myself for both your wife and kids sake you sooo owe me for this"

Elena is keeping her eyes forward driving safely as one can be they need to get home as soon as possible because of their family is waiting for them, right now in front of them is a truck that is carrying pipes while they are crossing the bridge very slowly because of the road is both icy and a bit snowy as well...

"Yeah Yeah cariño (sweetheart) I owe you a drink okay i bought you the best red wine I could find in Florida"

Elena turn her head a bit "What! Only red wine?! You gotta be kidding me! You know how much I hate the cold and all I get is red wine! Oh hell no!"

Don just gave her a deadpan look "sigh...alright dammit woman! I'll get you a cake with it also and with your favorite chocolate candy to go with it as well how does that sound to you?!"

Elena look happy about it and gave him a grin "Put our favorite anime to watch together and you got yourself a deal!"

Don just shake his head back and forth "fine deal...honestly I don't know how both me and your husband can handle you"

Elena just giggle at her best friend misfortune "fufufufu because you both LOVEEE MEEE"

Don just gave her a look "Pfft yeah right you jus-WATCH OUT!"

The truck that is front of them is sliding back and forth and so are the other cars and since they are still at the bridge there is little space to move at all...all of the sudden the cars started crashing with one another and there car got it so it started to spin out of control you can hear their cries and screamed the pipes of the back of the truck started flying everywhere Elena car hit the bridge and now it's hanging from the ledge suddenly everything became quiet Elena is out of it for a while since she got hit on the side of her head pretty hard and she is bleeding really badly she is also feeling bit disoriented but still try to stay focus of her surrounding she look towards her right side to see if Don is okay but what she saw shock her out of pure terror and horror there was Don still seated but impaled by 3 pipes that came through his chest he is having hard time breathing and blood is coming out of his mouth but he is still alive.

"OH MY GOD DON! Wha-What am supposed to do?! We're my phone?! Don't worry Don I am gonna call for help right now...your gonna be okay...you'll be alright...where's is it...*sob*...WERE...*sob*...THE FUCK...*sob*...IS MY PHONE!...*sob*...SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!...PLEASEEE!"

Don grab her hand and look into her eye "It...okay…el (El is her nickname he has given her since they were kids)….I am….n..ot...gon..na..make...it"

Elena started to cry really hard now "*sob*….don't say that...please…your family...*sob*…is waiting for you...*sob*...you can't...just go...*sob*...you can't...just...leave us...*sob*...please...please...please"

Don gave her a gentle smile "te..ll….th..em...I...l..ove...th..em...and...I...am….so..rry" He started to cry himself knowing he has to say goodbye to his best friend in the worst possible way but their is nothing he can do but pray that she will continue to stay strong and to keep moving forward

Elena couldn't stop her tears from falling "*sob*….I...will...I...p...romise"

Don gave her one last smile and slowly shut his eyes whatever strength he has remained holding Elena hand suddenly went limp at his side and then he was gone.

(Once he was gone he is being transported and that were his new chapter, a new beginning start with him what faith or destiny has in stored for him one never know until it actually happens)

Everything is dark he can't see anything or hear anything

(Where am I?! What's going on?! Why is it so dark in here?! Why do I feel so tight?!)

he felt like it was an eternity where ever he is at then all of a sudden their is a bright light and he try to follow it, to reach out towards it suddenly he started to feel unimaginable pain

(What the hell! What is this pain!) it hurts everywhere

(Fuck! Make it stop!) It hurt it hurt it fucking hurt!

(FUCKING HELL!) he is surrounded by a very bright light, he has no choice but to keep his eyes shut then suddenly he felt a sharp pain at his backside


But in the room all anyone can hear is a baby boy cries

"Whaaa! aaaahhh!" He can hear voices "Congratulating! You have a healthy baby boy! Hokage-sama and Biwako-sama!


while he is having a dilemma in his own thoughts he is getting wash and clean once he was done they started to change him into his new clothing then the medic took him towards his new parents once the mother retrieved her son into her arms she couldn't stop cooing at him both of his parents are beaming with happiness and pride! The father couldn't stop his smile that is filled with so much love and affection towards his first born son, his wife also felt the same way he does...

"Welcome my son your mother and I have been waiting for you for such a long time now" He started rubbing his son brown hair on top of his head between his fingers


Meanwhile Biwako just look towards her husband with so much love regardless how tired she truly is "Have you decided a name for him yet Hiruzen?!"

(...?...0-0...WAIT WHAT! What did she just say?!)

Lord Hokage Hiruzen turn towards his wife with a happy and proud look "I have! From this day forward our son will be name Daichi Sarutobi"


while he is having another dilemma that no one can hear him his new parents are still having a discussing "That a fine name for our son Lord Hokage hehehe"

Both of them couldn't stop their smiles filled with so much love for there first born son that has finally arrived into their life "You know my love Tobirama-sama granddaughter will be born soon most likely in several days the senju clan are pleased with the news, for a very long time now they had almost thought Tobirama-sama would never bare a child and now his very own son is gonna bare his first child as well and from a mother who is from the land of water"

Lord Hokage gave his wife a gentle smile "It truly was a love at first sight for them he was severely injured and was on a verge to death until she save him and then they fell in love to each other she left her clan, her kin to be with the man she love and now she is living at the senju clan compound and not only that but her healing method that we learned from her clan pleases Tsunade parents greatly they became very close even though Takehiko and Tsunade father are cousins they act more like best friend then family right after Nawaki birth...Tsunade parents both die at the battlefield, I am truly grateful that both Takehiko and Yukiko decided to look after Tsunade and Nawaki now both of the siblings consider them as there big brother and sister they have also became best friends with Tsunade teammates as well. Yukiko healing method are being share at the hospital and she is even helping the people of Konoha as if it is her very home by being there healing medic she is both charming and sweet, kind to all people around her I can see why he is head over heels for her"

Biwako couldn't help herself but to laugh at that she then look towards her husband giving him a loving look "Love can come from anywhere and any place it is unexpected yet it can be both a blessing and a curse but it's better to be loved then not to be loved at all"

(Wait! What did i just miss?! I am still having hard time processing all of this!)

Lord Hokage look towards his wife with a proud look "Such wise word from the love of my life" He then kiss her on her lips fully showing her how much he both love and adores her

(Eww! Man! I don't wanna see that! Parents or not get a room!)

the baby started to squirm in his mother arms and both parent notice this "Perhaps our son is getting hungry now my love" she then started to get ready to breastfeed her son


Biwako tried to feed her son but he doesn't open his mouth and for a while now she started to get worry that something is wrong until a nurse came in and show her how to get it done by sticking her pinky finger between his lips with little force but because he is a baby naturally they have no strength whatsoever so it not really forcing him in anyway...

(FUCK! THIS IS SO HUMILIATING! I AM A GROWN MAN GETTING BREASTFEED I AM SO GLAD ELENA ISN'T HERE RIGHT NOW OTHERWISE SHE WOULD...*shuddering* I don't even want to think about what she would do with this information)

he felt a cold shiver running up and down on his spine neither of his parents notice his action why because they are too happy with a new member of their family.

Daichi(Don) is born on February 20th in the morning he also found out the meaning of his name "the great first son"

(That is the stupidest name ever! I mean yeah...I know that I am the third hokage son and what not, and of course they are gonna expect great things from me...but still man...I mean come on...kids are cruel they are so gonna make fun of me and my name you'll see)

a week later has past and he is release from the hospital, they started walking towards his new home they decided to place him in his new room since it is already late at night...

(Damn! This place is huge! And it's only my room I couldn't even see my new house because I was sleeping thee entire time I bet it's look like a mansion since my old man is the third hokage and all)

his mother then place him in his crib and started changing him into his new diaper again (I am so glad I will never mention this to anyone...and that I can remember all of this...because this is very humiliating indeed)

once she was done she grab her son and start breastfeeding him for the 8th time today (I am a growing boy alright I gotta eat sue me) when he is done his mother put him back into his crib she then started to sang him a little lullaby by humming him and slowly he is starting to fall asleep but before he could his father Lord hokage came in just in time before he is knocked out he put a new toy nexts to his son as if it will protect him while he is asleep it is a white monkey that look exactly like the monkey king Enma but all plushie and fluffy he then gently rub his son head while the mother is still humming him to sleep

(well I guess this isn't so bad) finally he fell into a deep slumber, both of parents gave him kiss on his forehead and told him good night and sweet dream while he is dreaming away.

Another week has pass and nothing much has happen except the same routing every day being feed, then getting change, then put to sleep, and him analyzing the situation so on and so forth so yeah same old same old

(If only I know which plot I was put in?! Considering how young my old man look I am probably either at Jiraiya timeline *since he didn't hear his parents conversation, and was having a very hard time processing everything he had miss a very important information that was given to him* or Minato timeline?!)

Two days later he received a very interesting news, it is late at night on a full moon he is in his father arms being fed by a formula since his parents want him getting used to being feed in two different method, anyway when his father taking his time burping him all of a sudden Daichi started sense something in the room...

(Is this what chakra feel like?!) a figure appear kneeling down before him and his old man (yeah he finally decided to accept him and his new life might as well since there is nothing he can do about it?! In his old life...he is dead, he remember that clearly so there is nothing to go back too)

his old man turn towards the masked man "Report has something occurred?!" (Holy shit! It's an Anbu! Hmm...his masked look like a wolve but it's kinda hard to tell in my dark room)

"Yes Lord Hokage-sama the infant from both Takehiko-sama and Yukiko-sama Senju has finally been born right now" (Wait! So Tsunade is being born right now then?!)

"I see...have they decided a name to called the new infant?!"

The anbu respond "Yes sir they name her Miyako, Miyako Senju" (Wait! Say what now!)

His old man is silent for a bit "Hmmm...Miyako...such a lovely name tell me did you take a good look at her wolve?!" (I knew it!)

The wolve anbu nod then he responded "Yes Lord Hokage-sama she is the spitted image to both of her parents her hair is a mixers of dark brownish red or it's just dark red it's hard to tell but she has received sharp eyes just like her father and grandfather Tobirama-sama yet her eyes color and her beauty mark nexts to her left eye is just like her mother you can already tell she will be quite a beauty when she get older, your three students are already with them as we speak they just came back from their mission and once they heard the good news, they immediately went to the hospital as soon as possible in order to see them and the new baby"

(What! This can't be right! Tobirama never bare any children! And I should know that for sure both me and Elena are big fan of naruto and fairy tail! So what the hell is going on! Dammit all! I need answer!)

The hokage turn towards the window while still carrying his son "Hmmm...I see...thank you for informing me...you are dismissed wolf"

Once he was gone the father turn towards his son "She is finally born Daichi and just like you everyone will expect many great things from her...*sigh*...it saddens me that she will not have a choice in her life...she will be pursue the life of a shinobi just like her father and grandfather...you know it was her grandfather the second hokage Tobirama Senju that not only was he my teacher but also my mentor he was the one that taught me everything that I know, it was him and his son that choose me to be the next hokage...*smiling a little* at that time I didn't understand why they choose me?! When it should have been Takehiko to be the next hokage but he didn't wanted it he said he would rather take the front line then sit around and do paperwork...he said that he believe in me that I will be a great hokage...*sigh* at that time I didn't believe him my son, I still truly believe he would make an even greater hokage than myself but it made me happy that my teacher and best friend both thought so highly of me to become the nexts hokage...I swore to Lord second on that day before he died protecting us that I will look out for his son and his descendants as long as I am still living and breathing I owe him my life and everything else my son because if it wasn't for him I would have died in the battlefield never to see you or your mother again and for that I am eternally grateful to my teacher and ever since that day Takehiko and I have form an even stronger bond we practically became brothers on that day...mmm"

Daichi decided right then and there how much he respect his father (Whoa! My dad can be cool at time like this...but still from my knowledgement Tobirama never had kids and even if he did they were never mention in the manga or anime?! It almost seem like the only one left from the clan is Tsunade and that she was the last senju and once her time come to an end then that's the end of the senju clan they will no longer exist as sad as that sound but it true so what am I missing?!)

Hokage keep looking at his son with an amuse look "Now what is my son thinking?! You have that look of concentration on your face (you have no idea) one day I do hope you and Miyako will become best friends and form a bond the same way her father and I have...it would pleased me greatly Daichi"

(I bet it would since you clearly admire him so much...it kinda creepy but whatever old man)

"Now it's time for bed" Once he put his son in his crib and gave him his fluffy plushie monkey he then rub his son head and kiss his forehead "Good night Daichi tomorrow is another day"

When he was gone Daichi decided to analyze the situation a bit more before he goes to sleep

(Alright so there is another senju that is close around my age and she is the descendant of Tobirama...hmmm...I wonder what kind of person she gonna be?!...well either way she would be a good ally for me since she is from the senju clan I can get a lot of information out of her to help me prepare for the upcoming war and for the future...I may be a baby but I am still soldier at heart...I better start concentrating on my chakra the sooner I get it done...the sooner I can start my training and the sooner I can make allies and friends I will make a better future for this world that will be my ninja way alright I have my plan set...it time for me to sleep)

When he was done analyzing and had a goal set he was fast asleep unaware what else has occurred and what other surprises are in stored for him.

(We return to the original world when this was all happening at the same time)

Elena is still in the car crying loud and hard out of anguish and pain because of her best friend death

"Ahhhhh! God! No! Don! Please! Noooo!" She just kept crying and crying she didn't even notice that the car is starting to falling off the bridge once she did she try her hardest to escape try to get out but her sit belt is stuck and her movement isn't helping also...

"Come on! Come on!" but it wouldn't budge and then she tries to get anyone attention


but no one heard her cries everyone is still in a panic she then tries to open the door with all her might but nothing happen it only made the car moved even faster to falling off the bridges that when she realized she is gonna die but before that she decided to pull herself together and start searching for a phone if she is gonna die, she is gonna die saying her last goodbye to her loved ones so that they have reassurance and peace in mind for what will happen tonight it's also a reassurance for herself as well she knows that she won't be able to be at peace until her task is done. She couldn't find her phone but she found Don phone so she grab his phone and start dialing her husband number it just ring and ring while slowly the car is falling down even more until finally the called is pick up...

"Hello?! Don what taking you guys so long?!" Elena smile a little and then tears started to fall again

"Honey it's me...I am running out of time...we just had a car accident here at the bridge...and Don is dead"

Her husband gasp "Oh my god! Are you okay! I'll be there in a minute amor(Love) just give me a minute I'll come and get you!"

Elena tears started to fall even harder now and started to cry a bit "There is no time mi amor(my love) I am stuck in the car and I can't get out I am falling off the bridge as we speak...I have little time left...so before I die I have something important to tell you...will you hear me out amor(love)"

she could hear her husband started to cry now after hearing that "ok..ay...mi...cielo(my heaven)"

Elena clear her throat so that she can speak loud and clear with all the remaining strength she has left "I love you mi amor(my love) and I am so sorry I am about to leave you with our kids but promised me you will look out for them and tell them how much I'll miss them and how much I love them and I want you to find your happiness again one day and look out for Cecelia and her kids as well tell her that Don said he is sorry and that he loves them all so very much! Okay"

her husband cried even harder now then she has ever heard him before "*sob*...okay...te amo (I love you) *sob*...mi cielo (my heaven) we will be...fine...so you...*sob*…can…rest in peace...with...reassurance...*sob*...tell Don...he has...my word...his family...will be...look out for...k"

Elena couldn't stop her tears of pain from falling this will probably be her last time she will ever shed her tears so cried with all her might "Alright love thank you...for everything...I love you now and forever"

the car is almost off the bridge "It's time for me to go...I love you all so very much goodbye mi amor"(my love)

her husband cried the same word over and over again "I love you! I love you! I love you!"

Elena then hang up the phone and look at her right side we're Don body is at "Looks like my time is up too Don...pft we truly are like twins...we do everything together after all...even death"

the car finally fell she then close her eyes and waited for the impact...

"see ya soon Don" then finally the car hit the ocean and everything is cold and dark she can feel the water is going into her lungs but she doesn't care she feel like her skin is being cut constantly and then being rub by alcohol all over it, it feels like a burning sensation which is strange considering she is being frozen to death for a minute or two the pain finally stop and all she can feels now is numbness and coldness into nothingness

(goodbye everyone please don't forget about us) then everything turn dark and she finally die becoming one with the sea.

I hoped you enjoy this story please let me know what's you guys think k