Chapter 1: Equestrian Canterlot Visit

In Canterlot City, it's a very hot, hot day. Many people are trying their best to keep cool. Ice, water, and other kinds of way to keep cool. At a house with light peach walls, and a red roof. Sun, Falling Star, and Twilight are visiting the Dazzlings at their house. The others are very busy so they can't be with the others for a while, more like a week.

Mayor Mare checks in the backyard to see how the girls are doing, "So what are you girls doing?"

The six friends are sitting under the tree and look very hot and tired.

Aria groans, and says, "We don't know, it's too hot to think of anything."

"Now I know how melted ice cream feels," Sonata adds, then groan as she slides her body from the tree.

"Even Spike and Nina don't want to do anything in this heat," Twilight adds.

"You said it," Spike replies.

"Even I'm not used to this kind of heat," Nina adds.

"Well, I can see that you girls don't have too much energy to have one of your adventures. What are the others doing today?" Mayor Mare replies.

"Well, Rarity is working on a dress line for a fashion contest in a few days," Sun answers.

"Pinkie is hosting a week of parties," Aria adds.

"Fluttershy is busy working at the shelter and her mom at vet," Adagio adds.

Then Sonata says, "Rainbow is out of town with her parents to go on a trip to a snowy mountain or something."

"And Applejack is helping her family at the orchard," Twilight says.

"In other words, the rest of us have nothing to do today," Falling Star concludes.

"I'm sure you girls can come up with something. My mother used to say that fun adventures are usually around the corner," Mayor Mare says.

Then she says, "I need to get going to the office so I need to head off. If you're planning on staying away from home let me know. Bye girls."

"Bye," The girls reply.

Sonata sighs, and says, "It's too hot to have any fun."

"I know. I feel like I'm going to melt. And this heat is not doing good for my hair," Adagio says, bring her hair at front.

"Wouldn't give to be my merpony self we can swim in the water all day long," Aria complains.

Just then an idea hits Sun, "That's it!"

"What's it?" Twilight asks.

"Maybe we can go to Equestria to visit Princess Twilight and the others. Plus, I've been meaning to ask her something," Sun explains.

"What's that?" Twilight asks.

"Well the gem on the choker she gave me have been glowing recently. I think it has Equestrian magic on it, and I want to make sure it isn't dangerous," sun explains, showing the chocker to Twilight.

"Well, I'm not magic expert, but it couldn't hurt to check it out,"

"Still going to visit Princess Twilight is actually not a bad idea," Falling Star says, liking the idea.

"It's been a while since we saw them," Twilight replies.

"Yeah. I think we're due for a visit," Adagio adds.

"Maybe Princess Twilight has a pool where we can cool off!" Sonata cheers.

Aria questions, "Would Princess Twilight even have a pool? Either way, if we want to go, then we need to let our families know about it."

"Right. So we all will meet at the Wondercolt statue at the school," Sun replies.

Then Sonata cheers, "Then let's pack up our stuff ready and go have some fun! Yay!"

Sometime later, Sun and Nina are at the portal waiting for the others to show up. She has a backpack full of stuff she is going to need for the trip. In no time at all, Twilight, Spike, Falling Star, and the Dazzlings show up with their stuff as well.

Sun asks, "So are we all ready to go?"

"I am," Twilight says.

"Yep. Twilight even brought a bag for me," Spike replies.

"Yep. Nina and I have our things together," Sun replies.

"I'm ready," Aria says.

"So are we," Sonata and Falling Star adds.

Sonata looks at Adagio, and says, "Adagio is ready too. She practically brought her whole room with her."

"Very funny," Adagio says, glaring at Sonata.

"Excuse us Adagio, but we're not the one who decided to bring a suitcase full of your essentials," Aria remarks.

"What you have in there?" Twilight asks.

"That's simple. I brought some spare clothes, my makeup, hair brush, water bottles, snacks, and anything I need to look beautiful enough to be adored," Adagio answers.

"You two say I hang out with Pinkie too much, but it seems you hang out with Rarity too much," Sonata mocks.

"Oh zip it Sonata," Adagio sternly replies.

"Alright girls, enough arguing already. If we're ready to go, then let's go," Sun says.

"Sounds good to me," Aria says.

With that, each girls and pet go through the portal with their things. As each of them go through the portal, they go through a long vortex of colors.

At the other side of the portal in Princess Twilight's castle, begins to activate. The magic travels through the wires, tubes and other machineries until the portal open. Sadly, each of the girls around with their stuff are being thrown out of the portal. Each screams as they fly out, and lands on piles of books. Once they're all out, they all groan in pain.

"That hurts," Falling Star says, who is a pony.

"Did anyone catch the number of that bus?" Sonata replies, who is now a merpony.

"That was a rough landing," Sun replies, now an alicorn.

The girls begin to get up on their hooves to say. Sun, Twilight, and Falling Star get up, and see each other's pony form. Sun and Twilight are alicorns while Falling Star is a unicorn. They look to see the Dazzlings are merponies, but can only get up on their front legs.

"Yeah. We can't walk like this," Aria says.

"Wish we can walk in our human bodies. At least they're easier," Sonata whines.

"Don't worry, Princess Twilight taught me a spill to help us," Sun reassures.

Sun lights up her horn and sues it to hit herself and her friends. Soon, the girls are transformed into their human form with their outfits on.

Adagio calmly sighs, and says, "That's much better."

"Now that we're in our human forms, let's go find Twilight," Sun says.

But soon enough, are are disappointed to find that Princess Twilight and her friends are not in the library. In fact, they're not even at the castle.

"Well, that was disappointing," Aria says, looking annoyed.

"Yeah. Princess Twilight doesn't have a pool either," Sonata complains.

"Maybe she left to go important princess business?" Twilight suggests.

"Could be?" Sun replies.

Falling Star asks, "So what should we do now?"

"Well, I did wanted to see my parents and my brothers in sisters. It's been a long time since I saw them," Sun answers.

"Sounds good to me," Falling Star agrees.

"How exactly are we going to get there?" Aria asks.

Don't worry Aria, I think our geodes will help us with that. Seeing how most of us can fly when we transform," Adagio says, holding her geode with confidence.

Using the power of their geodes, the girls transform to their pony forms. Since five out of six have wings, they are able to fly there. Falling Star ends up riding on Sun's back, since she doesn't have wings.

Soon enough, they arrive at the house of Sun's Equestrian family. However, their appearance catch the attention of the ponies in the city, especially since Sun is a princess in this world. Ponies are either talking about her presence or the fact her friends are here too.

Sun has transform into her pony form so it will be appropriate to talk to her family. Sun knocks on the door of the house, and the door opens. The pony opens it is Sun's pony mother, Sun Stone.

Seeing her daughter at her doorstep, she smiles and says as she gives her a hug, "Sun, welcome back sweetie."

"Hi mom, how is everypony?" Sun asks.

"We're doing fine, but your father and the others are out right now. I'm glad to see you after a while, and I see you brought some of your friends with you. But you have no excuse, you and your friends are staying for lunch," Sun Stone says, putting her hoof on Sun's muzzle.

Sun giggles, and says, "Sure mom."

Sun and the girls go into the house to have some lunch. They have peanut butter and zap apple jam sandwiches, salad, without any hay or flowers, pizza, and some milk. As they have lunch, Sun and the girls explain about the crazy adventure they had and how the magic of friendship save the day again. Of course, her mother is shocked to hear her daughter being abducted. Either way, she is glad that her daughter have great friends.

"Well Sun, you and your friends sure do get yourselves in all kinds of trouble," Sun Stone say.

"That's true," Sun says.

"Yeah. We don't look for magic. Magic and troubles seem to find us," Sonata replies.

"And I think we like to get a break from it," Aria says.

Then Twilight says, "What's amazing to hear that Sun looks exactly like Somnambula's daughter, Sun Goddess. In fact, some of the people believed that Sun is either a reincarnation or a descendent of her."

"Really now?" Sun Stone questions, looking rather surprised.

Just then the door opens and a familiar voice says, "Honey, we're home."

"Okay dear. Our daughter and some of her friends are visiting today," Sun Stone says.

Suddenly, Sunshine comes running in the room cheering, "Yay! Sis is here!"

"Hey Sunny, how are you doing?" Sun asks, giving her little sister a hug.

"I'm doing great. I was able to teleport to short distances," Sunshine happily says.

"That's good," Sun says.

Just then, Phoenix, Rocky, Scarlet, and Rosemary come walking into the living room.

"Hi Sunny, didn't expect you here today," Phoenix says with glee.

"My friends and I are here to visit today," Sun says.

Sun Stone comes up to Phoenix, and asks, "Honey, do you think you can bring 'it' down stairs? I think it's about time to give it to her."

Sun, her friends, and her brothers and sisters look at their parents with confused looks. Phoenix simply nod his head in reply.

Minutes later, Rosemary fix up some tea, and have some blueberry scones out for them. They are waiting for the two parents to come back down.

"I wonder what mom and dad are getting?" Rocky asks.

"I'm not sure, but I think they're planning on giving me something," Sun answers.

"I wonder what they planning on giving you," Scarlet questions.

"Well, we'll know noon because they're coming back now," Sonata replies.

Phoenix and Sun Stone come back down stairs to the living room, and Sun's mother is holding a brown box. She then levitates the box to Sun.

Sun uses her magic to take it, and asks, "What is it?"

"Open it, and see," Sun Stone calmly says.

Confused and curious, Sun decides to open the box. When she opens it, sun gasps and uses her magic to lift the item out of the box. The something is a glowpaz necklace, same as the necklace Sonnambula wear centuries ago.

"This, necklace, looks like Somnambula's necklace," Sun says, looking surprised.

"Yes. Remember I told you when you were little about many of our ancestors lived in the city before they start spreading across Equestria?" Sun Stone explains.

"I think so," Sun says, looking unsure.

"Well, to be honest, this necklace was given to our ancestor centuries ago. It all began with Sonnambula," Phoenix explains.

Everyone in the room gasp in shock.

"Somnambula?!" Sun exclaims in shock.

The two adults nod their heads.

"We always wanted to tell you all when you got older, but things end up turning out to be the wrong time. But now, I think it's about time you know about your family's history.

Then Phoenix explains, "Over a thousand years ago, Prince Hasin gave Somnambula's the necklace, and was able to help protect her home from many dangers. As time go on, Hisan and Somnambula's love blossomed, and soon married and rule the city. Of course, they also had their only child, Sun Goddess. Sun Goddess was very intelligent, very kind, and like her mother full of hope. Before Sonnambula left the city, she gave Sun Goddess her glowpaz necklace, and when she grew up, she ruled the kingdom like how her father and mother done before her. As the centuries go by, each chosen female generations of their family have been passed down generation to generation once they are, and soon been passed down to my mother, Glow Heart."

"And since your father has no sisters, your grandmother passed down the necklace to me," Sun Stone explains.

Everyone in the rook are speechless to hear this.

Then Sun Stone says, "Now it is your turn to possess the necklace of our family. We wanted to give it to you when you mature, but you disappeared at that time."

"So… I'm related to a legendary heroine," Sun says, looking surprised.

Phoenix and Sun Stone nod their heads in reply.

"This… this is a lot to take in," Sun says, looking at the necklace.

"I know, but I hope you will take care of it, and to remember to never give up hope," Sun Stone says.

Sun gives her parents a hug, "Thanks mom. Thanks dad."

Scarlet, Rosemary, Rocky, and Sunshine pull into a hug as well. Twilight and the girls smile to see the family together. Of course, Sun looks at the necklace thinking on how important it is. Now she will do as much as she can to protect it, carry on her ancestor's beliefs.