Chapter 4: Pillars and Tension Stirs

Still at the Temple of Ponhendge, Princess Twilight and her friends, Starswirl and the pillars, along with Sun and the others who are hiding are shocked to see an ancient villain has appeared. The Pony of Shadows. He maniacally laughs in a sinister way.

Still hiding, Sun and the others are too stunned to move.

"That's the Pony of Shadows!" Twilight exclaims.

The look to see a giant pony that is like a giant sized shadow.

"But how?!" Falling Star exclaim in shock.

Sun realizes that she has to do something. She then is able to use her magic to chance back to her alicorn form.

Meanwhile, the Pony of Shadows evilly laughs like his in the verge of succeeding.

"Your pitiful attempt to imprison me has failed, Star Swirl!" the Pony of Shadow remarks.

Starswirl tries to use his magic to cast the spell, but being trap in limbo for so long has him weaken.

Starswirl turns to Twilight, and says, "You must return us to limbo. It's the only way to stop him.

"I only figured out how to bring you back," Twilight confesses.

"Working on it! No table of contents!" Sunburst panics while trying to search through Starswirl's journal.

"Allow me to assist," The Pony of Shadow says with an evil grin.

The shadow uses his magic to create sharp spears and aim at the rock formations. One is about to hit Sunburst and the book, but somepony pushes him out of the way, and loud ripping sounds has been made. One by one, the pony's shadow spears pearce right through the pillars.

Sunburst looks up to see the pony has pushed him.

He shockley exclaims, "Sun!"

Yes, Sun is the one who has push Sunburst out of the way. And Starswirl's book is sitting next to him.

Just then, The pony of Shadows let out powerful ords of magic that run through the spears and destroy the rock formations. The ponies are able to take cover and are safe.

After destroying the temple, the Pony of Shadows says, "There! Without the power of Ponhenge, your banishing spell is useless!"

Sun and Sunburst gets up and look to see the place is destroyed. Sun holds the book with her hooves, and look to see that some of the pages is missing. She gets her answer to seethe scared ripped papers fall to the ground.

Starswirl turns to Princess Twilight, "You have studied my writings. Surely you have some other plan."

"No. I just wanted to save you. I didn't think…" Princess says in a panic.

But the Pony of Shadows interrupts, "Don't fret. When I extinguish the light and hope of this miserable world, you won't remember any of this."

The Pony of Shadows then uses his magic to launch a magic spell at Starswirl. But Twilight intervenes by using her magic which stop him from hurting the powerful wizard.

The shadow grunts, and says, "This one is almost as... strong as you, Star Swirl."

"But even in my weakened state, she cannot stop the might of shadows!" The pony angrily says, and launches a magic beam at Twilight.

But Twilight uses her magic to count the attacks. However, the Pony of Shadow is growing to be strong. Just then, Three beams of light; light blue, red, and yellow is fried at the Pony of Shadows magic.

"Lucky for her, she's not alone!" Starlight declares.

"That's right!" Sun says.

"We got your back!" Falling Star says running towards the others.

The others look to see The human Twilight, Falling Star, and the Dazzlings running towards the scene. Starswirl and the other pillars are shocked to see another alicorn and five unidentified creatures. However, Somnambula is too distracted to see the four ponies fighting off the shadow, especially Sun.

"Sun Goddess!" Somnambula shockley says in her thoughts.

Princess Twilight, Sun, Falling Star, and Starlight use their magic together that ends up countering the Pony of Shadow's magic, and hit him in the horn.

Just then, silver star chain grabs on to the shadow's neck. Then grabbing him on all four legs. Then water surrounds the bottom of the legs that turn into ice. Then musical notes appear around the shadow and cause it to become paralyzed.

Princess Twilight look to see that Adagio, Aria and Sonata are the ones who use the attack on him. Probably the powers of the geodes they have.

"Nice job girls," Sun says.

"Yeah. But this shadow is not giving up so easily," Aria says.

"Wow. Those strange creatures have unknown magic," Meadowbrook says.

"But who are they?" Flash asks.

"That's easy. They're the Dazzlings. They used to be merponies before they were cursed by an evil sorceress to be sirens for a thousand years. But not to worry, they're free from their curse andusetheir magic for good now," Pinkie happily explains.

"The sirens!" Starswirl exclaims in shock.

Before Princess Twilight and sun can say anything. The Pony of Shadow screams in rage, and cause the Dazzling's mgic to break, so now he is free. Causing everyone to be knock off their feet. Then the Pony of Shadows is going to use his magic on the Dazzlings, but Human Twilight uses her magic to protect them. Then Sun uses her magic to hit it on the face and distracts him.

Sun gets in front of her friends, and says, "Hey! If you want to get my friends, you will have to go through me!"

The Pony of Shadow is now very angry to see Sun is preventing him from attacking. Just then, he notices the choker on Sun's neck. The teal gem with a silver petal base and it's on a black ribbon.

"Tha-that choker!" The Shadow shockley replies.

He then demands to Sun, "Where did you get that?"

"What?" Sun quietly replies.

Before Sun can answer. Starlight, Princess Twilight, Pony Falling Star, and Starswirl come to her defence.

"Know this, fiend! We will not rest until we find a way to return you to limbo!" Starswirl sternly announces.

"Never! Your days of glory are through, Star Swirl. Now my dark power will reign, and you six will bow to me!" The Pony of Shadow announces in anger.

He then says, "Remember this young alicorn, I want that choker back!"

The Pony of Shadows turn into some kind if shadow and launch into the sky disappearing in second. Soon the sky is cleared up. Rainbow and Flash fly in the air to see the shadow is gone.

"Um, where he go?" Rainbow asks.

"That is a riddle we must unravel, and quickly," Somnambula says walking towards Sun.

Sun starts to feel a little nervous about being this close to Somnambula, especially since she's her ancestor.

"Who cares as long as he's gone," Aria says, looking annoyed.

"Aria," Adagio sternly replies.

Aria crosses her arms with frustration, "Fine."

"How long have we been gone?" Meadow Brook asks.

"Over a thousand years," Fluttershy answers.

"Then my spell worked…" Starswirl says, happy that his spell has world

But firmly stares at Princess Twilight, "Before it was meddled with… and the realm has been at peace for a millennia!"

Pinkie comes up to Starswirl says, says holding the journal, "Weeeeell... we did have to save everypony from Nightmare Moon and Discord and Chrysalis and King Sombra and Lord Tirek… "

"... And there was that one time when Starlight traveled through time and almost destroyed life as we know it!" Pinkie adds pulling Starlight to her.

Starlight shows a sheepish smile. Then Pinkie pushes Starlight out of the way.

"And let's not forget. By buddy Twilight traveled to a different world, and save that world sform Falling Star who stole her crown, The Dazzlings who were cursed, with Sun. Of course, Sun and her friends along with the Dazzlings have saved the world too. They fought Midnight Sparkle, Mistress Star, Gaea Everfree, Juniper Montage, and a giant snake creature. But that's all in the past," Pinkie adds with a smile.

Starswirl looks at Pinkie with a stern look. Then again, he is wondering about her methods of explaining.

Aria groans and says to herself, "Every time Pinkie talks in both worlds, my brain feels like hurting."

Flash turns to Rainbow, and says, "If you are truly this accomplished, we will stop the Pony of Shadows twice as fast together."

"We shall see. It is an easy thing to say you have saved the world. It is quite another to do it," Starswirl firmly says.

"Oh, we've saved the world, Beardo. And we can do it again," Rainbow states, as she flips Starswirl's beard.

Starswirl calmly pushes Rainbow down, as he says, "Be that as it may, the problem of locating the Pony of Shadows remains, and this land is vast."

"It sounds like you need a map. Luckily, we have just the thing," Rarity says.

"But there is something that I'm wondering about," Princess Twilight says.

"What's that?" Starswirl asks.

Princess Twilight turns to Sun, and asks, "How were you and the others were able to find us?"

"Yeah. Y'all were back in Canterlot City in the human world. How you were able to find us all the way out here?" Applejack asks.

"Well, we were able to look through Princess Twilight's notes, and Sun's visions. Plus we were talking to Princess Celestia, and she told us what you guys were doing," Sun explains.

"We were hoping to visit you guys today. But instead, we end up getting involved with another magical creature and need to save the day," Human Twilight adds.

"But there is one thing we like to know… what in Equestria happen?!" Falling Star asks.

Princess Twilight nervously giggles, and says ,"I guess the others and I have a lot of explaining to do."

"That will be nice," Adagio says.

"And you three have a lot of explaining yourself. Hearing that you 'were' the sirens," Starswirl firmly says to Adagio.

Adagio and her sisters look at each other with concern. Sun starts to grow concern to see the tension is starting up between them, and this problem is already over. She then looks at the pendent on the choker and remembers what the Pony of Shadows is saying. Sun is starting to wonder if the pendent belong to him.

On the Friendship Express, Princess Twilight and the others explain about their discovery and how the spell works. Sun and her friends, explain about the dream she has, and on how she is able to see the pillars banish the Pony of Shadows before her eyes. Starswirl and the other pillars become interested in Sun's special magic.

Starswirl says, "Princess Sun, it's possible that your geode and the pendent are using your dreams to show you those memories."

"That's what I'm starting to believe, but the question is… who memories was it," sun says.

Sonata asks, "Are you sure that choker didn't belong to either of you guys or have any idea who it belongs to?"

"Not a clue," Flash answers.

"None of us have any idea," Rockhoof replies.

"Indeed," Starswirl says giving Sonata a firm stare.

Seeing the expression, Sonata huffs, and turns away, "I was just asking."

"Starswirl, I appreciate if you don't give The Dazzlings the third degree. After all, they my friends, and no longer sirens. They're also Princess Twilight friends too," Sun calmly says.

"If you say so. And are you sure the girls' siren powers are gone for good." Starswirl calmly replies, but still wants to keep an eye on them.

Sun firmly says in a calm tone, "Yes. They are merponies now, not sirens. I would like it if you could accept them."

Starswirl decides not to say anything else, but doesn't look like he's willing to listen to her. Sitting next to Sun, Somnambula is feeling a bit sad to see her face. And the way she is talking, and protecting her friends, show that Sun reminds her of somepony very special toher.

"She reminds me so much of my daughter," Sonnambula says to herself in thought.

"Um Somnambula…" Princess Twilight's voice comes up.

Sonnambula exists from her daze, and turns to see Princess Twilight.

The young pony princess asks, "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, there's not much you need to worry about. I was just deep in thought," Somnambula answers.

"Okay. but if you need anything or want to talk about it, you just let me and the girls know," Princess Twilight says.

"Thank you," Somnambula replies.

Sun eyes are turn to Somnambula, and is still worried about telling this pillar about who she really is. Problem is, will she be able to handle the truth. Besides, Sun's mind is also on something else. She looks down at the choker again, and wonder what the Pony of Shadow's connection to this choker is.