Hey guys new story inspired by a prompt on tumblr by the lovely cobrakaiseriesfan! It doesn't follow the original prompt exactly but I hope you still enjoy. Also be forewarned that this will contain LAWRUSSO and I will definitely need help because I don't really write romantic relationships. Also with the eighties stuff... it's a decade before my time here so I'm grasping at straws. Don't be afraid to PM me and happy reading guys!

As Johnny's grip on the Coors bottle in his hand tightened his mind was spiraling trying to come up with some feasible solution to how he was going to stop his life from being an utter train wreck. The tournament was supposed to have fixed everything-and the days leading up to it had been more than great- but as always his life was a constant double standard.

He winced as he finished the fifth beer and lightly set it at the edge of the desk to join its brethren. He could barely make out the time on the clock on the wall but judging by the light, or lack of, from the office window there was no real reason for him to bother with driving back to the apartment now- plus, with Kreese hanging around the Valley again… well keeping the dojo under near constant surveillance couldn't hurt more than anything else right now.

He got up from the cramped office desk and walked into the studio pausing only to grab the final Coors soldier and his Walkman ( just because it was water damaged didn't mean that it wouldn't play and in some ways the little shakes that it gave off while struggling to play were relaxing and strangely therapeutic.). He tossed the Coors box in the corner where 3 or 4 others like it were carelessly left from previous nights like tonight. He really should stop drinking again and promised himself that he would after this final bender; purposely ignoring the fact that it's been three weeks of basically living in the dojo.

Just like every other night, he ends up sprawled out in the middle of the red and black mat sans-gi top, beer and cassette player in hand; staring at the ceiling deliberately trying to block out everything that the past month and a half has bubbled to the surface. When he laid out on the floor like this he didn't have to worry about appearances… no one could see in this far from the sidewalk. Everything in his life had always been about appearance his mom liked to say Stay sweet dear… talk is cheap.

Sure, Cobra Kai had won the tournament but like how that viral video of Miguel fighting at the school had helped them gain students the way that his Cobras' had reacted during the heat of the tournament created a lot of angry parents… apparently that Facebook thing that Daniel showed him was stupidly popular. Cobra Kai was most recently christened the "most ruthless" dojo in the valley; which was ridiculous Johnny's Cobra Kai wasn't ruthless, just real. Something that these kids desperately needed when the world around them was so fake. It wasn't his fault that these kids had to have everything spelled out to them… Honor was a part of everything that you did. Johnny had assumed that they knew that; he had assumed a lot about these kids when he probably shouldn't have.

He chugged the last beer while starring around the dojo and all that he and Miguel had created so far this year… it was so late in the night now that there was no real point in savoring it any longer. Crawling his hand back to the mirror wall he traded the empty for last nights water bottle- wincing at how the lukewarm plastic clung to his hand in stark contrast to the smooth cool glass.

Johnny was all for voluntarily getting drunk but he hated being dehydrated. He tipped his head back and chugged slower this time enjoying the feeling of water gliding down his throat. Remembering how much the old Cobra Kai had meant to him well, Johnny hoped that his new Cobra Kai to Miguel and these new kids then there would still be time to fix everything. Especially for Bert's sake the small eleven years old make Johnny want to show the world just how positive Cobra Kai could be… like what Johnny had needed all those years ago.

In some ways, Johnny felt more like a kid now than he ever had in 1984 when he was a punk, not unlike the way that Robby was acting now. At least, back then he had had an understanding of how the world worked. Mow though, half of the time he couldn't even understand what people were talking about… these kids made Valspeak seem normal. Johnny laughed at the mental image of Ali walking to West Valley High with him freshman year; the Valspeak rolling off of her tongue like French. They hadn't truly become friends yet (against their mothers' constant pushing) she had only been walking with him to not look like a loser freshman all alone.

By Junior year eve thing was finally perfect and Johnny was able to be real with Ali just like she was with him, and then LaRusso entered the picture. Daniel walked around with nothing to lose and in return made Johnny question everything that he had ever known.

Johnny closed his eyes and relaxed his hold on the Walkman; trying not to react to how slick his hands were with sweat. Instead of doing the adult thing and getting up to deal with everything he focused back on the beginning of that summer back in '84 before everything had fallen to shit. With the opening of Boston's Party playing in his ears, he finally allowed himself to fall into a drunken slumber. Johnny barely felt the shock in his hand from the malfunctioning tape-deck.