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Trust the Magic- Prologue

Week 1

Draco Malfoy paced back and forth in his private study that adjoined his suite at Malfoy Manor. He would be married in forty-nine minutes time. At three pm, his marriage ceremony would begin, and exactly thirty minutes later, he would be married. He was surrounded by his two friends that were to be his groomsmen; Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. As they toasted Draco's happiness for what felt like a dozen times, Draco couldn't hide the fact that something felt... wrong. Well maybe not wrong, but just... not right?

"What's going on with you?" Theo questioned as he came over to stand next to his friend.

Draco shook his head. "Nerves I guess." That had to be it.

"It'll all be over soon, Mate." Blaise said with a smirk. "Then you'll be in some fancy french villa, shagging all day and night for the next three weeks."

"Really, Blaise. I hardly think that's even possible." Theo countered.

"No? Ask Pansy." He said with a wicked grin.

Draco felt himself relax. This was normal. Blaise saying ridiculous things, Theo scolding him for it, and Draco laughing about it.

"What's got you nervous? It's just a day, remember that. You and Stori practically live together now as it is, not much is going to change." Theo said, trying to comfort him.

"Don't tell her mother that. She thinks both of her girls walked down the aisle virgins." Draco said with a smile. "And we all know that Daphne was far from it when you married her."

"She did look stunning in that white dress though, didn't she?" Theo said fondly.

A knock on the door silenced their banter as they looked up to see their wedding coordinator walk in. A short woman with honey blonde hair that was piled on top of her head in wavy curls. Her beige dress was simple and would no doubt allow her to blend in and observe the entire wedding without disruption. The four inch heels the woman had worn every single day brought her height to a mere five foot six, making Draco's six foot frame tower over her, but the woman had confidence like he couldn't believe, and he admired her for it.

"Mr. Malfoy, it's time, Sir." Her bubbly voice showing her excitement.

"Let's go then!" Theo said as he slapped Draco on the back.

The three men followed her down to the ballroom where the ceremony would take place. After the ceremony the guests would be moved outside where a cocktail hour had been arranged in order for the staff to set up the reception in the ballroom. Draco stood outside the doors like he was told to, and waited for his mother so he could escort her to her seat.

Their relationship could best be described as strained more often than not. The war took it's toll on everyone, but where the Malfoy's were once proud, they had become broken. She would never say, but Draco knew that she blamed him for Lucius getting sent to prison. Draco gave several testimonies on other Death Eaters, including his father. He let his thoughts wander to Lucius Malfoy, who would no doubt approve of the match Draco had made for himself. Astoria Greengrass was a sacred twenty-eight, and the next Malfoy Heir, should there ever be one, would have the purest of pure blood. Draco thought it was all complete nonsense, blood purity meant nothing to him anymore, his parents however, that was a different story. They were still under the idea that they were superior to all others, muggle and magical. Draco wondered if Lucius's blood status was earning him any favors as he sat in his cold cell in Azkaban.

With his mother coming into view in her lovely gold dress, Draco offered her his arm and gave a fake smile, as he was so accustomed to doing these days.



With a nod she let him lead her into the ballroom as the music began. He guided her to her seat, gave her the mandatory kiss on her cheek, then took his place at the alter to wait for his bride.

Draco and Astoria had wanted the smallest wedding possible, neither one wanting it to be a spectacle, this was a ceremony for them, the rest of the world be damned. It was one of the reasons why he loved her. His mother had different plans, unfortunately. This was to be the wedding of the season, and she forced her opinion in wherever she could. Draco admired Astoria's strength in dealing with his mother, and more often than not had gotten her way in the end. That thought alone made Draco smile.

The music changed and Draco was once again pulled from his thoughts. He watched as his bride made his way down the aisle, a radiant smile on her face. She was beautiful. Her creamy white dress looked even brighter with her jet black hair that was flowing over one shoulder. Her neck, ears, and wrists adorned with several strands of diamonds, all gifts from Draco over the last few months. She came to stand beside him after kissing her father, and Draco immediately shook the man's hand. He'd never had a problem with Edmund Greengrass. True, the man supported the Death Eater ways in the first wizarding war, but he kept out of sight for the second whenever possible, and never involved his children. It made Draco respect him all the more.

"Ready for this?" Astoria whispered.

"You're stuck with me now." He said with a wink and he clasped her hand.

Draco listened as the ceremony official went on about love and happiness and forever, while he and Astoria stared at each other, both just waiting for this whole thing to be over. He could tell by the laughter in her eyes she wasn't paying attention either. Somehow they had made it through their vows and once the goblet they had chosen to hold their marriage bond was placed in front of them, he knew it was almost over.

"Do you, Astoria, vow to love, honor and cherish Draco Malfoy as your husband? To hold his heart close to yours, to honor his name and bear his children, and to cherish the bond that you have entered into?"

"I do." She said clearly as she pulled out her wand and touched the goblet, making it glow a bright white.

The man turned to Draco and spoke a similar declaration. "Do you, Draco, vow to love, honor and cherish Astoria as your wife? To hold her heart close to yours, to honor her with purpose, and to cherish the bond that you have entered into?"

Draco held back his grimace at the bonding testimony. Really it was the one thing that his mother would not compromise on, so they both gave in and uttered these degrading words. "I do." He pulled out his wand and touched the goblet, expecting that same bright white light. Instead, a harsh red glow encompassed the goblet and stayed that way for several seconds before it returned to normal.

He looked up at the official then over at Astoria, who was just as shocked as he was. "What happened? What does that mean?"

The ceremony official, really, Draco should've learned the man's name, looked at the couple in awe. "It means that the bond didn't take."

"What?" Draco heard himself say. "How is that even possible?"

The man looked past them at the guests that were waiting for the ceremony to continue. Thankfully, the goblet itself was concealed by the bride and groom, and no one other than themselves, Blaise, Theo, Daphne and Pansy could see it.

He looked at Draco with an odd mix of awe and pity. "It means that you will not be able to marry Miss Greengrass in a bonding ceremony. Your magic will not allow you to continue on because you, Mr. Malfoy, have already met your soulmate, and it is not Miss Greengrass."

Draco sat with his head in his hands, a half empty bottle of firewhiskey on the table next to him. The guests had all been cleared out, hopefully as quietly as possible. Draco didn't bother to stick around to see what the wedding coordinator had told everyone. The entire wedding party, plus both of their parents were taken to what Draco would say was still Lucius's study. Although it belonged to the Malfoy Head of House, Draco never used it. Ever. He dispised this room, particularly because it was his father's. This was where he was told he was to become a Death Eater. This was where he was punished for not getting the top grades in every class. This was where he had learned the word mudblood. This was where bad things happened.

After everything was explained, and his mother had a right fit about it, Astoria left the room and was followed by her sister and her mother. Pansy looked between Draco and the door, and with a sad smile ran after Astoria. Edmund Greengrass left with the ceremony official, while Draco headed to his own rooms. He couldn't give a damn about everyone else at this point, he needed to think about what he'd just been told. After running to his suite and locking himself inside he poured a drink from the bottle that was left from before the wedding, downed it in one gulp then quickly poured another.

Blaise, ever the best friend, pounded on the door for a solid fifteen minutes until he finally gave up. Draco heard him slump against the door, shocked that Blaise Zabini would ever willingly sit on the floor. He must be shock, too. He had no idea how long he sat there for when he heard another knock at the door, a much softer one. Knowing exactly who it was, he reached for his wand and lowered the locking charms, allowing Astoria to walk inside.

She had changed her clothes he noticed. She now wore a simple peach colored dress, no doubt something she had packed for their honeymoon. He still wore his dress pants and unbuttoned dress shirt, his tie hanging around his shoulders, and his robes discarded on the bed. She walked over to sit beside him slowly, taking the chair that was next to his.

"Looks like I'm not stuck with you after all." She tried to joke.

"Stori, I- I don't know to say." Draco choked out. His voice sounding hoarse after not using it for who knows how long. "I will still marry you. I still want to marry you. We don't have to be bonded." He rushed out. "We can have the small private ceremony we wanted to begin with."

"Draco, don't do this." She said as she sighed. "Didn't you hear what Mr. Fernsby said?"

Ah, so that was the man's name.

"You have already found your soulmate... and it isn't me."

"I don't care." Draco said with a violent shake of his head. "I don't. I want you."

"You won't once you find your other half."

Her words weren't harsh, or sorrowful. She wanted him to find this person, this mystery soulmate. She didn't want him to want her anymore, and nothing was going to change her mind.

"Stori." He moved to kneel in front of her, taking both of her hands in his. "I love you. I will always love you, you're the kindest person I have ever met. You made me human again."

"I would only hold you back." Her eyes getting glossy with his declaration.

"No, no you wouldn't. Stori, I don't even know who this woman is! If I have already met her then I obviously didn't want her, it's you I want."

"You don't know what you're saying."

She was openly crying now, and it really tore at Draco's heart.

"You have to find her. She was made for you, she is the only one that will ever make you completely, truly happy."

He thought back to just before he went down to the ballroom, when he was still in his suite, pacing back and forth. A nagging feeling that something just wasn't right... and he knew then, that Astoria wasn't the one. He wanted her to be, but even a part of him that he wasn't even aware existed knew it wasn't right.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered as he kissed her hands. "So sorry."

"Don't be. You'll look back later and be glad it happened."

"No." He said immediately. "No, not like this."

"Trust the magic, Draco." Her words almost a plea.

They held each other for a while, not even speaking. Just enjoying the comfort that the other was offering. Both of their lives had just fallen apart, and neither one knew what to do about it.

Draco had gotten thoroughly drunk that night. After Astoria had left to stay with her sister, his mother tried to come in and demand answers she knew he didn't have. More than aggravated with this entire day, he left with Blaise to stay with him for the night, wondering what in the bloody hell he was going to do now.