The year is 20-68. World war three finally seems to be coming to a close, but it hasn't been what you'd think. There were no tanks, solders, or bombs to be seen; this was a war between god and goddess. People from around the world stay clung to their screens, anxiously awaiting the outcome. No countries dare send their arms, for they would be severely outmatched.

They've exchanged blow after blow for years, often leaving destruction in their wake. Now, they both looked like they're hurting pretty badly. In a last-ditch attempt, they both launched as high as they could go before plummeting with such speed and force that the resulting explosion was sure to at least wipe out an entire continent along with them.

Waiting for my impending doom, I hang my head in shame. This war happened because of me, after all. I see the light engulf my body and it is torn to shreds. I am gone.

My name is Chris Light. The year is unknown, since I cannot tell for how long I have been here. I find myself alone, surrounded by darkness, floating in an empty world. It almost reminds me of the things Monika used to tell me about where she used to be...

Anyway, I hope with all my heart someone can hear me, even though I cannot speak. Please, if you can, give me something! A world to live in, someone to talk to, anything really!

I think I'm going insane in this void. It's not like anybody could be able to hear my thoughts anyway…

I wake up. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I have a body. My vision is blurry, my ears are ringing, and my body feels like it's on fire. It seems I am having trouble using the senses I have regained.

Once my vision focuses I can see that I'm sitting at a desk you would see at a school. Looking around the room confirms that, yes, I am in a classroom. It's just me and four girls in this room, but they don't seem to have noticed my presence yet. They look strangely familiar, but I've never seen them before.

"Excuse me"

Busted. One of them must have spotted me while I was distracted. I look up to see a girl with long brown hair, dreamy green eyes, and a white bow in her hair. It was undeniable, this was Monika.

Fuck, I'm in Dan's demented game! Someone was listening to my thoughts after all, but why did they have to put me here? Was it because I was accidentally reminded of her in the void? This place was hell for everyone who isn't her, and even she thought it was hell! Wait, she only did what she did in an attempt to be with someone real, remember? She knew everyone was just scripted. I'm not scripted… right? I'm real. Then maybe-

"Excuse me," she said slightly louder this time.

"Ah! Sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment there haha…" I say kind of nervously.

"What are you doing here? You know it's club time, don't you?"


What do I say? It doesn't seem like she recognizes me at all. Does she know what's going on here? Should I tell her?

"…don't really know…"

Monika looks at me as a slightly confused, and possibly skeptical, look dawns her face. I can't blame her; most people aren't genuinely unsure of how they are where they are. I must have awoken here during their club meeting, which if I'm remembering correctly, happens after classes have finished. The real question is, how have they not noticed my presence before I woke up? Was I here the whole time or did I just pop into their reality?

"I should probably get going then," I eventually say.

I really need to go calm down to address these thoughts. I get up from the desk and turn to leave but before I do I just have to ask the question that's been on my mind since the beginning of this conversation.

"Hey, weird question, but, do you recognize me from anywhere?"

She pauses to think for a second, then says "No… sorry." I knew it.

"Ah… that's okay, I'm kind of new here after all."

Why did I say that? I have nothing to confirm that I am actually new to the school aside from the fact that she doesn't know me. I internally sigh at myself as I walk out the door to the classroom. Before I forget though, I make a mental note of the room that they were in, since it must be their club room. Room 329, got it.

On my way out of the school I stop by the bathroom to have a look in the mirrors. Looking at myself it became clear that I had the same body I used to, except I seemed a bit younger and shorter than I remember. I have my black hair in a slightly messy comb over style, I'm kind of thin but average looking, I look about 5'4, and I must be wearing the students' uniform since it looks kind of like what Monika was wearing.

I walk down the street, just me and the overflowing river of nervous thoughts that come with being on your own in an alien environment. I have been around the world in my travels, but either I haven't been to this town, or this place wasn't modelled after any town in particular. Listening in on random peoples' conversations, it would seem like the majority of this town are English speakers, yet this town maintains a very Japanese look, even down to the writing on the various signs. Do the people here all know both languages? If so, why? Language is a very complex thing, and knowing two would just be inefficient for most people.

After a few hours of exploring the town I eventually stumble upon the town's park. It looks like a lovely place to spend some time just chilling. It has some beautiful trees and greenery and this nice winding river going through the middle to a waterfall on a cliff overlooking a bigger city. I decide to sit down on the bench near the view and collect my thoughts.

I try to remember what happened in the game. I think Monika said she knew the main character from a class she'd previously had with him, so that must mean that I am not taking his place in the story. I'm sure Sayori saw our awkward conversation. She would have been concerned enough to but in, right? If I'm not taking his place that also means I won't have a house in this world, or if I did, I wouldn't have anyone to lead me to it because nobody knows who I am. I am homeless right now.

I also don't really have any money or belongings either besides this phone… Wait a minute. A phone! I'm saved! I must have some kind of contact with whomever my family is in this world stored inside here. Luckily, the phone is adequately charged and doesn't have a password. I quickly navigate to my contacts, and… nothing. Okay, maybe they use a separate chat app… nope, this phone only has the default apps on it. Who buys a phone but doesn't put any stuff on it? At least It'll show me the date and time. It is currently 8PM on September 20th, 2017.

I lay down on the bench. Fortunately, this town was not cruel enough to have installed those benches that are purposefully uncomfortable to sit in. I guess this park bench is my home for now. As I try to go to sleep I shiver. It isn't cold enough to get frost bite or anything, but it's cold enough to be a nuisance. I should probably try to join the club tomorrow. After all, they're the only ones I know in this world. Without them, I would truly be alone.