Ch 37: I'm Not Good with Math


"...Are you going to, anything about that?"

Obsidian eyes gaze at me with clear confusion.

"About your stomach."

Ophis glances down at her swollen belly, cocking her head before asking, "What is, wrong?"

"I mean, nothing really...but doesn't it, I dunno, make it hard to walk?"

Covered in suds and looking like a bubble monster more than she does a 'Human' being-we'd both been in dire need of a wash-Ophis abruptly places her hands on the bulge courtesy of a boatload of my jizz-

-and with a brief haze of inky power she rapidly deflates, soon returning to her normal body before blinking once.

"...More, normal?"

"Very much so. Thanks."

Not to mention I can stare at her and no longer feel perversely aroused at the thought of her little body pumped full of my seed...instead I can just feel aroused at her normal appearance-

"The bubbles still don't taste good, doofus."

The sour expression the Infinity Dragon sports as she licks a line of suds is accompanied by a mutter of, "Bitter...and, unpleasant."

My eyes roll as I just continue to scrub her clean of the remaining blacklight artwork, mentally debating how to ask her what comes next.

Screw it, she's blunt as Hell. Might as well return the favor.

"So, Ophis...what exactly comes after this? Like, what are you going to do now?"

Once more tilting her head and intensely pondering my query the Ouroboros eventually nods to herself, replying, "Will return to silence for, a time. Wish to think, about things. Can we still pet kitties, soon?"

As if I would say no. But still…

"That's fine, but bear in mind that the others are also...well, they like to pet kitties as well and I won't kick them out if you don't want to share."

Oh my God I just straight up told the Ouroboros Dragon she can't do something. Please take it in stride, please take it in stride…

Thankfully there's no upset reaction, instead Ophis merely sounds curious.

"Can more than one person not, pet kitties?"

...Easy does it brain, don't go getting distracted now with thoughts of hot, girl-on-girl-on-man sexy time.

"Sure they can, but I know some of my Peerage are still a little wary of you. They might not feel comfortable with that."

She ponders some more before abruptly pointing to my junk.

"Will feel more, comfortable if I have, that?"

"...Err, maybe? Wait, what do you-"

With another bit of hazy, midnight magic Ophis' body suddenly shifts like wet plaster-

-and when the process is over she's sporting a dick equal in size and girth to my own, the same shade of white as her skin, expectantly staring up at me as if she wants a medal.

At what point did my life turn into a loli-futa-hardcore hentai?

Because I am totally ok with this.

"Not exactly the problem...but it sure as Hell will make things more interesting. Tell you what, I'll talk to everyone else and see what they say, alright?"

"...Very, well."



"...Stop eating the soap!"

"So where do we start, professor?"

Rossweisse blushes at my words, Valerie and Kalmiya snickering at the Valkyrie's expression.

"J-just Rossweisse is fine, I haven't actually earned any teaching credentials yet, just the basics..."

"Says the woman teaching us about space-time. Space-time."

Valerie's emphasized words seem to deflate the white-haired woman a bit as she shifts nervously from foot-to-foot, prompting an eyeroll from me before I state, "Ok ok, let the girl speak. Otherwise we're going to be sitting here for an hour before she manages to gather her courage."

A pout is sent my direction at that comment, prompting an unrepentant grin on my part as I settle comfortably into my chair, the Dhampire and Angel flanking me as Rossweisse seems to get ahold of herself.

We'd commandeered the living room for the impromptu lesson while everyone else continues to help Isanna get a better handle on her Sacred Gear, my Bishop and Knight also sitting in as of everyone else they're probably the most likely to be able to utilize this information. Vallian would also be here but she's, surprise surprise, focused a bit heavily on pummeling Isanna into something worthy to call a rival.

...I wonder how long it will take before they exchange trading blows for tongue punching?

"You're thinking of something dirty, aren't you?"

I jolt as Valerie pokes me in the ribs, giving her a questioning glance before asking, "How could you tell?"

"You had that distant, perverted gaze on. Duh. What, last night wasn't enough to sate you?"

"You were watching?"

Kalmiya snorts in amusement, remarking, "More like our Queen came storming down the stairs, muttering ominous phrases before promptly dragging the Boosted Gear's wielder out the door to the training fields."

"...Remind me to apologize to Isanna later today."

"On the contrary. I think our dearest Rook enjoys being kicked around by her rival. Quite the kinky pair, wouldn't you-"


Rossweisse glares at us, clearly annoyed at our conversation that sidetracked us...even if the effect is somewhat ruined by her blushing cheeks.

"If you're quite done, I would like to begin the lesson, please."

We sheepishly settle into our seats before she turns to the whiteboard that had been resting in storage, professionally asking, "How much do any of you know about spacetime mathematics?"

"I vaguely remember calculus."

Kalmiya and Valerie shake their heads, which prompts Rossweisse to blink a few times before sighing.

"This...may take awhile. Very well, how far in physics did you advance?"

More blank looks.

"...Ok, this might take a very long time." know, I have to wonder about Valerie's earlier comment about me not being satiated by Ophis last night. Like, I'm pretty sure I expelled more semen than my balls could ever hope to contain and didn't once spend more than a second flaccid. And I'd still been horny after all that, having to fight back an erection as the Ouroboros and I got into the bath.

Is there an upper limit to my ability to dispense righteous sexual prowess? I'm genuinely curious at this point and I can't help but wonder if I'd be able to convince my Peerage to have one massive orgy until I literally can't go on any longer.

...Might be a bit early to drop that particular request so instead I watch Rossweisse rapidly and neatly scrawl on the whiteboard, a mess of equations and formulae while her voice, a pleasant cadence that lulls me, succinctly explains concepts and backgrounds that are honestly way above my pay grade.

More specifically I watch the movements of her body, clad in a suit similar to the one in canon minus the grey jacket. A graceful, hidden arm that artfully scrawls numbers and constants, a spray of silver hair that briefly reveals the curve of a pale neck, bountiful breasts tastefully highlighted and hinted at by her professional shirt and a womanly ass that still shows through conservative pants. Man what I would give to reenact a hot secretary porno with her-


-and my train of thought is abruptly broken as something pokes into the side of my head, Kalmiya withdrawing her arm before quickly nodding her head in Rossweisse's direction...and I blanche as I realize the Valkyrie is staring at me with watery eyes and a heartbroken expression before she hides her face in her hands.

"I-I knew it! I'm a terrible teacher, I can't even keep my students awake!"

"Ok hold a moment that's not-"


...Ok, the crying is a bit much.

"Nice one, Julian."

Valerie's dry statement has me glaring lightly at her before I approach the sobbing form of my second Bishop, grabbing her by the shoulders and lightly shaking her a bit.

"Ok ok, let's calm down here a moment. I wasn't getting distracted because you're a bad teacher, Rose...but this subject material really isn't my area of strength."

A wet sniffle greets me as sky-blue eyes meet my own, her words shaky and hopeful.


"Yes, really. You don't need to be so sensitive over stuff like this, have a little faith in yourself."

Another utterly adorable pout mixed with teary eyes makes my inner fanboy squeal in cuteness, even as I keep my expression friendly and smiling.

Valerie isn't quite so restrained as I hear her whisper to Kalmiya, "Ohmygosh, isn't she so cute? Like I just want to snuggle with her and never let go~!"

"That would probably do more to shatter her budding confidence than any harsh words could..."

Gratefully taking my hand as I pull her to her feet she more neutrally asks, "Was there really nothing wrong with my explanations?"

"None whatsoever. But math has never been my strong point."

A statement 100% true. Physics, biology...those subjects make sense to me, or at the very least I can understand the underlying principles. Object in motion stays in motion, heat rises etc etc.

But the mathematics behind such operations? Forget it, I struggled with frickin' geometry, this stuff is out of my reach...which means Annihilation Maker doesn't have anything to go on, no intrinsic understanding to work its magic off of.

For the moment, creating portals and gates that lead anywhere I so wish isn't feasible.

Which kinda sucks, but I guess that's the way the cookie...crumbles…


I facepalm as I realize I've been going about this the wrong way...I don't need to know math, I just need to be able to comprehend and understand the mechanics behind something...and I should be using physics, not this complex fucking mathematical monstrosity that leads into the concept of spacetime magic!

"Hey, Rossweisse?"


A creepy little grin escapes me as I ask the key question of the day.

"How do you feel about surfing the internet in search of academic knowledge?"

While appearing a little crestfallen at the fact that I don't necessarily need her teaching skills she certainly seems curious, asking, "I don't mind, but...what exactly would you be searching for?"

I simply motion for the three girls to follow me, leading the way to the office and its collection of computers as I collapse into one of the chairs.

"My Sacred Gear doesn't need any one specific source or method for it to work, just one that's comparable. I was trying to understand and comprehend something that I'm bad at while forcing you to try to work it through my thick skull. Instead, how about we take the path of least resistance?"

A quick usage of the keyboard brings up a search for my desired topic...namely that of wormholes.

Who needs complicated and esoteric mathematical knowledge when I can just figure out the background of a phenomenon that literally allows someone or something to go from one place to another instantaneously?

"Well, if we're just going to be standing around me and Kalmiya will step outside and see if the surrounding countryside is still intact. Don't do anything I wouldn't do~!"

"W-what does that imply?!"

Rossweisse's stammered question goes unanswered as Valerie and Kalmiya slip out of the room, the Dhampire sending me a saucy wink before the door shuts behind them.

...Considering my first Bishop would absolutely do all sorts of sexy stuff given the opportunity I'm not sure that's a good standard to use, especially if you're a shy virgin like my Valkyrie.

Although it is pretty funny at how awkward she looks, staring around at the room and computer screen as if unsure of what to do.

"You can go after them if you want, I'm just going to be sitting here figuring out woo-woo physics concepts. Not exactly a romantic date, if you catch my meaning."

I don't even have to turn around to know that the silver-haired woman is blushing up a storm at the insinuation.

"W-well, I don't really mind spending time with you. I-I mean, this could be fun! Yes, it'll be entertaining!"

With that said she begins looking around for a chair to sit in-

-and my tail instead wraps around her wrist before yanking her onto my lap with a startled yelp, a smirk pulling at my lips as I stare down at her wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

"Why don't you get comfortable then, if we're going to be spending some time in here?"

"O-o-oh, t-that's very kind of you..."

Leaning back in the chair and lacing my hands behind my head I affix Rossweisse with an patently false look of innocence, the Valkyrie blushing and casting her eyes downwards as she makes the absolute minimal amount of movement needed to properly seat herself, keeping her spine ramrod straight and perched on the edge of my thighs, a posture that'll become uncomfortable in less than a minute if she keeps at it.

Which is why I flip the lever on the chair that leans us backward with a sharp snap, Rossweisse yelping and flailing for a moment before she slides into my abdomen and smacks against my chest, tail possessively wrapping around her waist as I cheerily state, "See? Isn't this way better?"

I can practically feel the steam pouring out of her ears.

"Y-y-yes, i-i-it is!"

Holy God that is so cute~!

And, naturally, she remains as stiff and unmoving as before once I reorient the seat, prompting an eye roll on my part as I wryly state, "Rose, you can move around if you're uncomfortable, I'm not gonna arrest you..."

"O-oh...well, if you say so..."

With supremely dainty movements she slowly shifts her weight around, a process far more erotic and no doubt counterproductive to what she's intending to do that has me slowly growing a stiffy.

It's incredible, the different ways a woman can hold me spellbound. Vallian, Rossweisse and Isanna have generous, curvy figures that play to an old, male set of instincts that are naturally drawn to females with proportions like theirs, with attractive birthing hips and large mammaries.

Isla, Kalmiya and Valerie are less well endowed than the former but have a leanness and balance that absolutely has its own charms, of a more modest but still generous form with breasts that can nicely fill one's hand and a tighter rear that is hypnotic to fondle.

Then there's Gasper and Ophis (in her smaller form), the forbidden beauties that are fragile, nubile and enticing, with tiny chests, solid asses and tight holes that drive any hot-blooded male mad.

Sorry, what was I doing?

"Um, Julian? Are you alright?"

Ah, right. Very beautiful and shy young lady on my lap.

"Yup, just got lost in thought there for a moment."

Getting back to the swing of things I start scrolling through science articles...and grin as I lightly let my arm brush against the side of her large breast, causing her to muffle a light squeak of embarrassment that I have to hide a chuckle at.

Deciding to give her a lifeline even as I 'accidentally' caress lovely side boob I ask, "So how have you been enjoying your time here so far, Rossweisse? You seem to be getting used to everyone if the parties and movie nights are any indicator."

"It has been quite fun! Even if a tad embarrassing at times...miss Valerie can be rather, erm..."


"That' apt descriptor."

"A fully accurate way of putting it would be she would absolutely throw you across a bed and have her way with you."


This time I snort and cheekily ask, "Speaking of which...who among all of the Peerage would you like to date best?"


My arms wrap around her waist as my chin rests on her shoulder, cheshire grin adorning my lips.

"You heard me, who would you date? Vallian acts all haughty and distant but she's a total softy on the inside. Valerie is pretty pervy, granted, but she's also sweet and kind to a fault. Isla is the definition of a loyal and dedicated girlfriend if you prefer stability. Kalmiya is just the most pure ladyfriend one could ask for, innocent and loving. Gasper is your pick if you don't mind having to make the decisions, as she's pretty passive and shy...but so amazingly affectionate that it's worth it. Isanna...well, I can't say too much yet, still getting to know her and all, but if the bedroom life is your preferred domain she's your gal."





There's an audible swallow from the beauty before she quietly asks, "Umm...if...if I said..."

The rest of her sentence is an unintelligible mumble, earning an eye roll from yours truly.

Making use of my strength I effortlessly flip her around in my lap, the beautiful woman yelping as she ends up straddling me, averting her eyes as pink dusts her cheeks.

"I didn't catch what you said."


"What about eyes?"

She finally locks her hypnotic orbs onto my own, pale skin flushed and crimson as she squeaks out, "I-I would like to date you first!"

"Oh. Well I'm flattered. Have you dated another boy before, Rose?"

The pouty glare she shoots me is answer enough.

"Well, in that case, I accept. Would you like to be my girlfriend, Rossweisse?"

The shellshocked expression she wears is a sight to behold.

"O-oh. I, umm...didn't think it would be that easy? I thought you were already in a relationship, so-"

"It's an open relationship kinda deal. More specifically, we're all dating each other and fucking all the time."

"W-w-what?! I just thought that-"

My lips brush against against her own, a quick peck that leaves the stunning Valkyrie blinking dumbly at me, mouth in a perfect 'o' of disbelief.

"I guess you haven't kissed a boy yet either."

"I...I don't-"

This time I go all in, trapping her within my grasp and gently rocking her back and forth so that her spread legs rub against my groin and abdomen, tongue slipping past her open mouth as our lips once more collide in a hot embrace, cute moans echoing into my throat as the Valkyrie is caught up in the moment.

Hands briefly push up against my chest, an instinctive reaction...and as soon as my elongated tongue lovingly wraps her own in a hot, wet embrace those very same hands cease their attempts at pushing and begin to probe my muscles and pecs.

Eventually she has to lean away for air, chest heaving with struggled breaths as I lightly trace the contours of her perfect face with a free hand.

...Yeah, the Outlier Pieces are working just fine~!

"We have work to do for now...but if you're still interested, swing by the bathroom later tonight after dinner and we'll...explore."

My words cause her to sport an absolutely atomic blush before the young woman swiftly regains her feet, nodding and hastily replying, "Y-y-yes, I-I'll, erm, be there...I-I'll leave you to your work and assist the others!"

With a power walk that doesn't quite hide the damp spot on her suits pants I snicker, turning back to the variety of science articles displayed with a content smirk on my face.

Two birds with one stone...or perhaps I should say two birds with one bone?

Eh, doesn't have quite the same ring to it.