After reading various fanfictions on Paul/Bella relationships, I have decided to write my own. When I read these other stories I was always creating new story lines in my head, so I decided to write an actual story on Paul/Bella! I want this story to be quite long as the stories I read were very short and I feel like they missed a lot of important details in the build up to the relationship. So, you won't be disappointed reading my story if you love Paul/Bella! Please enjoy my story and review :)

Chapter 1:

It's my first day at a new school, great. I had been in Forks for less than a month, and the summer break was over. Mom wanted to go travelling with Phil and I wasn't going to be the one to stop her from going, as I usually did when I was younger. But now I was 18, and my mom suggested I stay with my dad, Charlie. I hadn't seen Charlie for almost 6 months, but it was hard to see him when I lived in Phoenix and he in Washington. I had never really permanently lived with Charlie, my mom having primary custody of me as I was growing up, but now the custody agreement was moot, and so I decided it would be best to live with my dad so mom could live her life. It would be a good thing, for me and for Charlie, I think.

I had myself showered and dressed for school, wearing light blue skinny jeans, brown military boots and a white ¾ length sleeve top. I had my hair in its usual form; half up, half down. My books were ready in my purple backpack on the bed and I headed for my car. Charlie had bought me a truck from his good friend Billy Black, whom I have grown up with as much as had with Charlie, but it had broken down a week into the purchase so Charlie opted for me to get something a little more modern. I locked the front door and headed towards my new car; a white Nissan Juke. I was driving down the highway listening to the radio playing my favourite song; One Dance by Drake. Pulling into the school parking lot, I looked around for a parking space, and found one next to a silver Volvo. It was quite far away from the entrance, but it would have to do. I picked up my timetable from the receptionist and saw that my first class was Math. I was proud of myself for following the directions correctly, and got to the class 5 minutes early. The door was open so I assumed we could go and take our seats. But I waited outside of the class as the teacher would want to introduce me to the class, brilliant.

"Isabella Swan, please come in" the teacher motioned for me into the class. Okay, just breathe, it'll be fine. I was stood at the front of the class facing various looming faces; some were interested, others were not very nice.

"Everyone, this is Isabella Swan, she is new to Forks School and I expect everyone to treat her with kindness and offer help if it is needed" the teacher began, and motioned for me to take a seat next to a girl with short brown hair. I soon found out this girl was called Jessica, and boy could she talk. It was nice to have someone take to me so quickly, and I soon got involved with her topics of conversation. After the hour class had finished, I felt very comfortable with Jessica, and we left the class arm in arm. After my Spanish class, it was lunch. Jessica was waiting outside of my class for me to walk me to the cafeteria. She pulled me towards a table full of chattering people and introduced me.

"Guys, this is Bella, she's Chief Swan's daughter. Her first day, right?" she turned to ask me, and I simply nodded. I sat down next to Jessica and a girl with long black hair. Everyone at the table took it in turns to introduce themselves. There was Jessica (of course), the other girl I was sat next to was Angela, Mike was sat opposite, and could not take his eyes off of me, great. Then there was Lauren, Tyler and Eric. They seemed nice enough, except Lauren, who kept throwing me daggers from across the table. Hmm, she would be difficult. I stayed quiet for most of lunch, I was much too shy to engage with this many new people all at once, so I listened to their conversation. They were talking about typical school stuff; the upcoming yearbook, past yearbooks, the school dance. I had zoned out after 5 minutes, just staring at a door across the hall. 4 people walked through, and I drew my full attention to them. They moved with grace, perfect balance. On thorough inspection, their skin seemed paler than most here, their features perfectly positioned on their face. They looked like angels. They walked over to a table in the far corner and claimed it. I turned to Jessica who was mid conversation with Tyler.

"Hey Jess, who are they?" I motioned with my head to the table in the corner. She looked at me, and then looked over, a smile forming on her face.

"Oh, they're the Cullens. They're like this perfect family, they're from up North, but the weird thing is, they're siblings, but they're like together. I mean, together together" she said, and Lauren formed a face of distaste.

"That boy sat on his own, who's he?" I asked, my attention was drawn to the boy sat in the middle of the group, but he seemed on his own, unlike the others huddled in their relationships.

"That's Edward Cullen, totally gorgeous obviously. But apparently, no one here is good enough for him" she said with a rejected tone. I wondered when he rejected Jessica's attempts at romance. The thought made me smile to myself. I heard Jessica mutter under her breath 'not that I care' and I assumed she was talking about Edward. I glanced subtly over my shoulder towards him. He was staring right at me. I should really turn back round, now being caught looking at this beautiful person. But I found myself continuing to stare. Jessica was talking to me, but I wasn't listening.

"... as if he'd go for you Bella, after rejecting all of the other girls here" she muttered, and I saw Edward laugh to himself. Strange, they weren't even talking at the table, so what was making him laugh?

Lunch was over, and my last class of the day was Science. I was happy to find myself sat at an empty desk. The class was just about to start, when Edward walked into the room, carrying his books. The teacher looked annoyed, but pointed him to the seat next to me. Brilliant, so much for my empty desk. As Edward approached the chair next to me, his face suddenly changed. His smile had disappeared, and he seemed to be forcing his body to continue walking to the seat. His hands balled up into fists, and he sat at his chair, and moved as far away from me as possible. He was leaning right on the end of the desk, and his face was turned away from me. This was going to be a long class.

The bell rang and the school day was over. I didn't meet up with any of my new friends and just went straight to my car. I was about 3 meters from it when I saw Edward stood next to the silver Volvo, that was next to my car. Great, I'm guessing that was his car then. He saw me looking at him and immediately got into his car. I took this opportunity to briskly walk to my own, and hopped in, turning the ignition on and driving out of the parking lot without a backward glance.

I pulled into my driveway and saw that Charlie's police cruiser was already there. A big black truck was also there. As I walked through the door, I heard voices in the living room.

"... so it's not been easy fishing you know, what with the threat of those bears and what not..." I could hear Charlie's voice.

"Bears this close to the Peninsula? It's highly unlikely but I can get a team from the reservation to take a look" Billy Black's voice. I walked into the living room, dumping my backpack onto the floor and saw Charlie and Billy sat on the couch and another boy from the reservation sat on the other chair.

"Hi dad" I said. Charlie turned around and got up, giving me a brisk hug.

"Bels, you remember Billy?" Charlie said, motioning to Billy. I walked over and shook Billy's hand.

"Of course, how could I forget" I said with a smile.

"My oh my Charlie, your little girls all grown up now" Billy said and Charlie laughed.

"She sure has, but she's still my baby girl" he said. They laughed, including the other boy. He had short cut black hair and wore a black t shirt and cargo pants. I could see a glimpse of a tattoo on his arm. He was looking at me with recognition.

"Bella, you probably won't remember me. I'm Jacob, we used to make mud pies together when we were little" he said, holding out his hand. I took his hand and gave it a shake.

"No of course, I remember. How have you been? I haven't seen you in what, 5 years?" I said with a small laugh. It was sad really, Jacob and I grew up together, we were best friends, and then I moved away permanently with my mom and my visits with Charlie died down, so our friendship sort of faded away. I sat on the floor next to Jacob's chair, whilst Charlie and Billy continued their conversation on fishing.

"It's been 10 years Bella" he said with a laugh. Christ, 10 years? I remembered Jacob when he was younger, he was more carefree back then. Now he had grown a considerable amount, his facial features were that of a man now and he sported a tanned and muscular body. I had to stop myself from gawking.

"10 years? Are you serious? Wow, how could I forget?" I said stunned.

"It's fine, you had a lot going on back then, I wouldn't expect you to remember much" he chuckled. We talked for about an hour about when we were little, his school, my school and what we had been up to in the past 10 years.

"... so really, it's been pretty boring without you here Bella" Jacob said.

"Well, I'm back now, and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon" I said, nudging his knee with my arm, trying to reassure him, as his face had fallen.

"Kids, Billy and I are heading down to the reservation, you in?" Charlie shouted from the kitchen.

"I haven't been to the reservation in years! Has it changed much?" I asked Jacob. He laughed and shook his head.

"If only it had changed, it's still as boring as ever!" he said. Charlie let me drive in my car to the reservation, driving behind Billy's truck. It took about 20 minutes to get there, and soon I was starting to remember the surroundings of La Push. We pulled up to Billy's house, a small wooden red house, with steps and a ramp for Billy leading to the front door. There was a garage a couple of meters away from the main house, and the whole place was surrounded by woodland. It was peaceful here, as I had always remembered it. Jacob helped Billy out of his truck and into his wheelchair and we headed for the small house. There was a distant howl from the woods.

"Billy I'm telling you, whatever that is, it's getting closer. Better keep the kids out of the woods" Charlie said, wheeling Billy towards the ramp. Billy didn't reply, instead he stared straight into the wood line, where the howl had come from. I looked at Jacob and he to was staring into the woods. It was strange, as if the howl meant something to both Jacob and Billy. We had reached the steps and as Charlie pushed Billy into the house, Jacob on my tail, there was a voice from behind Jacob.

"Hey Jake, you going to introduce us to the girl or not?" said a deep male voice. It sounded playful. I turned to see a boy, he looked around 17, maybe 18, and he looked exactly like Jacob. Tall, tanned and muscular. He didn't have a shirt on, and he wore a pair of denim shorts. I could see a tribal tattoo on his arm, the same as Jacobs.

"Bella, this is Quil Ateara, Quil, Bella" Jacob said without enthusiasm, and Quil stretched out his hand to shake. I took it with a smile and he pulled me into a huge bear hug.

"Bella! You must remember me! Then I suppose you haven't been here in what, 10 years?" he said, putting me down and raising his eyebrow.

"I remember you Quil! And yes it has been 10 years, Jacob has already reminded me!" I said with a small laugh. Soon a few others had joined Quil, all looking the same.

"Bella, Embry, Jared and Seth" Jacob said in introduction at the three newcomers. After a round of handshakes and bear hugs, we were called in for dinner. Billy had set the small table up in the living room and it was laden with food. The boys all sat around and dug into everything. Taking second and third helpings. Man, these boys could eat. But I wondered where it all went, as they all looked in good shape. After dinner, Charlie and Billy sat on the couch watching the game that was playing. Man, boys were so boring, and I was the only girl here. I sat on the porch step with Jacob next to me and the other boys sat surrounding. We spoke of their school and how much easier it was than my school, how they could skip classes and not be asked about it by teachers. Embry was talking with Jared in a low voice, too low for me to hear, but I was picking words out that I could hear. Upon hearing the words 'Cullen' and 'fresh trail', I looked at Jacob who was listening intently, but still trying to engage in conversation with me, trying not to seem rude for ignoring me.

"Jake we're going to find Sam, you coming?" Jared asked Jacob, but Jacob said he'd catch up in a little while. The boys nodded and ran into the tree line.

"You could have gone with them you know? Don't let me stop you" I said. He looked at me in mock offense.

"And leave the girl I haven't seen in a decade sat alone on my porch? No way!" he said with a giggle. It was easy to talk to Jacob and I didn't have to try and talk all the time. Sometimes there was silence, but it was never awkward and neither one of us felt the need to fill the empty space with talk. After an hour of sitting on the porch, Charlie came out with a brown grocery bag and a can of beer.

"Right Bels, you ready to hit the road?" he asked, as he shouted goodbye to Billy who was still in the house. I nodded and got up, heading for the car. I turned to Jacob.

"Can I come back soon? It's nice here" I said, trying not to hurt his feelings. And I did want to come back, I felt relaxed here and there wasn't any gossip about the new girl being in town, or not that I knew of at least.

"Course, you're welcome whenever you want to come back. See you soon Bella" Jacob said pulling me into a tight hug. I pulled up to the driveway and as soon as I was in the house, I felt strange. I felt like I didn't belong here, I felt uncomfortable to be in the house. Maybe it was just because I haven't been here for a while, but then I had been here a whole month and not felt like this. I said goodnight to Charlie and headed to my room. I quickly showered, got undressed and crawled into bed naked. It took me ages to fall to sleep, but soon I was having sweet dreams about La Push, tribal men and howling wolves.