Barry sped off to 2019 to obtain his next slave. He sped up to the Central City Citizen and entered hoping that his intended target was inside. He was in luck as he opened the door and was met with the sight of Allegra Garcia. She had her jeans down to her ankles and was sitting on her chair, while she worked.

"Oh fuck Evan, you are not supposed to be in today!" she yelled as she scurried to pull her jeans up. Then, looking up she asked, "Who are you?"

"Oh, I am Barry Allen."

"Well what are you doing here?"

In the moment, Barry decided to try to get her on him without using his powers. "Well I was enjoying the view."

"Were you now? Would you like to see more?"

"I wouldn't mind," he replied with a sly wink.

Allegra moved her hands back to her waist and slowly pulled her jeans back to their original position. Her hands then made their way to her jacket. She took it off before unbuttoning her plaid shirt. As she unbuttoned more, Barry was able to see her little shaven pussy and it caused his dick to grow. He walked up to her and made her stand. Then he sat, pulling Allegra down to sit on him as they made out. When they were done making out, Allegra got on her knees and pulled down Barry's pants with his underwear. His hard cock sprang out and she took it in her mouth, licking the tip before forcing the whole shaft down her throat. Barry grabbed her by her hair and face fucked her. He did so until he came, at which point Allegra had almost passed out from lack of oxygen. Allegra then slowly lowered herself onto Barry. As the tip of his throbbing cock made contact with her asshole, she rose up, teasing Barry. She did this two or three more times, before Barry grabbed her side roughly and forced her down on his cock. She screamed in pain as Barry tore through her hymen. She waited a little before bouncing up and down on his cock.

Barry grabbed her boobs as she bounced and he pinched her nipples eliciting a moan. She rode on him until they both orgasmed.

As Allegra was dressing, Barry snapped his fingers saying, "You are now part of my eternal harem and I am your Lord."

Allegra stiffened and before she could blink, she was in the speed force.

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