008. Plan



Damian's forehead digs into the mattress-edge, his feet rock with his body thrusting against the inside of his palm moistening with warm pre-come.

His heart beats quickly in his ribcage. Door unlocked. Bad move. Don't care at this point.

Let him be found. Let Grayson find him.

Let him punish Damian for it.

With a softer, hungrier noise, he mashes his nose into the Nomex material draping over his free hand, breathing deep into Grayson's musk, too familiar, too raw — too, too close. Close.

Damian pants raggedly, open-mouthed against the crotch of the Nightwing suit, imagining sucking the heat right from Grayson's length.

His cock twitches with the ongoing pleasure, and the bedroom door starts to jiggle, alerting him.

Damian's eyes shoot open.

Come on.

His feet ache.



DC Comics isn't mine. There are times where I really miss 2011-2012 for shipping. Especially for this fandom. Anywoo, this had been something I posted on my Tumblr way back when - and if there are any Dickdami shippers out there, hope you enjoyed! Or if you were just curious and read! Thoughts/comments appreciated!