The elevator doors opened, revealing the foyer of Asami's apartment. They quickly stepped into the room. Korra was always a little taken aback by the grandeur of the place Asami called home. The penthouse was definitely a place one would expect someone of Asami's status to live. It made Korra wonder what the woman saw in her. Why would someone of Asami's status want to spend time with someone like Korra? Not that Korra was complaining, really, it just made her think. What made her so special?

"Give me a moment. I'll fetch you a pair of pajamas." Asami smiled as she moved further into the apartment, leaving Korra to toe off her shoes.

"Uh, sure," Korra muttered. She slowly moved further into the apartment, trailing her fingers over a table that displayed several framed photos; Most of which were of Asami with an older man, most likely her father, at several different times in her life. As she looked over the photos, she found her eyes drawn to one at the center of the display. She reached down, picking it up. She took in the people in the photo. It was of Asami with two adults, her parents, more than likely, at a restaurant, while Asami held up a certificate of some kind. What exactly were they celebrating, Korra wondered, setting the photo on the table, and why wasn't this woman in any other photos?

"Here." Asami's voice caught Korra off-guard. She turned to see the other woman holding a stack of clothes. Asami handed them to Korra. "You can change in the guest bedroom, if you want." She trailed her fingers down Korra's arm, a smile playing across her lips.

"Thanks," Korra muttered, brushing past Asami and toward the guest bedroom. She closed the door behind her, leaning against the wood. After a few seconds, she pushed herself up and unzipped the back of her dress. She slid it down her shoulders, watching as it pooled around her feet. She stepped over it and set the clothes on top of one of the stacks of boxes. She quietly got dressed in the soft cotton t-shirt, which was too big, and shorts which were ever-so-slightly too small. She pulled at the hem of the shirt, before scooping up the dress and folding it neatly. She opened the door, stepping out into the hall.

She made her way down the hallway and toward the living room, taking in her surroundings that she hadn't been able to in her past few visits. The house seemed... sterile, almost. Everything was in its place, not a single speck of dust to be seen. 'It barely even looks lived in.'

"Asami?" Korra called as she moved into the living room, trailing her hands over the side of the couch and watching as the fabric shifted in color slightly. "You here?"

"Upstairs!" Asami called from the upper level of the apartment, causing Korra to quirk her brow as she moved toward the stairs. She climbed up the staircase, trailing her fingers over the railing and taking in the paintings that hung on the walls. Pictures of buildings and structures from around Republic City, interspersed with landscapes of what looked like the Earth Kingdom.

Korra stepped onto the second floor, fully taking in the decor. Simple, yet modern. More pictures hung from the walls and there were a few end tables where decorations were set. "Asami?"


Korra pushed the door to the office open, finding Asami standing hunched over her laptop. Korra crossed her arms over her chest, leaning against the door frame. "What are you doing?"

"Responding to emails. Don't worry, I'm almost done."

Korra watched as Asami tapped at her keyboard, her brows furrowed slightly. She swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat. This was her chance. "Hey, Asami?"

Asami looked up, her hair falling in her face a bit. "Hmm?"

"Why do you hang out with me?"

Asami laughed, raising an eyebrow at her "What do you mean? You're my friend!"

Korra rubbed her arm, avoiding eye contact. "Yeah... but you have other friends, right?"

Asami brushed her hair behind her ears, looking down at her hands. "Uh, no. Not really." Korra let out a laugh, rolling her eyes. "Did I say something funny?" Asami asked.

The smile faded from Korra's face and her eyes darted around nervously, "Uh, no?" Korra narrowed her eyes at Asami. "Wait, do you really not have any other friends?" Asami shook her head. Korra pressed her lips together before asking, "Why?"

Asami collapsed into her seat, running her hair. "It's hard to make friends when all people see when they look at you is Yuan signs." Asami let out a sigh. "It's hard for someone of my 'social standing' to make friends. Real friends, I mean. Ones who don't spend half the time we're together kissing my ass." Korra took a couple steps into the office, perching herself on the edge of Asami's desk. "I had friends, but none like you. You're real, Korra. No bullshit, no brown-nosing, just pure friendship."

"That' I didn't know." Korra muttered, Asami going back to responding to emails.

"Yeah. I'm just happy you're willing to hang out with me all the time. I'd get it if you wanted to hang out with your other friends."

Korra scoffed. "Other friends? Sure."

"What about Opal, Bolin, and Mako?" Asami asked as she leaned back in her chair, looking up at Korra. "You seemed pretty close with those three."

"Oh, yeah. I guess Opal and I are pretty friendly." Korra shrugged. "But Bolin and Mako just spend time with me 'cause they have to."

"Really? You and Bolin seemed close." Asami asked, leaning her elbows on the desk and placing her head in her hands.

"Bolin? He's just like that." Korra gave a nonchalant wave of her hand, "The human embodiment of a sheep-dog. All sunshine and puppy dog eyes."

Asami let out a quiet laugh. "Then you shouldn't even question whether you're friends or not. You are. Nothing you can do about it."

Korra snorted, shaking her head as she leaned on the desk. "Guess not."

The pair lapsed into silence, Asami going back to typing at her keyboard, "I'm almost done. Why don't you go downstairs and find something to watch on tv?"

"Are you sure you don't want me to, I dunno, keep you company?" Korra asked, looking at Asami with a quirked brow.

"Yes. Now go." Asami said, giving Korra a shove and forced herself to her feet.

Korra held up her hands in defeat. "Okay, fine. I'll leave." Korra made her way to the door before pausing and turning to look at Asami, "Just know that if you don't hurry up, I'm going to pick the most boringest history documentary, and you'll just have to deal."

"Boringest isn't a word!" Asami called back, and Korra couldn't keep the smile from her lips. She couldn't help but love just how effortlessly they bantered. How effortlessly conversation came to them. It was something that Korra hadn't had in an incredibly long time.

Korra collapsed onto the couch, grabbing the remote and turning on the flatscreen in front of her. As she flipped through the channels, Korra wondered why anyone would need a TV as big as the one in front of her but then again, it wasn't really her place to judge.

The sound of footsteps caught Korra's attention and she turned, just in time to see Asami coming down the stairs. "Hope you haven't picked something yet."

"Nah." Korra leaned against the back of the couch, watching as Asami moved into the kitchen. "I haven't been able to find the world's most boring history channel."

"Lucky me." Asami said amusedly, taking a seat next to Korra and handed her a cold bottle. Korra took a sip from the beer, handing the remote to Asami, who began switching between channels before eventually coming to a stop. "There. The boring history channel."

"You aren't going to choose something?" Korra asked with a quirked brow, watching as Asami set the remote down, and picked up a notepad.

"Nope. And I figure maybe I'll learn something new about..." Asami glanced at the TV, which was currently showing an aerial view of what looked like Ba Sing Se. "Ba Sing Se."

Korra leaned against the back of the couch, raising her beer to her lips, "Maybe."

Asami laughed at her, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Korra smirked at the other woman, "I dunno. What do you think it means?"

Asami laughed, "Okay then, keep your secrets."

"So," Korra rolled her eyes as she set the half-empty beer bottle on the side table, "Are we gonna brainstorm or not?"

"Oh right!" Asami spoke, pulling a pen out of the spine of the notebook clicking it, "So, games? Any ideas?"

Korra ran a hand through her hair, letting out a sigh, "Not really. There's not really any games that I remember playing as a kid." Asami let out a quiet 'hum' tapping her pen against the pad of paper before she began writing something down on it, "What are you writing down?"

Asami finished writing and turned the pad toward Korra, "Here's a list of games I remember playing as a kid. Maybe we can adapt them to use bending."

Korra took the notepad, taking in what was written there.



Freeze Tag

Capture the Flag

Hide and Seek

Korra rubbed her chin as she looked over the list letting out a low, 'hmm' sound.

"Well?" Asami asked, leaning forward slightly. "What do you think?"

Korra looked up, flashing Asami a smile, "I think I can work with these."

Asami smiled, taking the pad back, "Great. Let's get to work then."

Several hours had passed and Asami was beginning to grow frustrated with how difficult this was turning out to be. "Korra," Asami sighed, rubbing her brow, "Is there any way we can finish this sometime this century?"

Korra glanced up from where she sat on the floor surrounded by sheets of paper. "Oh, sorry." Asami watched as Korra shifted through them, leaning on the armrest grabbing her half-empty glass of wine. "I'm just worried, is all."

"About what?" Asami muttered, taking a sip of her glass.

Korra leaned back on her hands as she let out a sigh. "Just that these won't motivate them to learn the way I hope."

Asami set her glass on her knee. "And how exactly do you want to motivate them?"

Korra picked up a couple of papers looking between them. "I want to motivate them to learn," She let out a frustrated groan as she crumbled the two papers together throwing them to the side, "Because it seems like nothing will."

Asami tapped her finger on the rim of her glass, closing her eyes in thought. "Prizes."

"Prizes?" Korra parroted and Asami opened her eyes to see Korra taking another sip from her second beer.

"Yeah. Say that if they win a game they get a prize. Like ice cream or pizza."

"That really works?" Korra sounded like she genuinely didn't know if it would work. Honestly, it was such a Korra thing to not know or understand.

Asami couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips. "Yeah. Ice cream and pizza tends to motivate most people." Asami drank the rest of her wine, setting the glass to the side, "Aren't you supposed to be good with kids?"

Korra threw her head back, letting out a loud laugh. "What in the world could have possibly given you that idea?"

"The way you are with Tenzin and Pema's kids. You just seem to know how to handle them is all."

Korra flashed her a smile. "It's from years of practice."

Asami pressed her lips together as she mulled over what Korra had just said, "So, you don't like kids?"

Korra was quiet for a bit before speaking. "Not particularly." Korra quirked a brow up at Asami, "Why?"

"Just curious is all." Asami hummed watching as Korra began shifting the papers into a semi-neat pile.

"What about you? Do you want kids?" Korra asked, catching Asami completely off guard causing her to sit upright.

"Want kids? Who said anything about that?" Asami let out a half laugh that sounded much faker than she meant it too. "I just wanted to know if you liked them not if you wanted them."

Korra gave a half shrug, setting the stack of paper on the coffee table. "I just assumed that's what you were getting at, asking me if I liked kids." Korra stood up, stretching her arms over her head. "My bad."

"I do." Asami found herself speaking out without much thought causing Korra to look at her, "Want kids someday, I mean." A brief silence fell over them, Asami crossing her arms over her chest while watching as Korra moved to sit on one of the arm chairs. "But you don't?"

"No, I don't." Korra said as she stared at the T.V which was showing some weird pseudo documentary on people traveling the Earth Kingdom on foot.

"Can I ask why?"


"Why don't you want kids?"

Korra tapped her finger against her knee. "I just don't. Do I need any other reason?"

Asami turned her attention away from Korra and toward the T.V letting out a sigh. "I guess not." And with that they lapsed into silence, the only sound that of the show which filled the dead space between them. Asami glanced at Korra, whose lips had been pulled into a tight frown, and couldn't help but wonder just what she wasn't telling her.