Korra stood in the dojo, watching as her students filed in looking none too happy about it. She watched as they all came to a stop looking like they would rather be anywhere but here. Taking a deep breath, Korra sat down causing her student's expression to change from bored to confused. "Take a seat." They all slowly sat down beginning to mutter amongst themselves. Korra held her hands up, raising her voice just enough to be heard over the buzz of her students. "Can we quiet down a bit? I have an announcement to make."

Slowly her students calmed down and Korra took a deep breath gathering her thoughts before clapping her hands together. "So what is everyone's favorite pizza toppings? Mine is—"

"What does pizza toppings have to do with your announcement?" A voice cut her off and soon her students had dissolved into loud overlapping questions.

Korra raised her hand to the side as she said. "Well I have to know what your favorite toppings are so I know what pizza to order for the pizza party." Her students immediately began to excitedly and loudly talk amongst themselves. Korra clutched her hand, closing her eyes, and let out a heavy sigh. 'Deep breathes, Korra. You can do this.' Korra clapped her hands together calling out over the din of her students. "Hey! Quiet down you lot!" They all quieted down, turning their heads to her but she could tell that they weren't paying attention. She pinched the bridge of her nose, taking a deep breath. "I know you have questi—"

Korra was cut off before she could even finish by a voice from the back of the class piping up. "Are you really throwing us a pizza party?" This was followed by a chorus of 'yeahs' which quickly cut off before it could escalate by clapping her hands together once more.

Once she had regained her student's attention she continued. "If you had let me finish I would have let you know that there are some conditions to getting the party."

"And those are?" Hana said who sat in the middle and slightly off to the side. She was leaning back on her arms, looking about as disinterested in what was going on as she possibly could.

"Well, there's really only one but it's a very important condition." Korra looked over her students trying to gauge just how invested they were in what she was saying. "I want everyone to be able to stream the water."

A chorus of groans erupted from her students, some even going so far as to fall backward and throwing their hands over their faces. "Oh come on you drama queens it's not that bad." Korra pushed herself to her feet, using her knees as support. "After all, I could have made it so that you had to completely master a basic form." More groans and Korra rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. "Oh get over yourselves. Listen, stand up and we'll run through it once again then you all can head out early." Reluctantly her students stood up and they fell into their stances. Groans and grumbles filled the room causing Korra to roll her eyes. Once they'd run through the form a few times Korra rubbed the back of her neck, reluctantly deciding to just end it. "Alright. I guess that's enough for now."

Her students began to talk among themselves and began to file out, leaving Korra alone to begin to clean up the dojo, moving the water jugs to the side. Just as she set the jug down a voice piped up from behind her. "What is it?" Korra stood upright, turning to see Hana leaning against the wall, arms crossed over her chest.

"What is what, Hana?"

"What's your favorite pizza topping?" Hana looked off to the side, obviously trying not to look like she cared.

"Oh. It's uh, anchovies." Korra rubbed the back of her neck and let out an embarrassed chuckle.

"Why would you put fish on your pizza?" Hana's face scrunched up in disgust. "That's almost as bad as putting pineapple on pizza."

Korra shrugged, moving over toward the second water jug. "I like it." She picked the jug up, moving it over and setting it next to the first one. "But that might just be because I grew up in the Southern Watertribe. Fish is a staple around there." Korra stretched her back, letting out a groan she placed her hands on her hips as she looked around the room, which looked much better now that everything had been put up. She turned to look back at Hana who still leaned against the wall. "Do you need anything else?"

She pushed herself to her feet, moving toward the center of the room. "I was hoping you could show me how to do that streaming thing again?"

"Streaming the water? Are you sure?" Korra raised a brow at the young girl, who simply nodded. "Can I ask why? You've never really shown any interest in learning before."

"I want the pizza party," Hana said with a shrug as she shoved her hands in her pants pockets. "That's it."

Korra considered her, before nodding and moving to open one of the jugs and bending some water out and began bending it back and forth between her hands watching as Hana fell into a loose waterbending form. She bent the water toward Hana who took it from them, the shape immediately losing its form as she shakily bent the water in a sloppy circle. Korra watched as a frustrated frown pulled at her mouth as Hana tried to force the water to do what she wanted. "Ugh!" She cried as she dropped her from, the water falling to the ground. She ran her hands over her face, letting out a frustrated cry. "Why won't it do what I want!? You make it look so easy!"

"I have years of practice under my belt." Korra laughed slightly as she moved over, bending the water out of the straw mat and into a small ball. Taking a seat, Korra gestured for Hana to do the same which she did rather hesitantly. "I'm going to try and give you an idea of the feel for it, okay?" She nodded and Korra slowly bent the water toward her saying. "We're just going to push this back and forth. Don't try and force it." She watched as Hana furrowed her brows as she bent the shaky water stream back towards Korra who moved it around her body once. "See you're forcing it." Korra sent the water back toward her as she continued to speak. "You have to go with the flow of the water. Feel how I push it toward you?" She nodded, "Good now push it back." Hana's face relaxed as she bent a much less shaky water orb toward Korra who smiled. "Good."

Hana smiled as she excitedly said. "I think I'm getting the hang of this."

"Good." Korra bent the water back toward Hana who much more easily sent it back toward Korra. "Waterbending is a very fluid style of bending and, while you can force it, you won't get the results you want. Being able to go with the flow will let you become a much better bender in the future." Korra said as they continued to pass the water back and forth. "It's important to get a 'feel for the water' when you're first starting out. That way in the future you'll be better able to learn more advanced techniques."

Hana nodded, seeming engaged for the first time as she leaned forward. "So If I master this I'll be able to be as good as you one day?"

"Well it's a little more complic—" Korra started but when she saw just how excited Hana was she let out a sigh. "Yeah. If you master 'streaming the water' and then keep practicing hard maybe you can be a waterbending master someday."

Hana jumped to her feet, the water dropping to the ground with a splash but Hana didn't seem to care as she shoved her finger in Korra's face. "Just watch me. I'll get good and kick your ass."

"Language, Hana." Korra off-handedly said as she bent the water back into its container, moving to close the lid. The sound of her running toward the door, completely ignoring her.

"Oh, Miss Sato!" Hana suddenly exclaimed causing Korra to turn to see Hana looking up at Asami who was gently brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Sorry for bumpin' into you," Hana moved around Asami and running out the door.

"How long have you been there, Asami?" Korra asked as she moved toward the other woman who stood in the doorway.

"Long enough to know you were underselling yourself when you said you weren't good with kids." Asami reached forward, pressing a finger up against her shoulder, smiling down at Korra.

"Oh come on now. You could have at least said something." Korra brushed her hand away with a laugh as she pushed past her, glancing over her shoulder to see that Asami was following her.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you were embarrassed," Asami spoke causing Korra to turn around and smirk at her.

"But you do know better."

"That I do."

Korra stopped in front of her office door. She reached behind her, turning the doorknob and pushing open the door. She gestured toward the inside of the room, bowing slightly. "After you."

Asami covered her mouth with her hand, chuckling slightly. "What a gentlewoman." Korra watched as she moved inside the office, closing the door behind her as she followed her inside. Asami sat on the edge of Korra's desk, leaning back and looking at her expectantly. "Well?"

"You know I have work I need to do, right?" Korra placed a hand on her hip, letting out an only slightly exasperated sigh. Asami puffed her cheeks out, pouting as if she were a petulant child causing Korra to laugh and roll her eyes. She walked around the desk, pulling her seat out and taking a seat. She pulled a pen from the wooden pencil holder, spinning it around in her fingers before grabbing a notebook from a wooden organizer setting on the left of her desk.

"You're ignoring me."

"Yes. I have work to do." Korra said as she continued from where she left off on the budget. She slowly began to calculate what her next month's budget needed to be in order to stay in the black. Just as she was about to write something her pen was pulled from her grasp. She looked up to see that Asami had taken the cap between her teeth. "Really? I was using that." Korra huffed and Asami held it out smiling down at Korra.

"I'll give it back," Korra reached for it only for Asami to pull it out of reach. "If you entertain me."

Entertain you? What am I? A dancing hog monkey?"

Asami leaned forward, a laugh leaving hurt lips. "You know I'm never sure if you're being serious when you mention those crazy animals. I mean hog monkeys? You can't be serious."

"Oh, I'm serious. I would never joke about hog monkeys." Korra shook her head. "Things are fucking terrifying."

"Duly noted." After a short beat, Asami turned to Korra holding out her pen. "You can have your pen back. Sorry for holding it hostage." Korra took the pen back, spinning it between her fingers.

"It's okay." Korra set the pen down. "Can I ask why you decided to release your hostage?" Korra leaned back in her chair, watching as Asami fiddled with the edge of her skirt.

"I was hoping to build up to asking you something but the conversation kinda started and stopped at hog monkeys." She let out a weak chuckle avoiding eye contact.

"What did you want to ask me?" Korra leaned forward, trying to catch Asami's eyes with her own. She watched as she opened and closed her mouth before worrying her bottom lip. "Asami?" Asami jerked her head up, seemingly broken out of a trance. "You good?"

"Yeah, I'm fine...Just thinking." She pulled her lips into a straight line, her eyes darting off to the side before she finally said, "My birthday is this weekend and I wanted to ask if you'd like to spend it with me."

"Is that it?" Korra raised a brow up at Asami, whose face flushed pink.

"Y-yeah...I don't want to spend my birthday alone."

Korra thought for a moment before nodding. "Okay." She paused before adding. "Is anyone else gonna be there?"

Asami blinked before furrowing her brows. "No? Why would there be?"

"I just thought you might—oh right you don't have any other friends..." Korra trailed off, reaching up and rubbing the back of her neck.


Korra hummed, tilting her head around causing it to crack. "Do you want to do anything special?"

Asami hummed, tapping her fingers against the hardwood of the desk. "When I was younger me and my friends would go bar hopping but I don't know how fun that would be with just the two of us."

Korra grabbed her pen, leaned her chair back, and began spinning it around her fingers. "I could ask Opal, Bolin, and Mako."

"You'd do that?"

"Sure," Korra shrugged, "Why not?" A smile pulled at Asami's lips as she looked into Korra's eyes.

"Thank you." Asami leaned forward slightly.

"Don't mention it."

"I mean it, Korra."

"And I mean it when I say don't mention it. After all, what are friends for?"

Korra stumbled around her bedroom, trying desperately not to make too much noise. "Phone. Phone. Phone." She muttered as she pulled her comforter from her bed, shaking it before throwing it to the side. She grabbed her pillows tossing them to the side letting out an aggravated huff. Climbing off her bed, she grabbed the edge of her mattress lifting it up only to find lint and dust handing under it. He let it fall unceremoniously back onto the bed frame. Korra ran a shaky hand through her hair, leaning against the wall.

"Hey Korra, I brought—" Ikki started only to stop in her tracks. "What, uh, what happened here?"

Korra pushed herself off the wall with a heaving sigh. "I'm looking for my phone."

"You mean this one?" She held up the smartphone, shaking it from side to side and Korra jerked forward, stepping up and over the bed frame, snatching the phone from the preteens hand. "Rude." Ikki let out an indignant cry, placing her hands on her hips.

She pressed the home button causing the device to come to life. "Why did you have this?"

"I borrowed it to do my homework. I was gonna ask but I couldn't find you." Ikki shrugged, tilting her head slightly with the movement.

"Thanks...?" The word ended up coming out as a question.

Ikki smiled, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the side. "You're welcome." She turned on her heel, bouncing out of her room leaving Korra alone in the disaster area that her room was. Glancing around her room, she moved around her bed taking a seat on the edge of the bed frame. She opened the contacts app scrolling until she saw Opal's name appear. Tapping the name, opened up Opal's name and Korra then pressed the call option. She pressed her phone up against her ear as it rang. It rang once, twice, and just before the third ring, the line picked up.

"...Korra? Why are you calling me?"

"Am I interrupting something?"

"I fell asleep on the couch..." Her words were muffled by a yawn. "Did you need something?"

"Are you and Bo doing anything this weekend?"

"This weekend?" Opal hummed. "No, I don't think so. Why?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go bar hopping—"

"Bar hopping!" Opal abruptly cut her off, any trace of sleep having disappeared from her voice. "And here I thought that just 'wasn't your scene'." Korra rolled her eyes. She could practically see the air quotes Opal was almost definitely giving her.

"Oh trust me if I had a choice I wouldn't be but it's Asami's birthday and she said that this is what she wanted to do."

The other end was silent for a beat before Opal slowly said. "Asami? I see..." There was something in the tone of her words that made Korra think that maybe she didn't. "And me and Bo come in where exactly?"

"I said I'd ask you two and Mako to join us. More the merrier after all."

Opal laughed, "Yeah, the more the merrier, sure." Korra furrowed her brows, not sure what Opal was getting at but decided to let it be. "Hey, before I go can I ask you one last thing?"


"Why wait until the Friday before to ask if we're free?"

"Oh, uh, um..." Korra sputtered not wanting to admit the truth.

"You forgot, didn't you?" The laugh in Opal's voice caused some of the unwarranted tension to ease out of Korra's shoulders.

"Guilty. It completely slipped my mind."

Opal chuckled it on the other end. "Do you even know where we're gonna be going?" Korra's face collided with her hand as she let out a deep groan. "Oh wow. I hope Asami's ready for a healthy dose of disappointment."

Korra leaned back, her head colliding with the half put together bed. "Help me, Opal!"

The woman on the other end feigned a yawn. "I would but it's late and I should get ready for bed."

"It's 8:30."

"Exactly. Time for an old fogey like me to get to bed."

"Opal please." Korra practically begged, causing Opal to laugh.

"Just google 'bars that give you free drinks on your birthday' and you should get plenty of results."

"Bold of you to assume I know how to 'google' anything," Korra said, adding air quotes to the world google.

Opal scoffed. "Spirits. I always forget just how technologically illiterate you are." A brief pause was filled with the sound of ruffling and squeaking. "Then you best ask someone else because. I. Am. Hanging. Up." There was a quiet click letting Korra know that she had carried there with her threat.

"Great. Just...great." Korra huffed, setting her phone to the side, running her hands over her face. Standing up, and after setting her phone on her bedside table, she began putting her room back together. Collapsing onto her mattress, Korra grabbed her phone pulling up a recent text conversation from 'Mako'.



Korra was incredibly thankful for Mako's quick reply.

Do you want to go

bar hopping tomorrow?



Korra bit the corner of her lip before typing.

How do you "Google"


[Link] Click this.

Also you really need to

learn how the internet works.

Yeah, yeah

Korra rolled her eyes, clicking the link opening her internet browser. 'Oh. So that's how that works...' Korra's thumbs hovered over the keys before she typed in the words Opal had suggested. The screen quickly changed to show several results that looked promising. Leaning over, she grabbed the notebook that sat on her desk, pulling the pen from its spine she began the lengthy task of creating Asami's last-minute birthday plans.

Asami stepped out onto the street, turning to look back at the small building she had just been in. The traditional style of the building stood out against the modern architecture of the two buildings it was sandwiched between. Asami ran a hand through her hair, letting out a breath as she turned and began toward where she'd parked her car. Asami stopped in front of her car, unlocking the door and pulling open the driver's door before sliding into the seat. Closing the door, she leaned her head against the steering wheel and let out a deep sigh. 'I was really about to tell her how I felt.' Asami leaned back banging her head against the faux leather of her headrest. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and a moment to collect herself before opening them, pressing the ignition, and put the car into reverse pulling out onto the street.

The drive back to Future Industries was spent listening to a talk show, trying to keep her mind from wandering to where it wanted. Pulling into her parking spot, putting her car into park Asami turned the radio off she leaned her head against her steering wheel as she took a moment to collect her thoughts. After a few moments spent in silence she leaned back, she quickly brushed her hair back before opening the door and stepping out into the light of day.

She made her way into the lobby, clutching at the strap of her shoulder bag and toward the elevator which was slowly opening to reveal it was half full. The ride up was spent in silence along with the only other two occupants until they all arrived at their respective floors. Stepping off, Asami walked past the desk where Miss Li was staring at something on the screen on her computer over the rims of her glasses. She glanced up letting out a quiet 'oh' when she noticed that Asami had stopped in front of her desk. "Can I help you, Miss Sato?"

"Yes, actually," Asami said with a smile, placing her hand on the desk. "Do I have any appointments this weekend?"

"Hmm, let me check," She turned her attention back to her computer, hitting a few keys and moving the mouse around before saying. "You do." She said with a smile and a nod.

"Can you move them to Monday? I have plans and would rather not deal with people hungover."

"Alright," Miss Li said, drawing out the word slightly, "But you have an appointment with Mayor Raiko on Saturday afternoon. I don't think he'd be very happy with you rescheduling your appointment. Again" She gave Asami a pointed look causing pinch the bridge of her nose letting out a deep sigh.

"Alright. See if you can get in touch with his assistant and see if he's willing to reschedule to later today." Miss Li nodded, adjusting her glasses.

"I'll see what I can do."

After thanking her assistant, Asami made her into her office where she pulled out her chair collapsing into it, letting out a heavy sigh. Leaning forward, she pressed the space key and her computer sprung to life. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail, before throwing herself into her work. The sound of her desk phone ringing dragged her out of her thoughts and she pressed the speaker button. "Yes?"

"I have Mayor Riako on hold for you."

Asami pinched the bridge of her nose, letting out a heavy sigh. "Transfer him over."

The line went dead for half a second before there was a quiet click and a voice said from the other end. "Hello, Miss Sato."

"Hello, Mayor Raiko." Asami grabbed her mouse, moving the pointer across the screen clicking on a folder that opened to reveal a series of blueprints. "Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice."

"Enough pleasantries, Miss Sato. I'm in need of an update on the project."

"You can't rush science unless, of course, you want to have something blow up in your face."

"I don't care whether you can or can't rush it. I want results."

"And you'll get them in due time but, until then, all I can offer is to update you on the progress we've made."

The line went silent and Asami wondered if she had just been hung up on when Riako cleared his throat. "Then I expect to be updated, Miss Sato." The line then went dead and Asami picked it up, slamming it back down before leaning back in her chair.

After a moment of silence, she shot forward, interlocking her fingers and stretching her arms out in front of her. "He wants to be updated then updated he will be."

Asami spent the next hour and a half drafting an email to Raiko in order to 'update' him on the progress they had made.

Mayor Raiko,

Per our recent conversation, I will be updating you rigorously on any and all progress made on the project. Attached you will find all material regarding the project we talked about. Please peruse the attached materials at your leisure and get back to me with any questions you might have.


Asami Sato.

Asami looked over the email, nodding and attaching all the files she had on her hard drive, and sent the email.

The rest of the day passed as most do, slowly and without much complications, and soon Asami was on her way home still wired from the events of the day. Thoughts of just what the weekend might hold swirled around her mind and before Asami knew it she was pulling into her parking space. Asami sat there blinking as she came back to the present. 'Oh. That wasn't good.' Collecting her things, Asami exited her car, making her way toward the elevator while trying to remember just how she had made it home in one piece. Jamming her finger against the button she leaned her forehead against the cool metal against the elevator, closing her eyes as she tried to let the stress of the day leave her body. A quiet ding caused Asami to pull her head away just as the doors opened. Stepping onto the elevator, she fished her keys out of her bag and slid it into the keyhole turning it. The button at the top of the keypad which read 'Penthouse' lit up and Asami jammed her finger into it causing the elevator to jerk into motion. She leaned against the back of the wall of the elevator letting out a deep breath as she watched the numbers slowly tick upwards. Further and further up they went until they finally came to a stop at 88 and the doors slowly slid open.

Pushing herself up she moved into her apartment dropping her bag by the door and toeing off her heels. She trudged further into her apartment, pulling her blouse out of her skirt, undoing her bra and pulling it off, and tossing onto her couch. Running her hands through her hair, she made her way toward the kitchen.

Opening the pantry finding it just a little less than completely bare and with a huff, she moved over to her fridge only to find it in a similar state. 'Guess I'm getting takeout again.' She opened a drawer filled with take-out menus, sorting through them until she found one for a Mexican restaurant. Slowly she made her way back to where she had dropped her bag. After pulling her phone from her bag, she opened the phone app and began the process of ordering dinner.

Once her food had been delivered Asami collapsed on her couch turning on her t.v and switched to a channel playing the most mind-numbingly inane show she could find. She wasn't sure when but at some point, she had drifted into a light sleep. She pushed herself up, rubbing the heel of her hand into the corner of her eye as a yawn escaped her lips. Turning her attention to the t.v which was showing some kind of dating game show. Stretching her arms over her head she settled back into the pillows, the feeling of her eyes getting heavier and heavier by the minute until her mind faded once more into the void of sleep.

Asami stood in her closet, a frown pulling at her lips as she tried to decide just what outfit she should wear tomorrow night. She pulled out a cropped black leather jacket with red highlights on the arms and hems, tossing it on the chair in the corner before turning back to clothes. Placing her hands on her hips she dragged her eyes over the closet, trying to figure out what to pair with the jacket. Once she had picked out a pair of skinny jeans and a red blouse she looked at the outfit she had laid out before deciding to try it on.

She looked down at her clothes, walking over to her wall to floor mirror she took in her appearance. The red blouse stood out against the black leather jacket and the dark skinny jeans. She ran a hand over her butt, looking at it in the mirror. She pressed her lips into a tight line as she took in her appearance, a feeling of self-consciousness overcame her, and she stumbled back, collapsing into the chair. She ran her hands over her face, pulling them down as she leaned back letting out a groan. "Spirits, who am I try to impress?" She knew the answer but admitting it was a terrifying prospect.

Reluctantly she pushed herself to her feet, undressed, and setting her outfit on the chair before trudging out of the closet and into her bedroom. Once she was in her bedroom she opened her dresser drawer pulling out an oversized nightshirt. She pulled it on over her head as she made her way over to the bed which she collapsed into. She buried her face into her pillow, closing her eyes as she tried to will herself to fall asleep. As sleep began to claim Asami one last thought made its way to the front of her mind. 'I hope Korra has something fun planned for tomorrow.'