The night of Asami's birthday arrived and, despite all her preparations, a feeling of trepidation had fallen over her as she made her way up to Asami's apartment. Korra leaned against the back of the elevator watching as the numbers slowly ticked upwards. She shoved her hands into her pockets, leaning her head against the cool steel of the elevator wall. She could already tell that this night was gonna be a long one.

The doors slid open and the sound of music could be heard coming from further inside the apartment. As she moved further into the apartment, the sound of voices became more noticeable mixing among the music. She rounded the corner finding Asami along with Opal and Bolin standing in Asami's kitchen laughing, glasses of something in each of their hands. "Pregaming already?"

"KORRA!" Asami yelled, setting her glass down and making her way over to Korra. She gripped Korra's arms, looking up at her with a wide smile on her face. "You're here!"

"Yeah, I said I would be." Korra tried to return the smile but found herself unable to match the level of enthusiasm. "And I am a woman of my word."

Asami continued to smile up at her, Opal interjecting before it became uncomfortable. "Get a room why, don't you?"

Asami spun around, face flushing as she moved over to where Opal and Bolin stood. "Should we wait for Mako?" Opal asked as Korra made her way over to the group.

"Nah." Korra said, taking a seat at the counter, "He said no."

"Sounds about right." Opal said leaning against the counter next to Korra offering her a cup only for Korra to politely refuse. "I'm driving, remember?"

"Right," Opal dragged out the beginning of the word, turning to look at where Asami and Bolin were talking adamantly about something. "So you and Asami, huh?"

Korra turned her head slightly, raising an eyebrow at her. "What about us?"

Opal looked confused as she took a sip from her glass. "You and Asami? You're a thing, right?"

"I'm sorry but I'm not following?"

Opal let out a sigh, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "Are you or aren't you two a couple?"

"What? No of course not!" Korra exclaimed causing Asami to turn to look at them. She gave a half-wave which Asami returned. Korra returned her attention to Opal, "Why does everyone think we're dating?"

Opal seemed to consider the question as she brought her drink to her lips and after swallowing she said, "You two just act like you are." Opal set her glass down, "I mean, you've never taken me bar-hopping for my birthday."

"That doesn't mean anything." Korra scoffed and Opal rolled her eyes.

"You say that but you wouldn't go this far for just anyone," Opal said, finishing her drink and setting her glass on the counter.

"Alright! Are we ready to go!?" Asami yelled over the sound of music.

Both Opal and Bolin replied with an excited, "Hell Yeah!" as they began to gather their things.

Korra watched Asami stopping, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You ready Korra?"

Korra let out a breath, pushing herself up and said, "As I'll ever be." Korra watched as the three made their way toward the elevator. Letting out a heavy breath, she grabbed a half-empty glass from the counter throwing it back before following them out of the apartment.

The ride to the first bar was spent listening to Opal, Bolin, and Asami talk getting to know each other. Korra pulled into a parking space, putting the car into park and glanced over her shoulder at the Opal and Bolin. "Well, we're here."

Korra watched as they both climbed out of the car before turning to look at Asami who was smiling at her. "I don't think I've thanked you enough, Korra."

Korra quirked a brow at Asami, giving her a half-smile. "You don't have to thank me."

"But I want you to know how much I appreciate tonight. Especially given how unhappy you look."

"I'm not unhappy," Korra said but Asami gave her a look that said she didn't believe her. "I'm not! Bars like this just aren't really my scene, is all."

"Then I guess I should thank you twice over." Asami reached forward, placing her hand over Korra's. "Thank you."

Korra pulled her hands away, using it to open the door, muttering. "I told you not to thank me. It's no big deal really." Stepping out of the car, she noticed Bolin and Opal leaning against the trunk whispering back and forth. "Are you two planning on sharing with the class?" Korra asked, causing them to turn to look at her, and Asami who had joined her outside, before giggling and looking at each other. Korra rolled her eyes, slamming the door closed slightly too hard causing the pair to jump. Korra pocketed the keys and looked at Bolin and Opal. "Let's go, ya lovebirds."

Korra pushed open the door to the bar, the sound hitting her ears much too loud for her liking. Bolin and Opal shouldered past her and into the bar while Asami came to a stop beside her. She took Korra's hand in hers giving it a squeeze and a smile before following the pair into the building. Taking a deep breath, Korra mentally prepared herself before following the trio inside.

The inside was loud and rowdy with music blaring from speakers and patrons moving much too closely for her comfort. Korra eventually made it to the bar, taking a seat one over from another patron. The bartender moved over to her, leaning his hand on the counter and smiled. "What can I get you?"

"Just water."

"So, you're designated driver, huh?" The bartender asked as she poured a glass of water into a glass, setting it in front of Korra. "Sucks for you." The bartender said, obviously trying to be friendly but Korra just wasn't in the mood. "O~kay, I'll leave you to brood then."

"I get ya. After a bad day, I don't really feel all that chatty either." The man beside her said, moving to stand up only to pause when Korra spoke.

"Did I say you could sit next to me?" Korra glared at the man out of the corner of her eye who slowly sat back down turning his head to avoid looking at her, instead focusing his attention on the drink in front of him.

"Korra!" Asami yelled, as she nearly fell into the seat next to Korra. She wrapped her arm around Korra's shoulder, leaning into her body. "This place rocks!"

"Glad you like it." Korra laughed, trying to ignore the smell of alcohol on her breath.

Asami leaned forward, placing her arms on the counter. "How'd you find this place?"

"Would you believe me if I said I found it online?" Asami laughed causing Korra to snort and roll her eyes. "Yeah, me neither."

Asami turned her attention from Korra to the bartender who seemed to have been watching the interaction. "Hey, I get a free drink if it's my birthday, right?"

"That's right." The bartender said, making her way over to Asami. "I'll need to see your ID." Korra watched as she reached inside her pocket, pulling out a small wallet and removing her ID which she handed to the bartender. The bartender looked over it, brows furrowed slightly which caused Asami to laugh as she flipped her hair behind her shoulder. "I know I look great for my age, don't I?"

The Bartender gave a polite chuckle as she handed Asami back her ID. "So what can I get for ya?"

"A draft beer," Asami replied and the bartender nodded moving around toward the beer tap.

"Here I thought you would have ordered something a little more classy." Korra leaned on her elbows, turning her head toward Asami as the bartender set a glass in front of her.

Asami thanked her before taking a sip from the glass, wrinkling her nose slightly. She set the glass down on the counter, letting out a satisfied sigh. "Classy or not that tastes good!"

Korra watched Asami set her glass down, leaning into the counter and messing with the handle of her cup. Taking a deep breath Korra took a sip from her glass before asking. "I thought you were having fun?"

Asami shot up, turning to look at Korra with wide eyes. "I am! Why wouldn't I be?"

Korra shrugged, "You just looked bored, is all."

"Well, I'm not!" Asami practically yelled and Korra unconsciously reeled back raising an eyebrow at her.

"Alright. I read ya loud and clear." Korra held up her hands in surrender returning her attention to her water. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as Asami leaned her head in her hands.

"Hey, Korra?" Asami said just out of eye shot, her voice muffled, causing Korra to let out a sigh and turned her attention back to Asami.

"Yes?" Korra quirked a brow up at Asami who quickly threw back her glass, emptying the contents before slamming the glass down.

She licked her lips, swallowing before turning to face Korra. "Why are you doing all this?" Korra raised a brow at Asami prompting her to continue. "I mean, it just doesn't seem like something you'd normally do is all."

"Did Opal put you up to this? Cause I told her-"

"No!" Asami cried, cutting Korra off mid sentence. "She didn't put me up to anything. I just can't help but wonder why you're going this far for me. It seems out of character is all."

"Is it a bad thing to want to do something nice for a friend?" Korra asked, spinning her cup between her fingers.

"No, it's not." Asami said slowly, fiddling with the handle of her glass. They lapsed into silence.

"You two should come have fun!" Opal nearly yelled as she practically jumped onto Korra's back causing her hand to jerk forward knocking her water over.

"Shit!" Korra hissed as she watched the water move forward as the bartender began to move toward it, rag in hand. "Here let me help," Korra said as she bent the water back into her cup. "Here." Korra handed her the half-full glass.

The bartender looked at her in a mix of confusion and shock as she said. "Let me get you some fresh water."

Korra gave her a tight smile. "That would be great. Thank you." She watched as she filled a clean glass with water.

As she set the glass in front Korra her eyes moved upward to where Opal still hung on her back. "Does your friend want anything?"

"A strawberry daiquiris and a sex on the beach." When the bartender raised an eyebrow at her Opal added. "The sex on the beach is for my fiancé."

Korra looked up at Opal, with a raised eyebrow causing her to smirk down at her. "He likes 'em sweet." She winked as she moved around to sit on Korra's other side. "Like me."

Korra rolled her eyes watching as the bartender went to work making the cocktails Opal had asked for. She was mesmerized by how easy she put together the drinks. It was something she couldn't even begin to imagine herself being able to do. She set them down in front of Opal who took them with a smile and a thank you. She grabbed them, standing up and moving so she could lean in between Korra and Asami. "Me and Bolin found a table near the back. You should join us." Korra watched as she stood up straight and began making her way through the crowd.

"Can I get you two anything else?" The bartender asked and Asami leaned forward.

"Actually can I get a Mango Oasis Sunrise?" The bartender nodded and went to work on it. "I'm gonna go sit with Opal. Are you just gonna sit here the whole time?"

"I don't like crowds so yeah."

"You should try and at least have a little fun. I don't want you to just be our babysitter the whole time." Asami placed a hand on Korra's arm, flashing her a smile just as the bartender set Asami's drink in front her. Asami thanked the bartender before grabbing her drink and disappearing into the crowd.

"Thanks." Korra muttered as she took a drink of her water. "I'm having so much fun." Korra looked over the bar watching as people mixed and mingled among themselves. The crowd parted and she could see people sitting at the tables talking among themselves. Korra watched them and then thought about what Asami said. She really didn't like crowds but she also didn't want to spend the whole night alone. Taking a deep breath Korra grabbed her glass and braved the crowds, weaving and dodging between the people before coming into view of the table.

"Korra!" Asami yelled as the pair came into view of the other three.

Korra pulled out a seat, sliding in between Asami and Opal who nudged her in the ribs, giving her a cheeky smile. "Aw, you decided to join us. Asami's been such a good influence on you."

"What am I a toddler?" Korra scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"You certainly act like one sometimes."

Korra wrapped her arms around Opal's neck, pulling her into a headlock and Opal began struggling against it. "I am older than you."

"Should we break them up?" Asami asked.

"Nah." Bolin said with a nonchalant wave of his hand. "They'll sort themselves out on their own."

Opal struggled against Korra's arms, eventually pulling her head from them. "Thanks Korra." Opal muttered as she rolled her neck and shoulders. "Now I'm gonna have to see a chiropractor."

Korra rolled her eyes at the comment before turning to Asami who looked just slightly baffled. "So, having fun yet, Sato?"

Asami brushed a strand of her hair behind her as she muttered. "A lot more now that you've joined us." She pulled out her phone and began fiddling with it. Korra watched as she tapped on the screen mildly curious as to what she was doing when she set the phone to the side looking at Korra. "Can we take a selfie? Ya know for posterity's sake."

"That sounds like fun!" Bolin yelled, wrapped his arms around Opal and Korra squishing them together around Asami. "Take the picture, 'Sami!"

Asami tapped her finger against the screen and there was a flash which caused Korra to scrunch her face up at the sudden influx of light. Bolin let them go, moving back to his seat and Asami let out a short laugh. "Oh yeah. That's a keeper."

"Lemme see." Opal leaned over, across the table and Asami held out her phone. "You have to send me that. I'm gonna hang it on my wall."

"Alright. Give me your phone number and I'll send it right away."

"Oh, it's—"

"Hey," A voice said from the side, cutting Opal off. "'You're Asami Sato, right?"

Asami looked off to the side to see a group of three young looking kids, couldn't be any older than 18 but then you never knew how old someone really was. "Uh, yeah. How can I help you."

The man in the front, and apparent leader, grabbed one of the others by the back of his neck, pushing him forward. "My buddy here's really a big fan of your work and we were hoping to join you for a bit."

"Oh I don—"

"Of course you can!" Opal wrapped her arms around Asami's neck, locking eyes with Korra as she said. "The more the merrier, after all."

"Touché Beifong. Touché." Korra said only to notice how uncomfortable Asami looked as the three pulled up chairs. Korra stood up moving around the table causing the boys to look up at her. "I think you three ought to find somewhere else to sit."

"But your friend said..." The leader spoke, dropping his chair and Korra crossed her arms over her chest.

"My friend misspoke. Leave."

He glared at her in an attempt to intimidate her but eventually seemed to realize that wasn't going to work and left his two friends in tow.

Korra turned and made her way back toward her seat, noticing that Opal was glaring at her and Asami giving her a thankful look. Korra slid back into her seat only for Opal to punch her in the arms. "What the hell, Korr?"

Korra rubbed her shoulder grumbling to herself only for Asami to place a hand over Korra's, flashing her a smile. "Thank you. I really didn't want them to join me."

"I could tell." Korra turned to look at Opal, pointing at a spot on her face. "You've got some egg on your face, Beifong."

"Wait, Beifong?" Asami turned to look up at Opal, "As in Suyin Beifong?"

"Uh, yeah." Opal muttered, pulling away from Asami and grabbing her drink front the table. "She's my mom."

"Really? Do you think you could introduce us? I would love to pick her brain about the engineering marvel that is Zaofu."

Opal rolled her eyes. "Spirits, you sound like my dad."

"Well, can you?"

"Sure. I'll see what I can do."

The group lapsed into silence and Bolin quickly moved to fill the silence grabbing his glass and holding it up. "Hey watch me chug this!" Bolin threw his drink back.

"Bolin stop!" Opal lunged forward in a futile attempt to stop Bolin but was too late as he choked on his drink.

Korra couldn't keep a laugh from escaping her lips as she reached up to cover her mouth with her hand. She managed to stifle the laugh as Opal took her seat and Bolin began wiping his mouth. "I'm sorry." Korra said, removing her hand from her mouth. "That wasn't very funny, was it?"

"Not real—" Opal started to say only to get rudely cut off by Bolin.

"No, it was objectively funny." He placed a hand up against his chest. "I am hilarious."

Korra watched as the couple began to bicker and Asami leaned over to the side bumping her shoulder into Korra's causing the Waterbender to look at the CEO. "You having fun yet?"

Korra hummed, pretending to think before looking at Asami and smirking. "Nope. Not in the slightest." Asami's half smile turned into a full frown and Korra quickly added. "But it's not your fault. I'm just not a big fan of crowds is all. Hard to have fun when you're uneasy and uncomfortable."

Asami looked thoughtful for a moment before looking back at Korra. "Then why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you doing this if it makes you so uncomfortable?"

Korra thought briefly about her answer before speaking. "Well, this is want you said you wanted to do for your birthday and if nothing I always keep my promises."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"Do I need a reason to help you have a good birthday?"

Asami pressed her lips together, letting out a quiet hum. "I guess not."

"Why don't you two get a room already!?" Opal yelled unnecessarily loudly, throwing a wadded up napkin at Korra's head who turned to look at Opal grabbing the napkin and throwing it back at her. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that Asami had turned her head down, a light blush creeping up her face. Korra raised a brow at Asami, opening her mouth only to be cut off completely by Opal when she threw the napkin back at her head.

Korra laughed, leaning into Asami causing her to smile and laugh as well. The next hour was spent much the same way until Korra checked the time and realized that it was time to move on. Korra pushed her chair back, causing the trio to look up at her. "It's time to get going."

"Going?" Opal half slurred looking up at Korra who grabbed her phone from the table.

"Yeah. We have more places to go." Korra shoved her phone in her back pocket. "I'm gonna go pay. Meet me outside." Korra walked away before they could say anything, dodging people as she made her way up to the counter.

The next two bars were much of the same. Loud music and even louder people which put Korra in a bad mood but it was balanced out by the trio who seemed to be having a good time.. People moved in and out, not seeming to care as they bumped into each other. Asami pulled Korra out of the third bar dragging her out into the brisk night air. Korra took a deep breath of the fresh air, enjoying the change in atmosphere. It was just still a little too crowded for Korra's liking but the people were starting to spread out which allowed her to relax slightly.

"Hey Korra," Opal said, grabbing Korra by the sleeve of her jacket causing her to stop and look toward the voice. Her eyes were glazed over slightly and she looked like she was about to fall over. "Me an' Bo are gonna head home."

"Do you need me to give you both a ride home?" Korra raised an eyebrow and Opal shook her head.

"No, but can you call us a cab? We're both, like, really drunk." Opal said, jerking her thumb at Bolin who was leaning against the wall. He gave her a dopey smile and a limp wave.

Korra glanced at the car where Asami was currently singing obnoxiously to whatever song was on the radio. "Yeah sure." Korra pulled out her phone and quickly called the couple a cab. "Do you want me to wait with you?"

"Nah." Opal slurred, reaching up to gently caress Korra's cheek. "Go have fun you beautiful creature, you."

Korra let out an uneasy laugh, gently removing Opal's hand from her face. "I'll go but I refuse to have fun."

"Boo. You're no fun!" She pulled away, pouting and crossing her arms over her chest. "I don't know what Asami sees in you."

Korra watched as Opal stumbled over to Bolin, wrapping her arm around his neck. "Yeah me either."

Korra opened the door, sliding into the driver's seat, reaching over and turning off the music causing Asami to let out an indignant. "Hey!" Korra turned to look at Asami who reached for the radio. Korra slapped her hand away causing her to pull it up against her chest. "That was mean, Korra~"

"Yeah, yeah." Korra muttered as she wrapped her arm around Asami's seat, looking behind her as she put the car into reverse. Carefully, she pulled out of the parking space and onto the street. There was one last stop to make for the night.

Korra looked up at the building, the thudding music echoing down the street and in her ears. "Come on! Let's go!" Asami pulled at her arm causing Korra to let out a sigh as she followed her into the nightclub.

The thudding music was even more obnoxious inside the club then it was outside. People were swaying and grinding to the music in crowds much too large for Korra's comfort. Asami continued to pull at Korra's arm but she dug her heels into the ground causing Asami to stumble into the waterbender. She giggled, leaning into Korra who rolled her eyes. 'We're here but maybe we should just head home.' Korra looked at Asami and started to say, "I think we sho-"

"Dance with me, Korra~" Asami tugged at Korra's wrists which Korra easily pulled away.

Suddenly someone bumped into Korra causing her to tense. "Oh, shit sorry dude or, uh, dudette." The man who bumped into her flashed her a drunken smile before stumbling out the door with his friends.

Korra returned her attention to Asami who was leaning up against the wall, talking with someone rather enthusiastically. She walked over stopping in front of Asami who looked up at her, a dopey smile pulling at her lips. "Hey, Korra."

"I'm gonna sit by the bar. Have fun." Korra half-heartedly said, giving a half-wave as she moved to take a seat at the end of the counter hailing the bartender down.

The bartender, a youngish looking man with slight stubble on his chin, flashed her a smile, "What can I get'cha?"

"A water. No ice." Korra said and the bartender quickly filled a glass setting it in front of her. Korra watched the crowd of people as they danced in time with the pulsing music. She could just barely make out Asami in the crowd of club-goers as she danced with little of her usual grace. Korra turned around picking up her drink and taking a sip. The sounds of people talking and laughing mixed together in the air obnoxiously. It was giving Korra a headache.

"Here," The bartender from before said as he placed something in front of her. Korra picked the package up, slowly examining the item. It looked like... "They're earplugs. I get the feeling that this isn't exactly your scene."

"Yeah," Korra said with an uneasy laugh, "How much?"

"Oh, they're complimentary." The bartender said tapping the side of his head where Korra could see a similar-looking item. "You'll go deaf working here without 'em."

Korra shoved the earplugs in her ears, picking up her drink and turning to look at the dancefloor. The music suddenly changed and Korra watched as the swaying crowd began to slow in time with the rhythm of the music. Korra moved to take a sip of her water, only to nearly choke when Asami nearly fell into her, gripping her upper arm in a vice-like grip. "Korra~" Asami slurred, dragging out the last syllable of her name as she leaned into her. "Come dance with me," Asami pulled at Korra's arm, trying to get Korra to stand up, "Puh-lease!"

Rolling her eyes, Korra reluctantly stood up and let Asami drag her onto the dance floor. They moved through the throngs of people, Korra trying desperately to avoid bumping into anyone. 'Why do places like this have to be so crowded?' They came to a stop in a small opening crowd, Asami wrapping her arms around Korra's neck as they began swaying to the music. Asami tangled her fingers in Korra's hair as she nuzzled her nose into the crook of Korra's neck.

"You smell so nice, Korra." Asami slurred, as she tugged at Korra's shirt. Once her shirt was free from her pants, she slipped her hand under it splaying her fingers against the skin of her back. Korra arched her back, trying to escape the unwanted touch.

Asami suddenly pulled away from Korra's neck, looking up at her with a dopey smile on her face. Korra shifted uncomfortably, trying to lean back further, while still supporting Asami.

"Come m'ere," Asami mumbled, pulling at Korra's neck. Korra reluctantly leaned up, the scent of alcohol on Asami's breath almost overpowering. They swayed there quietly for a few seconds, Korra unsure what to do, when Asami leaned forward pressing her lips sloppily against Korra's.

Korra's brain short-circuited at the contact, unable to process what was currently happening. She could taste the alcohol on Asami's lips and feel her running her hand over her stomach. Asami finally pulled, licking her lips as she looked up at Korra, "I love you, Korra."

Korra snapped back into reality, shaking her head, "Alright, I think you've had enough to drink."

"What? No!" Asami whined, leaning back while still clinging to Korra's neck, "I'm fine~" Asami dragged out the first syllable and Korra had to dig her heels into the ground to keep from stumbling forward.

"No, you aren't," Korra said, her voice firm as she wrapped an arm around Asami's waist and began leading her toward the door. Korra was acutely aware that people were watching her as she exited the club, the cool night air a welcome reprieve from the club's stuffy atmosphere. She moved toward where she remembered parking the car, Asami leaning heavily into her side causing them to stumble sideways. Korra managed to catch herself and let out a sigh as Asami giggled into her ear. "Well, I'm glad you find this funny." Korra rolled her eyes and righted herself and began moving once more.

They came to a stop in front of the car and Korra reached into her pocket, fishing out the keys and struggled to find the unlock button. The sound of the door unlocking caused Korra to let out a breath she hadn't realized she's been holding. Removing her arm from Asami's waist, Korra turned to her holding her hands up, "Stay," Korra turned back to the car, opening the door and gently maneuvered Asami into the back seat of the car. She pulled the seatbelt across her chest, clicking it into the buckle.

Korra moved to close the door only for Asami to grab her wrist, "Don't go~"

"I'll be right back, promise." Korra flashed her a smile, pulling her hand from Asami's grip and closed the door, locking it.

Korra quickly headed back inside and moved toward the counter where she quickly paid their tab and left. Korra unlocked the car, sliding into the driver's side seat glancing over her shoulder to see Asami slumped against the window.

Korra pressed the ignition button, the engine roaring to life and Korra buckled her seatbelt, adjusting her rearview mirror so she could see the sleeping Asami. Pulling out of the parking space and into the street, Korra flipped on the lights as she began driving away from the club. The drive to Asami's apartment was spent in silence, Korra occasionally glancing at Asami in the rearview mirror.

Asami's apartment complex came into sight as Korra came to a stop at a red light. Korra could just barely see the opening to the parking garage around the corner which took a bit of weight off Korra's shoulders. The light turned green and Korra pressed down on the gas, flipping on the turn signal and turned to the right. She kept her eye on the opening of the parking garage, flipping on the turn signal again and turned into the opening. Korra pressed her foot into the break, coming to a stop in front of the blockade. She reached over, opening the glovebox and searching for the keycard. "Come on. Where is it?" Korra muttered under her breath as she practically tossed items out of the glovebox in her search for the keycard. Finally, her fingers found what they were looking for and she sat up. As she sat up, her foot loosened its grip on the break and the car jerked forward causing Korra to press down on it and grip the steering wheel. "Spirts, that was close." Korra let out an uneasy breath, still gripping the steering wheel with a white-knuckled grip.

Rolling down the window, she slid the keycard through the card reader causing the red light to turn green and the barrier to rise. Tossing the keycard onto the dashboard she pressed down on the gas a little too hard causing the car to jerk forward just a little too forcefully. She managed to get control of the car and slowly drove through the parking garage until she came upon an empty parking space. Pulling into the space, Korra put the car into park and pressed the ignition causing the engine to turn off. She grabbed the keys and opened the door, swinging her legs out and pushing herself to her feet. She moved around the car and opened the back door causing Asami's head to fall forward, the seatbelt keeping her from falling to the ground. Korra let out a snort as Asami struggled to push herself up, her hand slipping a few times.

Korra leaned down, helping her up and unbuckling the seatbelt. Taking Asami by her hands she pulled out of the car and to her feet, kicking the door closed. Asami leaned into her, wrapping her arms around Korra's neck causing her to roll her eyes, "Alright, I've had enough." Korra grunted as she leaned down, hooking her arms under Asami's legs and picking her up in a single motion.

Asami unconsciously wrapped her arms around Korra's neck, nuzzling her face into Korra's as she mumbled, "Wow, you're strong," The smell of alcohol on her breath was almost overpowering.

"Thanks, and you reak." Korra huffed as she began the trek toward the elevator at the other end of the parking garage. Korra stopped in front of the elevator and leaned forward to press the up arrow before stepping back and waiting for it to open. When it did Korra was thankful that it was completely empty. She stepped inside, careful not to bump Asami into the corner. Korra gently set Asami down, the CEO clinging to her neck and leaning into her, as she fumbled for the elevator key she knew Asami had given her, eventually finding it in her back pocket. She slid the key into the keyhole, turning it to the right causing the light on the 'PENTHOUSE' button to light up. Korra jabbed it with her finger and the elevator jerked into motion.

"Hey~" Asami said, rubbing her cheek up against Korra's, "Pick me up again, Puh-lease?"

Rolling her eyes, Korra scooped her back into her arms, pulling her close, "Happy?"

Asami nuzzled her nose into Korra's neck, "Very." Asami slurred, tangling her fingers in Korra's ponytail. There was a ding as the doors opened and Korra stepped over the threshold. Glancing around the darkened apartment, Korra hesitated in heading toward the stairs. The idea of carrying the still very drunk Asami up the stairs was in no way appealing and instead turned and moved toward the guest room.

Asami nuzzled her face into Korra's neck, "So strong," The smell of alcohol on her breath nearly making Korra gag as she kicked the door open. She stumbled into the room, hitting a stray box with her foot causing Korra to let out a shocked yelp and nearly drop Asami. "Don't drop me!" Asami huffed, tightening her grip on Korra's neck causing her to glare down at the drunk women in her arms. Stomping over to the side of the bed and pulled her arms out from under Asami sending both women tumbling into the bed. Asami giggled into her ear, pulling Korra's hair out of its ponytail. Korra pulled back causing Asami to tighten her grip on Korra's shirt, "Don' leave~"

Korra disentangled herself from Asami, moving to the edge of the bed and glanced at Asami who had curled up into a ball, seemingly already having fallen asleep. "Hope you had a happy birthday Asami." She whispered before standing and moving around the bed, her foot colliding with the same box again, "Shit!" She stepped over it and made her way out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her leaving it open just a crack.

She trudged over to the couch, collapsing onto it and rolled into the crevice of it. She closed her eyes and let sleep claim her mind.

Asami's mind began to swim into awareness, a deep throbbing causing her to groan and bury her face in her pillow, the sounds of her apartment were all much too loud. The air conditioner sounded like a lion's roar in her ear and the sound of someone moving around was like a giant stomping around nearby. Asami pulled her pillow over her ears, trying to muffle the sounds assaulting her from outside the bedroom door. She slowly but surely fell back asleep only to be jerked back into unwelcomed awareness with the sound of the door being opened. Asami looked up to see Korra standing in the doorway, looking almost ethereal with backlight shining against her.

"Asami," Korra finally spoke, moving into the room. "You finally awake?"

Asami collapsed back onto the bed, screwing her eyes shut and letting out a groan, "No!"

Korra let out a short laugh, "Maybe this will help motivate you to get moving," And suddenly her room was flooded with light causing Asami to turn over burying her face in her pillows.

"Too Bright," Asami groaned while pulling her comforter over her face only for the comforter to be gently tugged off revealing Korra's face, smiling down at her.

"I think it's time to get up."

"Don't wanna," Asami whined, screwing her eyes shut, "Head hurt,"

Korra laughed, "If you get up, I'll make you breakfast," Reluctantly, Asami opened her eyes regarding Korra warily. "How do bacon and egg sandwiches sound?"

"Good," Asami hummed, "Very Good,"

"Okay," Korra laughed again, giving her shoulder a squeeze before standing up, "I'll get started on breakfast." She cast a glance down at Asami adding, "Maybe a shower will help you wake up?"

Asami watched as Korra left, leaving Asami alone. She buried her face back in her pillows, closing her eyes against the light but found herself unable to fall back asleep. Reluctantly she sat up, stretching her arms over her head before letting them fall by her side. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she ran her hand through her hair, a yawn escaping her mouth. Pushing herself to her feet, Asami's head swam and she stumbled forward slightly barely managing to catch herself before she stumbled into the dresser. She closed her eyes waiting for the spinning to stop before continuing forward only for her foot to collide with something. "Fuck," Asami looked down to see a cardboard box that had been left in the middle of the floor. Taking a deep breath, Asami stepped over the box and made her way toward the door which was slightly ajar. Pushing it open she found that she was still on the first floor, having spent the night in the guest bedroom. The sound of someone moving around further into the apartment caused her to press her hand into her temple stumbling forward slightly as she walked toward where the stairs probably were. When her foot collided with the bottom-most stair she knew she'd been going in the right direction. Opening her eyes, Asami started slowly climbing the stairs, keeping one hand on the railing as she did so. Once she arrived on the second floor, she took a moment to get her bearings before making her way toward her bedroom. Once the door was open she started undoing the buttons on her shirt and letting it fall to the ground. As she moved past her bureau she caught her reflection in its mirror. 'I can see why she told me to shower. I look disgusting.' Her hair was a mess and her make-up was smeared across her face, her eyeshadow looking like a Racoon-Dog, and not the cute kind.

Stepping into the bathroom Asami finished disrobing and moved toward the shower. Turning the water on high she stepped inside letting the scalding hot water pour over her body. She ran one hand through her hair, yanking out the tangles and grabbing a washrag with her other. She ran it over her face, wiping away last night's caked-on makeup and then let it fall to the floor. Asami turned her head toward the water, trying to piece together the rather blurry events from last night. It all stopped making sense around the third bar and the sixth round of drinks. Images of rowdy crowds and drunks bar-goers all enjoy their night out on the town. Memories of Asami flirting rather obnoxiously with Korra causing Asami to cringe inwardly. Just how tolerant Korra had been of her drunken antics was commendable.

As Asami continued to stand under the water a single memory floated through the front of her mind. The memory of Asami pressing her lips against Korra's and her fingers splay up against Korra's stomach. Asami shook her head, letting out a weak laugh. "As if," Asami ran her hands over her face. "As if that really happened." She reached out turning off the water and pushed open the door. She stepped out onto the bathmat, pulling the towel from the rack she began to wipe her body. As she ran the towel over her head a single thought wedged itself into her mind. 'What if it really did happen?' Again she shook her head of the thought. 'There's no way.' But it still lingered not quite letting go of its hold on her mind. 'But what if...' Asami looked down at the towel blinking and pressing her lips into a straight line. 'Only one way to find out, I guess...'

She hung the towel up, running a hand through her hair letting out a sigh. She turned on her heel and walked out into her bedroom. After quickly getting dressed, Asami headed back downstairs where she could smell something delicious being cooked. Asami made her way toward the kitchen, where Korra was standing in front of the stove spatula in hand, an apron tied around her back. "H-hey," The words came out quieter than she meant for them to but Korra looked up regardless flashing her a toothy smile.

"Feel any better?" Korra quirked a brow at Asami as she slid into a chair, leaning her head on the counter.

"A little. My heads still killing me." Asami said, running her fingers through her hair.

Korra let out a short laugh, "Let's get some food in you and see if that helps." A comfortable silence fell over them as Korra returned her attention to the food. Asami watched Korra work, the thoughts from earlier floating back to the front of her mind.

"Hey, Korra?" Asami hesitantly asked, leaning her head into the crook of her arm.

Korra glanced over her shoulder. "Hmm?"

"Sorry if this seems a bit out of left field," Asami mumbled, avoiding eye contact. "But did I do anything strange last night?"

"Strange how?"

Asami buried her face further in her arm while running her hands through her hair, "Like, I dunno, kiss you?" Korra stopped what she was doing and turned to look fully at Asami. "I know its weird but I just have this image in my head-"

"Yes," Korra said and Asami's head jerked up. "You did."

Asami felt her face heat up in embarrassment as she reburied her face in her arms, wrapping her arms over her head. "Oh god, just kill me now." Asami groaned.

Asami pulled at her hair, banging her head against the marble countertop. "Hey," Korra said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Stop that."

Asami looked up through her eyelashes at Korra, a frown pulling at her lips. "You're not upset with me?"

"Why would I be?" Korra asked, tilting her head to the side slightly.

Asami pushed herself up and off of the counter. "Because I kissed you," She looked off to the side. "Without your consent."

Korra rubbed the back of her neck, looking slightly uneasy, "Normally you'd be right but given how much you'd had to drink last night I'm gonna give you a pass."

'You really shouldn't,' Asami hid her face in her arms, "Does it really not bother you?"

"It didn't say that." Korra said, "I just said I wasn't mad." Asami looked up unsure as to just what she meant but eventually looked away, burying her face in her arms wishing she could just disappear.

"Hey, It's fine Asami," Korra said, placing a hand on Asami's shoulder.

Asami shook her head, "No, it's not.

"Asami," Korra placed her hands on Asami's face, moving her face up so she was looking into her eyes, "If I said it's fine then it's fine."

"But-" Asami started only to be abruptly cut off by Korra.

"Stop trying to make a bigger deal out of this than it is." Korra squeezed her face, "Okay?"

"Okay," Asami mumbled and Korra let go of her face, turning her back to her. Asami watched as Korra moved around the kitchen, cleaning up the mess she made and Asami let out a sigh, looking down at the food in front of her. The bacon and egg sandwich looked delicious but Asami had suddenly lost her appetite.