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The Forest: An area of just pure red-wood like trees reaching up at least 50 meters with no sign of any animals in sight, minus bugs. The area takes up the spot near the curving side of the island and spans over a couple hundred meters. The gems do not patrol the forest due to its overall shady conditions, unfit for fighting. This is due to the tree's densely packed leaves that only let small rays of sun through. Like any other forest, the ground is covered in foliage with tree saplings here and there.

Above them, the waves crashed against each other making small waves as the sun rays beat down onto the sea illuminating the once very lively ocean. The once prosperous ocean was frozen on that day the Admirabilis got captured but that doesn't matter now, Spinel is waking up.

*Muffled yawn* Cracking an eye open, Spinel forgot where they were and began to panic scaring off the marine life before calming down "Right, I'm on the surface now and in the sea" they stretched their back making some satisfying pops, at this point Spinel didn't even question the logic of their body at this point.

And with a yawn they stood up from their resting place. Looking all around themselves, they grimaced at the expanse of the whole place "This whole ocean must take at least a month or two of fully exploring every crevice!" they yelled although the water suppressed them. Standing up they closed their eyes and spun a couple of times before opening their eyes, they sighed in annoyance "That's back to the island..." 'Idiot' they gave themselves another whirl and successfully pointed into a random direction deeper into the ocean. Nodding they gathered their stuff before heading off.

They found a giant crack underwater that reached on for a mile or so 'It appears I've made it to an underwater ravine of sorts' along the way here they saw some of forest of underwater vines that reached to the water surface and even a tree! Though it was leafless but nonetheless, a tree! Anyways, entering the ravine left them in almost pitch black environments, but there were glowing jellyfish that lit up certain areas. Walking along and touching the rocky surface of the walls, they found something sparkling by unknown means. Walking up to it, it shined at Spinel 'I didn't know Diamond naturally formed underwater… wait, this isn't Diamond!' increasing their hardness up to an 8 they dragged their fingernail across the surface, leaving a visible trail behind. They were no expert but even they knew this wasn't Diamond. Trying to think back to the lesson Aechmea gave them about gems they dragged the gem across the wall, leaving a white trail behind. They hummed before throwing it in the dark hearing it's muffled movement echo between the walls.

Walking deeper into the ravine they found multiple jellyfish swimming around each other, almost as if dancing with each other along with multiple other fish. They were so enticed by the performance they stopped in place.

They stood there watching as their bioluminescence changed colors and encircled each other giving Spinel quite a show to watch. They swam around each other, and moved around in unison as if dancing to an invisible tune.

Not trying to interrupt them, Spinel gave them space as they started to ascend from the ravine, looking back at the fishes they froze as they gained a terrified look. All the marine life...were staring right at Spinel. They screamed on the inside and climbed the hell out of there and even threw themselves on the sand afterwards "Okay...what the hell was that?" they shivered remembering the image. They got on all fours and peaked over the crest and saw everything was back to normal "This water is driving me nuts!" they got up and decided now was a good time to get back to the mainland.

Dia moaned in their sleep as they arose with sleep eyes, they yawned as they brought their hands up, stretching out their back. They rubbed the sleep out of theirs stayed in a sat up position before their eyes widened 'Shoot, someone brought me here that means they were looking for me last night, after I slipped away to meet Spinel!' looking at the sun, well the sun hasn't even risen yet, they could tell it was 7 in the morning giving them enough time to make up an excuse yet each one horrible as the last one. 30 minutes passed as they tried to make a believable excuse but then they realized something that relaxed them, if ever slightly, everybody trusts them so it'll give them an easier time to lie...hopefully

Though there was Yellow, Euclase, and about every gem who isn't very naive to worry about, they'll take the excuse at first yeah, but they're going to think more than the rest of the gems making this harder than it should be. Furrowing their brows they came up with something half-true and half-false 'I was chasing something I saw running in the hills, it led to me the forest when I gave chase but shortly after, I lost it in the dense foliage. Eventually I couldn't get out once night came around making me pass out where I was found' they nodded not knowing somebody was standing in the doorway "Dia?" they flinched when they were called and turned to see Phos standing in the doorway with sleepy eyes "Yes, Phos?" they said back with a sweet voice making Phos smile "Where were you last night?" Dia sighed before getting up and getting their sword.

"I'll tell everybody later alright, Phos-u~?" Phos giggled at the nickname before nodding, disappearing from the doorway making Dia sigh. After changing out of their sleeping clothes to their summer uniform they strapped their sword on tight. Noticing commotion outside they summed up everybody was awake, they popped their neck before stepping out.

Walking towards the meeting area, all the other gems gave them a stare whispering to each other. Though Dia was smiling like normally on the outside they scowled on the inside 'If you got something to say then say it!' they smiled at Zircon and Yellow when they saw them not knowing that they were Dia's 'rescuers'. Standing in the back of the gathered gems, Dia awaited Bortz who would most likely be pissed off due to Dia's absence. "DIAAAA" and speaking of the devil themselves, hearing the scream in distance they prepared themselves for the eventual storm. Hearing stomping in the distance and seeing the gems parting way, even Dia was pretty surprised at anger the gem can produce but they didn't let up their small grin. Dia opened their arms out wide 'Come, let your emotions run wild' they saw the gems back up, most likely trying to avoid Bortz' wrath.

Eventually, the last pair of gems parted letting Diamond be revealed to Bortz. Bortz features flashed seeing Dia. They started to run and eventually dived at their partner. Dia saw this coming, already used to Bortz and caught them mid-air in a hug. Every gem expected Bortz to lash out to Dia...except Bortz didn't.

*sob* "D-Dia I was-was so worried a-about you" cried Bortz as Dia pat massaged Bortz' head with their trademark smile. "I th-thought the Lu-Lunarians got y-you *hic* w-when we weren't looking!" they sobbed even harder as Dia led them away, carrying Bortz to a more secluded area. Once in a more private location then whispered out "Come on, let it all out" and boy did Bortz let it all out as they cried harder than they ever did.

Some gems came and checked up on them but Dia silently waved them back. "Dia…" said gem looked down and tilted their head "...Never leave me like that again" Dia nodded and giggled, rubbing their head "I won't at least without telling you that is" Bortz sighed as they relished the feeling. They rubbed the back of their head calming down the gem on their lap "Come on" they softly forced them to look at Dia "Let's go back" Bortz nodded getting up, gripping their sleeve hard '*sigh* nobody has seen this side of Bortz in the open, only select others have seen them like this..ever' they put their arm around Bortz as they felt them shiver "Bortz I'm here don't worry~" they nodded assuringly.

They took an extra minute so Bortz could recompose themselves before facing the other gems. Coming back to the meeting place, Sensei was already there ready to give a small debrief before the gems give their own patrolling areas. Once Kongo-Sensei saw Dia, he waved at them to come "I'll be back alright?" they whispered to Bortz who nodded before releasing their grip on Dia's shirt. Standing next to their Sensei, he looked at them "Now, Diamond, would you care to explain to your fellow gems why you were absent yesterday?" even if he hid it well, Dia could tell he had a layer of anger making them worried on the inside, not because he'll shatter them oh no, they're worried he'll see through their lie. Opening their mouth they gave their planned explanation to everybody. Dia smiled when they took it well and they all soon forgave Dia for their absence at such a crucial moment.

Giving everybody a moment to process the explanation they went back to Bortz and zoned out once they gave out patrol areas. Thinking about what happened yesterday they couldn't help but ask 'What's Spinel doing?' they shrugged confusing some gems near them.

*Siiiiigh* Spinel sighed as they trekked back to the mainland, they didn't want to use the cube just in case they run into a gem once inside the forest. Though, now it looks like they got lost underwater. Deciding to shed some weight they swam to the surface of the water and peeked their head out. They groaned once they realized they were walking in the wrong direction the whole time. Making sure they were going to walk the correct way, they sunk back down and resumed their walk. They ignored eye contact with any sort of life, still creeped out by what happened earlier.

Half an hour later they noticed the sand started to elevate showing Spinel that they were nearing the island. Breaching the water surface they coughed out some water before taking a deep breath of fresh air. Even if the sea proved to be rather...interesting, they decided to stay on drylands was a better choice. The sun was already halfway through the sky and decided to run to the forest, about the only place they can hide without being seen in the open. They stuck to running around the edges of the island. Coming back to the forest they climbed a tree and hid on the top with enough leaves and branches to hide them from the outside world.

They peeked their head out and saw various glints of the gems that patrol the island. Though clouds were starting to move in, making Spinel sigh "The gems know the Lunarians can't come when there are clouds, so that means they're not going to patrol today...I think" they muttered to themselves before climbing back down the tree. Whistling they broke off a couple branches along the way, and a couple I mean by a bunch, and once they got back down to the floor level they pulled out some vines they cut from the underwater forest of vines and started to tie the branches together.

Using their dagger to cut the excess, they backed up and looked at their small project: a wooden target. Again with their dagger they stabbed the top of the target and stuck it in the trunk behind it. Backing up at least a hundred meters while pulling out an arrow with a metal tip instead of the typical blunt one, they whirled out their bow. Putting in the arrow they pulled back the string and took a deep breath. Letting the arrow soar in the air it whistled and thumped against the target, just in the center 'Just how I like it' she complimented them, making them slightly smile. nocking another arrow in they pulled back the string aiming just above the last one. Hearing a branch creak they immediately found where it came from 'Above me to my right!' they aimed that way and released the arrow. They widened their eyes as they saw the arrow did indeed hit a tree, but what they didn't expect was Dia to be there.

Fortunately they were able to tilt their head a couple of degrees to the right just narrowly missing their head.

Dia frowned while putting their hands to the side of their head, just feeling some hairs missing "While my head is weak against other objects, I do cherish it so don't try to get rid of it" they advised making Spinel laugh. They jumped up and ripped the arrow out of the trunk and put it back in the quiver "But that's what I'm good at doing...apparently" walking towards the makeshift target, Diamond jumped down and followed suit. Looking back, Spinel questioned them "Shouldn't you be back at the school?" they shook their head.

"We can still patrol the island even if the clouds are above us, and better yet we can do it alone. But since it's cloudy and the forest is dense I'm feeling a bit tired already." they stood particularly in the area that let more sun through despite the cloudy conditions. Looking at the target, just one arrow from Spinel managed to crack the target in two. Diamond told them of what happened at the school surprising Spinel "They cried? Well I'll be..." from the description they read on the moon, Bortz was a supposed battle-hungry gem who always has a stone-faced expression on at all times.

Well, they're technically a gemSTONE heh, I'll stop.

Spinel saw Dia sit down and did the same thing just across from the "They only break down like that in rare moments, such as when they thought I was captured by the Lunarians" Dia shifted their hands to under their chin and closed their eyes "Though I understand their worry, I am older than them so they would, of course, be distraught once they found out that their elder was completely missing, I like how they care for me" they tilted their head "...How old are you?" Spinel slowly asked making Dia open an eye and focusing it into Spinel's pair "I won't say until you tell me yours" they fired with a smile while tilting their head.

(Note: This is Pre OverProtective-Bortz)

Spinel pursed their lips "Ah, that's how it's going to be then? I guess your age doesn't matter to me anymore" Dia let their annoyance show on their face and gained a devilish smile.

Instead of getting a getting proactive response, Dia fired them a carefree answer "Oh well" they grimaced at their reply and ripped the arrow out of the target. Checking the tip, it was barely scratched up and put it back in the quiver. They brought Dia's attention when they put their bow aside "So when did you learn to use that thing?" Dia pointed at my bow and they shrugged in response still having the small frown on their features "I already had's complicated to explain."

They hummed in response leaning against a tree "Well I managed to cover up my absence like I said, the only problem is that some gems might catch onto my lie...good thing Lapis is gone" Spinel looked at them with a deadpanned expression not bothering to ask who Lapis was "I'm not going to stay here forever you know? Only a month is all I'm doing" Dia crossed their arms.

Sighing, Dia turned around "The risk of you being found is high if you trek out this forest, so be careful just in case" Spinel grinned in response "Is that worry I hear?" Dia giggled "No silly, I'm just saying it so I don't pulled into this" they shook their head "Also, if you find any gem wandering the forest, avoid them and if they do engage you...then" Dia closed their eyes making a frustrated expression "...try to explain to them that you're a gem not carved by Kongo-Sensei's hand. But rather by another race in the sea." Spinel nodded 'Do they know of the once prosperous Admirabilis?'

…"What if they don't buy the lie?" Dia sighed.

"Do what you must to keep your identity a secret if you have too, take an arm since our body parts are where the memories are kept...dont ask how that works, supposedly it's in our inclusions according to Rutile and Sensei" Spinel happily agreed with that.

Dia stood up, dusting their uniform off "Hey, I'm going to go back now so they don't get suspicious of my absence, I was just checking up on you just in case" Spinel gave them a thumbs up. Just as Dia passed a tree they suddenly turned around and jogged back to Spinel "And one more thing, if you ever need to fight one of us. It's better if you try to talk to them, I trust that you won't call your buddies up on the Moon right?" Spinel scoffed at the requests 'I can't promise such things to a person who I just met yesterday!' they frowned trying to search for an answer.

Spinel took a deep breath "I can promise trying to talk the situation out but I can't promise you if the Lunarians suddenly come and capture them. My presence here must stay in absolute secrecy" 'Even if a certain gem saw me yesterday by a cliffside' Dia smile stayed at first but downturned at the last part, all they did was turn around and leave, leaving Spinel in a state of nervousness.

Spinel never noticed a certain pair of light-blue eyes staring at Spinel from behind a tree. They twirled an arrow idly between their fingers watching as Dia left the forest, they sighed in annoyance once they left their line of sights.

They loaded the arrow in their bow and shot it at a tree Dia passed "What's with them?" they asked no one. Hearing a twig crack they aimed their bow at a tree 'I don't remember seeing any animals coming in here…' nearing the tree they unsheathed their dagger, and put their bow down softly "...Come out" they yelled, hearing some shuffling it prompted Spinel to move forward. Holding the dagger in a reverse grip they approached the other side of the tree and raised their dagger up.

They rushed the hiding spot "Gotcha!..." only to find nothing, they relaxed their arms and rubbed the back of their head with a perplexed expression while sheathing their dagger. They turned around only to find a peppermint blue gem standing there, with their bow "D-Don't move!" on the outside Spinel looked scared giving the other gem an edge. But on the inside was a different story 'Why do they bow? And to make it even worse, it's the three-and-a-half, Phosphophyllite!' they trembled as their mouth failed to suppress some giggling '...It's them.

Phos pulled the string back and pointed it towards Spinel and saw them trembling making them smile 'H-ha! I'm actually scaring them!' they thought it was going to be harder than this! Earlier Phos saw Dia leave and Phos being Phos they followed their older peer and found them talking to a gem they have never seen before! They wanted to go back to the school but a cliche like twig was placed behind them leading them to this scenario. They couldn't but feel that Dia acted... different, when they around this gem but they had them under their sights! And they were scared nonetheless!...poor Phos.

Spinel started walking forward making Phos walk the other way "I'm w-warning you!" Spinel grin- no they Smiled a toothless smile in amusement while their eyes narrowed, making Phos shivered at the glare 'Why do their eyes look like Bortz'!' and that smile wasn't helping much either.

Spinel was in a daze not knowing exactly they were going to d- '...Do it.' said 'The Voice' in Spinel's head, they quickened their pace backing Phos up into a tree. Phos seeing no other way, let the arrow go only to widen their eyes in fear as Spinel caught in mid-air no biggie. 'It's like they were just swatting a fly away!'. They threw the bow at them only for them to catch it just like the arrow.

After catching the arrow they pinned the gem against a tree and decided to scare the little gem a little more, pulled their dagger out and trailed it across their cheek "Now why would you decided to grab something that's not yours?" they whispered as they looked Phos in the eyes, flashing a new set of colors 'Do it' they evilly smiled as they agreed with the voice, nodding subconsciously.

"I-I-I W-want-" Spinel put a finger to their lips "Shhh don't you know better than using somebody else's weapon? Not only that but against their owner?" they stopped trailing the dagger and proceeded to slowly dig it in their neck making the gem squeak in pain, smiling as they did 'Do it, It's his fault!' their mind was clouded over meanwhile Phos tried to retaliate. They tried to push off Spinel but to no avail as they weighed heavier tenfold. Phos began to get scared not at all used to what's happening to them "St-stop! I-I don-don't *hic* want to get cap-captured!" Spinel's hazed over eyes snapped wide open as they dropped the dagger in surprise and took a step back. Phos slid down the tree as they started to break down, a crack running down their forehead to the hole they created. The blue gem looked up at Spinel with scared eyes.

Spinel stared at their hands in horror 'What was that? Why did I do that? Why did She decide to speak up of all times!' they looked at their dagger as its tip was coated in small flakes of Phosphophyllite. They slowly flicked the flakes off as they approached the downed blue gem. Phos saw this and attempted to crawl away only to trip and fall back down.

They crouched down to Phos' level and spoke softly "You're not getting captured I promise you" Phos did a small whine as they felt Spinel grab their hand. Phos looked up and met a genuinely warm smile, not like the cold and cruel one they saw earlier. Phos stayed wary, but flinched once they saw their blade once more making them cry out in panic "Wait! Shh" they tried to calm Phos down and impaled their dagger in the trunk, almost going down to the grip. Grabbing their other hand, they lifted them up while rubbing their neck where they got stabbed, at first Phos threw their head back avoiding their touch. Spinel tried once more this time being more successful "I'm sorry for doing this to you, I don't know what came across me'.

Phos looked up at Spinel with glossy eyes "R-really yo-you mean it?" Spinel nodded with a small smile. They nodded 'I wonder how old you are…' they picked up their bow and put it on their back "Wh-who are you? I haven't seen you at the school" Phos asked lightly garnering a glance from Spinel. Coming up to the gem they patted their head, being taller than then "May I ask how old you are?" Phos nervously shuffled their feet "I'm only 153 years old" making Spinel's eyes went wide 'older than me by 50 years?' "How about you?..." Phos trailed off not knowing the gems name in front of them.

Seeing no other way since they overheard the conversation between them and Dia, they finished off their sentence "Spinel and I won't say...Say, Phos can you do me a favor?" Phos tilted their head "Can you forget ever meeting me?" Phos' mouth opened but before they can get a word out, Spinel kept going "Please, my presence must not be known. For you and your relative's safety, I must stay a secret. You can keep a secret right?" they nodded quickly, to quick for Spinel's liking "If you want to talk about me, then talk to Dia, they know about me too, assuming you followed them am I correct?" they sheepishly nodded being caught by a gem they didn't even know.

They nervously looked away not knowing to request their part of the deal "...I can promise I won't tell anybody else of you, only if you teach how to use...that" they pointed behind Spinel, at first they didn't know what they were pointing at and turned around. Feeling something absent from their back they whirled around to find Phos holding their bow once more. They took a deep breath as they felt that same nagging feeling from before and ignored Her voice "Phos, what did I tell you from taking other people's property without their permission" ripping out the dagger they pointed it at them. Of course, they were joking…'Pretty cruel joke now that I think about it' Spinel thought. Phos dropped the bow and put their arms in front of their neck "S-sorry!" they yelled backing away from Spinel. Their eyes widened 'Did..did I scare them that much?' they wouldn't fault the gem, if they had a dagger digging into their neck they for sure would've been scared to death.

Focusing back on the gem, they sheathed their dagger and picked up the bow testing the string as it hummed each time they let go of it. "Come here" they waved at Phos who hesitantly walked forward. They brought the bow for Phos to hold "R-Really?" Spinel nodded "It's the last thing I can do for your forgiveness." Phos frowned "But it wasn't your was mine" they muttered, reducing their hardness, they patted Phos' head making sure they both wouldn't shatter.

"Come on...I'll show you" 'You are very young still haven't seen the concept of death have you?'. Phos smiled as they slowly equipped Spinel's weapon. Just then Spinel had someone to talk too. But one thing bothered them, the crack that Phos had on their face "What are you going to do about that crack on your face" Phos looked blanky before they smacked their head, feeling for the crack. They laughed nervously "Don't worry about it...the others know I'm clumsy so Rutile will pass it off for that...the hole in my neck I'm not so sure..." they muttered something that even Spinel didn't pick but judging my Phos' down expression it couldn't be any good. Spinel picked them and threw them in the air making Phos scream before being caught by Spinel "Alright tomorrow we start, get a good night's rest".

It was just a day after I met Spinel yet, I couldn't help but feel ecstatic! Reason? Because I was going to be taught something new!

*Day prior* After returning yesterday from the forest, I had told Rutile that I had fallen and cracked my face by accident. Rutile just rolled their eyes and mended to my injuries if you can call them that. Rutile never mentioned why or how I got the hole in my throat as they filled it in with Phosphophyllite they had laying around. Once Rutile was done, I was too nervous to approach Dia so I decided to do it another day or when I get caught talking to Spinel.

I had taken a seat in front stairs by the pond and looked up at the sun as it started to set in the distance. Though Spinel did technically hurt me, it was justified...sort of. I mean I would get mad too if somebody was using my weapon against me but then again... I can't even lift a sword! I think, I still have to try.

I yawned never noticing that the sun went down as the moon slowly crept up, though thanks to the ponds jellyfish, I was able to stay awake. I can't help but think I've seen Spinel somewhere before...but I can't get my finger on it! Just as I was thinking of going to sleep, an unexpected guest sat next to me "Boo!" just as I was about to let go an ear-piercing screech, a gloved hand covered my mouth.

Looking at the owner of said hand, was none other than everybody's elder, Yellow Diamond. They were shaking as some of their laughed escape their sealed lips, I swiped their hand away and pouted "Y-yellow! That wasn't funny!" I yelled. Their eyes widened as they burst into laughter next to me. I only looked away with arms crossed as I heard their laugh die down. Turning around, I saw Yellow with a satisfied smile "Ya done?" they snorted as they began a new set of laughs again, I elicited a sigh as I laid my back against the steps.

"O-ok I'm-done now!" they struggled to say as they tried to push back their giggles. I couldn't help let a smile cross my features. We sat in silence as we watched the moon rise, first to break the silence was Yellow "So Phos, what are you doing out here so late?" I turned to look at them as the moonlight basked half of their face in light. I shrugged in response "I was going to go to bed earlier...but you know" they smiled as they looked back. They clapped their hands with a smile making me look at them "Alright since you were planning to go bed too I'll do the same" I deadpanned 'You were heading to bed but since I was out here you decided to make fun of me?' I nodded my head agreement, 'sides they had a long day ahead of them.

Standing up they both made their way back to their dorm rooms as their heels clicked in the silence. Passing Yellow's room, they bid each other a goodnight as Phos entered their respective room, jellyfish lighting up, and promptly threw themselves on the bed. The jellyfish confusedly went back to sleep.

*Back to the present*

Though today was a clear day, and when there was a clear day it meant that my elders are out and about fending off the Lunarians. So I had to sneaky sneak my whole way there, and ducking whenever a glint or shine was seen in the distance "This was harder than I thought" currently they were triangulated, Neptunite and Benitoite to the North-East, Bortz, and Dia to the South-West, and finally Morga and Ghoshe to the North-West. The Amethyst twins were to the South-East but they were deeper down in the island 'Who knew I could memorize their positions so easily' I felt pride at remembering their spots from the meeting but back at the topic at hand.

Due to the some of the island's grass being tall, I was able to crouch walked most of the way there. But soon my luck ran out as the tall grass soon ran short and began to shorten up "Well, you were useful when you were" I patted the ground and peeked my head out the grass.

The forest was a couple hundred meters and If I run I should be able to make it! Preparing myself mentally and physically I burst out the wall of grass and tripped...falling on my face. I groaned massaging where I got hit 'Just a crack' getting up, I attempted again and began running towards the forest.

I smiled upon entering the forest and did a little jump in celebration. My metaphorical heart sank when I focused back on the forest 'W-Where was Spinel at again?' I only ever followed Dia in! Not out! Ughhh I should've paid attention when I left too! Yay me. I sunk my head as pump hand in the air before I snapped my head back up 'There in the center! They have to be! the flag was there when I-I...met them' I paused when I recounted how we met but shook my head dispersing the thoughts.

I took a step forward into the forest, never knowing how much one month could impact my future outcomes…or how I would come to know Spinel themselves.

Trekking into the forest was almost eerie since they were deeper in the forest, wind couldn't reach them as much as the leaves on the canopy above were rustled by the wind. Suddenly the wind cut out leaving Phos in complete and utter silence "What?" they whispered as they heard a branch creak in the distance. They ignored the sound, determined on finding Spinel. Walking towards the center, or they hoped they were, they heard another branch creak this time closer and shut their eyes. Opening their eyes they exhaled as fear started to creep up their spine.

They froze in place as they heard the branch they passed whine under pressure, their eyes widened, eyes becoming matching pinpricks as their breathing began to accelerate. They slowly, oh so slowly turned around and looked up...only to meet nothing. They sighed turning back around, yeah it just their imagination playing tric-

"How ar-"

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE-" they released one of the loudest screams in their whole life as the whale seemed to travel across the whole island even making Kongo-Sensei worried on which sort of animal made that sound. Spinel increased their hardness scale as they stood right next to the epicenter and promptly slapped their hand across Phos' mouth. Phos was still screaming despite having the hand covering their mouth as they had their eyes shut tight. Muffled screaming was better than an audible Scream.

Wait no not li-

After Phos was finished emptying their lungs out, they cracked an eye open meeting Spinel's annoyed and bemused expression "You know, if I knew such a weak gem had a scream that powerful then I wouldn't have done that. Dear god, you have a scream that you can literally weaponize!" Spine poked at, flustering Phos as they took a step back.

"S-Spinel! That wasn't funny" that made it two days in a row where they got scared as Spinel elicited small giggles 'At least they didn't laugh as hard as Yellow did' they were thankful for that at least. They waved it off as they focused back on Phos "Come," Phos followed Spinel as they made their way deeper into the forest. Stopping, Spinel looked around and nodded at their surroundings. Pulling out their bow and slipping out a couple of arrows, they turned around faced Phos "Alright take note that this is where you shall 'train' for the time being, here show me how you use a bow" Spinel held their bow out to Phos who nervously grabbed it along with an arrow they were given.

Spinel pointed at a random tree a couple meters away making Phos nod. They stood firmly an- "Alright, now you already messed up" Phos mouth opened as they didn't know what they did wrong, they just stated for crying out loud! "Don't move, I'll show where to put your feet" Phos furrowed their eyebrows.

"Alright look, your standing straight that's no good." Spinel grabbed their right leg and forced it to move a bit back "If you stand straight there's no clearance for your string to come back and you'll look like a plain idiot if you use a bow standing straight." they moved their leg entirely so their whole body was facing the wrong direction.

They made a face at Spinel "B-but I'm shooting that tree right? Why is my body aiming this way?" they put the bow to their side and pointed in the direction they were talking about. Spinel waved their hand at them "As I said earlier it's so your string and arrow have more space to be pulled back resulting in more power. Standing at a full 90-degree angle away from the target is your best for range and power, you could do a 45-degree angle but I prefer a 90 instead" they handed the bow back as Spinel got into a more clean, relaxed, and precise form.

They got into the same position as Phos but less awkward and relaxed, pulling back the string, they brought the string farther back that Phos anticipated. "See? If I was standing like you…" they stood straight up straight and put their bow in front of them, nocking the arrow they brought the string back...not really getting any distance "...I'd be called out and told I'm doing it wrong, like I did to you, here do it like me now" they passed the bow back to Phos who had a frown.

Spinel re-did the form and Phos tried to copy it inch-for-inch. Once they placed their footing right, Spinel spoke up "Now look at your target and aim your bow...without the arrow" 'I can't imagine where that arrow would go' Phos nodded as they brought their bow up. Spinel hummed as they spun around Phos, moving their hands to the proper spots on the bow. Phos smiled as they didn't hear Spinel speak up.

And so it went on...until it was the day for them to leave and it those couple of weeks Spinel had a tug in their chest whenever they spoke with Phos and no, not the emotionally attached one, one where they felt the need to destroy Phos at all cost. 'The Voice' Spinel dubbed, she would always tell them this. She said it was Phos' fault. Whenever Spinel asked her what they did, 'The Voice' stayed quiet. Whenever Dia came around she would say nothing as long as Dia was around with Phos.

(Sorry for any readers who didn't go back and read the slightly updated chapters :P just imagine 'The Voice' is somebody that's in Spinel's head)

What bugged them was that she had never spoke up whenever they were on the moon, only rarely so when they began to use a bow. They had already told Dia that they were leaving today as they swing up by in the morning. Dia gave them a smile, no the not they display as a placeholder, but one that held real warmth to it and bid them a farewell hoping to see Spinel some other day in the future.

They only had one more day on the surface, tonight was the day they left for the moon.

Today was like the day they met, cloudy which also meant that Phos was most tired than usual, they felt bad for the young gem. Even though they're gone from the school for hours on end, nobody comes looking for them even Phos was mildly mad.

Whenever Phos was alone with Dia at the school or just with Spinel in general, they seemed to be a whole another person, one with a carefree personality that has a cruel sense humor unlike their motherly and passionate side that they normally display. No gem has seen this side of Dia other than Spinel and now Phos of course.

The first time Phos went up to Dia for more information about Spinel, they were quickly taken to a secluded area for more privacy. They shared the little info they had about Spinel and tried to theorize their true meaning on coming down to the Surface despite not actively fighting them.

There had been days where they both sneakily left the school and meet up with Spinel where they had some relished conversations. After finding a topic they both knew, Dia and Spinel talked more since they had a lot more common than they both thought, scarily so. Phos sitting aside patiently until Dia had to leave to get back to patrolling with Bortz, leaving Phos with Spinel.

Spinel took the moment to possibly recruit Dia to the Lunarians side only to be met with the "I'm still important to somebody" sentence. Asking Phos was a no-go since Phos was scared of what would happen to them.

Though that was in the past, were in the present now.

Phos lazily looked at Spinel with tired eyes as they struggled to stay standing as Spinel's bow hanged idly by their side. Spinel picked up the used arrow and slid them back in the quiver "Huuuu...uhh, Spinel how aren't you tired yet?" They shook their head "I'm not a real gem" Phos rolled their eyes "w-wha-" they cut off Phos while chuckling in at the same time they facepalmed "Didn't I already tell you this? I'm synthetic, meaning I was made by means non-organic, I wasn't naturally formed like your kind. So not everything that applies to you will apply to me and vice versa" Though there was something that was nagging them, 'H-how long is Spinel going to stay?' they wobbled over to Spinel and placed their hands on their shoulder.

"It's not that...It's just, how l-long are you staying here for?" they focused on Spinel's eyes and saw how they burned a new set of colors. Spinel hummed in feigned thought "Well I'm only staying for another 2 or 1 hours" Phos gasped confusing Spinel "Then...then I have to show you to the others really quickly then!" Spinel gave out a good laugh.

"Phos...Phos I don't think they're ready yet...And the risk is too high especially since the gems won't approve of my existence" Phos shook their head rapidly "If I accepted you and Dia accepted you then I can bet that the rest of the gems can live with you!" Spinel frowned hearing the first part of their claim 'Well I kinda forced you to accept my existence' Spinel sighed and turned away from Phos 'Destroy the- oh shut up' telling her to shut up, turning around they placed their hand in front of Phos' head.

Spinel flicked their forehead, evenly matching their hardness "Even if they did...what will they do once they realize I'm technically a Lunarian?" Phos froze not thinking that far. They only thought of first impressions! Not when they start questioning where they came from. They ruffled their own hair in frustration "I...I'll come up with something! I promise!" they shouted making Spinel stop in their tracks.

Spinel turned around and walked up to Phos and patted their head "You will try, I can guarantee you that. Just seeing how determined you were to use my bow gave me the ideology that you have straightforward mind" they tapped Phos head lightly "But in the end, the gems will most likely want to fight me the moment I come clear that I'm not like them" they said sadly. They know they fend of a gem or two before they escape but the whole race? That's a fat no and then Adamant by their side? Instant teleport out of there.

Phos shook their head and swiped their hand to their side "But you are like us! You're a gem like us, even if you're synthetic!" Phos shouted. "Phos...please, I don't, I can't explain it" Phos looked down at the floor as their face gained a crack. It was Spinel's turn to put their hands on Phos shoulders as they whispered: "If you try I will be grateful that somebody wants me stay but if you can't…" Spinel tapped their head with Phos' making a small dinging sound "...then leave it behind, the war between Lunarian and Gem will go on for as long as any gem can stay alive" they whispered making Phos open their mouth. Of course, this was a lie, they promised themselves and the Lunarians they will end the war. Phos' frustration only grew "But why must we fight when both races can come together as one? Why do they capture us?! Why can't you stay any longer!?" they harshly asked making Spinel shake their head to the sides, scraping Phos' own.

"I cannot fathom on telling you the whole story, Phos, only time will tell you the whole story" the sun set, shining orange through the clouds giving Spinel a heads up. They let go Phos as they began to walk with a stumbling Phos trailing behind them they turned their head to the side, addressing Phos "Phosphophyllite it's best if you get back to school, it's time for me to leave" they said in a solemn tone. Phos confusedly looked at Spinel who only increased their pace seeing them disappear behind a tree. Phos grunted as they as they stumbled past the trees only managing to catch glimpses of grey running past trees.

Breaking the tree line they saw Spinel running towards a certain cliff making their mouth gape "H-Hollow cape? Why are you going there?!" they yelled but it fell on deaf ears, they followed quickly after but found they were huffing and puffing only running for what felt like hours and looked back and gaped, they only ran a short distance before falling to the ground 'How fast can Spinel run!?' they got up and dragged themselves towards Spinel who was already at the cliffside.

The sun was on the verge of setting completely, further debilitating them until they felt more rays hit their body. Looking at the rays of sun that created the horizon, they saw clouds part way, dissipating slowly 'Y-yes!' with a renewed energy they started to run, only just to go a bit faster than they were going. By the time they reached Spinel, the stars already began coming out with the moon just rising.

They huffed feeling about all the energy leave them once they reached Spinel. Spinel looked back with a straight face "Who knew that you had the energy to run all the way here" knowing their physical attributes they were surprised on the inside to see them here. Of course, there was no need to come here, they had the cube which could've been used anywhere else but they felt the need to use it here since Cinnabar would most likely come out and find Phos here.

Phos was entirely worn out from and collapsed on the floor just before the incline "Phos keep your promise alright?" Phos looked up with a sad frown as Spinel pulled out their cube 'N-no! Why now!?' knowing of the cube's power they struggled to get up and only managed to get on all fours due to light deprivation. They activated the cube as it made a slight hiss as mist started to pour out, surrounding Spinel "I'll be back eventually, Phos. Who knows, your promise or wish can come true someday. Get strong Phos then I will truly look at your promise with light" Phos outstretched an arm towards Spinel just as they spoke.

"Teleport: H1!" the mist completely surrounded the synthetic gem as a light humming sound invaded Phos' ears just in the process they yelled out.

"Don't go please!" they screamed loud enough for Cinnabar to hear, startling them. They stared wide-eyed as the mist cleared up revealing an empty space where the unique gem once stood. They couldn't handle what was happening as their eyes felt heavy. They tried, tried to crawl where Spinel once stood and cried out in despair once they collapsed. They tried to hit the floor only to lightly tap it.

They had someone who tried to teach them something! And didn't give up on them on their first failure! It wasn't fair that someone who wasn't born naturally like them can treat them differently despite being enemies! "It's not fair~" they whispered as all the mist disappeared leaving Phos laying there.

They shut their eyes and hoped this was one horrible dream, and in reality Spinel never actually left. They subconsciously fell into the realm of just in between sleep and being awake just as Cinnabar climbed up from the cliff, they widened their eyes seeing Phos on the grass "P-Phos?" Phos only did a noise of recognition and shifted their barely-open eyes to Cinnabar "C-Cinnabar?

After teleporting directly to my room, without bothering to tell Aechmea I came back, I collapsed onto my bed basically passing out.

Note: Next whole section of the story is pretty...graphic? I guess idk how you guys would react to somebody getting stabbed in their neck ¯\_()_/¯

Groaning I rolled over and felt something soft, grabbing it harder, it felt like a blanket. My eyes slowly opened and stared at a white wall…a white wall! My eyes snapped open widely as I sat up from my bed. My breathing became ragged as I brought my hands up revealing them to be fleshy and beige in color "W-what?" my voice! It's so much more...mature and it sounded so Familiar. I felt at my face, arms, and body (Note: Felt) to make sure this was real "Wa-was that all a dream?" I hit myself in my stomach, I know it was pretty excessive but I had to make sure!

The moment I hit myself, a massive strike of pain went through my head, I doubled over from both the pain in my stomach and head. Most of it came my head as pictures of people and things invaded my head. Why was this happening to me? Why did I deserve this? Wh-

The pain stopped, leaving me in an eerie silence, even where I hit myself in the stomach seemed to fade away slowly. I looked around the- my room from what these memories were telling me and found a bow leaning on one of the walls. It wasn't a classic wooden bow, no from what I remembered it's one of those fancy bows made from complete aluminum and metal with a pulley system for added strength for the bolt.

My mom..gave it to me after realizing I was going down the archery career of all things. She was saddened at first but then decided it was for the greater good, can't force your own daughter down a path they don't want.

I found a flat screen T.V to my right along with a cabinet with my clothes and a knife, my room was mostly barren only having the necessities. Standing up I gasped and almost fell back when I realized what kind of marks were on my body. I was wearing a white shirt with skinny jeans. Underneath my torn pants were multiple scars, most fresh and new.

Though that's what didn't scare me the most, looking at the mirror I found an ugly patch of scar tissue over the middle of my forehead. I poked at it and breathed through my teeth as it responded harshly with pain. "What did this?" I shakily asked I looked at myself with worry.

Grabbing my remote, I grabbed my phone and struggling to find the power button. Look, if you went through 100 years being somebody else, in a dream nonetheless, wouldn't it be hard to get reaccustomed to reality? Looking at what time it is, I turned on the T.V and flipped to the news channel, my mind telli- begging me to do so. It was just a few more minutes until it started as more memories flooded my memories.

'Kristy my baby! You got first place! Oh, I'm soooo proud of you my bundle of joy!' it was when I got first place in an archery tournament in my hometown when I was like 8 or 9.

'Miss. Kristy this is your 16th fight at our school! Suspension for 10 days!'...what?

'D-do you want to go o-out?' he's was my first boyfriend who I'm still with, he asked me out when I was 15. He was such a stuttering mess :D...I can't remember his name…why does he remind me of something?!

'You could've killed the poor boy! One more fight like these and your getting expelled!'

Another memory came in but I ignored it as the news anchors came on "Hello and welcome back to {Placeholder} we're going to back to the case of Kristiana & *#($& " my eyes widened hearing my first and last name 'W-what?' my eyes stayed glued to the screen as the news anchor took a breath before going on.

"Kristiana or Kristy was murdered on June 7th, 3:02 AM due to 8 stabs wounds on her chest on legs with one last fatal gunshot through the head. She was considered dead on the scene due to blood loss and the fatal gunshot wound." I stumbled and fell back as my eyes widened as the last pieces of memories faded in.

Not hearing "Today is October 6th, 2012 may justice be served"

'P-please! I won't tell anyone just let me live! AGHHHHHH!' the sounds of my own screaming invaded my head as he stabbed me over and over again as blood soon rose out of my mouth as I cried for help 'N-no pl-please leave me alone now I killed everybody like you sa-said for you!' I tried crawling away only to hear something click, looking back I stared into the end the barrel of a gun 'I-i'm sorry Kristy...I promise I'll see you in the afterlife..' *BAM*

"AHHHHHH" I screamed in real life as I jerked hearing the gunshot in my head but then the memories kept pouring in. Going onto my reincarnation as Spinel.

I stared at the empty air in horror as I slowly stood up and went over to my cabinet, opening it revealed a bunch of panties, socks, and whatnot. But I wasn't here for that. Throwing all that aside, revealed a knife, 10 inches in length. It was sharp and serrated for ripping skin once you pull it out of somebody.

Picking it up, I tested it against my skin wincing in pain as it flawlessly cut through the thin barrier. I laughed lowly as I brought the knife up to my neck, just a millimeter from stabbing it and held it there. I felt the cold metal touch my skin "What the point in staying in this world if everybody thinks I'm dead?" I muttered as I began to push it in only to stop as I heard the front door of my apartment building open.

I dropped my knife and rushed for my bow. My room was down the hallway giving me enough time to get some bolts and my bow, I put my knife between my waist and my pants. Closing the door softly I pressed my ear against the door, not before I turned the tv off "Yeah bro! This bitch died yesterday didn't you hear? She got reaaaal fucked up by her ex!" he loudly said in the living room.

"Oh, shit deadass? Damn bro, what a way to go!" his buddy joined him in his laughter "But what's the point of coming here?" Hearing a loud smack and a yelp afterward, Kristy couldn't help but smile at their antics, it was Oscar and Kevin.

They live a couple apartment buildings down and always argued over dumb stuff, they only knew Kristy since they had already tried to break into her house only to be met with an arrow right next to Oscar's head. They both silently agreed not to talk about it as she never liked them afterwards.

"What was that for?" Kevin was more or less the one who followed in Oscar's step. "Ya dumb idiot were coming for her bow, shit costs like a couple hunit! Kristy was balling with that shit" well it was true, her bow cost somewhere around 700 or 800 dollars can change due to fluctuation though it was one of the more cheap ones since some can up to a could a couple grand at the times. She heard Kevin 'oh' in thought "Well, where is it?" Oscar stayed silent as he tried to think where Kristy would've hidden it.

"Well shii I don't know probably in her room I bet, and since there's only one other room in this apartment it has to be that one!" Kristy cursed under her breath as he most likely pointed at her closed door. She nocked an arrow and pulled back the string, making a satisfying noise she hasn't heard in the past century, a noise no normal bow can create. She backed up away from the door as she heard them walking down the hallway.

She stood behind her bed as the footsteps got more and closer. Her arrow just waiting to be released '...Fuck it, I don't belong here anymore, just as well have some fun while I'm at it' hearing the doorknob turn her grip let up, and just as the door opened the arrow was launched at the duo.

Oscars' eyes widened as he ducked, Kevin who was behind didn't see the arrow in time as it stabbed right into his neck making his eyes go wide. The force behind the arrow was so hard that he was launched off his feet and onto the wall right behind him, pinning him as his neck wound started to bleed out. Kristy smiled at the body as her glare narrowed onto Oscar.

Oscar who ducked, looked back at Kevin with disbelief "O-Oscar?" he squeaked as his eyes slowly drooped closed, looking back he met the heated glare of Kristiana "Your suppose to be dead you bitch!" she put the bow on her back and pulled out her knife, glinting in sunlight that passed through her windows "Your right, I am supposed to be dead but guess what? I'm back fucker!" she launched herself at Oscar, knife in hand.

He dived back into the hallway and just narrowly missed knife, he pulled his own knife but it was a tiny 4 inches compared Kristy's 10-inch knife. She smiled evilly, uncharacteristically, it was nothing like her when she was actually alive as Spinel years ago but now she didn't care, she didn't care if she died or not. He rushed towards and tried to stab at her only to see Kristy step to the side as she grabbed his arm and bent it in the opposite direction, making him scream as he dropped his knife. She smiled at her own strength.

Part of herself when she was Spinel is with her and alongside was her real personality that was actually way worse. He fell to the floor and resorted to crawling to the door.

Hearing heels clicking on the wooden floor, he turned around only to grunt in pain as Kristy stepped on his head. She giggled as she brought forth her knife and put it against his throat "Didn't you know it's rude to enter somebody's house without their permission?" she whispered into his ear making him shiver in fear. He nodded his head "Good, do you know what somebody can do if somebody else enters their property without permission?" his eyes widened choosing not to answer "ANSWER ME!" he rapidly nodded his head up and down as tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Then good, say hi to the devil for me I'm past due for him either way" he was just was to scream but was silenced as his neck was sliced open as Kristy shushed him his neck spraying blood on her face.

I laughed seeing his body go limp and took a deep breath I walked into my bathroom and washed my hands and face as I smelled of dry blood and filth, taking a quick shower I breathed in and out as I felt the hot water hit my body shivering in delight at the missed action. Turning off the shower I stepped out a towel in hand and looked at the mirror that was covered with a thin layer of mist? Was it?, I rubbed it revealing Spinel or rather me when I was Spinel.

I touched the mirror as Spinel mirrored the same action her eyes changed colors surprising me, never knowing I did that.

Before I came to a steep revelation making me grab my head.

I frowned at myself, Spinel doing the same "So I was 'The Voice' wasn't I? Telling myself how to use a bow, no wonder why I was so shit at using a crossbow. The thing was more complicated than my damn voice sounded too familiar to not be Hers." I finally realized why I did such a thing to Phos even though I wasn't too violent when I was Spinel. Then the dream I had a long time ago when I killed me 'It will all add up in time' that's what I meant. Or did I? I can't tell.

Remembering back to the day when they were Spinel, the moment they picked a bow, Kristy/I was there to guide Spinel/me on how to use a bow. Remembering that a certain voice was whispering all the instruction to Spinel.

I went back to my room passing by Kevin's dead body and laid down on my bed, I flinched as the bolt holding up Kevin snapped, dropping his limp form on the floor. I realized I still retained my abilities when I was Spinel, or to be more accurate, I can increase my resistance to foreign objects hitting my skin! It was awesome as I also kept some of my strength when I was her or them 'I didn't even have a dick or a vagina!' I laughed on the inside never really bothering to check.

Night soon came as I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling with a dead look, thinking what I could do 'Kill myself? Nah to cliche for that shit. I could go and try to kill my Ex but then again he's in prison...wait' turning my phone on, I searched for his name on the internet and smiled as his name was all over the internet.

He was still being held at court…"OH SHIT" he's doing court right as this very moment! "Time for revenge motherfucker!" pulling out a bulletproof vest, even though it was unnecessary, I grabbed my bow and plenty of spare arrows. I pulled out a secret weapon that I will only use at the very end, I went into my supply closet and pulled out a gas can, no not for my car, oh no no no if this is my last day on Earth, my house and property might as well go out with a bang.

Grabbing the gascan I started to spill the gas all over my apartment building making sure all the furniture and floors were covered in an even coating of gas. Feeling the first can empty, I threw it aside as I grabbed the second can and eventually the whole apartment had the musky smell of gas. I took the liberty to make some homemade bombs before I used the gas and planted one in each room, 4 in total but they have a tooooooon of explosive power.

Making sure I had all of my essentials like my bow, arrows, knife, the vest is on, secret weapon...and yeah were set! Opening my door I breathed deeply smelling the fresh air of old Earth. Grabbing a plastic band, I tied my own hair to a simple ponytail, no braids for times sake.

I lit a match and dropped it in my doorway, gas catching fire instantly. "Gotta gtfo!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs jumping off when it was second to the last one and ran towards my car.

*BOOM* I yelped as I felt the shockwave hit me almost sweeping me off my feet turning around I smiled wickedly at the display. My burning apartment buildings as people rushed out of their own homes to see what the commotion was all about. Maaaaybe I put too much gas but eh no biggie.

Running towards my car I jumped in it and revved the engine, pulling out of the parking lot and towards the courthouse. I blared past cars and ran red lights when I can, not surprised not seeing a cop behind me 'That's the city for ya' I parked a block away from the courthouse as I walked towards it. Pulling out my phone, a bunch of EMT's, Police, and Firefighters were already at my house.

The front door wasn't guarded as I walked in scott free, once I did walk in. Cops were all over the place. The moment one saw me I had already taken him down with an arrow to his head, his buddy, a female, screamed in a panic seeing his dead body slump against hers.

I silenced her by repeatedly stabbing her stomach as she whimpered each time, her eyes filled with tears, looking at her she appeared to be young "Fuck, sorry my bad, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time" just then a group of cops turned the corner and opened fire on me. Increasing my hardness the bullets deflected off of me. Grabbing the rookie's gun I shot them all down. Of course, increasing my hardness as a human did have some cons for instance.

I can't move when I increase it. My human body is not used to the sudden weight gain, unlike my gem form.

I kept on walking down the hall and eventually found the courtroom. I kicked it open "GUESS WHOS BACK!?" I knocked down a guard by the door and promptly shoved an arrow into his skull. Everybody turned towards as a certain pair of eyes instantly recognized me "K-Kristy!?" Mother screamed as she came rushing to me so did my father "I'm back" I whispered to her as I enveloped her in a hug along with my father.

Now that my memories almost fully came back, I knew I was a violent girl always getting in fights back in the day but the one faithful day I picked up a bow, I was called a prodigy due to my almost 100 percent bullseyes in the classes I took.

They knew of my violent nature, they taught me how to kill somebody, so seeing me kill a guard wasn't very surprising "H-How? We found yo-your body at the scene!" she began to weep as her grip tightened on me "I don't know either but I know for sure I came back for something or rather someone" Mother let me go with my father nodding with a glare, not at me, but my ex. The chair was shackled down meaning he couldn't move his seat and only could shuffle on it as he stared at me with wide eyes.

Everybody who came to the courtroom watched me in shock as the supposed dead girl was here and very alive seeing me walk down the middle of the room, the judge came out of his hiding place shooting his gun at my chest. I coughed feeling the bullets hit the armor 'See? Can't always rely on my Hardness changing ability' he missed a bunch of bullets only hitting 3 or 4. I launched an arrow at him, his head launched back by the arrow taking him out. Screams of terror rang out shortly after.

"Hi there #&*$ it's sooo nice to meet yo-" a cop burst through the doors but was cut off as my mother drove a knife through his stomach, I nodded at her as she smiled sweetly back twirling the knife "It's soo nice to meet you again :D" my smile widened as I brought my knife out making scoot back in his chair. I stabbed his arm with it going all the way through and pulled it out. "Yo-you're supposed to be dead! I fucking killed you! I even shot your goddamn head!" I pushed my bangs aside revealing the scar he made "OH but you did! But I guess God or even Satan himself gave me another chance!" I stabbed his other hand making scream in agony not deciding to take it out.

I sighed shaking my head taking out the object which I kept hidden all along until now "Kristy is that-" Father tried to talk but I cut him, I nodded my head sadly "Yes it is, I can't stay here any longer I should be dead" Mother came and hugged me from behind "If you have to go, we'll all go out, come here honey" My father wasn't hesitant much to my surprise.

I saw a camera flash and so did everybody in the room, I turned slowly to the woman who took the photo as she looked up from the camera with a scared look. She looked at me with her light blue eyes, as her hair reached down below from where Kristy could look. Kristy's eyes widened recognizing who this was, or rather their other version.

I put my bow up with an arrow in hand and nocked it in, pulling back the string she tried to run only to receive an arrow through her back and through her heart. She dropped dead on the floor. Screaming followed suit.

I heard lots of commotion out the doors and heard a man ordering others around, 'Looks like S.W.A.T are here... too bad there too late' I twirled the object in my hand as put my finger on the ring. My Mother nodded along with my father, they stood next to me as I stood in front of #&#^ with the object in hand his eyes staring at the object with fear.

I pulled the pin keeping my hand on the lever making him squirm in his seat to no avail "This is our last time meeting as humans...Phos" I smiled, letting go of the lever counting the last couple seconds in my head. The people who came to see, running to the edges and those who were smart told the others to lay flat.


The S.W.A.T team positioned themsel-


-ves outside the door.


They blew the door open scar-


-ing everybody inside


Chief of police saw the grenade as I put my middle finger up

0- *BOOM*


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