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Chapter 4: Insanity

Mito Yohei was not the sort of man who cowers down in the face of adversaries.

He was strong. He was tough. He was brave. He was fearless. And he knows it.

Everyone knows it.

As second-in-command of the Sakuragi Gundan and all-around troublemaker, nobody expects the less of him.

But right now, he felt as if he was on the loosing end of a no-contest battle.

School bullies, he could handle. He faced the worse lot of the streets before and won. He made the toughest gang members tremble with his bare fists.

But right now, he felt he wouldn't be able to handle this.

The wrath of an over-protective elder brother. An elder brother who was inches shorter than he is. Hell hath no fury…

Miyagi Ryota glowered at him. Though shorter and leaner than the younger man, he managed to look intimidating.

Yohei found himself thinking that this was what Hanamichi felt whenever he goes to Haruko-san's house, only to have Agaki-sempai open the door for him…

He cleared his throat. That was a wrong analogy. He came here as a favor to the younger girl, as she doesn't know her way to Ryonan High. And he doesn't like her, well, he doesn't like her that way, the way Hanamichi liked Haruko-san. Right? Right? Right.

"So, what time are you arriving there?" Miyagi was asking him.

Yohei had to clear his throat several times before he got it into working order again. "Ah, we, ah, planned to stop by the library first to return the books she borrowed about Japanese History before going to Ryonan High. But we'll definitely be there before the game starts. I've asked some classmates to save us a seats in case we arrive late."

Miyagi seemed to be satisfied with his answer as he stepped back into the house. "Mai! Your friend is here!" He then faced Yohei again, adjusting his sunglasses, a move Yohei was positive that the senior had done to intimidate him more.

"Coming!" Maia's voice was a sweet relief to Yohei's ears.

He couldn't understand it. He handled Miyagi before. He knew that though short, he was a force to be reckoned with. In fact, he stopped a fight between Miyagi and the rest of the gundan the first time they met, knowing that such an encounter would end ugly, for both sides. But he was never this nervous in the presence of the captain ball before.

Must be because now, Miyagi had someone to actually fight for, and that would make him more violent and more focused.

Heaven have pity on the man brave enough to love Miyagi Maia.

As if on cue, the younger girl appeared behind his brother. She then roughly elbowed him away from he door so that she could pass through. "Sheesh, nii-san, the least you could've done was to invite Yohei-kun inside,"

And now, Yohei realized why Miyagi was volatile.

It seemed like the fashion-slave had outdid herself today.

She had dyed her hair red—to match that of Sakuragi's—that was the first thing you would notice about her. Then, she donned a black tank top that was several sizes too small, it fitted her body perfectly, revealing a sliver if flesh between her blouse and her Capri pants. Her Capri pants that reached her mid-thigh was red and looked as if it was painted on. And she had on red sneakers that showed off her perfect ankles.

Yohei felt like he was committing a mortal sin just by looking at her.

But perhaps, the factor that most placed Miyagi at edge was the print on Maia's tank top. It read 'baby' in bold, silver and red letters. It was as if she was declaring that today was the official opening of capture-the-redhead.

Behind Maia, Miyagi removed his team jacket. Yohei noticed a defeated look in his eyes.

Miyagi handed his jacket to his sister. "Wear this," Maia was about to protest when Miyagi waved her off. "It's cold out, you might catch a cold, wearing only that,"

Maia grumbled as she reluctantly accepted the jacket and wore it.

Miyagi turned to Yohei. "Make sure she wears that the whole day. I would personally hold you responsible for her well-being today."

Yohei nodded and resisted to urge to salute and click his heels. He felt like a bodyguard.

"We're leaving now, nii-san!" Maia called out cheerily as she stepped outside, grabbed Yohei's wrist and started to drag him away.

"What are you guys doing here?"

Takemiya, Noma, and Ookuzu turned at the incredulous voice. And immediately nose-bled.

Yohei shook his head in disgust.

"Hey guys?" Maia frowned.

"Maia-chan!" Takemiya recovered first. "How're you doing?" He attempted a macho pose, which was really hard to do considering they were all on the platform, waiting for their train to arrive.

"Why are you still here?" Maia repeated as she was, obviously, immune to Takemiya's charms.

"What do you mean?" Noma asked. "We're actually early." He scratched his head cluelessly as his other hand clutched at the scrap of paper he was holding.

Ookuzu nodded as he stepped beside Maia and attempted to slip an arm around the girl.

Buy Yohei was quicker. He was able to shield Maia from the blond guy's advances.

"Your train was supposed to leave ten minutes ago," Maia told them with a frown.

"And you're waiting in the wrong station," Yohei added as he gave Ookuzu the evil eye.

"But your brother specifically told us to wait for this train at this hour," Noma said as he waved around the piece of paper.

Yohei frowned as he took the paper and read Miyagi's chicken scratch. Horrible penmanship must run in the family… "This train would take you on the other side of the city, not Ryonan High,"

"Ryonan High?" The three chorused.

Maia nodded. "That's where the practice game would be held, right?"

"But Captain Miyagi told us that it'll be held in Furikan High,"

"Maybe he was misinformed."

"And he forgot to tell us."

Yohei didn't have the heart to tell the three that it was most probably on purpose and that they've been had.

It was still too early for the basketball game, but already, a crowd had formed outside the basketball gym. In fact, it was too early that the basketball team of Ryonan High hadn't arrived yet.

Luckily, the Sakuragi gundan was able to sneak inside with no problem at all.

After all, they had a lot of practice, sneaking into concerts, adult movies, and gambling houses…

"Nii-san!" Maia called out as they made their way to the gym.

Yohei noticed the crestfallen look on Miyagi's face when he saw his three rookies beside his sister.

"Baby!" On the other hand, the look on the other Miyagi's face was the anti-thesis of that her brother's as she saw the object of her affection. Without hesitation, she took off a running start to launch herself at the redheaded giant.

"Ahhh!" Sakuragi cried out, already too late to ward off the younger girl. He took a few steps backward to compensate for the force of the girl.

"Maia," veins popped all over Miyagi's head.

Thankfully, Haruko-san was still not there as she was in the locker room with Ayako, arranging the team's first aid kit.

"I missed you so much, baby,"

"Baby, eh?" An amused voice called out.

Heads turned to the owner of the voice.


"Just came to check on the team," Mitsui gave his I-don't-give-a-damn grin. "How's the team doing, Miyagi?" Without waiting for an answer, Mitsui turned to Sakuragi. "You finally found yourself a fangirl, eh?"

Sakurgai desperately tried to pry off Maia away, but from the looks of things, it seemed that she had sunk her nails into him, without any intention of letting go.

"So you found my replacement yet?" Mitsui asked.

But before he can reply, a loud and hearty laugh interrupted their conversation. "Replacement?" It was Takemiya. "I'm a million times better than you," he laughed again, that of a mad man's.

"You?" Mitsui asked in disgust.

"I can beat you in a three-point shootout with on hand tied behind my back!" Takemiya declared, his glasses reflecting the glare of the sun.

Mitsui growled. "Why you…"

"Mitsui-sempai!" A feminine voice called out in surprise.

Sakuragi looked at the gym doors and say Ayako walk in, with Haruko not far behind. He redoubled his efforts to get Maia off him.

Fortunately, Maia seemed fascinated by the conversation between Takemiya and Mitsui. She got down on her own.

Sakuragi gave a sigh of relief.

Mitsui, incensed beyond reason, ignored the arrival of the team managers.

Takemiya flexed his right arm, touched it with the fingers of his left hand, and kissed the fingers which were held in a peace sign. "Yeah, my three-pointer muscles. I can feel then throbbing in anticipation,"

"Muscles? You want muscles? Well, then, look at this," Mitsui said as he hitched the sleeve of his shirt upwards and bent his arm so that the muscles in his right shoulder would bulge.

"How about this?" Sakuragi, wanting to show off to his lady-love, flexed both arms to show off his muscles on both arms.

"Feel this," Mitsui turned to Maia, who was the female closest to him. "Muscles, honey, pure muscles."

Maia delightedly obliged him. "Wow,"

"Oh, yeah?" Sakuragi demanded, his eyes narrowing into two fiery slits in his face. "Try this on for size," he suddenly took of his shirt to show off his abs.

"Nice six-pack," Maia nodded her approval. "Can I touch it too?"

"You are soo enjoying this, aren't you?" Miyagi demanded from her sister. He was wondering how he lost control of the situation so bad.

Maia looked up bemusedly. "How can you tell?"

"Stop it, both of you," a voice interrupted the argument between Mitsui and Sakuragi. It was Takemiya. He, too, had taken his shirt off. "These are muscles." He then flexed his right arm. His left hand squeezed the underside of his right arm so that the fat would bulge upwards, making his right arm bulky like that of Popeye the Sailorman. "C'mon, Maia-chan, feel it too!"

The people in the gym sweatdropped.



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