Disclaimer: We are not JK Rowling. We do not own Harry Potter or any of her characters. We are not making a profit out of this story. so don't sue us. Old and New Friendships Summary: AU Hermione is Draco's twin sister. What happens when Harry Potter falls for Slytherin Bad-Girl Hermione Malfoy? And what will his friends think.

Chapter 1

"Wow Hermione!" Said Blaise in astonishment

"You look great, you will definitely get Harry's attention for sure" Said Blaise

"Really, you don't think it's bit much" Hermione Malfoy asked while adjusting her skirt. She was wearing a short black and red plaid skirt, a black baby-tee, and black boots. She worked out all summer and wanted to show a it.

One of Hermione's best friends, Blaise Zabini, spent the entire summer with the Malfoy family. The family took Blaise along on their family vacation to Cancun. They turned away from the mirror when the heard a knock on the door.

"Come In"

"Hermione...Mum said to.." Draco Malfoy, Hermione's twin brother, said while walking in.

"What the FUCK! Hermione why are you dressed like that?" Draco said. Draco was born a full two minutes before Hermione, a fact he never let down.

"Go away Draco." She said cheerfully. If her brother hated the outfit, then Harry would love it.

"Mum is going to go mad when she sees you!" Draco said smirking.

"No she's not. Besides..." she paused as she twirled towards the mirror. She looked at her brother's reflection and added, "Mum was the one who picked it." She couldn't help but put on the signature Malfoy smirk and she saw his mouth drop.

He soon recovered and asked, "You still didn't answer my question, young lady, why are you dressed like that?" Said Draco while leaning on her doorway.

"It's none of you business, so leave me alone" she said in an aggravated tone.

"She wants to impress Harry Potter" Blaise shouted out. Hermione turned to Blaise and gave her a you-are-so-dead look. Draco stood there stunned and suddenly busted out laughing.

"You mean you, Hermione Ann Malfoy, have a crush on scar head." He said while holding his side.

"GO AWAY DRACO, or else I will tell the whole school that your favorite movie is Mary Poppins.

"It is, oh my god!" Blaise said and she began to laugh

"You wouldn't dare?" He threatened while narrowing his eyes to dangerous slits, another Malfoy trait. She rolled her eyes.

"Sweetie, I have as much power in that school as you. They would believe me if I said the sky was falling down and Blaise was resorted in Gryffindor." she added with a smirk. Blaise immediately stopped laughing.

"Alright I'm leaving, but Hermione if Harry likes you, he likes you for you..." he said with a soft smile, before sneering and adding, "...you don't have to dress like a slut."

"Go away," She said. She closed the door and walked over to her bed. Blaise continued to look at the closed door.

"You think this year Draco and I could hook up?" Blaise asked with a dreamy expression. Hermione just rolled her eyes.

"Why do you like him anyways? He is such an ass and is so full of himself." She said while putting Crookshanks into in travel carriage.

"He is your twin brother, you have to say that. Besides, you know you love him." Blaise said with a smile. Hermione smiled back.

"True." Hermione said

"We better go down stairs, mum and Draco are probably waiting." Hermione said. Blaise got her trunk and left Hermione room. Hermione took one last look at her self in the mirror. Damn I look good, she thought. She was very conceited, but hey, who isn't. When the mirror whistled, she gave her room a quick look and bounced down the stairs. She gave her stuff to her butler and walked out the door.

"Well it about time. Took you long enough." Draco said in an agitated tone.

"Draco, stop being an ass to your sister." Mrs. Malfoy said as she stepped in front of Hermione. From behind her back Draco saw Hermione stick her tongue out at him.

"But mum..." he pointed behind her and as she turned around, Hermione mustered up an innocent face.

"Be a gentleman and open the door for us Draco."

"Ladies." Draco said sarcastically. Mrs. Malfoy went first, and as Hermione got in, Draco gave her a smack on the head.

"I saw that." his mother said from inside the car. He groaned.

"Thank you Draco, you really are gentlemen" Blaise said as she got in.

"I know I am." Draco said with a grin on his face.

"You really think highly of you self don't you?" Hermione said from inside the car.

"Its part of being a Malfoy." Draco said while looking at Hermione, who smirked in returned and looked at her mother who was also smirking.

When the last Malfoy climbed in the car, the car made its way to muggle London.