*Hi! This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fic. This idea has been stuck on my mind for so long, and I thought I would write it. It takes place in ancient Egypt. I hope you like.

Warnings: This fic is about Anzu/Tea and Bakura, if you don't like then please don't tell me, and don't read it. Also Yami, Malik, Seto, and Bakura may seem out of character. Such as Yami being evil. Plus this story will contain rape and lemon in future chapters, so if you don't like that, move on. One more thing, there will be character death and blood in this fic, if you can't handle it, I don't know what to tell you except to read another fic. So this fic is angst, romance, drama and probably more things, and in the future it will be rated R!

Pairings: Bakura/Anzu (Isn't that obvious)

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*~*You and I...Eternity*~*

Chapter 1~The meeting

Let life go on, but it will be bare without you here by my side.
Must I live forever in this agony, must life be forever cruel.
I will wait, even if it means eternity.
You and I, we will be together again.
You know why?
Because we were meant to be.
You and I, we are destined to be together...
even if death found it's way to you or me,
we will always find a way back to each other.
So wait for me, and I will wait for you...even if it means...

"Catch him! Do not let him go!" said a guard, chasing after a thief who had just stolen jewelry from one of the rich women in Egypt. The thief was running quickly, not worried at all of all the guards that were chasing him. He couldn't help but smirk at the fools. No one has ever caught him, and there was no way in hell that the slaves of the pharaoh would catch him now. He turned a corner, and was met by other guards. For once he was shocked, the pathetic morons actually were capable of surrounding him. But he wasn't worried.

"That's as far as you go street rat," said the one who appeared to be the leader of the guards, "give up now!" The thief just smirked and looked at them with an evil look.

"Of course, I guess I can't escape now," he said, still smirking, "I surrender." As he said that, he raised his arms, acting as if he was giving up. Two guards came up to him, and when they grabbed him, he quickly got out of their grasp and kicked one in the gut, and punched the other in the face knocking them both unconscious.Then all the guards charged at him, but before reaching him, he let loose something that released gas. The protectors of Egypt were coughing and gagging, and the thief had the opportunity to escape. He punched and kicked some of the guards, knocking them out as he ran away. The criminal ran as quickly as possible and when heknew that no guard was behind him he stopped to catch his breath.

Once he was breathing normally, he walked away, hiding every time someone was around. He walked for about twenty minutes and soon arrived to what he called 'home.' It was an area where not just anyone knew about it. It was a hidden area, called Crime, where all the criminals in Egypt would go to stay, as a home, one could say. He entered it, but was greeted first by a person who guard the entrance.

"Hault, who goes there," said the one name Lume.

"It's me you idiot," said the thief.

"Oh Bakura, I'm sorry, I have a habit of saying that," Lume said nervously. He feared the man that stood in front of him, the one known as Bakura. Bakura was actually the most feared criminal in Egypt, as well as his partner named Malik. Bakura looked weak, but he was good at fighting, especially since he knew the Egyptian way of fighting. He had long white hair and the deepest brown eyes. Any girl would find him attracted, but he would never get close to anyone. He believed that love was weak.

"Just get out of my way, alright," Bakura said, making Lume jump and move quickly. Bakura walked past him and headed for his 'home.' He was feared by many other criminals, and he just looked at them without interest. When he had at last reached his destination, he went into his room. He put the jewelry on his night stand, which was in pretty bad shape. He then went to his bed and laid there for awhile. He wondered where his partner was. 'Probably stealing something,' he thought as he remained still for five minutes. Then someone came in.

"Where the hell have you been?" Malik asked. He was the partner and practically the only friend of Bakura's.

"Where the hell do you think I've been?" Bakura asked back.

"By the look of those rocks, I'd say you were out doing your job," he answered, staring at the jewelry that lay on the night stand.

"Yes, and it was quite easy too," Bakura said, smirking at how he got away with the theft.

"I see, but tell me next time. You know how much I like to go out there and steal or more preferably...murder," Malik said copying Bakura's smirk. Malik was feared because he was a murderer and a tough criminal, just staring at his violet eyes would make one nervous.

"Whatever," Bakura said as he closed his eyes, thinking, "so are we still up for tonight?"

"Yes, old man Shimi and his wife won't know what hit them. I heard they have many things to steal. i can't wait to go," Malik said, grinning.

"Then by sundown we'll leave," Bakura said as he went to sleep, having this feeling that something was going to happen.


A young girl walked into the market of Egypt, she was passing by, and if she saw anything she wanted to buy she would get it. But right now she was on her way to the Temple of Ra. It was usual for her to go there, she went everyday to visit Seto, the high priest of Egypt. She had known him since they were young and both acted like brother and sister. The young girl walked at a steady pace and would stop a few times to see what the merchants had.

"Hello, Anzu!" one of the merchants said.

"Oh hello," the young girl, known as Anzu replied.

"How have you been?" the merchant asked.

"Fine, thank you for asking," Anzu answered. She was known practically by everyone in her city. Mainly because she was famous for the best soup in Egypt, and also because the pharaoh had an eye on her. But she would always ignore that rumor about the pharaoh, though she knew that it was true. She saw something that she wanted to buy, but it wasn't for her, it was for Seto. She paid the merchant and said goodbye to him as she left. Anzu walked a bit faster than before, holding the gift she bought with one hand. She bought a silver rose, she was surprised it wasn't expensive, but glad too.

She walked gracefully until she reached her destination. She walked up the stairs and was greeted by Seto, who was reading a book about spells. Anzu knew that he was learning black magic, but she knew he wouldn't use it for something evil. She just knew that the Shadow Real was evil, but she rather not think about hat. She went up to Seto and hug him, she surprised him but he knew it was her.

"Hi, Seto, I see your reading. I hope I'm not disturbing you," she said as she faced him.

"Not at all, Anzu. You know you're the only one that I can stand," he said as he chuckled.

"Yeah I know," she said as she giggled, "Oh I almost forgot, I got you something, here." She handed Seto the rose and he looked at it with a smile.

"Thank you, but you really shouldn't have," he said as he took the rose, he really thought it was pretty.

"But I wanted to, especially since your my best friend," she told him smiling at him.

"Thanks, Anzu," he said once again, "well let's go inside. I hope you're hungry; I have some chicken to eat." Anzu's stomach began to growl.

"I guess I am hungry," she said while nervously laughing. Seto couldn't help but laugh. The two went inside the temple and into the dorms of the apprentices and the priests. Once there, the two ate and talked about anything that came to mind. They always found something to talk about and would always find happiness with each other. But something was making Anzu feel as if something was going to happen.


"You wanted to see me, Pharaoh Yami?" the leader of the guards said. He was nervous, very nervous, if he knew why he was here, he should be afraid.

"Tell me, did you capture the thief, Bakura?" Yami said, anger was clearly in his voice.

"Well, we tried to, but..." he was hesitant to answer, but the pharaoh finished for him.

"But you didn't, am I correct," Yami spoke, his voice rising.

"Yes, your highness," captain was terrified now. He knew how the pharaoh is, everyone knew. Yami would kill any criminal, and he would punish those who failed to do his tasks.

"I'm disappointed in you, captain. I thought I could really rely on you. I guess I was wrong," Yami said.

"I'm sorry," the leader said, knowing what will happen. He closed his eyes tight and bowed his head down, waiting for his sentence.

"But I'll let it go for now. I trust you won't fail me again," Yami said as he stood up. The captain was very surprised at the pharaoh and didn't know what to say. "You're dismissed!" The scared leader bowed and left in a hurry. Yami just watched him leave and took off as well.

"And where are you going?" a voice said from the shadows. He revealed himself and was known as Jounouchi, or Jou for short.

"I'm going to the temple. I'll be back in a short while," as that was said, the pharaoh was gone, leaving his friend Jou confused.

As Yami walked to the temple, his mind wondered to the girl that stole his heart, Anzu. He knew that she was at the temple; he knew she went there everyday. He knows that she has a good friendship with Seto, and he was quite jealous of that. The fact that someone was so close to her, made him want to kill the person, but he knew he couldn't, Anzu would never forgive him. He finally reached the temple and opened the doors. He was right about Anzu being there, and couldn't help but smile. She was with Seto, and he gritted his teeth a little. He began to approach her and Seto, quietly, wanting to surprise them.

"So, I said to Juju that I didn't love the pharaoh, but we are just friends. She didn't believe me, though," Anzu told Seto, sighing. Yami didn't believe what she said, he thought to himself that she was just denying herself.

"Do you really hate me?" he finally spoke, making himself known. Both Anzu and Seto jumped and were shocked to see Yami. Without a second thought they quickly bowed and greeted him with respect.

"I didn't hear you come in Pharaoh Yami, it is a pleasure to see you here," Seto said, disgusted with himself. He really didn't like Yami, especially since he was responsible for what he did to his brother. Something he would never talk about and it made him despise Yami even more every time he thought about it.

"Yes, it is a pleasure," Anzu said, feeling a bit uneasy. She always felt that way when Yami was around. He would always try to do something, and usually she couldn't do anything.

"Please, rise. I hope I didn't startle you both," Yami said as he looked at them, smirking.

"So what brings you here?" Seto asked.

"Just came to visit, that's all" Yami replied. 'Yeah right, he probably came because of Anzu,' Seto thought.

"There isn't any other reason, your highness?" Anzu asked him.

"Well, since I'm here, I guess I could talk to you Anzu," Yami said, making Anzu feel more uneasy.

"Sure...I guess," she hesitated, not knowing what to do. Yami looked at her, and then something in him made him feel like something was going to happen.


The sun down, and the moon and stars were the only light. People would most likely be at home sleeping or finishing off any work they may have. Bakura and Malik were another story, though. They were out of their homes preparing to steal from a rich old man. Bakura ran to the next building, making sure that no one would see him. He looked both ways and ran to the next building and gave Malik a signal to cross as well. There were many guards to night, probably looking out for Bakura. The both were quiet and they stealthily ran across the quiet and dark streets of the city, going unnoticed by any guard. After many minutes they reached the house. Both looked at each other and nodded, knowing what they must do. Bakura went left and Malik went right. Soon the two were in the house, one in the kitchen and the other in the bedroom.

Malik was in the bedroom, he searched the room for anything that was valuable and found a few jewelry and some fruit that he gladly ate. He was about to go into the next room when he tripped on something. He made a huge noise which woke the residents of the house. Both were scared but old man Shimi spoke.

"Who's there?" he asked shaking while hs wife held on to him.

"Just your worse nightmare," Malik said as he grabed his dagger. The woman screamed, and Malik could not stand the pitch of the scream. "Shut the hell up." The woman didn't stop and Malik felt he had no choice but to kill her. He held his dagger tight and with one swift move he slashed at the women, but Shimi had dodged it. His throat was slit and blood began to ooze from his neck. He was gagging, trying hard to breath, but within seconds, he was dead. His wife was screaming even louder while shedding tears now. Malik was not happy with this situation.

Meanwhile, Bakura heard the screams and he wasn't the only one. He saw shadows of soldiers outside. He knew they would be caught, he was wondering what Malik was doing and he knew he killed the women, due to the fact there was no yelling. He ran to where Malik was and saw him with bloody hands, smiling.

"That shut her up," he said as he turned surprised to see Bakura. "What are you doing here?"

"To tell you we need to get out of here. Those stupid guards heard the damn woman scream! Now let's go!" Bakura told Malik, as he began to run. Both of them were able to get out of the house, but they were spotted by a soldier. Both looked at each other, then went there separate ways. It was always better to do this. Bakura ran as quickly as he could and soon he was making many turns through alleys. He didn't know whether he would make it back to Crime. Guards were everywhere!

A lone figure walked through the alley ways. Anzu was holding a vase with water in it. She arrived home late, mostly because Yami wouldn't stop talking to her. She felt so uncomfortable being there with him, but she was glad Seto was there, who knows what Yami might have done. She found out when she got home that she needed water and had to go to the well in order to get some. Earlier she had heard screaming, but she thought she was imagining things. She didn't mind walking in the dark, nor was she afraid. But something was telling her something was coming.

Bakura was running quickly, he could see no guards after him, but he still kept on running. He wasn't even paying attention to where he was going. As he ran he was roughly stopped when he had bumped into something. He looked down to see what he crashed into and what had fallen.

Anzu rubbed her head and saw that her water was spilled. She was a bit angry, but she thought t was her fault. She should have watching where she was going. She looked up to see what exactly she bumped into. When her eyes rose up, she was met by brown eyes, ones she could not look away from. Bakura couldn't look away either and both of them stayed there looking at each other, as if this was meant to happen. In the background, the guards were coming into close range, but Bakura couldn't move, he felt trapped.

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