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Chapter 20~ You and I…Eternity

"Bakura…wake up, honey. It's time to get up…" Bakura slowly opened his eyes; he could feel the suns rays hitting his face. He thought he heard a voice, then looked beside him…the left side of the bed was empty as always. That's how is been for the past six months, he would wake up all alone. There was no Anzu to shake him awake, or no Yasuo to jump on his bed to wake him. It's been like that for six months…six depressing months. Bakura knew he must be going insane, he would always wake up hearing Anzu's voice, and sometimes he would forget she was gone, but when his eyes would open to see reality, everything comes back to him.

"Another depressing day to live…" Bakura grumbled as he sat up. He hated to wake up all alone; it was always a good feeling to have someone beside you as you sleep, it was comfortable.

Bakura sighed and got out of bed. He hasn't been the same since the death of his family. He mostly stays in his room and just sits on his bed, lost in his thoughts. Malik and Seto try their best to cheer him up, but they have a hard time, especially since they feel the same way as Bakura. Nothings been the same since the deaths of Anzu and Yasuo, it's almost as if everything depended on them.

"I really depended on them…" Bakura thought to himself. He sighed again and walked to where he put his clothes. He got dressed into his outdoor clothing, something he usually didn't do; he never went out, so why bother? But today…something didn't feel right, but it didn't seem to concern him much. He shrugged his shoulders and left the room, thinking it was best to get something to eat before Isis starts complaining to him that he needs food.

Isis has been living at their house ever since she returned. She explained to Malik that she never came back to him because she wanted to keep an eye on him from the distance. She said that if something were to ever happen, like Malik getting caught by Yami for example, she would be able to help him. That's why she was always near Yami's palace and would watch the people that were captured. When she saw Bakura and his family there at the palace that day, she knew she had to tell Malik. The way she made a living, she didn't really say, she just said she got a job and use it to pay for money and shelter, that's about it. So now she lives with Malik and Bakura, trying to keep the house tidy and trying to keep Bakura happy, as well as Malik. But Malik seems distant lately; he's change not for the better but for the worse.

Malik has become ruthless again, he's changed back to the person he was before, a thief…a murderer. But he has become worse than before, something changed him so greatly. Bakura didn't understand how the death of his family caused him to change so much. Then, again, he cared about them almost as much as he. Seto as well, cared as much about them as him. But could that really have changed Malik, just because he cared about Anzu and Yasuo? What exactly changed him in the first place? That was a mystery that didn't seem it could ever be solved…well not in this time.

Now Seto…he has changed, but not the way anyone ever thought. He was cold and soon became power hungry…something that didn't seem right, not by the way he always acted with them. He wanted to strive to be best at the thing known as the shadow games. Bakura didn't understand too much on that, but the way that Seto seems to be playing it, it's like that's all that matters now. Bakura thought it was because Seto believed there was nothing left for him, everything was gone.

Well, that's really how it was for Bakura, everyone he ever loved is gone, and he told himself he would never love again. The pain you must endure with love is too much to bear; he never wanted to feel that again. But the words that Anzu said were stuck in his head…"and you never know, maybe Ra will hear my plea…maybe someday we will meet again…in another life maybe…" What if Anzu was right and they did meet again? Would they even remember each other? Would he have to learn to love her again? Would he even try to love? Bakura didn't know, he didn't know if he could endure love again. He just didn't know.

Bakura walked to kitchen slowly, and when he got there, it was empty, much to his surprise; usually Isis would be in here making breakfast. He just shrugged it off, and took a seat at the table. He really didn't want to eat, he felt too tired to prepare something, but his stomach was protesting. He sighed as he just ignored it and went back to his thoughts. He really was wasting his life away; he didn't even know how long it has been since he's been outside. Many four months ago…he didn't know or care. He sat there thinking of what he could possibly do, nothing amused him anymore.

"You really got to stop thinking so much, you'll hurt yourself," Bakura looked up to see Malik standing there, no emotion on his face. Bakura looked away and just stayed silent, "Well at least you're out of your room. I barely see you anywhere else."

"So?" Bakura said simply, never looking at Malik. Malik looked angrily at Bakura.

"You know, you really shouldn't be wasting your life away," Malik told him, still no emotion on his face.

"Why do you care?" Bakura asked viciously. He didn't like how Malik told him what to do.

"I care because Anzu gave up her life for you. Is this how she wanted you to act; she died just for you to waste your life? I don't think she wanted that," Bakura knew he was right, so he didn't say anything. "Anzu gave up her life, so you can live…and really you're almost acting like a dead person. So was her death in vein?"

"What about you?" Bakura asked.

"What about me?" Malik asked coldly.

"Ever since Anzu died, you changed. You have become so emotionless, so cruel. Just because she is dead, you think she wanted you to be the way you were before, a ruthless murderer? And you're even worse than before. Why is it that her death caused such an impact?" Bakura asked, curious to know.

"I don't know," Malik simply said.

"You don't know? Then what exactly changed you in the first place? Why were you so different when she was alive?" Bakura looked at Malik now, and he could see that Malik showed a bit of sadness in his eyes.

"I really don't know what it was. There was something about her. Something I can't explain…just looking at her, I felt that I had more to live for in life. I don't think she wanted to change me or even you, but just being with her…you know what I mean, Bakura, because she changed you more than anything. You fell in love so quickly and…really…that isn't you," Malik paused for a moment, thinking of what he wanted to say, "it's almost like she was the light, and she lighted my way, I was covered in darkness, then when meeting her, I changed. I think that's what happened to you, but you fell in love."

Bakura looked at him; everything he said actually made sense to him. How odd that Malik can make sense. Bakura looked away, then thought…that dream he had so many years ago, the dream told him how there was light growing within his heart. Malik was right that Anzu was the better half of them all, she brought goodness.

"What do you want to do, Malik?" Bakura asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You seem to have changed into a person that wants destruction, but what are your intentions?"

"Well…I want to kill the pharaoh…and," Malik thought for a moment, "I don't know."

"I'm going to visit Seto, want to come?" Bakura ignored Malik's answer, whatever Malik wanted to do; it really wasn't his business. Malik has grown to be a sadistic, bloodthirsty maniac, well in Bakura's view. Every time Bakura would actually get out of his room, he would sometimes go in Malik's bedroom, since it was also Yasuo's, to sit on Yasuo's old bed. It brought sometimes memories of his son, so he would go in there for that reason. But he finds sometimes in that room many clothing of Malik that is covered in blood. Bakura doesn't know how many Malik has killed, but by the looks of it, it has to be a lot.

"No, I'm going to stay," Malik didn't say anymore as he went to his room. Bakura took one last glance at him and thought he would leave to see Seto now.


Bakura took his time to go to Chao, he didn't want to return to that city, but he wanted to see Seto. Maybe talking to him will actually help his depression, Seto was after all a priest, so couldn't he do anything. Well it's true that Seto tried to cheer him up before, but Bakura would ignore him. Now he was willing to listen, or at least talk to him.

Bakura could see the city and now decided to speed up his pace. He would have to move around the city without being noticed by the guards; hopefully no one would see him. When he was in the city, he walked quickly behind building, and went to the next building. He soon stopped however, when he was near Anzu's old house. Anzu's parents were very upset to hear that their daughter was actually killed. Form what Bakura heard form Seto, who was the one who told them, Anzu's mother had gotten very sick, due to her grief. Who knew how long she had to live? Bakura sighed and wondered if he should go and visit them, but then he thought against it. He believed that they wouldn't want to see the one who couldn't save their daughter; he didn't want to face them.

He took one glance at the house and then headed toward the temple. He went as quickly as he could, stopping behind a building every time a guard passed by. After minutes of hiding and fast walking he was soon at the temple. He walked up there as quickly as possible and when he was finally inside, he sighed once again.

"Well, hello there, can I help you?" Bakura turned his face to look at Zylon. Zylon didn't know who it was because Bakura was wearing his cloak and had his hood on.

"I'm here to see Seto," Bakura responded, as he took off his hood. Zylon looked at him and understood why. He knew that Bakura was the one who lost his family, after what Seto told him.

"Ah, so you must be Bakura. Well, Seto is in the room to the left. He is usually in there praying, it's hard to get him out," Zylon explained, and Bakura nodded as he left bowed and left the man to go to the direction he told him to go.

When Bakura arrived in the room where Seto was, he was amazed to see how beautiful it was. The room was huge, and the walls were covered in nice paintings; the ceiling also had paintings on it. The room was illuminated by candles on the walls and, for some reason, it made the room glow with radiantly. At the very end of the room was Seto, who was kneeling and seemed to be praying. Beside him was an object that Bakura could not identify. The room was really almost like the main room, but just smaller and there were rows of benches.

Bakura went to where Seto was and waited there. He really didn't want to disturb the priest, so he waited as long as he could. But because Bakura wasn't a very patient man, he cleared his throat and that got Seto's attention. Seto turned around to see Bakura and was actually surprised to see him.

"After so many month's you finally got out if your house," Seto said as he got up, grabbing the object that was beside him.

"Just wanted to come and visit, see how you were doing," Bakura told him.

"I see, well it's good to see you," Seto said as he walked up to him. Bakura nodded his head as to say the same thing. Seto motioned for Bakura to follow him, and he le him to two seats at the end of the room. Both of them sat down and stayed silent for a moment.

"So what is that?" Bakura asked pointing at the thing that Seto held in his right hand.

"It's called the Millennium Rod; it's one of the Millennium items," Seto told him.

"Millennium items?"

"Yeah, there are seven in total. All of them are kept here at the temple. I heard they have great power, well, something that the pharaoh can control. But I took the Millennium Rod, knowing it can help with the shadow games," Bakura looked at Seto quizzically. The shadow games were very confusing.

"What kind of power does it hold?" Bakura looked at Seto curiously.

"I'm not sure, but the pharaoh is the one that holds the power," Seto told him, then Bakura decided to change the topic, what these Millennium items did, he wasn't too concern.

"So, is the damn pharaoh still looking for me?" Bakura asked another question. Seto smiled, for the first time after so long.

"Yeah, I think he still is. Stupid thing, can't give up at all," Bakura looked at him, then chuckled, something that actually felt good to do.

The two talked about Yami and said how much they hated him, but unknown to them, someone was listening and watching in the shadows. Throughout the whole thing the figure listened and when he saw that Bakura was leaving, he followed.

Bakura walked slowly out of the temple, he really didn't want to leave the temple, since he felt quite at ease there. Well, he had to go home sometime. When he was at the door, he let out a sigh and went outside. He walked quickly home, feeling a bit tired and thinking sleep would be great. He still had no idea that someone was following him.

After walking what seemed like hours, he finally arrived at Crime and the figure that was behind him all this time stopped quite far away from the city. He watched Bakura go into the city on top of a big hill, no one could see him. The person smirked, then left.


A man walked into the throne room and kneeled down before the pharaoh. Yami just looked at him and waited for him to speak.

"Pharaoh Yami, we have a problem," the man said.

"About the shadow games?" Yami said, knowing all to well what the problem was.

"Yes, sir, the shadow games are getting out of hand. People are getting hurt and some are disappearing. What's worse is that the monsters are getting out of hand as well," the man continued.

"I know, I have been observing, Shadi," Yami said to the man known as Shadi.

"What do you plan to do then, pharaoh?" Shadi asked.

"The only thing I can do…it's time we finally use the Millennium items. It's the only option," Yami told him, Shadi just looked at Yami concerned.

"But Pharaoh Yami…you do know what must be done in order to lock away the shadow games in the Millennium items…it requires…" Shadi was cut off by Yami who knew all too well what was necessary.

"I know. Three sacrifices…but if it's the only way…so be it," Yami said as he looked at the man standing in front of him with very seriously.

"But who will you sacrifice?" Shadi asked worried what the answer may be.

"Well…" Yami was about to answer but Jounouchi had just arrived.

"Pharaoh Yami," Jounouchi bowed and waited for Yami to let him continue.

"What news do you bring, Jou?" Yami asked ignoring Shadi for the time being.

"I have found what you were looking for," Yami smiled, liking hat he is hearing.

"You mean?"

"Yes, I have found where Bakura lives…a city not too far from here," Jou explained.

"Excellent," was all Yami said as he stood up from his throne. He walked up to Jou and asked, "was I right to suspect Seto?"

"Yes, I believe they're friends, I saw them both together at the temple, talking like they knew each other very well. You were right for me to go to the temple," Jou answered, and what he said made Yami smile even more.

"Very good," Yami walked away from Jou and stopped a few feet away, his back facing Jou and Shadi, he was thinking of what he wanted to do next. He now had everything he could possibly want; the whereabouts of Bakura and most likely every thief, and he now was able to get rid of Seto. Yami's been having problems with Seto, about a couple of months ago; Seto challenged Yami to a shadow game. The fact that Seto had the Millennium Rod, and was using it to try and win, raised a lot of suspicion. Yami almost lost to Seto, but he was able to defeat him at the end. But the shadow duel was not enough to accuse Seto of anything, and Yami knew if he didn't get rid of Seto, then something may happen that will affect him. Now, however, if the truth is that Seto is a friend of Bakura's, he can be accused of being a traitor, he will not be able to get out of this.

"Yami, what do you want to do?" Jou asked. It had been silent for quite a while.

"Listen carefully, Jou," Yami turned around to face him, "I want you to send someone to kill the High Priest, Seto…" Jou and Shadi gasped.

"The high priest, sir? But you can't…can't…" Shadi didn't know what to say. He never heard of any pharaoh sending a high priest to death. It wasn't…right.

"He is a traitor, probably has been helping Bakura for many years. If I let him live, who knows who else he will help. Every thief would probably get away because of him. I will not tolerate any such actions, Seto is to be killed, and the Millennium Rod that he holds is to be brought back with the other Millennium items. That's final," Shadi just nodded his head and Jou did as well.

"What else do you want me to do?" Jou asked.

"Get the all the guards together, and prepare them to go to that city. I know that that place is where all our thieves have been hiding. Today will be the day, which all the criminals will be captured, no longer, will they run free," Jounouchi bowed knowing it was best to do all that he has been told to do immediately. So without saying anything he left the room. Shadi watched Jou leave and then looked toward Yami, his eyes were beaming with confidence, and Shadi really didn't know what to say, so he thought about the shadow games again.

"So who will you sacrifice?"

"I have two in mind, the third however, will be…me," Shadi gasped, would the pharaoh really sacrifice himself.

"You, Pharaoh Yami…But surely there could be another you could sacrifice," Shadi said, right now it didn't seem that the city could go without a pharaoh.

"I rather not have anyone else do it," Yami said, his decision was final.

"Then who are the other two?" Shadi asked.

"Don't worry about that, I know who it will be," Yami told him, "Shadi?"


"Do me a favour," Yami said and Shadi looked at him attentively, "I want you to guard the Millennium items. I want you to put away whatever Millennium item I reside in, hide it from the world…curse it if you must. But I want the Millennium items to be lock away; will you make sure to guard them, Shadi?"

"Anything for you, pharaoh," Shadi bowed, and soon after left the room.

Yami watched him leave and then sat at his chair. He didn't know why he was sacrificing himself, but he thought it was the best thing to do. He didn't know what it was, but something told him that whatever he did now is going to affect the future. Hopefully for him, it will be good.


Seto walked alone in the halls of the temple. He carried the Millennium Rod in his right hand. He been walking for a while now, thinking about things and having a feeling that something was wrong. He didn't know where exactly he wanted to go, so he let his feet take him where ever. As he walked, he began to hear something behind him. Quickly turning around, he saw nothing, either he was imagining things or someone was actually following him. He looked around the hall carefully, but he couldn't see anything. The halls were dimly lit, but it was enough light to see where you were going.

Seto shrugged everything away soon and continued walking. He went right and left, went into some rooms to check stuff, and went back walking around the temple. After all that, he started to hear footsteps, but he didn't turn around to see, he just stood there, and grasped the Millennium item tightly. It was a rod, but it was also a dagger, so whoever it was, he would defend himself with it. He waited there silently, just standing there, listening to any noise.

After so many minutes, Seto decided to walk again, but when he began to move his feet, someone came right behind him with a dagger. Seto heard him and was quick enough to dodge the person. He looked at him and saw that it was one of the guards, which really surprised Seto. Why was one of Yami's men trying to kill him? Seto didn't want to find out so he hit the man on the head and ran as quickly as possible.

Running around the halls, Seto never stopped, he looked back a few time, checking if anyone was following. But because he didn't pay much attention to what was in front of him, he paid dearly for it, with his life. As Seto ran and looked back then looked forward, he could not stop quickly enough when he saw another guard standing in front of him. As he tried to stop, the guard held on to him and with one swift of his arm, stabbed Seto right in the stomach.

Seto eyes went wide, the pain he felt was unbearable. He could feel his blood just oozing down, and as he looked to the man that killed him, he could see him telling him, 'Orders form the pharaoh.' Seto just stared at him, and mouthed something before falling into darkness, 'that bastard…'

The guard that stabbed Seto laid the high priest on the ground and saw his partner coming toward him. "Go find; the Millennium items, I'll take him to the pharaoh," the man said as he grabbed the Millennium Rod and passed it to his partner, "here, that must be one of them as well. Now go and fetch the others." With that said, the guards that had stabbed Seto lifted him up over his shoulder and left, his partner went to get the items.


Three hours since Yami told Jou and Shadi his plans, Yami stood in front of a huge army. He looked at them, knowing that theses will be the ones who will help him capture the two people he wanted most. He smirked as he saw each person determined face to serve their pharaoh. He was pleased, very pleased, and soon everything will turn out the way he wanted.

"Listen everyone," Yami addressed the army and they all at him, "we are going to go into the city of thieves. When we get there your job will be to capture everyone. Kill the men who resist, capture all the women and children. No one must get away, today, all thieves from that city will be captured and they will finally be brought to justice! Now lift up your weapons and prepare yourself for the final battle for righteousness!" Everyone there cheered; confident they will succeed in bringing all who have done them and their families wrong. Yami raised his hand telling the crowed to be silent, when they were all calmed down he spoke again, "I want you all to remember that if you find Bakura and Malik, you bring them to me alive! Now let's go!"

Yami motioned for his horse to begin running and soon he was off, followed by his men as they rode on their horses as well. All them cheering for the battle to come.


Bakura lay on his bed, realizing that he still had that feeling from this morning, something just didn't feel right. He felt like something was coming. Bakura didn't know whether to shrug it off or worry about it. Bakura sighed, just looking at the ceiling, never letting the feeling go, then soon after felt sleep would do him some good. When he was about to close his eyes, Malik entered the room.

"Going to sleep again? Don't you ever do anything besides sleep?" Malik said quite annoyed with Bakura.

"Just leave me alone," Bakura told him, but Malik didn't listen.

"Not a chance. Now get up and let's go," Malik demanded.

"Go where?"

"Out to do stuff, maybe it'll make you feel better. Let's go out and steal some things, which always cheers me up," Malik answered as he walked over to Bakura.

"I don't feel like it," Bakura said as he turned away. Malik just stared at his back then thought of an idea. He grabbed Bakura blankets, which were underneath Bakura, and pulled them, making the white haired man tumble out of bed. "Ow, what the hell did you do that for?"

"You know exactly why, now get up and let's go," Malik demanded again.

"I told you I don't feel like it," Bakura said again. Malik was about to argue, but stopped when he heard someone shouting outside. Malik looked away form Bakura, then back at him, wondering what the yelling could possibly be about.

Without saying a word, both Bakura and Malik left the room and went outside, where they saw Isis. She was staring at someone who was running around, screaming, "We're under attack!!!" Bakura looked at the man carefully and saw that it was Lume, it was hard to understand him since he his screaming was so clear, barely anyone understood him, but then it was all clear when Lume was hit by an arrow. Some people screamed and others just gasped. Bakura and Malik ran to Lume, as they all heard him say his final words, "We are under attack," and he fell, dead on the floor. Bakura and Malik stopped running as soon as they made it to him, but knew there was nothing they could do. Bakura looked at Malik and Malik looked at him, they now knew they were being attacked.

By who though? Bakura didn't think about it for long, because he knew it was better to get prepared. He went into the house again, followed by Malik. Both of them grabbed a weapon, knowing they were going to need it. When they ran back outside, everyone was running around. Women and children were escaping, while the men stayed and would fight. Bakura looked around and soon saw who they were against, it was Yami's men. They were getting into the city quickly and many have already begun fighting. Bakura kept looking around and something caught his eye; Saphine and her family.

"Please daddy, don't leave us," Bakura could hear Yani saying to her father.

"I must stay and help defend the city. You and your mother must go to safety. Now hurry," Yani's father said, as he hugged his wife and daughter.

"You'll be okay, right?" Saphine was beginning to cry; worried she would never see her husband again.

"I will be, now go!" he told them, and both of them left him. He looked at them hoping they will be safe. Bakura watch him and thought he was crazy. Without thinking, he ran toward him, ignoring his surrounding. Malik had already gone to kill the invaders.

"Go with them!" Bakura said to Saphine's husband and he just looked at Bakura quizzically.


"Go with them. Make sure they are safe," Bakura told him, because he knew that a family was important and he would have made sure they would be safe.

"But I have to stay and help, this is my home as well," he said.

"If you don't go with them, you'll regret it. Go to them and make sure they are safe. Leave everything to the rest," Bakura said and looked at the man pleadingly. The man nodded and ran after his family. Bakura just watched and swiftly turned around stabbing one of the guards that was going to harm him. He took out his dagger and ran to find Malik.

When he found Malik, he saw that he needed a little help, so he ran as quickly as he could toward him and sliced everyone that was around Malik. Malik just looked at him and frowned.

"I didn't need you help," he said.

"You welcome," Bakura said back. "Where's your sister?"

"Gone, like I told her to be," Malik answered, but then threw his dagger. Bakura smirked as he turned around to see one of the guards lying on the ground, the dagger that Malik threw right on his forehead.

"Nice throw," Bakura commented. Malik just smirked and then the two ran off to see who else they had to kill.

As the two fought and killed whoever was against them, they soon noticed that a lot of their people were gone or killed. It didn't seem like they could hold on any longer, but they had to keep going. As they ran an arrow had found its way to Bakura's arm, and he fell clasping arm. Malik quickly turned around and went to him.

"Are you okay?" Malik asked as he grabbed the arrow and took it out of Bakura's arm.

"What kind of question is that?" Bakura spat at him as he held on to his arm. It hurt a lot.

"Whatever, let's get going," Malik helped Bakura up but what they didn't notice was that they were surrounded. Everywhere they looked, there was a guard in front of them, holding swords, daggers, spear, or bow and arrows. They all were pointing at them, and now they knew there was no escape.

"What do we do now?" Bakura whispered to Malik.

"I thought you might have a plan," Malik whispered back. The two just stood back to back, looking for any way out. Then they both heard a voice that they never really wanted to hear again.

"Well, well, well, I see we were able to capture the great thieves after all. I am very pleased," Bakura and Malik turned to look at Yami who had just gotten through the crowed of soldiers.

"How did you find us?" Bakura asked as he looked at Yami angrily.

"Well, it's really all thanks to you, Bakura. You see I had someone follow you, and what do you now, you took him right to where you were," Yami answered, and Bakura went wide eyed. How could he have been so careless?

"Yeah well, you may have found this place, but you still have no right to come in here and attack!" Malik spat out to Yami. Yami just smirked.

"Of course I do, now enough with this chit chat, guards," Yami motioned with his hand for two guards to come forward, "you know what to do." The two guards bowed then went to Bakura and Malik, and before the two knew it, they were both knocked out and dragged away to the palace.


"Get up, Bakura. Come on, it's time…" Bakura slowly opened his eyes and sat up holding on to his head. It hurt like hell and he could feel a huge bumped on it. He looked around his surrounding, wondering where he was. Then he remembered that his home was under attacked and the next thing he knew was he and Malik were caught. So where exactly was he?

"So you're finally awake?" Bakura looked up to see Malik sitting across form him.

"Where are we?" Bakura asked.

"My guess, a in the palace…we've been caught," Malik said.

"I know we've been caught, I'm not dumb," Bakura told him.

"Yeah, yeah…anyway, how are we going to get out of this?" he asked Bakura, who seemed to have spaced out, "Bakura?"

"Hmm?" Bakura didn't look at him and still was in his thoughts.

"Never mind," Malik said as he and Bakura sat in silence.

After what seemed like hours, someone had finally come to where the two thieves were. It was two soldiers who have come here to take Malik and Bakura to another room. The two guards grabbed both of them roughly and dragged them into a new room. The room wasn't too different from the other one, except it was darker, and a bit smaller. At the left wall was a table with seven different items. The two were chained to the wall. The guards left right after and soon they were left alone again. Not one word was spoken as Bakura just kept to his thoughts and Malik just looked around the room.

Again they waited a very long time for someone to come in, but this time it was someone thy really didn't want to see. Yami walked slowly toward them and stopped when he was right in front of them. He looked at them with a smug look on his face and then began to speak.

"Never did I think that this day would ever come. I finally have Bakura and Malik at my grasp," Yami chuckled as he watched angry faces with delight, "now you must think you're here to be executed."

"That's seems to be that most likely answer," Malik spat.

"Yes it would, wouldn't?" Yami smirked, then began to pace around the two, "but that's not why you are here."

"Then why the hell did you bring us here?" Bakura asked.

"Well, have you heard of the shadow games?" Yami asked and both nodded. Yami was glad, now he could just explain what he needed to. So he began to explain everything to them, telling them what they will be needed for.

"Sacrifice?" Malik was confused.

"Yes, I have chosen you two to be two of the three sacrifices needed to lock away the shadow games," Yami told them, "it's a fate worse than death. You will be engulfed in darkness, your soul will stay there sleeping for all eternity…being tortured by your worst fears and there is no chance you will ever escape. You will suffer for all eternity."

"How would you know?" Malik asked.

"I have been in the shadow realm and have seen what has happen to people…I know they suffer," Yami explained.

"Well, don't we at least get a priest to save our souls?" Bakura said as he looked at Yami.

"A priest can't save your soul where it's going, but if you want a priest…" Yami snapped his fingers and Malik and Bakura turned their heads to look at the door and they saw…Seto.

"Seto…" Malik wasn't sure he was seeing what he was seeing. At the door was Seto, but his eyes were so lifeless and blood could be seen dripping to the ground. Bakura and Malik just looked on in horror as the guard who held Seto let go of him and let him fall to the ground. Now that Seto was in the light, Malik and Bakura could see him all bruised and bleeding everywhere. He was stabbed multiple times and he was clearly dead. "You bastard!!!" Malik screamed at Yami, "What did he ever do? He didn't deserve to be killed!"

"He was a traitor, of course he deserved to be killed," Yami chuckled, which infuriated Malik more, and he tried to lunge toward him but the chains stopped him, "Well it seems you really cared for him, then I see no harm in putting your soul in the Millennium Rod. So why don't we begin." Yami grabbed the Millennium Rod from the table and went right in front of Malik. Malik just stared angrily at him.

"You'll never get away with this…I know about the Millennium items and your power…that item belonged to Seto, and he told me all about the power of the pharaoh. Mark my word, I will have it and destroy you…I will destroy you!" Malik said as he began to shake with fury.

"That's nice to know. Now before I send you to your new home, I should tell you this, if ever the souls that reside in the Millennium items awaken from their slumber and are united with all seven items in a circle, a new life is give, but mark my word, you'll never reawaken, you will be trapped forever," Yami said.

"What the hell does that mean?" Bakura asked everything was getting more confusing.

"Well, if you escape the darkness you'll find out, but it won't happen, so forget about it," Yami said, "Now enough of this, it's time." Yami held the rod in front of Malik's angry face and with a few words, Malik soul was being extracted from his body, he could feel it. His scream was terrifying, and Bakura could just look in total horror. After many minutes, everything stopped, Malik had slumped down lifelessly and there was no sign of any emotion on his face. Bakura didn't know if he was dead or not, but just looking at him he could say he was.

"Malik…" Bakura whispered. Yami just smirked as he looked at the Rod.

"Well, now it's your turn," Yami went to the table and put down the Rod, then grabbed a new item, the Millennium Ring. "I think this one will be fine for you."

"That would be?" Bakura looked at the item with pure disgust.

"The Millennium Ring," Yami answered as went in front of Bakura like he did with Malik, "you know, Anzu was probably waiting for you, but now she will never see you again. Your soul will never reach her where you are going. Poor Anzu, I must say, she chose the wrong person to be with."

"Leave her out of this!" Bakura yelled.

"Calm down, now it's time," Yami held up the Ring and began to say a few words. Bakura suddenly felt pain everywhere in body, he couldn't help but scream. Everything was disappearing and what use to be Yami standing in front of him, was now darkness. Bakura was slipping away. He couldn't see anymore, couldn't hear, he lost all his senses. Then the last thing he knew…everything was gone…he was now in total darkness.

Yami watched as Bakura slumped down lifelessly too, and just stared at him. A smirk found its way to his face; he had finally gotten rid of him, at last. Yami went back to the table and placed the ring down and grabbed another Millennium item, the Millennium Puzzle. This is the one he has chosen to be locked away in, and thought he knew what was going to happen as he slept in the puzzle, he still wanted to go though it. Something told him, he had to, because it wouldn't be the last time he saw Malik and Bakura…or even Anzu.


'Let life go on, but it will be bare without you here by my side.'

Falling…falling…falling, that's all Bakura knew. He was falling into the depths of darkness. He was beginning to forget so many things…and other things haunted him. He tried to search for any light, but found nothing but darkness. He felt so cold, so alone. 'I don't want to be alone…I want someone to be here…' Bakura thought. What was he to do…there was nothing he could do. Darkness would soon devour him and life will be all gone. He could feel everything just slipping away. He could feel tears flowing so freely down his face. Visions of Anzu began appearing, he didn't want to forget her, nor Yasuo. He didn't care what happened to him…or his life…

'Must I live forever in this agony, must life be forever cruel.'

He felt his tears coming quicker; he needed to be with her. He needed Anzu to hold him, to tell him everything will be alright.

'I will wait, even if it means eternity.'

Why did it fee like the light in his heart was disappearing. It was all he had left…but now it's becoming dark again. He needed her to save him…he needed her to come.

'You and I, we will be together again.

You know why?

Because we were meant to be.'

Why did they fall in love in the first place…was it suppose to happen…was fate just playing games. No…it was merely showing what love was. Maybe in time, Bakura will find his way back to her. But how do you escape darkness?

'You and I, we are destined to be together...

even if death found it's way to you or me,

we will always find a way back to each other.'

Why couldn't he have just died? Death would have been so much sweeter…he would have been able to go to her…hold her…love her.

'So wait for me, and I will wait for you...even if it means...


So what was left…did he have to wait? How long…he didn't have much time…darkness was devouring him…slowly…ever so slowly.

Bakura looked around as he fell and fell. He could feel darkness touching him, covering him. His eyes were slowly closing, knowing that sleep was trying to take over. But he didn't want to sleep; he wanted to know where she was. Where was Anzu…he needed to say how much he loved her…he needed to say goodbye. No darkness was coming quickly now…'stay back!' Bakura yelled in his head. The tears never stopped, darkness never left. He needed her…Anzu…

Bakura thought that darkness would win, but as he looked up, he saw the most beautiful thing. It had made the darkness disappear…but for how long? He didn't care, he just stared at it ad reach for it. It was a light…her light, his light…their light. It shined brilliantly above him, and he enjoyed the warmth. This light did not stay long, however, but Bakura understood now, it was a reminder, that his light in his in his heart. She was there, inside him, never going leave him.

When the light disappeared slowly, Bakura knew now, where there is darkness there is light. The stupid pharaoh thought he could trap Bakura, but all he did was help him see…see that Anzu was with him. He smiled, as darkness again began to devour him, but he wasn't afraid…no, he knew he would be free again. He would see her again. Bakura continued to smile and when darkness had covered him completely, he could only say the words that meant so much…that said how long they would be together, what they were, and what they will always be. He could only say those words…

"You and I…Eternity"

*~*The End??*~*

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Sequel Summary~ You and I…Forever

Tea seems like an average teenage girl, but in reality she is quite different. She has been having the same dream for most of her life, and doesn't understand them. What's worse, her parents believe she is sick, due to the fact that she keeps going into phases where she sees thing but there's nothing there. Doctors say they are merely seizures and that she should take some medication when they are about to begin. So far the medicine has worked, and the only one who knows of her problems is her good friend Seto Kaiba. Many believe he is cold hearted and conceited, but nobody knows him like Tea does. Now Tea thought her only problems were her dreams and the so called 'seizures' but when the new students arrives, Bakura, she keeps seeing more visions, and soon she goes off on an adventure with her other friends, Yugi, Joey, and Tristan. As she tries to keep her problems a secret, she is trying hard to understand them. But will she ever understand what the dream means? And why is it that Bakura is a major part in all of this?

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