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Chapter 1

It had been a magical night. Lonnie had thought to herself as she looked out and watched as the lights of the ship faded into the distance. It was a last minute date with Jay, not that she wasn't planning on going to Cotillion. She just figured she wouldn't have a date. When Jay asked her at practice she was surprised. Lonnie was certain he had girls in line to go out with him. Lonnie looked up at the stars, when she saw a shooting star soar across the sky, she closed her eyes and made a wish. Jay looked over, saw her close her eyes but said nothing. He didn't understand what she was doing.

Jane was chattering on across from Lonnie. Her and Carlos were laughing and joking about the night. "You guys should have seen the look on Fairy Godmother's face when she realized Jane was my date!"

"I know right! It was like she never would've thought we would get together. You think my mom thinks I'm still five sometimes." Jane continued the conversation.

Jay smiled listening to the two go on about the night. He had a good time. Originally, he had wanted to go alone, with the idea in mind he could dance with whoever he wanted. Jay hadn't planned on Lonnie though. She was friends with the girls, friendly with him but he never really paid her any attention. She was different from the other girls at the school, she wasn't trying to get his attention. And that drove him crazy.

Maybe that's what got his attention, Jay thought. She didn't try, so when she challenged him at Swords, it had been a surprise. A really nice surprise. Jay didn't think the girls here were interested in sports or anything that didn't have to do with royalty or hair and makeup. Lonnie proved there was one that might be more than what she seemed. And she kept proving it.

Taking her to the Isle was a risk. But Lonnie proved herself again. Taking on two pirates at a time more than once, she carried her own and then some. Jay knew if they were ever having to fight again, he wanted her by his side. But Lonnie had shown Jay something else, she could handle being on the team. So he found a way to get her there.

It was then when he wanted to learn more about her. Jay knew she was smart, skilled and pretty, but he was finally interested in more than just flirting with a girl here. He found one that had more to them than just a pretty face. Lonnie was speechless when he asked her to the Cotillion, but she said yes. Now at the end of a great night, they were headed home.

Jay sat next to Lonnie, he was as quiet as she was. Lonnie shivered a little, her clothes were still a little wet and the night air was cool. Jay frowned feeling her shiver against his side. He didn't think about her being cold, but he had his jacket on and was actually pretty warm. Lonnie was still in wet clothes and they didn't look warm. Realizing that she was probably getting colder riding in the night air, he needed to do something about it.

Jay opened his jacket and reached around behind Lonnie, pulling her inside his jacket with him, he wrapped his arm around her. "Better?"

Lonnie nodded and softly smiled, "Yeah, thanks. It wasn't this cold when we were dancing."

Lonnie noticed Jay every time he walked by her, but he never even said hi. He flirted endlessly with the princesses and cheerleaders, but Lonnie wasn't a part of any of that. Jay never seemed to notice her. She was simple. She wasn't royalty and never pretended to be. And she definitely wasn't going to fall all over herself for a guy if he wasn't interested. And in her eyes Jay just wasn't interested.

But… Jay got interested real fast. Lonnie noticed when his face lit up when she beat him at swords. He agreed for her to go to the Isle, not that she gave them a choice when she blackmailed him and Carlos. Then he found a way to get her on the team. That was all Jay, finding the loophole in the rules. It was after practice when they were heading back to the dorms that he had surprised her by asking her to the Cotillion.

It was the last thing she expected. Lonnie was already ecstatic about being made captain of the team. Now she had a date with the most wanted guy in school. It never occurred to her that Jay liked her as anything more than a friend. She still didn't see it as they rode in the carriage home as a group. Jay had been a perfect gentleman all night. Lonnie was happy just to finally be accepted by him as a friend.

She had been a loner most of her life. No one really understood her because she was different. Not being a princess or a girly girl she wasn't accepted like most girls in school. When the VKs were announced, she was thrilled. Looking for a friendship with all of them, nothing more.

The carriage dropped the last group off from the Cotillion just as the sun was rising. Each of the boys helped their dates from the carriage. Carlos took Jane's hand and led her up the stairs. He had a great night and if it went well for Jane, he hoped this meant they were now more than just friends.

Jay walked with Lonnie into the foyer of the dorms, his room was on the main level one direction, hers upstairs and the opposite. Lonnie walked over and stopped at the base of the stairs, figuring Jay would head to his own room. Turning to say good night, she found Jay right behind her, his hand slid to the small of her back. Jay nodded towards the stairs, he was walking her to her door.

As they walked down the hall, girls called out their good nights to Jay. He nodded and politely said good night back, not seeing Lonnie cringe each time he did. It was just a constant reminder. She didn't have a chance, who was she fooling? No one believed that tonight was an actual date, not even her. They were friends, it was all they would ever be. Why he asked her, Lonnie still wasn't sure.

When Lonnie stopped and reached for her door, she didn't turn around. Hearing more girls saying good night, Lonnie was done listening to them push for his attention. Jay was saying good night to one of the girls that walked past. Lonnie sighed, and gripped the handle. Jay took her hand before she could open the door.

"Hey?"Jay wondered if he blew his shot with her.

Ever since they left the ship, she had gotten quiet. Lonnie wasn't one who talked a lot as it is, it was one of the things he liked about her. She wasn't gossipy and overly talkative like some girls, but right now she wasn't even looking at him. He knew she was pretty inexperienced with dating. Most of the nicer girls in Auradon were, but Jay never saw Lonnie as shy. She was friendly and outgoing with him from the first time he met her. She never acted shy around him. At least, not until now.

Lonnie turned and looked at him. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. They were friends, it wasn't like it was a real date. She didn't expect him to walk her to her room, much less a kiss good night. Friends just weren't like that. None of the guys were like that with her. Lonnie figured Jay was just being the nice guy that he was. She would just say thank you and be done. She'd see him tomorrow at practice.

Lonnie looked at him, those deep brown eyes wiped her mind clean. "I had fun tonight. Thanks for taking me."

Jay nodded, reaching for her, he rested his hands on her waist, "Me too." He took a small step towards her.

"So we have practice tomorrow afternoon. I guess I'll see you then." Lonnie gave him a small smile. Lonnie stepped back against the door. She had nowhere to go.

"Yeah." Jay took another small step. His hands slid around her waist, now sandwiching her between his body and the door.

Lonnie took a breath and rested her hands against his arms, not to stop him but because she didn't know what to do with them. Jay smiled slow and easy. He would take it slow, no pressure. Jay didn't want to scare her off, so he leaned in slowly.

"There you are. Ben's looking for us." Carlos said rounding the corner as he patted Jay on the back. Jay pulled back slightly at the sound of Carlos voice. "Come on, Evie just called."

Not taking his eyes off Lonnie's, Jay moved slowly, "Yeah, in a minute." He said softly. Giving her a slow smile, he closed in again.

"Jay, we've got to go." Carlos said again. Jane was waiting behind him for the two to move.

"In a minute!" Jay said over his shoulder. He was getting annoyed and was not losing his shot here. Leaning in again, tilting his head slightly, his lips a breath away from hers. Jay had already forgotten Carlos was waiting for him.

"Jay!" Carlos tried again. "Jay! Come on!" Carlos yelled at him again. Carlos grabbed his arm to pull him away from Lonnie. Jay stepped back, he wanted to end the night right but, it wasn't going to happen. Jay looked at Lonnie who only stared at him surprised. He was about to kiss her. Jay grabbed her hand and held it tight.

"We'll finish this later." He whispered before he quickly kissed Lonnie's cheek. She was a bit shocked that Jay had kissed her cheek. Jay started to pull away, when Lonnie grabbed his arm stopping him.

"I can go with you. I can help." Lonnie offered. "Let me come?" She didn't want to not be apart of what was going on. Jay nodded, he wasn't willing to say good night just yet and if there was trouble at least he knew Lonnie could fight beside him.

Carlos and Jane stood back as surprised as Lonnie. Jane's mouth was open when Lonnie looked at her. Jay turned and glared at Carlos, but gently took hold of Lonnie's hand and led her down the hall. Then, as she passed them, Lonnie saw some of the other girls in the hallway and noticed they had the same reaction as Jane.

The four walked into Ben's office, Jay and Carlos growling at each other over the interruption of Jay's good night kiss to Lonnie. Carlos kept telling Jay sorry, it wasn't like he had done it on purpose or anything. While Jay continued to grumble that he should know at the end of a date, you kiss the girl good night. Jane and Lonnie walked in behind the two laughing quietly.

"You could have counted to ten or twenty." Jay said to Carlos. "Give me a little time, at least."

"I didn't know you were gonna kiss her!" Carlos argued.

"What did you think I was gonna do?" Jay shook his head at his friend.

Jay frowned at Carlos. He knew his friend was inexperienced with girls, but come on, he's known Jay long enough to know if he's interested in a girl he's gonna kiss her. Jay found kissing told him a lot about a girl. Lonnie has a lot of needs inside her, that single kiss could have been just a taste. The short kiss on the cheek he gave her told him, one thing, he wanted more.

"Did you expect him to kiss you?" Jane quietly asked Lonnie.

Shaking her head, Lonnie whispered, "I didn't know it was a real date. I thought we just went as friends."

Lonnie had accepted the date thinking Jay was just interested in a friendship. She didn't think he even saw her half the time she was around him. Lonnie wasn't a flirt like most of the girls with Jay. She figured if he was interested in her, she shouldn't have to push to get his attention. What she did push for was being on the team and going with them to the Isle. Those things she made him take notice of her.

"I didn't know you liked Lonnie like that!" Carlos defended himself. Jay stopped, turning he looked at Carlos, frowning at him.

"Why else would I have asked her to be my date?" Jay asked, he wouldn't have ask her to be is date if he didn't like her.

"I thought you guys were just friends!" Carlos continued when Jay turned and kept walking.

"We are friends, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in something more. Look at you and Jane." Jay spoke quieter.

"Do you think they even know we're back here and can hear everything they're saying?" Lonnie asked Jane, who giggled at the question.

Jay turned around and looked at Lonnie. She smiled, shrugged and raised her eyebrows at him. Jay nodded at her and reached for her hand. Pulling her to him, Jay looked at Carlos with a 'We'll talk later' look. Jay looked up at Ben wanting to know what was so important.

"Sorry guys, Lonnie and Jane, you two don't need to be here. This doesn't concern you." Ben began to dismiss them.

"We can help, Ben. I went to the Isle with them to rescue you. Why can't we help now?" Lonnie asked, she had thought she had finally been accepted by them.

Jay frowned, "She's right. She can fight, Ben. If that's what we're here for."

"Okay. But this isn't a game. If Uma is going to start trouble, we need to be prepared." Ben motioned for all of them to sit. This was going to take some time. A large conference table had been added into Ben's office. He had a feeling he would be using it more now that he wanted his friends working with him.

Mal sat quietly and held back her I told you so for later. She wasn't happy that Uma had pulled the wool over Ben's eyes on the Isle. He thought she was like Uma, that they were both misunderstood and just needed a chance. Uma didn't want a chance, she wanted to get loose. Now, she was.

Mal looked over at Jay and Lonnie. It was interesting to see them together, but made sense to her. Jay just wasn't the kind to put up with high maintenance girls. Lonnie was more his speed. She was down to earth, athletic, she could hold her own and accepted them as they were. Mal smiled, it was obvious, Lonnie liked him too.

Jay took his jacket off and put it around Lonnie's shoulders, before he pulled his chair closer to hers. Lonnie said nothing, but looked to her lap and smiled. She didn't know what was happening, but she liked this side of Jay. He stretched out his arm on the back of Lonnie's chair and waited for Ben to start.

Evie raised her eyebrows at him, Jay had been very secretive about Lonnie all night. She knew he had told Carlos he wasn't going with a date because he wanted to dance with all the girls, but last minute he asked Lonnie. Even Carlos didn't know until he showed up with her. Now, as Evie watched her friend across the table, Jay only smirked at her and looked away.

"We know Uma is loose, there's a possibility she could cause trouble. I need to know if you think she's trying to get to her crew." Ben asked them. "And if you have any idea what her plan is?"