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The warm rays of the sun filtered through the curtains during a fluttering wind, hastily heating the fabric where they landed, the blankets clung to Molly's body like a wet towel and the cool air refreshed her sweaty skin.

The sleepy girl groaned when the light bounced from the white wall of her bedroom straight to her face and quickly covered her face with the pillow, a small red flash caught her attention and her mind warned her of its importance but fatigue ruled it out in favor of a little more rest.

When her heavy eyelids finally decided it was time to start the day, the furious red numbers flashing on the clock made her entangle in an awkward dance with the sheets while trying to get out of bed. Horrified, she noticed was already an hour late for work and let out a heavy and long sigh when realized she would have to enter through the security staff entrance instead of the employee's door.

Damn it! cursed gruffly. She really hated the security staff, pompous bastards they were.

Quick as a gazelle put on her nurse uniform and added some cute ankle boots Lori discarded that morning in the kitchen's floor and at an incredible speed she ran to the bus stop with half burnt piece of bread hanging precariously from her lips – as her balanced and healthy breakfast.

She painfully admitted her big sister wasn't the best cook in the world but she made up for it in effort and kindness.

Lori. A soft smile graced her features at the memory of her. It was hard to think ill of Lori, such a sweet and loving human being, Molly still remember the day her big sister and her adorable children invaded the small place she effortful pays. Even when it was unexpected it brought joy to her life but as always with joy always came a balancing piece of bitter. Cause to it was the same day a friend of her mother's contacted her and offered her a well-paid job, she was unable to refuse.

To her despair, little did she knew would be selling more than her time in this exchange.

Gabriela –Mom's oldest friend– recommended her as a qualified nurse, and promptly they called, interview after interview, slowly shred her frivolity and guide her into the state of submission they required. It was a specific and simple status to achieve but at great cost.

Gabriela never had bad intentions but always hidden ones.

Molly's job was in a way, simple; having studied medicine, she knew all the necessary procedures to be an outstanding element. Unfortunately, right in the middle of her bright career she decided medicine was not her thing, too much blood, too much death and no balm for her sweet and easily damage sense of guilt. For reasons she refused to understand, she was too empathetic and each failure was almost as devastating as it was for the patient.

So, even with a brilliant career in front of her, brilliant girl quit medicine and started working in a cafeteria where she found peace in a monotonous job. To say her mom was furious was an understatement but her decision was final.

Scold after scold, her mother eventually give in and let her be the "no lastname waitress" Molly opted for and her future –as good old mommy cleverly put it– was lost in a special breakfast with extra bacon on the side and a cup of cheap coffee. These cruel comments left a notch in the sweet brunette who was already disturbed by her own decision and witnessing this, Lori eagerly supported Molly's choice. Fast becoming her shield against the sharp tongue her mother wielded like a sword.

"Is this seat taken?" the melodic voice of a young redhead startled her out of her own mind and gently nodding she slipped to the far side of the bus seat to stare out the window.

Molly felt a little nauseous but knew it was only her anxious brain trying to punish her for getting it in this situation. Having to get in through the security staff entrance was extra unusual for her, never being one to be late, and the worst of all was she could not even justify it with her omega cycles hitting her like a boxer, not when the place was bursting with super alpha males, well known for their wicked ways –not only reserved for patients.

She snorted at her shitty luck and decided that it was futile to cry over spilled milk. Searching for a distraction to ease her road to hell, let her eyes land on the man sitting right in front of her. It was a neat guy sporting a gray suit but what caught her attention was the way he was ravishing the young redhead with his eyes…Alpha male, no doubt about it. He was a "oh mighty Alpha" and not even the notorious discomfort the redhead showed made him turn his eyes away.

This exact scenario brought back the nasty why's her mother was so furious about her decision.

The main reason she insisted so much on her finishing a career was based on the nature of their society, where a woman with a degree was freer whether or not she was an Alpha; unfortunately for Molly, she was not an alpha or a beta but an insufferable, omega.

She was the hormonal sheep of the entire family, whom easily hide in their neutral state as betas. She was cursed to be the aromatic scented candle everyone leaned to sniff once and a while. Molly had to learn the hard way to have her cycles and break them alone because she refused to be brutally mounted as an animal in heat by the first Alpha to cross her path.

Like Mr. gray suit was probably fantasying right there with the poor redhead.

Nowadays to have an extra hand in the erotic area could mean to have an unwanted knot. And for that same reason, she spent a fortune on heat suppressive drugs and mastered to control her heat with nimble fingers and rubber toys. Keeping her private life in control and resisting the urge to form strong bonds with other person for fear of been discovered, it was kind of a sexual and mental celibacy which had kept her safe and autonomous so long. And she was planning on keeping it that way, especially now when omegas were exceptionally rare.

Molly couldn't fathom how this still happened, even when humanity had advanced and was way more technological than ever in history, the brutality of the race seemed stagnant and encapsulated in the basic instincts of procreate and dominate.

"Hey gorgeous, do you mind if I take this seat?" the gray suited man finally make his move, flirtingly asked and promptly ignoring the notable discomfort of the redhead, caging her in her sit before she could protest.

He started a one sided conversation and Molly couldn't feel sorrier for the cute redhead who seem vastly uncomfortable.

If this kind of impudence happened nowadays she did not want to imagine what it was like before. Once she read in book in which many omegas were used as guinea pigs to experiment on, while searching for a way of preserve the gene that made them so coveted. But it was never found.

The gene was so unique they never managed to match it and Omegas became precious and with the passing years, scarcer, becoming a valuable commodity to the point that others forced the pair-bond to keep them for themselves, a cruel and ruthless way of preserving a stolen relic. Many of these poor omegas took their own lives when they didn't find a way out of the nature of their new forced relationship but many others decided to fight.

"Excuse me, this is my stop…" said the redhead finally done with his harassment. Stood up and passed brush the man without even glancing twice at him. They were still in the middle of the suburbs which made pretty obvious it wasn't her stop but the girl had had her full of the guy's attitude and going down the bus, crossed stares with a smug Molly to then share a conspiratory smirk at her brave stance. Molly could almost swear she saw her eyes change color from brown to yellow the same time the grey suited man got sick out of the blue and threw up all over his custom made suit.

Brave girl!…like the brave women and man who rose to the occasion in old times when the rebellion was inevitable, the conflict inflicted casualties and resentment on both flanks like any conflict does, but the fight was so heated that to calm the waters the government had to intervene and make an agreement with both sides and for a time respect and peace prevailed but instincts are instincts and nothing lasts forever.

The old ways came back and many chose to hide disguised as betas instead of accept their golden cages.

And, soon everything change again with the arrival of the mutants from rumor to reality in one single night. Many blamed the experimentation on humans claiming that by desecrating the flesh on daily basis the mutant virus spread. And soon they became the new priority.

Nowadays, no one remembered what happened between castes and it was primly forgotten letting a floating tension in the air that never seems to land. Like a bad joke waiting for the punch line. Indifference became a dish served with fries.

And the silence was enough for the new generations to feel safe; it was so easy to distinguish between castes that a small oversight could turn into an avalanche shoved by a snowflake.

If Molly had to guess, she could assert she just crossed paths with a mutant in the bus, something inside her recognized its kind, maybe was the fact of coexist with them every day had given her a sharp eye. This nice event flavored her morning and shooed for a brief moment the dark cloud over her head. Mutants were supposed to be extinct but who was she to judge when omegas were supposed to be extinct, too.

The smirk playing on her lips was wiped out of her face at sight of her destination closing by and the awful and unavoidable confrontation she'll had to share with the pompous security staff. Those stupid mercenaries who played private security in the facility, sporting imposing frames and macabre smiles were worse than foxes about to devour chickens. They enjoy their job and make sure the rest knew how cruel they could be.

A cold chill ran down Molly's spine when she spotted a tall blond man wearing a gabardine, flipping through a magazine next to a newspaper stand. She could only see his back but it was enough to spark on her mind a similar frame which brought back the crown jewel of the mercenary combo. Their wicked leader, a man she only knew by sight and by reputation.

Donald Pierce.

On her first day, Gabriela welcomed her under her wing and more than once warned her of the devious head of security.

I'm sure that's exactly how the antichrist will look like, mark my words child...she said with clenched jaw but a soft lingering smile adorning her lips but never reaching her deep brown eyes.

At first, Molly attributed those warnings to the enmity surely the head nurse, Gabriela, would have with the head of security, Mr. Pierce. But in no time she realized how wrong she was by assuming that Gabriela and the blonde demon shared the same level of authority.

The entire facility was ruled by him and no one was over his word.

If there was someone above him, it would be Dr. Zander, the lead director of the research area but to be honest, he wasn't interested in those power struggles when science –as he called it– occupied so much of his precious time, leaving the nasty details to Mr. Pierce to handle and how he loved to handle them.

The tall blond man by the magazines turned around and his ungraced features made her pull a face, surely he was a good hearted guy but then why he was so…unfitting to the eye.

It was unfair that the outside didn't mirrored the inside, she would like to say bad men are equally just as bad looking on the outside but life has a strange way of being ironic. And Donald Pierce was its punch line; the man wasn't bad to look at –to say the least– and his team was equally gifted.

Nevertheless, the ruthless leader stole all the stares from the flirtatious nurses who batted their lashes at him to catch a glimpse of his vivid blue eyes looking their way. Actually, if you paid attention you could hear a unison sigh every time he walked by.

Molly always joked with Rebecca –her equally disgusted partner in crime and co-worker– that if they were cartoons, you would be able to see how their eyes shaped into throbbing hearts.


And, his faithful dogs were just like his wicked master. Molly couldn't stand the stupid nurses who felt in nirvana each time a guard tried a move on them. It was as if they were honey and she bees surrounding them and waiting for a taste of their sinful flesh, full of tattoos and scars…she honestly doubted made by doing something innocent or decent. And no to mention their bionic prosthesis, it wasn't enough they were anatomically blessed but now they were superior to any human, enhanced –as they humbly called it– and to challenge them, was a free ticket to horror. A ticket she mastered to reserve for that morning.

So, basically the rest of the peasants' ergo medical and administrative staff ducked their heads and thanked for the crumbs that fell from their table.

The bus stopped and her mouth dried, Molly started walking and hoped for the best outcome. She enter through the cursed door and pretended to be cool, marked her badge as she always did and noticed with dreed a red mark appear on the screen announcing the loss of juicy money she would surely miss later in the week.

It was obvious lady luck didn't accompany her that morning probably she effectively oversleep.

Heavily sighing, she proceeded as fast as her legs carry her to get out of there before the sharks smell the blood in the water. Almost there, she thought close to round the corner of the hall when an arm the size of a log shorted her sweet escape looking for answers.

"Easy there, nurse." Molly's eyes clenched shut when she heard a brusque guard's voice. Sure that she still could dodge the bullet tried to slip away by turning but felt him grab her forearm gentler than expected to push her back and away from the safety of the other hall.

"I must admit I'm thrilled to hear the spectacular excuse you surely have to be one hour late to work," the guard cornered her like a scared prey against the wall to then flaunt an intimidating posture while patiently wait for her to answer.

Molly was out of excuses and for some bizarre reason her eyes decided to focus on his. There was something odd about this guard because even when his posture and features were unkind; his hand was still gently wrapped around her forearm, lingering there with an almost caressing touch. His charcoal gaze seem sparkled but not with fury or reproach but something entirely different.

Molly felt strange but not uncomfortable as she should be by his audacious touch and that truly foxed her preventing any kind of answer to spill out, which eventually gained her a quirked eyebrow and a yawn from the expecting guard.

"This won't go unpunished." The guard tested; searching for an answer, unknowingly craving for one.

The smart thing to do was to submit and quickly apologize but that exact Thursday after witnessing the brave stance of the redhead in the bus, usually polite and inconspicuous Molly felt different, somehow bolder. Her initial silence wasn't fear as the guard wrongly assumed but something else, something inside her was bubbling with a feeling she could not place.

"I was already punished by the system" Molly claimed, brusquely disengaging her arm from his grasp and held her badge right in front of his face, boldly flapping it around. "You see?" she added in a tone so sweet it could give anyone diabetes.

The charcoal eyed guard watched everything develop, with a vacant stare. The oddities his body displayed that morning had him perplexed, he clenched his fist at the weird tingling sensation his hand appeared to have at her missing touch but didn't allow himself to give it to much mind since he had work to do and order to maintain. Plus, she was just an ordinary nurse whom thought herself above the system and no one was above the system.

The daring act from the sassy nurse stung another guard curiosity making him approach to witness the unusual scene. Brown haired, tough bearded guy with massive back leant on the double glass door scanning the pair in front of him. Next to them Molly looked dwarfed.

"You got a mouth on ya, girly." The new spectator said from his spot on the door but Molly ignored him, her gaze firmly rooted on the guard in front.

The charcoal eyed guard easily discarded his previous softness not liking her daring stance and swiftly loomed over her like a vulture over a creature he deemed certainly dead, letting his mouth twist with a sadistic grin, slowly vocalized.

"You got sand…we have no use for a nurse with sand."

Molly's muscles stiffed and her hands began to sweat but not at the crude words spelled out but at the severe tone used; she could feel her legs jellying under his hard gaze.

She must have seemed as terrified as she felt since nosy guard laughed, wholeheartedly. Founding very amusing how she had started her argument like a brave tiger and now was reduced to a skittish rabbit. Never in her year and a half had she been so defiant, always doing her best to stay invisible.

Unfortunately…for her, Molly's rabbit stage didn't last as much as it should have and she strongly attributed it to the sunny spring lashing on them, making her hormones rebel against male oppression plus the overpowering feeling of solidarity that for some reason she ought to the redhead. Something inside her begged to counter his stand but thankfully her rational side stepped in, right in time; warning her she would lose needed benefits obedience freely gave away.

So, with that in mind, cooled her inner ragging omega and resigned to stay a white fluffy rabbit before gauntly reply.

"It won't happen again."

The charcoal eyed guard frowned not pleased with her weak retort and already maddened by the insubordination her big eyes still shown was loudly advised otherwise by his fellow comrade, Mr. Nosy Commando.

"Give her a break Sarge, she´s probably new." The beefy guard commented from his comfortable spot on the door.

"She´s being here for year and a half, she knows the rules just fine." Sarge argued redirecting his gaze to her.

"Well I did my best, girly." The bearded male let out in a raspy voice which sounded amused and careless. He wasn't going to dirty himself to help a nurse, of course he wasn't, since when any guard in this facility did anything to help other.

Sarge? Something about that nickname ring a bell in Molly's head and giving it a deep thought she found the lamentable truth. Tragically as her entire deck of cards for life, 'Sarge' as they call him was the second-in-command for the troops, guards and any kind of person who claimed to have power over the facility.

Meaning, she was well stuck in the mud.

"It's a small slip, please, let it be." She reduced to plead trying to dodge the sharp hook menacing to pierce her. She could not afford to lose more money desperately needed for Ethan's tuition.

"There are no small slips, not in here." He answered giving her a once over to then peek back through his shoulder at the empty hall. Right there, she stopped feeling the strange sensation around him and positively replaced it with anger.

"Give me your badge."

It sounded polite but it was an unquestionable order and resentful, she handed it over.

"And now, off you go…" he pointed to the corridor, shooing her with one quick hand movement.

Molly released a sighed she didn't know was holding and her chest unclenched letting her breath again, this guy wasn't so bad after all she thought relieved, starting to walk and thanking her sudden strike of luck but like a shooting star in the night sky the beauty of the moment lasted less than a second.

"Where are you going?"

She heard him called her and all hope shattered.

"To my post?"

Molly inquired with a questioning gaze that danced between the two guards; the bearded one was heavily enjoying this while Sarge seemed vastly annoyed.

"Off you go…to see the Boss." He corrected in an acid tone and Molly's face fell at the devastating predicament she has got herself into.

Not Pierce, not Pierce. She internally begged.

"Dr. Zander?" she hoped and they both shook their heads as a negative.

"Gabriela?" she dared vocalized and both guards burst laughing, long and nasty.

"Gabriela!? Really?" the bearded guard mocked letting a puff sound out of his mouth emphasizing his disdain for the head of the nurses. This annoyed Molly out of her mind but she swallowed the rage and resigned to give the answer they wanted to hear.

"Mr. Pierce" she stated.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, Sarge! What do we have for her?" the bearded guard mocked yet again.

"We have an exclusive trip to 'working on the weekend' with a few stops in 'bath duty' and 'extra shifts' " Sarge spelled in a clever tone dripped with amusement.

"Sounds delightful be sure to enjoy it, doll." The thick brunette guard finished saying while throwing a wink her way.

Molly's cheeks flared up with indignation and unable to manage the anger started cursing as quietly as she could.

"…-Assholes" was the last insult that abandoned her lips while turning around to walk in the right direction. Unfortunately her little bitch span reached their well-trained ears.

"You wanna do this the hard way, fine by me." Sarge still had her badge and waiting for her to face him, passed it through the scanner firing another three red marks worth a week wage. Molly's eyes went round and her jaw clenched with incontrollable fury.

His comrade beheld the Mexican standoff with a full smirk on his bearded face; she was making their morning quite the spectacle. Molly had never felt so outraged in her life. In her defense, she hadn't done anything to deserve that and they were abusing their power.

As always.

Silent tension prevailed between the trio and with a soundly indignation puff, Molly turned around and headed for the elevator ready to vent her anger in the dignified solitude of the metal box.

"That's what I thought…" was the last thing she heard before the doors closed behind her and their mocking laughter erupted in the hall echoing inside her head almost bringing her to a burst of angry tears.

Unable to hold it, she kicked the elevator as it climbed to the top floor. Cursing them and angrily cleaning the renegade tears that spill down her cheeks. She felt humiliated, wronged and so vulnerable.

Fucking idiotic mercenaries! Retaliating against civilians…low man! That was what they were the lowest of males and right now she was heading to meet their king.

Cleaning her face she tried to calm down didn't need any more problems or unjustified punishments; she was going to enter that office and get out of there with her dignity intact.

The doors of the elevator opened and her mouth shaped "O" astonished with the change of environment. She had never climbed so high, her work floors were from one to three and the others were an enigma but this was ridiculous. It almost seemed removed from a Hollywood stage.

The hallway shone with a pearly cream finish and had modern but stylized furniture. It was a large room with long sofas, a green area on the corner and a big skylight that leaded to three adjacent corridors; she already knew which way to go due to it was part of the rules to learn the office of the heads of area for emergency cases.

Finally coming out of her stupefaction, she went toward what she expected to be a bearable punishment. Little did she know those borrow few minutes of sleep in the morning would cost her hours of ill rest later on.