Chapter: Cyborg


Close to Midnight


The sound of knocking on the door drew Octavia's attention away from the news showing on the TV. She stood up from the couch and set the remote down on the glass coffee table. Her hand moved to her handgun when the knocking started again, but this time someone spoke out.

"Octavia, it's me, Connor."

"Connor?" Octavia mumbled, still picking up the handgun and walking toward the front door of her home.

Shutting off the alarm before she began to unlock the front door. She cracked it open to see Connor.

"Haven't we seen enough of each other today?"

"There has been another homicide reporting involving a deviant."

Octavia sighed, and pulled the front door open. She made a gesture for Connor to step inside her home. She shut the door behind him and locked it. Octavia walked into the living room to shut off the TV before she faced Connor.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'm going to change." Octavia said before she walked down a small hallway to enter her bedroom.


Connor watched Octavia disappear into what he assumed was her bedroom. Since she told him to make himself comfortable, Connor found himself walking around the living room and observing his new surroundings.

The first action he did was take notice at how clean Octavia's home was. It was clear she kept it maintained and clean even if she worked crazy hours. He walked toward a table against the wall behind the couch where a mirror hung above the table. He saw a couple pictures frames on the table on either side of a small bonsai tree.

The photos were of family and friends. He picked up one of the picture frames that shown a smiling Octavia holding up a puppy. Connor found himself grin before he set the frame down. His eyes looked around the room where he saw no signs of a dog, making him wonder if it was Lieutenant Anderson's dog, since Connor saw dog hair on Lieutenant Anderson chair back at the station.

Connor found himself walk down the hallway where there were a few frames hanging on the wall. He did not realize he came to the halfway open bedroom door to Octavia's bedroom until he saw her reflection in a mirror.

There was a body mirror in her bedroom, and Connor simply stared at her reflection. Her back was facing the mirror. Connor knew he should look away as that was the appropriate action, but he could not, especially when he saw the thin graph lines on certain areas of her body.

"Connor, I know you are there."

"I-I—" Connor stood up straighter as the door swung open fully.

Connor stood frozen for a moment before he looked away from her half dressed state.

"I apologize. I was looking at the photos and I could not help but peek in. I—"


"Connor, enough, its fine." Octavia sighed.

Connor brought his eyes up and watch as Octavia pulled a v-neck shirt over her bra. She walked over to the bed and sat down to pull her boots on. Her eyes flicker up to stare directly at him as he stood in the doorway.


"Yes, Connor?"

"I do not know if it is appropriate to ask this, especially what happen moments ago, but may I ask you a personal question."

"You are going to ask about the time with my left arm and now with you seeing me half dressed, you saw the thin lines, didn't you?"

Connor nodded.

"I tried to bring up the topic with Lieutenant Anderson, but he was quick to change the topic and end it."

"Of course he did. He blames himself for what happen to me." Octavia said as she finished tying the last boot.

Octavia shut off her bedroom light and led Connor to her kitchen. She leaned her back against the kitchen counter, and looked at Connor as he stood in the doorway. She knew it would come down on explaining Connor about her past, and she did not mind. She was a bit surprise Connor did not look into her records to find out about her incident a couple years back.

"Did you do any research on me?" Octavia decided to ask.

"I know that you graduated college with a degree in criminal justice with a minor in sociology, and entered the police force right away. You have family living mainly on the East coast and some on the West. You like to get work done as soon as possible with precise techniques, and you don't like giving up easily. You also have a responsibility of appearing as a babysitter to Lieutenant Anderson more than a partner."

A small laugh escaped her at the last part.

"Make sure you do not tell Hank that last part."

"Trust me, I will definitely hold myself from doing so." Connor grinned.

"Okay, so you want to know about what happen to me."

Connor nodded.

"Two years ago, Hank and I were on a case, and we figure out who was a suspect in a homicide. The suspect had been on the scene, and when they realized that Hank and I knew they were guilty, they ran. Or rather, got into a stolen sports car and hightailed it out of there. Hank and I gave chase. I had got into the backseat to load up the shotgun Hank had in the vehicle at the time while Hank drove like a madman." Octavia explained, resting her hands behind her on the edge of the kitchen counter and gripping the edges in a tight hold.

"It was a Friday night in a busy part of the city, a lot of cars were around. I kept telling Hank to slow down, that the suspect would mess up, but Hank ignored my suggestions. When I noticed the suspect make a turn to get onto a road that led to the fast moving highway. Immediately, I was really telling Hank to slow up, especially as he sped up and was weaving in and out of cars."

"A drone could had followed this suspect."

"Yes, but also, we had the identification of the suspect. Even if they got away, we had their information, and a drone could go search for them. But in our minds, we were already giving chase, so why give up." Octavia pointed out.

Octavia brought her hands forward and stared at the palm of her hands, specifically her left hand. She curled her hands into fists before she lifted her eyes away from her hands to stare at Connor.

"The amount of times I told Hank to slow down…He blames himself till this day, saying he should have listen to me. I tried to assure him to let it go, but he has a tendency of taking things hard and has a hard time easing up on himself about the past." Octavia said.

"Yes, I notice that about the lieutenant." Connor replied.

"Anyway, it was tunnel vision for Hank. His mind set on the suspect, not realizing we enter an intersection. Most of the cars stopped due to our lights, but not everyone stopped…a bus plowed into the back of the car. I was tossed around and then ejected out of the car, slamming into a flowerbed that was near shops." Octavia pushed herself away from the counter to take a few steps to stand in front of Connor.

"My family, well, we, um, have relations with the founder and CEO of CyberLife, Elijah Kamski. The moment I was in the ambulance to be brought to the hospital, I was brought into a private surgery room with not only top doctors, but top CyberLife engineers too." Octavia explained, rubbing underneath her right eye, across her cheek bone in a nervous way.

The only one that knew about Octavia's family being close with Elijah Kamski was Hank. No one knew the fact that one of Octavia's older brothers worked alongside Kamski on the CyberLIfe androids. It was a secret kept under wraps in order to not draw attention.

Octavia held a hand out to Connor, palm faced up as an implication she wanted him to give her his hand. Connor brought his hand up, and Octavia brought his hand up to the left side of her face. She dropped her hand away from his, and she felt him hesitate at first but then move across her cheek. She felt him press down a little, and his eyebrows rose.

"The left side of my body is, well, I guess you can say android material. There is a few components along my spine, and a few of my ribs and my shoulder on my right side are also constructed with material of an android too."

"Mostly your bones were damage?" Connor asked as his hand moved to her left arm and he picked up her hand.

Octavia watched him turn her hand over and he traced his finger tips along her palm and up toward her wrist.

"Oh, no, no, organs were damage too…those were replaced. I'm a secret that the public doesn't know. Kamski wants to keep it that way. Everyone thinks that my limbs were the only parts replaced to be replicated as an android. No one knows, except Hank, my family, Kamski and those doctors that I got a few artificial organs and a certain chemical component pumping through my system. Some odd reason, I was a success with no complications, and I am living my life as I normally would. Although, Detective Reed was right about his comment, I am a cyborg." Octavia let out a short laugh toward the end of her sentence.

"I am glad you survived and you are well. Your secret is safe with me. Although, with you being a success for CyberLife, will they continue to experiment with helping humans?"

"I would think they are still doing experiments, but with so much demand on regular androids, they probably don't focus on it as much as they should. Plus, with deviants appearing more and more in androids, well, they have to figure stuff out. And also the fact that a lot of humans aren't happy with androids in the first place."

"Yes, I supposed you are right."

"Now, shall we go retrieve Hank?"

"Yes, and thank you, Octavia."

"For what?" Octavia asked as she faced Connor with a raised eyebrow.

"You trusted me with your personal story."

"It was going to be told sooner or later. Plus, you're growing on me Connor, and I'm starting to like you." Octavia winked before she snatched her car keys off the kitchen counter and walked toward the front door.

Connor stood back for a few moments, taking in the last part Octavia said. He was stuck between what type of way Octavia liked him. He assumed she meant it as a friend, but something ticked in him about the other meaning for the word like.


"Coming!" Connor replied as he moved toward the front door where Octavia stood waiting.




"Why is it still raining?"

"The forecast showed an eighty-three percent chance of raining during the next four hours."

Octavia stepped out of her car with Connor following her lead. She locked and alarmed her car, walking around the front of her car and Hank's car. Connor was observing around Hank's home, but seeing her already on the front porch, he was quick to follow.

"Will you do the honors?" Octavia gestured to the front door.

Stepping around her, Connor stood in front of the door and then gave a few solid knocks.

"Lieutenant Anderson?" Connor called.

Octavia made a face as there was no reply. She could not help but jump a little at being startle when Connor tried the doorbell next.

"Anybody home?" Connor asked, but there was still no reply.

"Dammit, I forget the spare key at home." Octavia muttered as she stepped off the porch and began walking around the side of the house toward the backyard.

As she walked toward the gated fence that led into the backyard, she noted a window blind was up. She peeked inside, and gasped out at the sight of Hank on the kitchen floor.


The sound of footsteps came running toward her and Connor was beside her in an instant. She nodded to the window for Connor to look.

"He is unconscious."

"We have to get in." Octavia said.

"Step back."

"What are you—" Octavia stop speaking as Connor smashed his elbow into the window and shards sprayed across the floor.

Octavia watched as Connor took a step back and ran forward, pulling himself inside and dropping inside on the kitchen floor. She shook her head and reached inside with her hand to unlatch the window and pull it up before she climbed inside. When her feet touched the ground, she held back a laugh at the sight of Connor on the floor and being face to face with Hank's massive dog, Sumo.

"Argh! Easy, Sumo. I'm your friend, see? I know your name. I'm here to save your owner."

"Nice going, Connor." Octavia laughed as she held a hand out.

Once he grabbed hold of her hand, she helped him up to a standing position. She let go of his hand and pet Sumo before her attention was on the unconscious Hank.

Connor and her knelt down on either side of Hank, staring at what laid around him. Octavia eyes widen a bit at the sight of the revolver with only one bullet in it. Her eyes moved to Connor to see him eyeing the revolver and then glancing at her. She looked away and stare at the whiskey bottle on its side beside Hank.

"We need to get him up. He will be drunk and grumpy, but let's get him up to get him sober." Octavia sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"Lieutenant?" Connor reached out and gave a few gentle slaps against the side of Hank's face.

"Wake up, lieutenant!"

It aroused Hank a little bit, opening his eyes but then he shut them and his head dropped to the side.

"I think you need to try a little harder." Octavia muttered with a glare aimed at Hank.

Octavia did not expect Connor to actually do what she had said. Her mouth dropped as Connor whacked Hank upside the head, which made Hank jolt right awake. She could only watch as Connor lean a bit forward and stare down at Hank.

"Damn that was a bit hard." Octavia mumbled.

"It's me, Connor! Octavia and I are going to sober you up for your own safety. I have to warn you, this may be unpleasant." Connor said.

Connor and Octavia both grabbed ahold of Hank's arm and ripped him upright. They pulled his arms over their shoulders, ready to lift Hank up into a standing position. The two ignored Hank as he began to insult them, especially Connor.

"Hey! Leave me alone, you fuckin' android! Get the fuck outta my house!" Hank snapped at Connor.

With a quick decision and not caring if Hank got pissed at her, Octavia slapped him upside the head.

"The fuck woman!" Hank yelled.

"Shut it, asshole! We are trying to help." Octavia snapped.

"I'm sorry, lieutenant, but I need you." Connor said toward Hank.

A quick glance and a nod from Connor made Octavia to nod back. Together they lifted Hank up onto his feet with his arms over their shoulders to keep him steady. Although Hank swayed on his feet, which almost made Connor and Octavia to stagger in their steps.

"Thank you in advance for your cooperation." Connor said with a little sarcasm.

Surprised that Connor put sarcasm in his tone, Octavia could not help but laugh a little. She couldn't believe Connor used sarcasm against Hank, or even sarcasm for that matter.

"Hey! Get the fuck outta here!"

When Hank slumped, it made Connor and Octavia to glance at each other before they lifted Hank back up and began walking out of the kitchen toward the bathroom.

"Sumo! Attack!"

Sumo simply stared at them and let out a bark.

"Good dog. Attack!" Hank mumbled.

"Some guard dog you have there, Hank." Octavia snorted.

"Shut it."

Octavia led the way to the bathroom, since she knew where it was. She reached for the door and open it up. She then quickly readjusted her hold on Hank as he began to slump in Connor and her hold again.

"Fuck, I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Hold it in for a few more seconds." Octavia said as Connor and her began stepping inside the bathroom.

"Ah! Leave me alone, you assholes! I'm not going anywhere."

Without a second thought, Connor and Octavia dropped Hank onto the edge of the bathtub. Hank swayed in his spot and almost fell to the side, but he slammed his hand down on the bathtub edge to keep himself rooted to his spot.

"What the hell are you two doing? I don't wanna bath, thank you." Hank slurred as he glanced between Connor and Octavia.

As Hank tried to stand back up, Connor stood in front of him and rested his hand on Hank's shoulder. The two men glared one another down.

"Sorry, lieutenant. It's for your own good." Connor said then shoved his hand against Hank's chest, which caused Hank to fall into the bathtub now.

Octavia saw Connor glance at the knobs to turn on the shower making her to take a step back from the bathtub to not get wet or get hit by Hank once the water hit him. She watched as Connor reached for the knob and turned the show on.

The cold water burst from the shower head and hit Hank full on. It was an instant reaction from Hank, freaking out and throwing his limbs around while yelling.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" Hank shouted.

Connor waited for a few more seconds before he reached for the shower knob and turned the shower off. He stood tall and stared down at Hank, who was panting from the freak out. When Hank calmed down, he blinked a few times and looked between Connor and Octavia standing before him.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" Hank said with a decently clear tone.

"Hmp, the cold water woke him right up and he is sort of functioning normal." Octavia smirked, crossing her arms over her chest with a smirk.

"A homicide was reported forty-three minutes ago. I couldn't find you at Jimmy's bar, so I came to see if you were at home." Connor explained.

"Jesus, I must be the only cop in the world that gets assaulted in his own house by his own fuckin' android. Can't you just leave me alone?" Hank said as he pushed himself out of the bathtub and sat on the bathtub edge.

"Unfortunately, I cannot. I've been programmed to investigate this case and I can't do it without you or Octavia."

"I don't give a shit about your goddamn case! Why didn't you take Octavia with you and stop bothering me?" Hank said loudly.

"Jeesh, Hank. We are partners, and Connor happens to be added to our mix. We work together." Octavia said.

"And?" Hank dragged out.

"Lieutenant, you're not yourself."

"Got that right." Octavia muttered as she looked off to the side, not seeing the two males glance at her for a brief moment.

"You should—"

"Beat it! You hear me?! Get the hell outta here!" Hank shouted as he stood up, but he swayed in his spot.

Connor reacted and grabbed ahold of Hank's sides, helping him sit back down on the bathtub edge.

"I understand. It probably wasn't interesting anyway…"

Octavia looked back at Connor and Hank, but mainly Connor due to the slight teasing tone in Connor's voice. Her eyebrows raised a bit as she was becoming surprise by Connor at every hour.

"A man found dead in a sex club downtown. Guess they'll have to solve the case without us." Connor said with a shrugged of his shoulders and turned away from Hank, heading toward the bathroom door.

Octavia had to turn away from Hank to not break composure. She could not believe that Connor was taking the route of luring Hank in with the description of the case, or rather where the homicide was located. She glanced at Connor to see the area around his mouth twitch. She had a feeling he was holding back a smirk, knowing his words would tempt Hank in.

"You know, probably wouldn't do me any harm to get some air. There's some clothes in the bedroom there." Hank spoke up.

"I'll go get them." Connor said with a nod.

"I'll help." Octavia said as she followed Connor out of the bathroom and into Hank's bedroom.

"Nice work, Connor. Very sly and smooth of you." Octavia said lowly once they were in the bedroom.

She held out a right hand into a fist, wanting to give Connor a fist bump for his success at luring Hank in to help out with the case. Although, with the way Connor stared at her fist, she began to think he did not know the reason behind a fist bump.

As she started to lower her fist, Connor reacted and bumped his fist against her own.

"Thank you, Octavia." Connor grinned.

Octavia smiled, and then turned away from him to face the Hank's closet to figure out what outfit Hank should wear for tonight's investigation.






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