Vampire Diaries: Tale of the Stars

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Chapter One

Bonnie looked at the stars through a large window in her quarters. It had been nearly twenty years since she'd seen them while standing on the ground with Damon by her side. Just his name brought an ache to her heart. It had been a routine evacuation mission, the same type of mission they had ran a million times before in the years following the announcement that the Earth was being pulled into the sun at an alarming rate. They didn't know at first if the planet was going to collide with either the Sun, Venus or Mercury or if it was going to stop close enough to make Earth uninhabitable. It was a risk no one wanted to take so those in charge of important decisions called the Global Corporation, a group made up of the leaders of the continents, decided that it was time to find another planet and find it fast.

The vampire population had increased shortly after the Millinium. Vampirism had suddenly became the 'in' thing and even the scholarly old wrinkled scientist types who were always at war with each other proving everything had a scientific and logical reason for being where stunned into silence as the vampire population came to out number the human population two to one. The Global Corporation decided to use the vampires to their advantage by placing them in their research and space programs. While the big whigs were convinced it was they that were in charge the vampires knew for a fact that they were extremely mistaken. While the Global Corporation sat around and congratulated themselves on successful findings and missions the vampires were keeping certain things to themselves. On one of the first missions Bonnie's ship the Lapis had embarked on they came across a planet that was in all intense purposes inhabitable but the captain had marked it down as a barren wasteland. Bonnie had questioned Damon about his descision but he had simply smiled and told her not to worry about it, that he had everything in control.

Bonnie had stepped into her vampiric existence not long after the incident in the clearing and Elena's return to the living. After a couple of house of planning they had devised a plan to get Elena out of the country and to Florence. They had agreed that there wasn't a way of reinstituting Elena into Fells Church's society. There would have been too many unneeded if not unanswerable questions. A few months after Elena and Stefan had left for Florence Bonnie had received an unexpected visitor, Damon. He spoke of Elena and Stefan and how their constant unyeilding love for one another had drove him away from his own home and almost made him curse his own retched existence. Later on he finally came clean with his original plan to use Bonnie not only to make Elena jealous but to try to forget Elena all together.

It had been a beautiful starlight night as he explained himself and apologized for behaving so childlishly. Bonnie had forgiven him, ofcourse, for she had watched him change during the time he spent alone with her and she felt like he had become more human if that was possible. It had been a night of confessions, forgiveness, and passion. They had not only shared their bodies, minds, and souls but their life blood also. The next day Bonnie had stopped at a gas station near Richmond to fill up her tank and meet Damon there after work. When she walked in to pay she stepped straight into a robbery in progress. The man holding the place up had to have been fairly new at the game for the door had barely closed shut when a bullet from his gun pierced Bonnie's heart. It hadn't been the way she had thought she would go but she had been comforted in the fact that she and Damon had shared her last night on Earth together.

When she came to she was in the morgue covered by a sheet and nothing else. She had been cold, alone and scare, not to mention a little disoriented. The coldness of the floor in the room as she had touched her barefeet to it had jolted her into reality. She had cried a few moments for the loss of her mortal life before she wrapped herself in the sheet and walked over to another slab near hers. Pulling down the sheet she had stared in wide eyed horror at the face of the robber. His throat had been ripped out and his face loosed as if it had lost a fight to a brick wall. Stepping backwards Bonnie had collided with something, or someone hard and rock solid. Before her scream had a chance to rip out of her throat a very strong and masculine hand had covered her mouth. It had been Damon and he had not only been comforting but he had also been sensitive to her emotions as he explained the events that happened after her death.

Damon had walked in right after the shot had been fired and had stumbled over Bonnie's body. Rage and utter despair sent him into a frenzy and he had ripped the young unexperienced robber to shreads. As the years passed by Bonnie had learned a lot about Damon and his life before he met her. Elena and Stefan had been pleasantly surprised by the turn of events with the exception of the shooting that had made her a vampire. Stefan was happy for his brother and a little proud of him. It had been years since he had seen a genuine smile on Damon's face and he had been glad Bonnie had been the one to put it there. The four of them joined the space program together at the same time. They were the only ones left of the group of friends. Caroline had gone on to persue a modeling carreer while Alaric and Meredith explored the Paranormal together. Matt had gone on to play professional football and achieved not only a spot in The Hall of Fame but a loving wife and family. While the four vampres remained ageless their friends and family lived out there full lives each one never forgetting the times they spent together, cherishing them to their dying days.

In the space program Elena had earned the position of communications officer while Stefan was placed second in command. Damon, with his excellent leardership abilities and his new found appreciation of working together, had been made captain and Bonnie had surprised them all by becoming the ship's councilor. It had been so very 'Star Trekish' to Bonnie the first couple of weeks but soon the unreal feeling wore off as they went on more and more missions aboard the ship Damon had named 'The Lapis'. While training for the space program the group they had been seperated but after further testing the Global Corporation had noticed how well the four worked together and had asigned them to their own ship and crew after the several years of training. As the Earth moved closer to the sun and the decendants of the original members of the Global Corporation grew worried that they didn't have enough time. Evacuation schedules were doubled and ships were forced to take on double the passengers. The Lapis along with other other ships were one of the ones required to take on more passengers and transport them to colonies on other planets that were meant for 'pit stops' on the way to the new Earth called Demeter.

Through the years some of the vampires began to stray away from their duties and obligations. They refused to take the syrum called Vitae that was used to contain the need to feed off humans blood. They became renegades, stealing ships and high jacking transports. There had been rumours of colonies that were over ran by the renegades calling themselves The Fallen but when rescue teams went to the colonies there wasn't a trace of them or the colonist there except for the abandoned buildings. The Lapis had been one of the ships sent and Bonnie had noticed a difference in Damon as he took in the 'ghost towns' they encountered. It had been like he had expected it, like he knew the various colonies would be deserted. Bonnie began to worry about him after that, not only had he kept his intentions for the planet he had labled uninhabitable from her but when she had asked him once if something was wrong he had snapped at her to mind her own business. For an instant Bonnie had caught a glimpse of the old, cruel, untouchable Damon and then it had disappeared as his face had relaxed he once more told her not to worry.

The day of the Lapis' last mission with Damon as captain had seemd like the routine run of the mill search and rescue exacuation mission. The Earth had moved even closer to the sun and the ones left dying planet had to resort to masks to breath comfortably. They had rounded up the last amount of people they could carry safely back to the ship when there had been an explosion in one of the wharehouses nearby. The force had knocked Bonnie along with the rest of the people out of the transport to their knees. The sun, though closer, had lowered enough though where Bonnie could barely make out the stars as she looked up to the sky to find a puff of smoke coming from a few miles away. Damon had helped her to her feet as they both looked up at the star sprinkled dusk. Damon had commanded her to stay with the group while he took a couple of crew members with him in the direction of the explosion. The kiss he had given her had been slightly lingering and Bonnie had felt an ache begin in her soul that woul stay with her for years as he placed his mask back on and walked a way. Little did she know at the time that that would be the last time she would see him for years.

The search for Damon had been called off after a month. They had found his, along with the other two crew members' masks in the rubble of the building. When Bonnie had held Damon's mask she still remembered the feeling of his lips against hers as they shared that one last kiss. The three remaining members of the Fells Church group had been relieved of their duties and the Lapis had been docked indefinately. Twenty years passed and the crew of the Lapis were called back into service. A few month's prior to the re-enlisting of Bonnie, Elena, and Stefan a message was received from Damon. It was a distress call, though Damon seemed cool and relaxed as usual, from one of the colonies. The news of his message had spread like wild fire and Bonnie had been relieved when the crew of the Lapis were chosen to carry out the rescue mission. The beginning of the search had led them to more abandoned colonies but Bonnie did not give up the hope of seeing her beloved Damon again.

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