Chapter Eight

Bonnie stared for a moment at the locked door infront of her before walking sulkily to the tray. 'If you can't beat em.' She thought sadly to herself as she picked the tray up and walked into the bathroom with it. If sh were going to save herself and her friends then she needed to know the layout of the city and staying locked up in Damon's quarters while he did god knows what with Raevyn wasn't going to accomplish anything.

Setting the tray on the counter she looked around the bathroom and gasped softly as her eyes took in the room around her. It was an exact replica of her and Damon's bathroom back home. "Seems I'm not the only one who is homesick for Demeter." She said softly as she turned the faucet on. Leaving the large oval porcelian tub to fill she unzipped her jumper and stepped out of it. The clock on the wall read twelve thirty a.m. as she glanced at it before grabbing the honeysuckle foaming bath from the tray.

Uncorking the glass bottle she poured a couple of drops into the water and watched as the tub filled with aromatic bubbles. She couldn't help the small sigh that escaped her as the scent made its way through the air as she recorked the bottle. Choosing the ginger hair rinse and a bar of honeysuckle soap she stepped into the almost full bathtub and slowly sat down. After placing the soap and hair rinse off to her side she turned of the ater and laid back, allowing the bubbles to cover her kneck to toe.

It was almost easy to forget she wasn't back in her bathroom on Demeter. She missed her two story space age colonial with it's tall windows and beautiful landscaped yard. Closing her eyes she dunked her head under momentarily to soak her hair and sat back up. Wiping her eyes free of water and bubbles Bonnie reached for the rinse. Her heart stopped for a second as her hand grabbed at empty air.

"Looking for this?" The huskiness in Damon's voice sent shivers down her spine and turning her head slightly to the left she found him watching her with hooded eyes. "Just tryong to make myself more presentable." She told him in a monotone voice, careful to not let a hint of sarcasm show through. Ignorning her comment he glanced briefly at the rinse in his hand. "Ginger, nice choice. Brings out the high-lights in your red hair." Stepping forward Damon uncorked the bottle of rinse and oured some in his hand.

"Lean back." He told her, his tone leaving no room for argument. Turning her back to him she lifted her chin into the air and closed her eyes as she tilted her head back. Bonnie couldn't help her small moan of pleasure as Damon threaded his fingers through her hair, saturating it with the Ginger rinse. The exotic smell of the ginger tickled her knose as his hands worked their magic over her scalp. "See it isn't that hard to relax." He said softly leaning down close to her ear.

"No I guess it isn't." She replied in a soft voice and wrinkled her nose slightly as a drop of water thrickled down her cheek to her kneck. She heard the sound of something clanking against the side of the tub a few moments before Damon rinsed her hair. 'I didn't see a cup before." She thought to herself as Damon poured another cup full of water on her hair. When he was done she opened her eyes and gave a small start when he touched a soapy sponge to her bare shoulder. "Calm done Bons, I won't bite. much."

The last bit was added with a hint of laughter but Bonnie couldn't help the shivers that traveled through her body as she imagined his lips on her skin before his teeth pierced her flesh. Snapping back into reality she heard Damon calling her name as he presented her with the sponge. "Here you finish up in here and I'll find you something to wear." Bonnie gave him a quizzical look before nodding towards the black jump suit on the floor. "I thought I had to where 'that'."

Damon surprised her by chuckeling softly. "You can wear it if you like but I was thinking about something more.. feminine." Dunking the sponge in the water Bonnie busied herself with finishing her bath as Damon disappeared into the bedroom. Stepping out of the bath tub a few moments later she pressed the water release button and grabbed a towel from a nearby rack. Patting her skin dry she glanced in the bedroom and saw Damon laying something dark green on the bed.

'Atleast it isn't black.' She thought somewhat happily as she hung the towel back up. Opening the medicine cabinet as a force of habit she was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of her favorite perfume. 'He did think of everything didn't he.' She almost felt bad about the way she had lashed out at him earlier but all the pretty cloths and sweet smelling scents couldn't change the fact that she had become her own husband's captive. Dabbing a bit of perfume behind her ears and various other places she inhaled the sweet aroma of mint and ginger.

Placing the bottle back in the medicine cabinet she ran her fingers through her hair before walking back into the bedroom. She was unashamed of her nakedness around Damon, modesty had left their relationship years ago. "Feel better?" He asked her from where he stood at the foot of the bed. Nodding her reply she walked up to him and picked up the dark green material. "Damon this is a dress?!" She couldn't cover the surprise in her voice as she held the silky material up to her body. "What did you think it was, another ridiculous jump suit?"

Bonnie couldn't help but smile at the humor in his voice and for a moment it felt like old times but the moment passed quickly as the door opened revealing Raevyn. Damon stepped infront of Bonnie to conceal her naked form. "Raevyn it is customary to beep in before coming into someones quarters unannounced." He told the dark haired girl sharply as Bonnie hurriedly pulled the dress over her hand and slid it down her body. "Sorry Damon, I didn't know you were in here." Raevyn's sweet apologetic voice made Bonnie's skin crawl.

Bonnie noticed, with a small bit of satifcation,as she stepped from behind Damon the envy in the girl's eyes as she looked at Bonnie. "Fits perfectly." Bonnie told Damon as she slipped a possesive arm through his. Damon glanced down at her and covered her hand with his own. "It would." He stated matter of factly, giving her hand a little squeeze before turning his attention back to Raevyn. Bonnie couldn't help but wonder at his change of mood. One minute he was loving, next irate and then in the blink of an eye doting.

"What there something she wanted Raevyn?" Damon asked and Bonnie noticed for the fist time since Raevyn had walked in that she was carrying a stack of towels. "Just came in to drop these off." She told them as she placed the stack on a table near the door. Nodding Damon led Bonnie to the door and waited patiently for Raevyn to leave the queaters before them. Bonnie heard the door lock behind them as she and Damon followed Raevyn down the hall.

The building itself was similar to an apartment building but with a little bit more high tech gadgetry. 'How did they manage all this?' Bonnie mused silently as she looked around the hallway. 'They've probably dismantled a little bit of each colony they've hit the last twenty years.' The stairs leading down to the next floor were wide and not all that steep. There were people dressed all in black walking around talking to one another in hushed tones. Every now and then Bonnie caught a few of them casting curious glances her way.

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