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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow,

Tomorrow was the day that she would marry. She had never seen the pony, yet she would have to marry him. She really didn't want to, but it wasn't her choice. She never had a choice. Her father chose everything for her. Whether it was what she ate or who she would spend her life with. That was the downside of being the King's daughter. No choices.

She stared at her reflection in the vanity mirror. She was being fitted for the wedding dress. Her white dress covered most of her body, just like her father wanted. The vail she wore just barely showed her curled up mane and, hide the tears that fell from her teal eyes. The servants were tending to her every need, like always.

"Oh Fluttershy, you look absolutely beautiful." One maid said.

"Yes, the prince of Haywaii will be most impressed." Another said. They kept rambling on as Fluttershy tuned them out, not wanting to hear a word about the awful wedding. She didn't want to marry a spoiled that spoiled prince. She heard about how he was ignorant, conceded, and so full of himself.

"I'm not good enough for him. He deserves somepony else." She sighed.

"Why, of course you are. Who would be dumb enough to say no to you?"

Fluttershy felt the dress around her tighten. A signed which said they were done.

"Perfect." The mare said.

"Well dear, it's getting late. You should get you beauty sleep while we finish up the dress." Another mare said. Fluttershy nodded and proceeded to taking of her dress and vail. She felt so much lighter without those things on. She hated that dress. That dress meant no good. She would wear that dress when she would marry him.

As she strolled down the palace halls, she thought of all the things she could have done with her life. Travel around the world, live like other ponies do.

Fall in love.

That is what she wanted the most. To meet the right pony. One that wouldn't care if she was a princess. One who would like her for who she is. No matter how much money her father had, or her title as a princess. She just wanted to be loved.

She finally reached her room. It was as huge as a ballroom. You didn't even want to see how big the actual ballroom was. Her room was pink. Everything was pink, except the canopy drawer and dresses. The bed had silk blankets and so many pillows that if you stack them up, they would reach the ceiling.

She jumped on the bed and cried into the pillows.

"Why? Why do I have to marry that pony? He treats everyone like filth." She cried until she could cry no more.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

Four mares were sitting in the deck of the ship. They wore old clothes, bandanas tied around their manes, eye patches, and a few with a peg hoofs. This could only be one thing...


"Come on, girls. We need more loot. We haven't robbed anything in 6 months." One mare said. She was a purple unicorn. She had a indigo mane and tail with a pink and dark purple streak through them. Her cutie mark was a six pointed star, with 5 little white stars surrounding it. Her name was Twilight Sparkle.

"Arg, We're is the captain when you need him?" Another said. She was a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail. Her cutie mark was a cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt coming out of it. Her name is Rainbow Dash.

A bright flash blinded the ponies, as a figure took it place.

"Right here, and I have a plan." The mysterious figure said. "We are getting a ransom."

"But from who?" A mare said. She was a white unicorn with a dark purple mane. Her cutie mark was 3 diamonds. Her name was Rarity.

The figure smirked.

"The princess of Canterlot, of course." The ponies gasped.

'But she's always guarded. When will we have the time?" Another mare asked. She was pink all over. Her mane and tail were extremely curly. Her cutie mark is 3 balloons. Her name was Pinkie Pie.

The door burst open and, there was an orange pony with light blond mane and tail walked in. She has 3 apples for her cutie mark. Her name was Applejack.

"Ah heard she was gettin' hitched tomorrow." She said with a country accent.

"Then we'll do it then."

Today, Today, Today.

Today was the day, she would get married. Fluttershy was in the vanity room, being put into her dress. Her mane was curled once again, with flowers weaved into it this time. She placed the veil in her mane, careful not to mess up her she let tears of sorrow slip out of her teal eyes.

"Aw, look she's crying tears of joy." A very young filly said. Her father had chose her to be the flower girl. Yet another choice she couldn't make. She was to young to understand the situation.

A messenger colt came in.

"Princess, it's time for the wedding." He said. Fluttershy walked out the door, with the flower girl in front. They went straight to the ceremony hall. It was full of rich ponies that were all dressed up. She watched as the flower filly jumped down the aisle. The music started to play and, Fluttershy took that as her cue as she began walking.

Tears welded up in her eyes, threatening to spill out. She walked with head held down. ponies whispering about how beautiful she looked. She reached the little stage and looked up. The stallion, she was about to marry was right in front of her. His pure white coat and blond mane shined in the light.

The minister started speaking.

"Mares and gentlecolts, we are gathered here in the sight of Celestia

to join together this mare and this stallion in Holy Matrimony; which is an honorable estate, instituted of Celestia in paradise, and into which Holy estate these two ponies present come now to be joined. Therefore if any stallion can show any cause why they may not be lawfully not be joined together, please let him speak now or forever hold your peace.

The mare and stallion can now exchange the rings and, be pronounced husband and wife."

Fluttershy tuned out the rest of his speech, until he said the words,

"Prince Blueblood, do you take princess Fluttershy to be your lawful wedded wife? For in sickness and in health? Until death do you part?"

"I do."

"And do you, princess Fluttershy, take Prince Blueblood to be your lawful wedded husband?For in sickness and in health? Until death do you part?"

'Come on, Fluttershy. You just have to say, yes.' Fluttershy thought desperately, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. And she didn't have to.


A huge ship crashed into the side of the building. Ponies shrieked. Panic be rushed through

them. There was nothing but chaos. Running. Screaming. Madness.

The five pirate mares jumped of the ship. while the were holding daggers in their hoofs.

"STAY STILL!" They all yelled in unison. Everypony stopped what they were doing and stared at the pirates. Twilight stepped up, clearly taking the role of leader.

"On the floor, Now!" She yelled.

Eveypony bowed in fear, all except the king. He was enraged.

"Who are you?! What makes you think you can run in here and ruin my daughter's wedding like that?!" Do you know who she is?!" He yelled in Twilight's face. Twilight didn't even flinch. She stared bravely at the infurated king.

"Of course we do. That's the reason we came. Too bad weren't invited." Twilight countered with a smirk.

Before he could say anything, she blasted him with her magic. The king went flying into the wall. The crowd gasped. The king slumped on the floor, unconscious. A few wanted to help but, were afraid to move.

Fluttershy screamed as her father hit the wall. She tried to rush to her father's side, only for three pirates to block hey path. They took a few steps forward, trying to intimidate her. Fluttershy backed away slowly, afraid of the horrible pirates and their weapons. She felt her back hit the wall and she was starting to tense up. Until she felt a pair of strong hoofs push her to the ground. The last thing she saw was a huge net being tossed over her as she hit head on the hard cold floor.

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