Knox crashed straight into the ground. He grunted and rolled over, something hurt. Everything hurt. He remembered the light. That bright light, Syd's fingers-

Oh, God. Knox was dead. He died.

So where was he?

"Hey, uh, man you gonna get up? Or you gonna lie there forever?" a rather tall, maybe around six foot Asian man said to Knox, a light smile crossing his lips.

"Um, are you real?" Knox asked, rubbing his eyes.

A laugh came out of the strangers mouth. His black eyes glinted and he said, "I mean I'm Kenji, and one of my best friends claims I'm not hot when I'm clearly," Kenji paused, "you know, hot."

Knox stood up, "I'm, uh, Knox. I could've claimed I uh, died? But I'm alive now and well you're clearly..." Knox paused, doing that smile which would make even Marie flush, "alive. And gorgeous."

"Died, huh? One of the prettier dead people I see." Kenji smiled. "Here, man, let me take you back to headquarters. Hope into the tank."

"Tank? Man, where's Uppercity? Is this the swamps or somethin'? And that car is not lux." Knox laughed, rapping his knuckles against the side of the tank.

Kenji looked him over. "You really were knocked out, huh? Well don't worry. My best friends are usually a tad on the crazy side." Kenji winked and motioned to Knox to get into the tank.

Oh screw it, Knox thought, I'll get in the tank with a hot guy. See where the night goes.

"Not lux cars are a problem for future Knox." Knox smiled before pressing his lips against Kenji's.

Kenji smiled against Knox's face. "You know, I think I love you already."

Knox smiled back.