Chapter 31: Revelations

For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

All For One stared at Izuku in shock as Golden Tendrils appeared from him and his Perfected Full Cowl aura roared to life.

"I-Is that Black Whip? Isn't that the Quirk of Daigoro Banjo? The fifth User of One For All?"

Izuku's eyes were only dead set on All For One as he got into position to end this fight.

"But how do you have access to his Quirk? You shouldn't be able to have multiple Quirks! Only me! Only I should have that ability!" All For One yelled in frustration. Izuku was already powerful enough, with him dominating the entire fight up until now. Then he has another Quirk at his disposal and possibly even more?!

"Well in this form, it would be Super Black Whip, but whatever. The point is, you're done for. I'm not playing anymore games All For One. It ends here." Izuku announced with authority. As his Golden and green auras merged together to create an even more powerful energy. Due to the Super Saiyan transformation, Izuku's control with Pride For All has gone up from 2% to 20%, making him exponentially more powerful. It also helped with his control with his other Quirks, Empathy and Black Whip. The power of the transformation amplified the two Quirks to "Super" versions which made them all the more greater.

The bad thing about it was that combining his Super Saiyan form with abilities of Pride For All along with his uncontrollable Golden Warrior Powers was a huge drain on Izuku's stamina. Which is why he would need to end this battle quickly.

"It doesn't matter. I'll just turn you to dust!" All For One pointed at the Golden Warrior and fired torrents of Green Fire at Izuku.

Izuku scoffed at the meaningless attempt of turning him to dust. Izuku simply extended his palm forward and sent a pulse of ki energy at the torrents of fire, completely wiping them out of existence.


"That's not gonna work!" Izuku shouted as he teleported behind the Symbol of Evil and roundhouse kicked him on the side of his head. This sent All For One tumbling to the city below. There was a huge crash with a dust cloud forming.

As soon as the dust cloud dissipated, All For One came right back up with Green Fire encapsulating him, making him seem even angrier.

"I've had ENOUGH! I won't let my plans fail because of a CHILD and my brother's stupid PROPHECY! I'm through with you!"

All For One yelled at Izuku with fury. All of a sudden, multiple copies of All For One began to emerge as they flooded the battlefield.

Izuku slightly raised an eyebrow in confusion, "What is this? What trick are you pulling now?"

"This is a Cloning Quirk. It allows me to create copies of myself. These clones have access to all of the powers, abilities, and Quirks that I have access to and their power rivals my own."

"Wow, I never knew that you had a Quirk like this. Looking through the memories of my Predecessors, they have never seen you do this."

"That's because I've been saving this as a trump card for whenever I faced someone who was powerful to make me resort to this."

Izuku smirked, "Oh so basically anyone who showed up to be more powerful than yourself? So you think with this 'Trump Card' of yours, you will be able to overwhelm me with the numbers advantage?"

All For One clenched his teeth in frustration, "Clones! Attack him and rip that smug grin right off of that Half Evolved Saiyan's face!"

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "Half Evolved? I'll show you half evolved! Come and get this ass whooping!"

Dozens of All For Ones charged at the Saiyan, all with killer intent. Green flames were fired at the Golden Warrior. Izuku was not fazed at all and simply powered up his aura which caused the flames to disperse. The Golden aura burned hotter than All For One's flames ever could.

"This is supposed to be the strongest Quirk in the world! Why does it have no effect on this damn monkey?!"

"If I'm a monkey, then you're a wanna be Dragon with those flames. They don't burn at all."

"These are the flames that turned your beloved mentor into roast beef! And you dare call me a wanna be Dragon?!"

"Then roar like a Dragon! Show me your roar!"

"Fine then… but don't complain when your flesh is being scorched!"

All For One and all of his clones took deep breaths as they summoned all of the Ki in their bodies. Their bellies expanded which resulted into an explosion of fire from their mouths.


All of the fire combined into one attack, making a Super Fire Dragon Roar. This was the full power of All For One which was magnified by each of his clones.

The torrent of flames came rushing at Izuku. The Saiyan did not move an inch. He stayed still and simply watched the attack come towards him. He smirked as the fire made a direct impact.

There was a huge explosion which had the force to destroy hundreds of suns. Even All For One himself had to shield his eyes. He did not expect the impact to be that strong. He had put every fiber of his being into that attack to make sure that it would completely eradicate Izuku Midoriya. Because if it didn't, he honestly had no idea what could stop him.

All For One waited for the smoke to clear. Due to him not being able to sense Ki, he had no way of knowing whether or not Izuku survived the explosion until the smoke dissipated. He honestly would be shocked if there was really anything left of the Super Saiyan. That attack would burn anyone to a crisp.

Right as the smoke cleared, a golden haired boy was still floating in the air, completely unscathed. He had golden tendrils wrapped around him to protect him from the blast. His Super Saiyan transformation had amplified Black Whip to the point where it's offensive and defensive properties were dialed up to 11.

"That's it?"

All For One felt like he was in a nightmare. This couldn't be happening. He put all of the remaining power he had into that attack. But now, it seemed like it was all for naught. All of these years he had been planning and waiting for the day to make the world his. To transform it into his vision. After witnessing the death of his own parents due to the failure of humanity falling victim to the power of Quirks. As a result, he swore to control the world by controlling all of the Quirks so that he may never feel powerless again. But then his brother opposed him. He wanted to save him. To show him the light. But he inadvertently created the only Quirk in the world that could take him down. He had no choice to murder his brother and each of his Successors.

When he found out David Shield had created a Quirk Enhancer, he knew his time was now. With that device, he could defeat All Might and finally achieve his life's goal. He finally did rid the world of All Might. Now all he had to do was kill his successor and One For All would be gone from the world for good. And he would rule supreme, and the world would finally be his.

His entire life… all of his work… it all culminated into this moment.

It all came crumbling down… because of a child. A child that preached about Heroism and Peace. A child whose sole existence was to fulfil a prophecy that his brother had foretold ages ago. The prophecy was no longer just a fairy tale that his younger brother spouted in order to scare him. No… it was a reality. It was his fate. It was his Destiny.

And there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

"So you've finally accepted it huh? No matter how much you don't want to."

The words of Izuku fell on deaf ears as All For One still could not wrap his head around this ordeal. He had dirtied his hands with the blood of his own brother for this dream. A dream he swore he would make a reality on the day of his parents' death. His whole life was predicated on this one dream. This one goal. This one purpose.

"Why… "

His will was shattering. His great age of Darkness was foiled by the Warrior of Light.

The clones were feeling the same angst. But they still had a linger of Hope in their hearts that they could still erase the boy in front of them. They still had Hope that their dream could still come true. The Dream that they worked so hard for… the dream that they sacrificed everything for.

And so, the clones all charged him for one final assault.

Izuku shook his head. He almost felt sorry for All For One. Almost.

Izuku made quick work of the clones. He one shotted each of them with little to no effort. If he was destroying All For One before, his clones stood absolutely no chance against him in his powered up state. It didn't matter that they had the numbers advantage. Zero times zero was still zero.

All For One didn't dare to look at each of his clones being slaughtered. Even if he didn't want to admit it, he knew they stood no chance. After tanking his strongest blast like that, what chance did they really have against him.

After he finished off his last clone, Izuku looked at the original All For One.

"It's over. Just give up. You'll only embarrass yourself even more if you keep on fighting."

All For One just stood in silence as he mellowed in his own depression. He wondered why it led to this. Where had he screwed up? What did he do wrong?

"The world doesn't belong to you."

All For One lifted his head to see Izuku across from him, "Huh?"

"That's where you screwed up. I can read your thoughts and emotions. You're wondering why it led to this. That was your first mistake. You believed you were entitled. You thought the world was yours. When in reality it is not. Instead of working to make the world a better place and improve upon its faults, you decided to just become a Villain and commit the same exact evil that you wanted to get rid of. You thought you could just control everything. But nobody can have everything."

All For One grit his teeth in anger, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What do you know, huh? You are simply a child! A child that was groomed to defeat me. You're nothing but a pawn. Just like All Might. You will see. You think that just because you're the strongest today, it guarantees you being the strongest tomorrow. But you will be reminded that this world is beyond saving. There is no happy ending. You will suffer the same fate. I HATE YOU!"

In a fit of rage, All For One summoned black lighting once more. The final desperation attempt in eliminating One For All. Izuku saw the attack coming from a mile away. He caught the lightning with his finger tips. All he had to do was redirect it back at All For One. And that would end this. He would finally be put to rest. All of the suffering he put everyone through, and all of the lives he took would be avenged. His grandfather and All Might would be avenged.

It was the simplest thing to do.

The Super Saiyan form had corrupted Izuku. It made him a man of pure rage. He wanted nothing more but to eradicate the enemy in front of him. The one who had taken away his mentor in cold blood. The one who threatened the lives of his comrades. His thirst for blood was at an all time high. It was just like when he was in False Super Saiyan, when he wanted to just destroy everything in front of him. But only this time, his rage was much more cerebral. He intentionally took his time dealing with All For One. He wanted him to suffer as much as he could. He wanted All For One to throw everything he had at him, so that when he saw he couldn't compare to the level of power he was now, he could cry in desperation. And he achieved just that. All For One had nobody to blame but himself.

But now with the chance to kill him once and for all.. With the anger bubbling inside of him, for some reason he just couldn't.

The anger turned into sadness.

Izuku redirected the lightning into the abyss.

Izuku slowly flew towards All For One until he was right in front of him.

"Have fun at Tartarus."

Izuku threw a Super Detroit Smash right at All For One's noggin. It knocked out the Symbol of Evil. He then wrapped up All For One's unconscious body with Black Whip Tendrils. He left him in Kamino where the police and Heroes would find All For One. There was a note that said, "Make sure he stays in there for life."

Izuku knocked on his door. His mom opened.

"I'm home. Sorry I took so long."

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