A new Fanfiction is now ready to be presented to the Internets! To my predictions, I'm gonna catch some heat with what I write. But I digress. So here's a fanfiction with a crossover between Titanfall, RWBY, and Supreme Commander! So here it is!

The planet of Remnant, a planet full of wonders, and inhabited with underlying fear. This world has three main species, Humans, Faunus, and Grimm. Grimm were creatures of darkness and fear, feeding themselves off of negative emotions from Mankind and Faunus and were hellbent on destroying Humanity and Faunuskind. Mankind was a race created by the gods, Light and Dark. The Faunus were created by another deity, unknown to the others. Each Human and Faunus had something called Aura, and a special ability, called a Semblance. Sometime in the History of Remnant, Four Kingdoms were established as safe zones from the Grimm. These were the Kingdoms of Vale, Haven, Mistral, and Atlas. These Kingdoms eventually would fight a war against each other, this would become the Great War, and would push the Four Kingdoms, ironically, closer together. The Kingdoms would reestablish themselves,and push the Grimm back. With the help of Hunters and Huntresses, whose job was to destroy Grimm, peace was found. But something is creeping in the Kingdomless Island...

Hammond is a technologically advanced and heavily militarized Galactic Empire. Hammond has captured the most of the explored space, known as the Frontier. After successfully destroying the Militia, Hammond decided that being a jackass to every planet was some bad logic. After reforming themselves, Hammond established themselves as a better ruling power. Eventually, Hammond was producing Titans and military units at expeditionary rates. This was furthered after the creation of the Armored Command Unit, or ACU. These units were controlled by a single user, and could control mass armies easily. Hammond would create new units and expand their army at a rate unseen by anyone at anytime in history. More planets were colonized after Hammond discovered the answers to Quantum Physics, and were able to jump further and faster, and weaponized it in certain places. Now Hammond has encountered a problem no one would ever see. They had found a planet with Humans on it already. Plans were drawn up, and a base was set up. Hammond had one goal, have these humans pledge to Hammond, or fall by force…

The Kingdomless Island, 2 weeks before RWBY Volume 2 begins

The forest was peaceful. Birds were chirping, leaves were slightly rustling in the wind, it was bliss. Until it was abruptly interrupted by the faint sound of stampeding. It grew louder, louder, and louder as it got closer. Suddenly, a horde of Grimm came running through the forest clearing. They were running hard, as if they were chasing something.

Or as if they were being chased by something scarier than fear itself.

Behind them stood a hulking mech holding a chaingun, a Hammond Symbol was emblazoned on its arm. Except, instead of the usual powersign with an H and olive branches extending from the bottom of the circle, it was the power sign with the H and two rhombuses and five rhombuses on the bottom of each rhombus. This is the symbol of the Hammond Expeditionary Forces, or the HEF. The metal beast, known as an Atlas Titan, stood still. It watched the Grimm flee in fear. The titan walked back to where it had come from. It walked into a slightly scorched forest, where Grimm corpses still were fading away. Other titans stood poking the fading corpses, and the lone one joined their group. The mechs walked back, while the forest was filled with various Grimm cries. They were scared, but when their reinforcements came, they would be back.

Only to be slaughtered again.

The mechs walked back into a clearing where a transparent blue shield stood. They walked right in, and they looked around. The crews of automated Engineer units were building another set of walls, and support ACUs were busy constructing the next set of artillery cannons. The mechs continued walking,as their transport flew near them. The mechs stopped, and the light air transport lifted them into their hatches, and flew off with them. Meanwhile, a large transport landed, and a large amount of grunts wearing the old IMC armor, similar to the ones worn before the Battle of Demeter. These provided better armor and were now easier to produce thanks to more resources coming in from the other Hammond planets. Now, on this planet, Hammond had established a heavily fortified base. The main base was surrounded by six military outposts, in a shape of a hexagon. Then, these outposts were made for the six corners of the wall. This was repeated one more time, and a heavy shield generator was behind each outpost. Meanwhile, a huge shield generator was in the center of the main base. The shield was modified to hurt Grimm upon impact. The walls themselves were armed with artillery and air defenses. The center of the wall had medium level artillery with lighter level ones on the sides of the wall. Behind the wall stood the heaviest artillery pieces. Patrols walked from outpost to outpost. Ogre Titans were standing outside the wall, rotary cannons in hand and ready to fire. Transports were going in and out, but suddenly a large group of bombers flew out of the shield. These were the new Janus Class bombers. Fast, strong, but inaccurate. These bombers could level a small city with just a small squadron. However, they weren't leveling a small city today, they were heading to destroy their designated target for that day.

Later, reports would come in from the pilots telling of them burning a White Fang base to the ground, and there would be no survivors.

Atlas High Command

"You're telling me that an entire White Fang base was just wiped off the map? And the other Kingdoms didn't do it?" General Ironwood asked.

"Yes sir, all Kingdoms report that no orders were given to attack the base." The soldier reported. Ironwood sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. First, Grimm activity lessened and now this? He had orders to go inspect the Kingdomless Island, but all of the teams he had sent never reported back. Then, he sent a fleet over there. They never came back. After that, he suspended any activity involving that island. He watched the island on the screen. With Atlas so close to the Kingdomless Island, any with Atlas so technologically advanced, they were stuck with dealing with the island. In his mind, at the very back of his mind, he suspected a huge gathering of bandits, misfits, criminals, and anyone else who didn't fit in with society just making a new settlement. But then he would counter that thought of the lack of supplies over there. He sighed, and went back to preparing a fleet group for Vale…

Hammond Military: Remnant Command (REMNCOM)

"Major General Allen March, you have been assigned to the 14th Military Group. You're group will be creating a base near the sea for our naval fleet. I expect this to be done without any major errors. Am I understood?" The Field Marshall asked.

"Crystal." The Major General said. Major General Allen March was not much. He stood at 5'10", pale skinned from months of planning duty inside the base command, blue eyes, and brown hair. He wore his green combat armor, which was Hammond grunt armor, but it included a large right shoulder plate with two stars, signalling his rank and a Sparta-style helmet. His saber hung at his left side, in its black scabbard. The scabbard had the inscription of the Hammond Expeditionary Forces motto: Explore, Fight, Repeat on it. The Major General saluted, and turned around. He left the office, and met his two Brigadier Generals, who were wearing their helmets, and had the same armor on, but their shoulder plates had one star instead of two. Allen signalled the two to follow him, and told them their orders.

Soon, all of Remnant was going to see Hammond. And Hammond didn't care if they were peaceful about it or not.

So now we have my most Hammond biased story yet! Hope you enjoy.

But we all know what happen last time I was Hammond biased (Nervously looks back Hammond v. UNSC) THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN I SWEAR!