Hi there! It's been a while, right? But I'm back with what seems the longest story I ever wrote! I hope I can make you laugh!

Important notes:

1. I used mostly of Amy's fic that we saw in "The Troll Manifestation" (8x14), but changed a few parts for my story purposes.

2. I started this story long before the wedding, so here, Sheldon and Amy call each other fiancée, not husband and wife.

3. I always try to make the characters IC, but of course, I also want to play with them, so forgive me if it can be OOC at some points. Just for fun!

4. If you like Shamy + Amy's fanfiction stories, I recommend 100% to read April in Paris Coopmelia stories (starting by "Amelia and the time traveling physicist", a real accurate version of Amy's fic) and Boys3allC "The Fan-fiction reaction", hilarious and really hot story. I can say they are inspiration to my story, so please read them too, like and review, they are old but gold!

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This is a 3 chapters story, enjoy it!

Amy was typing on her laptop in the kitchen counter of the 4B while she was waiting for Penny and Bernadette to come. Some minutes ago, Sheldon went to the 4A with the guys to play video games.

It was a Friday night and It had been a long time since Penny, Bernadette and Amy had a Girls' night planned. Her projects, also Penny's extra work and Bernadette being a working mom of two children always got in the middle of their plans. Same for the guys, all were busy too. Amy felt proud of everyone working so hard for their goals, but also missed when they had more free time. But today, for the first time in some months, they were planning to have some fun, like the old times.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Penny and Bernadette opening the apartment's door.

"Amesssss, are you ready for some fun?" Penny exclaimed happily, showing a bottle of some type of alcohol in her hand. She looked beautiful in her short dark dress.

"Hi Amy!" Bernadette chirped behind Penny. She was also wearing one of her let's go have fun dresses, in her own style. Her silhouette changed after she got pregnant twice, but that only made her look even prettier.

"Hi" Amy greeted them, closing her laptop and going to take Penny's bottle. "Let me put that in the fridge."

"You look good!" Penny noticed Amy's dress too, one of her latest purchases with the ladies. Modest, always modest, but hugging her curves nicely.

"Thank you." Amy answered shyly. She would never get used to hearing compliments, from anyone, not even Sheldon, when he rarely expressed one. "And with matched red underwear!" She boldly added pulling her bra strap on her shoulder from under the cover of her dress.

"You go girl!" Penny patted her friend's back amused.

"Where are we going tonight?" Bernadette asked. "I need some action!"

"We didn't decide it yet." Penny sat on the couch, thinking on their options. "Do you want to go dance? Or just for some drinks? What about the club we went last December?" Penny suggested. "Remember that one?"

"Oh but it's far away. It will take us one hour by car, and it's Friday." Amy warned them. "There's always a lot of traffic jam on Friday's night."

"Ugh, it's a long ride, I forgot about it". Penny wrinkled her nose.

"And that dancing place we used to go? It's nearby." Bernadette sat at her side.

"Ahhh, I don't know… Do you remember the owner, who wanted to flirt with me? I'm not sure if I want to go anymore. That guy was disgusting." Penny had a very bad experience there the last time they went. She didn't want to face him again.

"Oh true, I remember. Good luck I have a good elbow punch". Amy nodded remembering that guy's nose bleeding. What a night!

"Oh yeah, I forgot that. It was a long time ago." Bernadette said.

"And the salsa place?" Amy asked. That one was nice.

"I think they closed it? The other day we went shopping with Howie and the babies at the mall and there was a bath shop instead." Bernadette recalled passing by with the car.

"Well it's been a while not going out, to be honest." Penny sounded disappointed. She used to be the queen of any local place she went, and she knew all the good places to go. "But now I'm not even sure where the best bars are."

"We can search one." Amy got up of her seat and went to pick up her laptop. Penny and Bernadette made room in the couch for her and Amy sat in between them. She put the laptop on the coffee table. "Let's see what we find." She said as she opened the laptop.

Amy quickly typed in her password and the document she was working on was full screen in front of them.

"Oh sorry about that." Amy blushed and clumsily tried to close the window of the writing program.

"Were you working on a new paper?" Bernadette asked. "Your latest one was noticed in the scientific community, right? I read it when I was in bed rest."

"Ahhh. Yes, yes. It's that….a new paper." Amy hesitated when answering Bernadette. Why the close button seemed to be so far away and not working when she was clicking it? She fumbled with the keyboard.

Noticing how nervous she was, Penny quickly read the title of the document. Before the document was shut down, she read it out loud.

"Amelia and the time traveling physicist, chapter 24!" Penny shouted. "Are you working on the new chapter!? I've been waiting to read a new update from you." She said excited. "Did he finally ask her? Did she finally tell him? You got us on a cliffhanger girl!" She almost shouted the last part.

"Ohhhh." Bernadette joined the excitement. "Yes! I want to know what will happen next! I was waiting for this too. I even reread the whole story a couple of times when I was resting in bed."

"A couple of times?" Penny asked Bernadette raising her eyebrows.

"Fine, four times." She finally confessed. "But you agree with me, it's so good. The love story, the drama, the way you show the character's growing emotions. You are a good writer Amy!" Bernadette nodded in appreciation.

"Oh...uh. Thanks?" Amy knew their friends were reading her story. After they found it, and they made her read it for them, they became a returner reader of her updates. But she didn't know they were so excited for it.

"And it's so hot!" Penny added smiling naughtily at Amy, who blushed in a matter of seconds a shade of red that matched her underwear.

"Ohhhh. It is!" Bernadette agreed, and playfully elbowed Amy, who jumped at the touch.

"Ah… well… I don't know." Amy didn't know how to react. It was easy for her to write her heart out and publish on internet with a anonymous handle. But hearing that from her friends was different.

"Oh, come on Amy! You really know how to describe Amelia's feelings, especially when, you know…Cooper is involved in it." Bernadette added. "And you got better on it with time. I'm sure you added some of your experiences in the mix." She teased Amy.

"Oh no no no no." Amy shook her head. "I...I didn't add my experience there." Well, maybe something….but I can't tell them! "Absolutely not!" She needed to change the topic. "Hey look, google maps, let's find a dance club-"

"But I want to know what happens!" Penny exclaimed. "When will you publish?" Last update contained an important cliffhanger and Penny was curious.

"Are you done with the chapter?" Bernadette asked impatiently.

"It's...uhm...yes, it's finished, I was just reviewing it before you came. You know, grammatical double takes and…." Amy was almost finished when they arrived. "I wanted to publish this afternoon, but Sheldon got me involved in an invasion emergency, blue code." Amy excused herself remembering her afternoon.

"What is that?" Bernadette asked confused.

"Wait! I know that one!" Penny snapped her fingers in realisation. "Spider in the… sink?"

"Spider in the tube." Amy clarified nodding to Penny. "I had to disinfect the bathroom with him and he made me do an inspection all over the apartment." Amy finished rolling her eyes.

"Sheldon could not survive as Cooper in Amelia's farm." Bernadette laughed.

Penny joined her friend's laughs while Amy stared at them.

"Cooper is not Sheldon." Amy clarified.

"Sure, sure!" Penny had to contain her tears from laughing as she imagined Sheldon being in a farm like the one she grew in Nebraska. He would die there or set it on fire.

"And I'm not Amelia." Amy knew that was not entirely true, but she didn't want them to think the characters were completely related to them. Even if it was clear like water that she created the characteristics and personalities based on them.

"We know." Bernadette didn't want to upset Amy, she looked at Penny and they agreed with a silent gaze not to go further with that.

"So, you wanted to publish today but you couldn't." Penny confirmed.

"Yes, I will do it tomorrow." Amy sighed. She worked hard on this one, and she knew a lot of readers were waiting. "Or tonight, I know people are waiting for it." This fanfiction had a lot of readers and reviews, all really good.

"Screw people. Can we read it now?" Bernadette asked excitedly.

"Ohhh. Yes! Read it for us." Penny bounced on her seat and clapped her hands. "Pleaseeee?" She begged at the end.

Amy looked at her excited friends, who were looking at her like puppies asking for a treat.

"But, what about the dancing club, and going out, and sweating in the middle of a dance floor between strangers?" Amy protested.

"If you want to dance we can play music later. Now read!" Bernadette said with her mind determined. "Come on Amy, we will be your betas!"

Amy looked again back and forth at her friends.

"Ok fine." Amy finally agreed, blushing again. That chapter in particular contained more mature themes that other parts of the fanfiction. But how she could say no to her overjoyed friends?

"Yay!" Penny celebrated. "I will get us some drinks!" And she was already up going to the kitchen.

"Isn't it exciting?" Bernadette squealed. "Let me prepare some popcorn!" She immediately jumped from her seat following Penny.

"I'll get my iPad, it will be easy to read it there." Amy stood up and went to the bedroom. Well, maybe having some beta readers would be a good thing.

Popcorn finished and some drinks later, Amy was narrating the fanfiction to a very focused Penny and Bernadette. They were around half of the chapter:

"And Amelia looked at him with fear in her eyes. Could she tell him how she felt? Her heart was throbbing so hard on her chest, that she thought he will hear it." Amy stopped reading and looked at her friends.

"What?" Bernadette shouted. "Why did you stop?"

"I.. I need to use the bathroom." Amy said shyly.

"Oh gosh, now?" Penny exclaimed. The chapter was getting really interesting.

"It will be quick." And she got up and went to the bedroom, she left the iPad on her bed and ran to relieve herself. Too many popcorn and drinks. Even if she drank some alcohol first, she switched to some juice and water. Narrating was getting her throat dry.

A minute later she was already out and found Penny and Bernadette waiting for her on the bed.

"Why are you here?" Amy asked confused.

"Finally!" Bernadette gave her the iPad and patted the bed for her to sit. "You were out so long!"

Amy was sure she was less than a minute in the bathroom, but seemed her friends didn't feel the same.

"Yeah Amy, don't do that to us. Continue!" Penny adjusted on the bed too while Amy sat between the both friends.

"Do you want me to read here?" Amy asked amused by her friends excitement for her story.

"Yes, let's lay down." Bernadette suggested.

They made themselves comfortables and Amy began to narrate from where she left the story:

"Cooper's breath was ragged, he was nervous. He hated not to be able to control himself. All his life was detached of any feeling, and now, all these emotions rushed over him like a wave. He hesitated for a moment, but decided he needed to say something, do something! He put his hand up and caressed Amelia's face, a light feather touch that meant everything to him. He hated to see the fear in her eyes, the fear of him being gone? It was hurting him like a dagger stabbed on his heart."

Penny put her hand on her chest, over her heart, Amy's narration expressed so much emotion, that she was feeling it herself, she was nervous too, to see what will happen.

Amy really knew how to tell a story, her voice was low when reading the most intimate parts, intense when reading the most dramatic, and Penny and Bernadette were holding their breath all the time.

"She closed her eyes and tried to feel his touches. It was not the first touch they shared, but it was so intense, that she shivered in his hand. 'Cooper…' Amelia breathed. 'I don't know what I will do If you go...Please.' She begged, but she didn't know if she could ask for something that big. For him to stay, with her. Was she being selfish? What about his life in his own time period?"

Bernadette released a sigh while Amy continued.

"'Amelia, I…' Cooper's breath was warm. His thumb caressed her cheek, where some teardrops started to fall down. 'I can't. I have to go. I… I will never forget you.' He had to shut his eyes, and put his forefront on hers. He needed to feel her. His own tears started to fall. Even with his unique memory, he couldn't recall crying, not even once in his life. Except for now."

Amy paused, this part was emotional for her.

"Oh no." Bernadette said.

"He can't go!" Penny exclaimed. "All the things that they experienced together, he can't just go like nothing happened. What they have is so special!"

"Do you want me to continue?" Amy giggled. That was more fun that she remembered, seeing the live reactions of her friends.

"YES" "PLEASE" They said at the same time.

"She couldn't say anything. He will be gone, her heart was being smashed in thousands of pieces and she just couldn't protest. She couldn't demand him to stay. She was not worthy for him to stay. She felt how the air was abandoning her lungs, and she couldn't breathe anymore. Could she die of this? Of… love?"

Even Amy's voice broke reading this paragraph. Maybe she put more of her than she expected on this character.

"'Amelia...I….' Cooper was not good at expressing his emotions with words. But he knew he needed to say now, or never, what he wanted from her. 'Amelia look at me.' She didn't react, she was shaking. He used his hand, still on her face, to pull her to him, so he was able to look in her eyes. Her eyes were void, no soul, no emotion. Cooper was scared maybe this would broke them, all they had, all they felt. 'Please Amelia, listen to me, I don't know what I would do without you either.' He said in a low voice, almost a whisper. 'Come with me….Please.'"

"Yaaaaa" "Ahhhhh" Penny and Bernadette screamed and shouted, moving their legs on the bed, like teenagers fangirling for a celebrity.

"He asked her to come!" Bernadette happily exclaimed.

"What does she say?" Penny asked Amy. "Please tell me that she said yes!"

Amy giggled again because of their friends' reactions. "Ok, here we go, but be prepared!" she announced before continuing:

"Amelia was shocked, one moment ago her world was crumbling over her, and now a light, a hope, something was pulling her out of the darkness. 'Me?' she timidly asked 'Come with you? To your world? To the future?' Amy couldn't believe her ears, she waited him to confirm if she just dreamed what he said, or if it was true, that he wanted her with him. For real. Cooper nodded slightly, his gaze asking her for a positive answer. For the first time, she could see a sparkle of fear in his eyes. He knew what he was asking was too much, to leave all her life, to follow a stranger, a stranger that she fell in love to, to an unknown and scary place."

Amy felt the girls shift in the bed, they were holding their breath, waiting for the next paragraph. She smiled and continued:

"'There's no future without you'. Cooper closed his eyes as he confessed his most inner thoughts. Time stopped waiting for her answer, for any reaction.

She smiled

'Cooper...I love you. I would go with you wherever you want if you ask me to.' More tears dropped moistening her face 'Take me with you. I'm yours.' And with that he couldn't resist anymore. He caught her shaking body, and kissed her, hungry of her love, not being ashamed in any moment to seem desperate for her. Because he really was."

Amy was still reading and didn't notice Penny and Bernadette were crying at each side of her.

"Amelia knew it was not easy to just go to the future, but at that moment, she couldn't think on anything more that being forever with the man she loved. She responded to his kiss, caressing his hair. The kiss escalated quickly and she felt being pinned on the wall behind her. A moan escaped her throat as he attacked her neck, her collarbone, her exposed décolletage that always tempted him. He loved her with all his heart. He adored every inch of her body, mind and soul, and he was about to show it to her, again and again, the rest of their life."

"And now things are getting interesting." Penny playfully commented raising her eyebrows to Amy.

"The juicy part is here!" Bernadette teased.

Amy just blushed. During all the story, there were different mature moments, but she never considered them juicy, or hot, just an expression of the characters love, passion and emotions. But the part that followed now, where they finally consummated their love, well, she had more experience herself. She passed from just imagining how intimacy would be to knowing it by herself. Now she could write about some intimate things, even if some never happened with Sheldon. But her readers and friends seemed to enjoy it, so she added some more descriptions over the chapters. Mostly kisses and intimate touches, nothing too much, except in this chapter.

Once in a while, the thought of what Sheldon would say if he read what she wrote scared her. At least she knew their friends never told him about it. She asked, almost begged, for them not to tell him. She would die of shame if he discovers it one day. But time passed after that day they read it together, and they kept the promise.

As she kept narrating the end of the chapter, her friends were commenting all the intimacy Amelia and Cooper were having, it was a really intense moment, where all the emotions were released, where both felt no shame to express, to feel, to ask or to do. Her descriptions were, quite explicit. Amy was regretting reading it out loud, but Penny and Bernadette enjoyed every moment and they didn't hesitate to comment or share their own experiences. Amy was taking mental notes of their comments, as she knew she could improve that part with those inputs.

"Wow Amy, that was...so hot! And beautiful!" Bernadette said as she finished reading the chapter.

"You are a naughty vixen Amy, that was really intense." Penny teased her friend "I think I need a drink, isn't hot in here?" She fanned herself while the three friends stood up from the bed and started to go to the main room.

"I think what you need is playing video games next door." Bernadette laughed. "And to be honest, me too." She confessed. "It's been a while, you know, with the pregnancy, the child birth, the stress, sometimes you don't feel pretty, or needed."

"Bernadette, you are beautiful with all your curves. I'm sure Howard loves them all." Amy said, she was sure Howard adored her wife.

Bernadette stopped in the middle of the main room. "You know what?" She turned and went to grab her jacket and purse near the door. "I'm going to take Howard for a ride. We have a couple of hours before we have to come back home for the kids. Stuart is with them." she said consulting her watch.

"But Howard is playing video games with the guys, they surely want to play some more time as they don't get the chance to be together that much now." Amy questioned Bernadette but she was already at the door.

"Nonsense, when it comes to sex, they will leave it all. Believe me." Bernadette said confidently. "Amy, thanks for reading the chapter for us, I will reread and review when you publish it. It was gold!" And with that, she was gone.

"And what should we do now? I thought we would go dancing anyway." Amy asked her bestie in awe. Bernadette leaving was unexpected. "Penny?" She turned to see her bestie drinking the remaining bottle that was on the coffee table. She left the empty bottle, and turned to hug her friend.

"Sweetie, if you want we can go dancing next week together, even if Bernadette can't come." Penny promised Amy. "But now, if you excuse me, I need to… uhm… talk with Leonard." She went to the door, grabbed her purse and opened the door. "And keep writing! You are so good!" And with that she was gone too.

Amy was left in the middle of the room, with a surprised face and wondering how to react at her friends leaving so quickly.

Not even a minute passed when Sheldon and Raj entered the apartment.

"How scandalous!" Sheldon exclaimed, video console in his hands. All the cables entangled that almost made him trip on them.

"I don't know what happened." Raj was carrying some sandwiches and eating one of them. "Hi Amy!" He greeted her.

"Hi…Hi." Amy furrowed her eyebrows "Why are you here?" Amy asked surprised.

"They kicked us out! On video games night! We were in the middle of a Super Mario Kart race! Can you believe it?" Sheldon protested, putting his Super Nintendo in front of the tv. "First Bernadette stomped into the apartment and whispered something to Howard." He busied himself angrily untangling the cables. "One minute after Howard was gone! They left with no explanation! We lost a player!"

"And they were supposed to take me home." Raj added munching the sandwich. He left the others in the kitchen counter. "But they shout out to me to come back to the apartment when I followed them". He shrugged.

"And then, Penny got into the apartment too, interrupting us again, whispered something to Leonard!" Sheldon was getting more angry as he was unable to entangle the cables. "And- and they kicked us out from the apartment! Outrageous!" He finally connected the console on the tv and connected the game again.

"Did something happen? I thought you were dancing." Raj asked sitting on the couch.

"I.. we...no we finally decided not to go." Amy didn't know what to say. Was her fault that the girls raced to get their husbands?

"And what did you do?" Raj asked while accepting the game controller from Sheldon. Before he could grab it Sheldon raised his eyebrows.

"Clean your hands before touching the controller." Sheldon warned.

Raj rolled his eyes but he did as Sheldon asked.

"I don't care what they did, what I care is that we will finish the race we were playing." Sheldon said angrily. "Even if it's only you and me." He finally handed the controller to Raj.

Amy didn't like how Sheldon reacted, but at least she didn't have to explain anything more. After a quick surveillance of the situation, she decided that she could use some time to review and fix the final part of the chapter and publish her update.

"Ok, you two have fun with the game, I'm going to work a little...on my paper." She picked up her laptop and went to sit in the kitchen counter while Sheldon and Raj were playing.

"That's my girl" Sheldon said not even looking at her.

She rolled her eyes and tried to focus again on her story.

4 races after, Sheldon winning 3 of them, Amy was already satisfied and done with the chapter. She prepared the story on the website and hesitated to click the publish new chapter button. Was it too much? Will people like the update? And then, she remembered Penny and Bernadette squealing and crying and being excited with her story, so she clicked the button and released a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Ding Ding." Raj's mobile chirped.

He paused the game, making Sheldon grumble. And checked his emails.

"Ohhhhh" He turned to Amy "The time traveler! You published!" Raj unconsciously said, forgetting Sheldon was in the same room.

Amy's eyes grew widely open and she started to panic. Before Sheldon noticed and turned to her, she started to make signs with her hands to Raj. She had to stop when Sheldon looked at her confused.

Raj, noticing his mistake - as it was clear that the sign Amy made of cutting her neck meant that he should shut up - tried to change the subject.

"I mean… thanks for sending me that article. I will read it!" Raj tried to fix it.

"Yes, I...I thought you would enjoy it." Amy clumsily added.

Sheldon looked through narrowed eyes to Raj and back to Amy, as he noticed something was wrong.

"Time traveling? Which article?" He knew by heart almost all publications about time traveling theories. Why Amy had to send one article to Raj? Raj was never interested in those theories. And Amy? Since when she was reading this kind of things? Without him knowing!

"Ahh..." Raj hesitated, he didn't know what to answer here.

"One about Novikov self-consistency principle." Amy quickly said, trying to save the situation.

"Oh, Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov one? He intended to solve the problem of paradoxes in time travel." Sheldon recognized the principle. "Also known as Novikov self-consistency conjecture." He informed Raj, who was just nodding and starting to gather his jacket.

Amy breathed with a sigh of relief. Luckily for her, she had to search a lot of information for her story, as she wanted to write the science theories behind time traveling accurately.

"That one, I will read it at home." Raj didn't want to cause more problems to Amy. "Oh Look, my Uber is here!" He lied looking at his phone. "Nice to see you Amy, Sheldon." He waved to the couple quickly and with that, he was gone.

Sheldon looked astonished to the apartment's door as Raj closed it quickly.

"Great, now there's one race to finish and I'm the only player." Sheldon protested. What happened today that everybody was gone? Sheldon thought that was really odd.

"Ding." Amy's laptop announced she had a new email. She ignored it.

"Ding." Another email.

The reviews. Amy realized she was starting to receive reviews from the readers.

"Ding." She knew that they would be a few more so she started to sweat thinking what to do. She hurried to click the mute sound on time before more emails come in her inbox.

She grabbed her laptop and started to go to the bedroom.

"While you finish with the game… I will… read in bed." She said before disappearing through the door.

Sheldon blinked a couple of times, astonished again.

"Why everybody is leaving today?" he asked annoyed. Of course, no one was there to reply him. Grabbing his game controller again, he noticed Amy's iPad on the coffee table. It was there all the time since the girls finished reading the chapter.

"And why did she go to read in bed with the laptop? She always reads on the iPad." He muttered more for himself.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! Hope you like the starting point. Any guesses what can happen next? Let me know your thoughts in the reviews!