"Sir," FRIDAY's voice interrupted Tony "It's been solved." Tony stopped what he was doing immediately.

"FRIDAY bring up all the information you have." He said turning to the screens as the information came up also getting Bruce's attention from behind him.

"Sir, her name is Emily Chambers." FRIDAY's voice started and Tony started reading all her background information. He couldn't figure out how a girl with no special background, no degrees or masters was able to solve the impossible test. "FRIDAY call Pepper for me and get her to contact this Emily Chambers girl for me." If this was some sort of fluke he would find out, it must have been.


Emily had received a phone call from Pepper Potts a couple of days ago and had arranged some sort of interview. She didn't even remember applying for a job with Stark Industries, but she guessed that one of the agencies she had previously worked for had passed on her details. She was standing outside the tower adjusting the clothes she was wearing. She was wearing a white shirt and a pink pencil skirt, she adjusted the shirt slightly to cover up her soulmark. She wasn't ashamed of it, but after 26 years she still hadn't found her soul mate and some people could be quite funny over these marks. Through experience Emily had found people were quick to judge. Emily made her way to the entrance where she was met by some guy, "can I help you?"

"Er yeah," Emily shifted uncomfortably, "I have a meeting here at one, my name is Emily Chambers."

The guy checked something on his computer, "Yeah that's right." He looked up and smiled, "This way Emily, I'm Happy by the way." He told her.

Emily chuckled, "And I'm nervous."

The guy looked at her weirdly, "no my name is Happy."

Emily mentally slapped herself. "Yeah I know that." She tried to laugh it off as if she was joking. She followed Happy to an office where Tony Stark was waiting. Once Emily was in the office, Happy left her with Tony Stark.

"Ah, Miss Chambers. Thank you joining me today." Tony extended his hand and she took it and shook hands.

"Mr Stark" Emily said, sitting down in the chair opposite his desk. Tony sat down following her body language.

"Please call me Tony, Mr Stark is my father." Tony started, "before we start this process, I would like it if you could complete these simple tasks" he finished, passing her a tablet. Emily took the tablet and started completing the tasks. After five minutes, she passed the tablet back to Tony.

"All done," she told him. He looked a bit surprised when she handed him the tablet back. He looked through the tablet, obviously checking her work. The further he checked the more surprised his face became. "Is there a problem mr – er Tony?"

Emily watched as Tony quickly composed himself, turning his attention back onto her "Emily – you dont mind if I call you Emily right?" he started waffling, "what I would like to know is how a girl with no computer or science background is able to solve this?"

It was now Emily's turn to be confused, "I don't see why any of this has anything to do with me applying for a secretarial position?"

Tony scoffed, "secretarial position? You think I'm interviewing you for.." he trailed off, "Emily, why do you think you're here?"

Emily was shifting uncomfortably, "I'd applied for a load of secretarial jobs." She explained to Tony, "I mean why else would I be here?"

Emily watched as Tony flicked through the tablet and the information from it projected above the tablet. "This is why you're here Emily." She scanned through the information, it was the coding she had completed a few days ago. Tony obviously could tell that she was still confused as he carried on with his explanation. "This is basically impossible to complete Emily. I created this years ago and you're the first one to get it right. I don't want you to work here as a secretary. I want you working with me on other projects."


"It was a lucky shot punk," Bucky had told Steve as they came up from the gym, they were in the lift heading to the common room to grab something to eat and drink from training.

"Yeah, yeah." Steve told him, "you've always been a sore loser." Steve teased Bucky. It didn't feel like it had been that long since they were kids and Bucky was defending him because he'd been the small little runt. Now he was taller than Bucky and could hold his own.

They made it into the common room and saw Tony talking to some girl that he had never seen before, she had her back to them. As they made their way into the common room, Steve watched as Tony turned around. "Oh good, the boy scouts are here. Emily, I would like you to meet Steve Roger and James Barnes."

Emily turned around and faced them, "Nice to meet you." She smiled at him, Steve automatically extended his hand for her to shake. She looked a bit confused at first, but quickly recovered and extended hers so that she could shake his hand.

She turned his attention to Bucky and he gave her a small smile, "Call me Bucky," he told her. Steve looked at Emily and he could see as she moved slightly to grab her tablet it showed her soul mark. No this cant be right He continued to look at it and he felt Bucky nudge him.

Steve turned his attention to Bucky who gave him a look and mouthed at him about the soulmark. Steve gave Bucky a look and this commotion seemed to have caught Tony's attention, thankfully not Emily's.

"Anyway Emily, i better show you out." Tony interrupted Steve and Bucky, "So tomorrow morning, 9am start?"

"Sounds great," Emily said smiling at Tony, she turned her attention back to Steve and Bucky "It was lovely meeting you both."

Steve watched as Emily and Tony walked out and when they had gone from view Bucky finally spoke up, "Did you see that mark?"

Steve nodded, "Yeah, its her." he responded to Bucky, "Thats our soulmate."

After a few moments, Steve could hear Tony making his way back into the common room. "Would one of you please like to explain what the hell that was back there."

"Language," Steve found himself saying automatically, then wanting to hit himself. "Sorry, old habit."

"I'm waiting," Tony reminded them.

"That was her," Bucky told Tony

"You mean, Emily?" Tony questioned.

"Yeah," Steve responded, "thats our mate."

"I guess it was a good day for all three of us then." Tony smirked.