Emily watched as Natasha took the guards weapons and made her way back out to be with her team. Clint restocked his arrows and a few moments later followed Natasha. She turned towards Wade who was also taking the weapons from the guards and taking their wallets. "What it's not like they're gonna need it?" Emily must have continued giving Wade a certain look because he opened up the wallets and took the cash out and threw the wallets back onto them, "happy?"

"Aren't you supposed to be a good guy?" Emily asked picking up a gun, "you know a hero?"

"I thought I already went over this with you," Wade told her closing the gap, "deadpool is not a hero. I'm just another bad guy taking down bigger bad guys."

"And yeah I thought you'd be jumping at the opportunity to join the Avengers or something,"

Wade shook his head, "nope, I'm going to start X-force." Wade said as he finished going through the wallets and making his way towards the door, "it's gender neutral and avoids sexism, after today you're in."

"X-force, doesn't that sound a bit like x-m-" Emily was interrupted by Wade covering up her mouth up,

"Don't say it, we don't have the rights for that."

. . . . . . .

Wade and Emily had climbed to the top of the hut and were looking down inside, Emily could see in the distance the Avengers were struggling with the fight and she knew she needed to act quick.

She surveyed the area, "wa-" she stopped when she saw him looking at her, "sorry- deadpool." He turned back to the window, "I think that over there controls the collars everyone is wearing. I think if were able to get into the system and override it, it would stop the other mutants!"

"When you say we, you mean you." Wade asked and Emily nodded, "good I'm only here to fuck shit up. So I'm gonna go in first and distract and then you do your thing nerd."

Emily watched as Wade jumped down and made his way into the building. "Sorry I'm late, I was fighting a caped badass, but then we discovered his mums name was Martha too,"

"Who are you?" Malcom Concord asked,

"I'm Batman," Wade told them pulling out two guns from his back and shooting at everyone. This must be her cue Emily thought as she made her way down and made her way through to the back.

. . . . . . .

"Steve!" Bucky held throwing Steve's shield to him, steve caught it was ease and threw it into the group of mutants that were going to attack him.

Thor hit his hammer to the ground, injuring a load of them.

"Tony can we get some information on the perimeter," Steve said into his coms

"It's not looking good Cap, more are coming from the north of the camp. We're going to be surrounded at this rate."

Everyone was fighting, wanda was using her powers to take the attacks from the other mutants and using it against them. Bucky was shooting and even with Clint and Natasha back on the scene it was beginning to look useless.

"This is worse than Ultron" Clint said lining up another shot,

"What are you talking about?" Natasha smirked, "Budapest was much worse."

"You still remember that a lot different," Clint laughed.

Suddenly the collars to the mutants dropped to the ground and they stopped fighting. They all looked at each other confused and shocked. Before anyone could say anything Wanda shouted, "get down" and she protected them with a shield as fire engulfed the camp. It lasted for almost five minutes and Wanda was struggling to keep up with the blast and then it stopped. All that remained of the fire was where it was burning away on the buildings, the Avengers looked around - some of the mutants survived and some didn't.

Steve and Bucky looked at each, "Emily!" They both said running in the direction the blaze came from. Steve could hear Tony above them flying and he quickly shot off.

Tony hadn't been there long when Steve and Bucky arrived, Wade was holding Emily who was unconscious. His mask was off and he looked terrible,

"You look like an avocado" Tony said, his face piece off as he looked towards Emily and Wade.

Steve and Bucky rushed to Emily's side and Steve checked her over, she was still breathing. Her eyes opened slowly and she looked around, "It's okay doll. We're here." Bucky tried to reassure her.

"You did amazing" Steve told her, "you're safe now. Tony and Wade are here."

Emily was still resting on Wade and Steve watched as she slowly looked up towards Wade, "X-force for the win!" Emily said coughing before closing her eyes and passing out.

. . . . . . . .

A few days had passed and Emily and Wade had been given the all clear at the med bay within the tower. "So, the other mutants.." Emily started to ask Wade,

"All safe in mansion," Wade told her, "that is until it blows up," Emily eyes widened, "don't worry it's not due for at least another year,"

Tony was hovering about the bay and it was clear that he was relieved for Wade to be heading home. Wades phone rang and he answered it, "I'm on my way" he told them and hung up. "Well that's my ride."

Emily hugged Wade and Steve and Bucky gave him a handshake, "Wade it a pleasure meeting you," Steve told him, being his usual polite self. It was clear that Steve was uncomfortable with the amount of cursing he had done with his stay, while Bucky and Emily had found it quite amusing. Though Bucky didn't find it amusing when Wade had kept calling her sugar tits and he quickly put a stop to that.

"Tony!" Wade said, extending his arms out to hug him. "I'm going to hug you."

"Not a chance!" Tony said but Wade shook his head and smiled, continuing towards him.

"Here we go, bring it in," Wade said now hugging him, "Come on pelvis to pelvis. There we go, the kids call this docking."

Wade quickly stopped talking and Emily burst into laughter when one of the iron man suits had flown in and was now standing behind Tony with his hand raised towards Wade getting ready to shoot. "Okay I get it, too far" Wade said raising his hands up in surrender.

. . . . . .

Six months later had flown by. Emily, Steve and Bucky had moved into the new avengers headquarters and Steve and Bucky were helping train up new recruits while Emily would be doing lab work and coding.

They were currently getting ready though for the big day, the big day that no one saw coming. Tony and Peppers wedding day. However much to Emily's disgust she was facing another morning with her head down the toilet.

"Doll?" Bucky knocked on the door, "can I come in."

"Yeah sure," Emily flushed the toilet and tried to position herself a bit more elegantly.

"Here," Bucky passed her the water and she took a sip, notice steve was stood leaning against the door frame. "Look doll, me and Stevie have been talking and we think you outta take one of these," Bucky passed her a unopened pregnancy test.

She looked at both of them confused, "you've been sick almost every morning for a week. Just humour us." Steve said.

"Okay" Emily said barely above a whisper as she unopened the packet. She looked at both the super soldiers, "I'm not peeing in front of you. Get out."

Emily called the guys back into the bathroom once she had peed on the test, placing it on the counter. She sat on the floor in silence and Bucky and Steve joined her either side. No one said anything and it was the longest two minutes of Emily's life, Emily sat up and picked up the pregnancy test and looked at the results.

"What does it say?" Bucky and Steve asked at the same time,

"Pregnant," Emily said.

. . . . . .

No one had bought up the pregnancy test for the rest of that day. They kept it secret during the wedding and now Emily was sat in the med centre of the headquarters with Dr Helen Cho was setting up the sonograph. Bucky and Steve were silent beside her with their arms crossed watching Helen put some cold gel onto Emily's stomach and start the process. The screen was turned away from them, "this can't be" Helen muttered and Emily's heart raced, something is wrong with the baby. She felt both Bucky and Steve squeeze her shoulders in comfort. "This doesn't happen often, but you're having twins." Helen said moving the monitor to face them, "it appears to have been a superfecundation."

"A What now?" Bucky asked not looking away from the screen,

"Two babies and two different fathers."

"We're going to be Dad punk" Bucky said

"You got that right jerk!" Steve said.

Emily was in shock, she was so happy right now. She felt steve and Bucky lean down, steve kissed the top of the head and Bucky whispered to her, "you're amazing doll."