White Knight: Once Upon a Time

A/N: I set up at Prue/Andy's daughter for two reasons one At 14 she was my favorite character. I've since Shifted perspectives, more than a few times and even shifted Fandoms more than a few times. Second out of all the Charmed One's Lovers/Spouses Only Andy, Kyle, Henry and Maybe Rebound Fireman in Season 6 could be classified as possible White Knights. Third I'm Speaking as a Prue/Andy Shipper, Who didn't want to see Andy die Andy becoming a White lighter, so they could possibly be together, and them having a piece of each other to live on forever and in case Prue does die, a Piece of Prue for the sister's to hold on to. I'm not giving anything away, just giving out possibilities, this whole fic is about possibilities. What could, Should, Would, and will happen, with knowledge shared and knowledge used, as Juliana Sullivan.

Our Universe, Ridgefield Connecticut, October 7th, 1998.

Juliana "Jules" Sullivan watches Charmed for the first time and watches Prue, Piper and Phoebe. An Obsession with Strong Women is born.

Our Universe, Los Angeles, August 7th, 1998.

Special Agent Jules Sullivan was talking to some witnesses, when a shot ran out, several shots, she reached for her gun and covered the Witnesses as her Partner Nick Romero found the source. Before she was knew it she was taking a bullet for the witnesses a pregnant woman, her child, and her elderly grandfather.

Multi-universe Meeting Point. "Up There"

"Agent Sullivan" A Woman said.

"You played the Angel of Destiny in the last season of Charmed." She said.

"You're right. In your Universe I was just a character in mine I'm real."

"The Multiverse is real? No Shit!"

"I wouldn't swear, where you're going you're new Mom will wash your Mouth out."

"Where am I going into some 1960s Sitcom?"

"Charmed. You're going to be Prue and Andy's daughter, conceived at 1988's Prom Night, so born March 22nd, 1989, but as Andy was a Mortal White Knight, and Prue was a Magical White Knight, you're a magical White Knight. You'll have extra powers. He'll be able to guide you, there's more once Prue dies, she'll be made a White knight White Lighter, as Andy had been made and they'll ride off into the sunset, it's why all tries of summoning didn't work she wasn't a spirit."

Charmed Universe: third Season Episode Once Upon a time.

Jules woke up in her room. Kit curled up on the corner of her Bed. She scratched behind her ears.

"I know you can understand me, Things are about to get complicated." She looked around She knew when she was. Leo had just disappeared about a week ago, Kate was going to show up tonight or tomorrow it was around the time of Once Upon a Time. Although leaving them without any White Lighter when the Triad was after them was dangerous. She looked in the mirror unlike Jules Sullivan, who was 5'6 and had waves of red Hair the same shade that Her Aunt Paige would eventually have. She was 11 year old 4'7, but other than her Green eyes she got from her Dad even if she couldn't remember if Ted King really did or if they were Hazel, She was a Spitting Image of her Shannen Doherty, at 11. She remembered the last year of Little House, she watched them in reruns, and well Jules Sullivan did. She was about to call up to the elders, When her dad orbed down.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"What the tone, Kiddo, I'm still your dad. I'm here to keep you in line. Piper has to do this. Since the Angel of Destiny let loose a little information, with your appearance, the Elders are not against the union anymore, but they need to pass the same tests they did last time. However they did remove Gideon, and placed Sandra in Charge of magic school and also destroyed the dark mirror. Gideon is still an elder but he confined up there. He has no longer has ability to orb. Even the Angels of Destiny didn't want a repeat of the Avatars, which was a direct Result of Gideon's actions, as was the dark future Chris came from. Those were not destined Events. Not everything is destined, as you know. Otherwise Chris wouldn't have been able to change so much when he went back in time. Also the Cleaners are put on Notice, any Mortals who are out to hurt witches or prove the existence of magic better get their memories altered, they don't want another Sheridan to happen again, that could have been avoided if the cleaners had got off their butts and did their job. They're not only going to help when there's a large malicious exposure anymore,

There was a knock at the door. "Jules its Mom."

She shrugged, Andy nodded. "Come in."

Prue came in. "Andy….Are you here because of the dream."

He nodded. "I'm making sure she behaves herself and doesn't let loose too much information that changes too much. They would have sent an Angel of Destiny but they felt as her father I was uniquely suited. I've also been assigned as her part time White Lighter, I'll still look after my other charges and provided Leo and Piper pass the tests they need to test to be allow to marry, he'll continue be all of your guides including Juliana, but I'll be her guide as well, and You are to keep that bit to yourselves, In the next few days, Piper is going to have to show the elders an act of true faith to pass her first test. Until she passes neither she nor Leo can know they are being tested."

Prue nods. "You came to the right Halliwell. It was Phoebe who could never keep a secret, we might have some trouble with this one." She jerks her thumb at her daughter. "She's good at keeping secrets but a convincing argument from someone she trusts and she'll tell."

"Tickle attacks don't count." Jules pouted. "That's playing dirty."

The door is open a crack, and Phoebe knocks and comes in. "Prue, Jules. Andy!"

"Hi, Phoebe." Andy said.

"Are you our new White lighter?"

"No, I'm here for Juliana, and Prue."

"What about them?" Phoebe said looking above.

"I have their permission. I'm not allowed a relationship with Prue. But because of special circumstances I'm allowed to visit them. And allowed to teach Juliana certain things, only a father can. If either Prue or Juliana want to tell you more they can." Andy said.

She looked at Prue. "No, way and if you want to borrow my car tonight, you won't try to tickle it out of Jules it's not fair to her, it's her one weakness when it comes to secrets, and it's not fair that you're the only one who doesn't respect it." Prue said.

"I'm Sorry Prue, I promise I won't this time at least." Phoebe added.

"Fair enough." Prue sighed.

Jules spoke. "Daddy can you change your look and you take me to school."

Andy smiled. "Sure, Julie." He was the only one allowed to call her Julie.

"Come On, Andy come into my room we need to talk." Prue said.

The two former lovers move into Prue room. "She's ours, but she wasn't always. In the original History I had a miscarriage when she would have been born. The Angels of Destiny change things for this."

Andy nodded. "I know. She's going develop a New Power soon, Telekinetic Blasts, and it will also allow her to create a shield with practice, and turn herself invisible."


"Soon, a day or two, she'll only get the blasts at first. Her knowledge gained from Agent Sullivan her other self will allow her to skip a few grades, and her soul mate will be female,"

"Good to know, anything else?"

"She already has computer hacker abilities, you might want to threaten her to keep from trying them if you don't want the feds looking to lock her up for hacking something she shouldn't though it will help you when Darryl can't get you into records you need."

"I've missed you Andy."

"Prue when you die you'll have a chance to become a White Knight White Lighter, and we can be together. I'll be waiting for you, but fight for life Prue, move on, find love again, because our baby needs you, and you deserve a life. And the Afterlife can wait, and so can I."

She kisses him one sweetly on the lips. "A Promise."

"Sealed with a kiss." He said.

There's a knock on the door. Jules is waiting there, In Jeans, and Green T-Shirt, with a light grey sweater over it, and Black on Black Converse. And her Knapsack. "I'm ready daddy, Mommy can we have some money so we can get some Ham egg and cheese sandwiches, White Lighter Pay sucks."

Prue goes into the drawer and hands Andy some money. "Have a good time." Andy Turns into his father. Jack Trudeau. No one knew he was in a nursing home with Dementia.

That Night around 9, Prue is having trouble getting her daughter to go to bed, and is very close to threatening her Art and Writing supplies, her computer, or her Sound system as she knows those are a surefire way to get the girl to do what she's told. Trying a different tactic she says.

"Why don't you want to go to sleep?"

"Because something is going to happen tonight Aunt Phoebe is bringing home a Charmed Problem home at just after midnight, and I don't want to miss it."

"Juliana, I'm tired of you stalling you're going to bed because I said so." Prue said.


"Juliana, do you want there to be consequences…what happened the last time you didn't go to bed?"

"I lost my stereo and radio for two days." She muttered.

"You want to lose a privilege because that's where this is heading?"

"No, Mommy."


"Stay with me….."

"Juliana, you haven't needed me to fall asleep with you…."

"Please." She looked at her daughter's pleading Green eyes.

"Alright." Prue turned off all the light leaving the Glinda Nightlight Piper had gotten her when she was five. She ran her fingers through her daughter's hair and it didn't take long for Jules to fall asleep, 11 year olds shouldn't be awake at 9 PM.

Piper was at P3, she was unaware it was a dream. She was at the bar. She looked at up and saw Leo, she smiled. Maybe they were finally sending him back. He came down.

"I knew you'd come back….." Piper said.

"Piper…." Leo tried.

"Phoebe was worried, Prue was a wreck, but I knew you'd come back."

"We need to talk….."

"You haven't kissed me in over, a week don't you think, that takes priority…"

She comes around the bar and kisses him.

"I came to say goodbye."


"They'll assign you a new White lighter. They told us to break up, they caught us trying to get married."

'So we won't get married we'll wait."

Voice echoing. "It's too late. They won't let us see each other again….."

"They won't wont."

"I don't care what they do to me, but I couldn't bear anything happening to you."

He backs away

"Wait a Minute Leo….."

And is pulled away.

"You should forget about me….."


He mouths 'I love you' before orbing out, She calls out to him and Prue wakes her up.

"Piper, Piper….you were having a bad dream…."

"Leo's not coming back…."

"It was just a bad dream."

"No it wasn't it was real. It was like destroying lives is how they amuse themselves."

"Piper watch what you say."

"Why, what could they do to me, they couldn't hurt me anymore than they have."

Prue wasn't allowed to tell her about the test. She really wanted to.

Nearby In Prue's car, Phoebe is driving. The cell phone rings.

"Don't you just love cell phones?"

"Uh, it's me?"

"It's amazing the amount of Stress you can Project with so few words, I will get your precious car home momentarily."

"I'm not calling about the car, I'm calling about Piper, she had a dream about Piper she had a dream about Leo she's completely given up….."

"What dream about Le…..Ahhh?" Kate a little girl she vaguely recognized from one of her niece's neighborhood water wars this summer had jumped in front of her car.

In her room Jules woke up. She saw the trolls, too. She never saw them before now, but she saw them now. She turned on all the lights, and ran down stairs, avoiding all the archways and doorways in the house.

"Juliana Patricia what are you doing awake?" Her Mother scolded.

"I'm avoiding trolls, and not internet trolls real ones!" Jules wasn't sure why she was seeing them when she hasn't ever before. Maybe because Jules Sullivan saw them in the other world.

Phoebe hands her niece and Kate hot chocolate and cookies. "Careful its hot blow on it."

Phoebe turns to her sisters "What do we do?"

Prue spoke at a whisper "Jules said that she's protecting a fairy Princess, and the trolls are after Kate, and now her because she can see them."

Piper doing the same. "Fairies and trolls, just great, you believe her."

"After everything we've already seen why not? And it's not like Jules to lie."

Piper threw in. "But she has been acting up slightly since Andy died Prue."

Prue sighs. "Piper, Grams unbound her powers when she was 7, she's been at this longer then we have. Besides she knows acting up about anything magical basically means life in Super Max. She may be a little mischievous now and then but she's not going to risk having any and all fun erased from her life.

Piper's voice vising. "Her parents are on their way." To Kate. "They're very worried about her." To Phoebe voice lowered. "Did you get anything else from her?"

Phoebe Quietly shook her head. "Name, Rank, and Serial Number, maybe we should let Jules ask the questions."

Prue nodded quietly. "Good idea."

Phoebe moved toward the hook. "I have to go to the car and get her jacket." Her hand goes to the key hook. "Where are the keys?"

"What?" Prue asked

"Silver things that Jingle."

'I don't have them."

"That's so weird I put them right there."

"The fairies probably took them, they like to hide things." Kate said. Jules nodded.

"What was that?" Phoebe asked.

"I'm not supposed to talk about fairies."

"You can talk about whatever you want here, My Mom and Aunts will believe you." Jules said. "Weird stuff happens around here all the time, Last year our Great-great-great whatever grandmother from Colonial times came back from the dead."

Not wanting Kate to clam up no one scolded her. But Prue would be discussing that later with her daughter.

Kate nodded. "Well, that's what fairies, do hide your keys and things, they're tricky like that…."

"Is that's whose in that box, a fairy? What you're protecting?" Prue asked.

Phoebe looked at her strangely.

The doorbell rings. Prue goes to answer it.

Piper sighs. "That's probably your Mom and dad."

"He's not my dad he's my Mom's new husband."

Liz Wilson, Kate's mom. "HI, I'm Liz Wilson this is my husband Tom."

"Is she alright?" Kate's stepdad asked.

"Yeah she's fine she just scraped her arm, mostly she's just scared."

Piper, and Phoebe enter with Kate and Jules.

"Kate…." Tom said.

Kate yelled. "Get out of the doorway….."

Liz said. "Kate…."

"It's an In-between, get out of the In between."

Kate and Jules spoke in Unison. "It's where the trolls are."

"She sort of regressed after my ex-husband and I split back to the imaginary friend stage."

Prue nodded quietly. "I understand…

Tom and Liz Nodded. "Look it's late we should go thanks for everything….."

"They'll get us." Kate said.

"I won't let them." Tom said. "It's okay."

"Look there it is."

Only Jules sees it."

"Alright Miss Juliana, let's get you to bed….."

"Can I sleep with you?"

"Yes, but I'm not going to bed yet. I'll stay with you until you fall asleep."

In Prue's bed, she's holding Officer Truebear.

"I saw them, they're real. They're not in the book because it was written by adults, in a few years, they'll be some kind of veil lifted and all magical creatures adult and child will able to see fairies at least I'm not sure about trolls."

"You know this because of…..'

"Yeah, She's in real danger Kate. I don't know why they're going after me, or why I can see them."

Kitchen Piper is making coffee. Prue comes down.

"She's finally out. Well, she sees the trolls and so I say it's safe to say this thing is real." Prue said.

Phoebe looked smug. "Thank You."

"Prue, Phoebe don't be ridiculous fairies, trolls. Maybe it's time to tell you the truth about Santa." Piper said.

Prue added. "Now you're the one being ridiculous Piper. I'm a mother, I am Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny, all rolled into one." Phoebe snorts.

Phoebe added. "All I know is something is definitely after her."

Prue added. "Jules is convinced its trolls, and Kate is protecting a fairy and we need to protect her….."

Piper sighed. "Prue I know she's your daughter but she's…."

"I don't want to hear any more about the trouble she's been causing, she had a hard time when Andy married Susan and then again when he died. But she would never act up or lie about Innocents in danger, or the danger they were in."

Piper sighed. "But she only 11 she could be mistaken…"

"Piper Kate is our innocent whether you want to believe its fairies or trolls or not." Phoebe said.

The next morning, in the attic, Phoebe is going through papers, and reading a book. Prue comes in.

"Jules is in her room. Drawing and listening to Andy's CD collection, so she's fine. She even drew you a picture of old imaginary friend Bluebell, and several trolls"

"Which reminds me you remember Lily?"

I haven't thought of Lily in years."

"Because you grew up and stopped believing in her, just like Jules did until recently. Fairies, Elves, and Trolls, Live in a realm parallel to ours, separated to a thin veil….." She showed her the cover of the book.

"The enchanted Realm." That was pretty much what her daughter had said.

"That exists only between the tween places, like doorways, windows, Shadows."


"In between light and dark."

"I think I know why Jules can see them. She herself is tween place. Straddles the world, between Jules Halliwell, and Jules Sullivan." Then she told her sister about her daughter's creation.

"Wow, so you originally lost Jules?"

"Yeah. So whatever this magic is that gave her to me, I'm going to count as a blessing going through a miscarriage at 18, is not something I want to have experienced."

"So she's really what your age?"


"I doubt 34 year old cares, it's the 11 year old who gets embarrassed which is why if you mention you'll never borrow my car keys or from my closet again."

"I'm sorry Prue, now he biggest ween place is midnight where the whole world becomes a tween place, because it's the hour between night and day."

"Jules said it wasn't in the book because the book was written by adults."

"She's probably right, we should add it."

The Phone rings. Prue added. "Maybe we should do this without Piper she's kind of out it."

"All the more reason to include her, take her mind of Leo. Besides, you said Jules is in danger…..she is her Godmother."


"No, you made the choice, she's the Godmother, which means you need to invoke that to get her involved."

"Which reminds me we need to talk to Grams about having a Wiccan ceremony for Jules since Andy insisted on having a Catholic Ceremony for her, when she was a baby."

"Considering Grams wouldn't let you two marry he's lucky Father Austin agreed to do it."

'Considering he helps a warlock become human I think he knew the truth."

"It's possible."

They go downstairs. "Phoebe for you." runs down the stairs holding the drawings. "It's your little lawyer Boyfriend."

"So there.' Handing the drawings, and grabs the phone. "And he is not my Boyfriend."

"Who's your boyfriend?" Cole on the other end said.

"Prince Charming, I made the mistake of watching Cinderella with my niece" Remembering a conversations she had he niece earlier. "Piper is just teasing me. So how are you?"

"It's a beautiful morning, and I got a beautiful woman on the phone, God I sound like Billy Appleby."



"No what did you say?"

"Billy Appleby is just this hokey guy from this movie I used to watch too many times as a kid."

"Kill it before it dies." They both said.

"You've seen it?" Cole asked.

"Once or Twice." Phoebe said.

"Too bad it's not playing I'd take you to see it." She mouths I love you to the phone. "We could always have dinner instead."

Meanwhile upstairs, Jules was in her room with Andy. "You can't interfere, this is meant to happen. You'll have a part to play." He takes a pack of cards out of his pocket. "Poker?"

"I'd rather play Go Fish like we used to."

He smiled widely, he started shuffling the cards.

Prue and Phoebe went to Kate's House Piper opted to stay home. Even though she knew Andy was up there with her. She pretended she didn't, but she knew. She wasn't sure if he was seeing Prue, and this was good news for her and Leo, or he was Leo's replacement. And neither of her sisters were talking about it with her. So annoyed she wasn't talking about it with them. And showing her those drawings as if they would convince her. Although Jules' was a little worrying, she was 11 she was supposed to outgrow the imaginary friend stage years ago. Still maybe. No she was the only sane one in this house anymore. And she was still done. The Elders and those in charge have ruined her life therefore she wasn't going to do anything to help them anymore.

Phoebe and Prue's trip to Kate's house to return her Jacket and get her information resulted and getting hit with fairy dust, and now they're on P3's stage acting like small children, singing songs, and driving away customers. Piper arrived shocked. She went to her Bartender Abbey.

"You think this is bad, you should have been here for Frere Jacques, They're been acting like Children since they arrived I haven't served them I swear." Abbey said as she held up her right hand.

Piper nodded. "Alright put on some music, any Music, and kill that Microphone."

The Music starts playing and Piper goes up to her sisters. She gets them out of the club, and sends them home in a cab. Once at Halliwell Manor the trolls, are targeting the sisters, and Jules. Who for once the most mature, her Telekinetic blasts manifest

"Why to go, Julie!" Her Mom said. She didn't say anything her Mom was impaired. But the blasts didn't stop the trolls from getting the key to the music box Kate was holding that was protecting Thistle the fairy princess from the Trolls, Cole stops by, and his alter Ego Belthezor makes a grab for the book, protecting her daughter sobers Prue, the fall down the stair sobers Phoebe. They get Cole out of the house.

Meanwhile at the club Piper even though she doesn't believe in fairies and trolls or much of anything these days have been plagued by trolls, she found Leo's Valentine to her from when he had his wings clipped. She talked to her sisters, and couldn't find her keys, and finds herself in the ground in the parking lot, the stuff in her purse on the ground.

"You better run you little rodents. " She picks up the stuff and puts it in her purse. Looking up at the sky. "But you think this is real funny don't you. Haven't you taken enough for me you have to send trolls to kick me when I'm down? I had a normal life once and you took that from me, you took my boyfriend, my life, the least you could have left me was my freakin car keys, I'm a good person, I'm a good witch and dammit I would have made a great wife and how dare you take that from me. I deserve no I you know I demand you send Leo back to me. I'm going to stand in this very spot until you send Leo back to me.

Halliwell Manor, the two sisters, and Jules are standing there.

Phoebe is looking at Jules. "How are you so calm?"

"Custodire Fidem."

"What?" Phoebe asked.

Prue rolled her eyes. "Keep the Faith. Work on your Pronunciation baby girl, but good job…." It's 11:54.

"It's getting close to midnight.' Phoebe said. "Maybe we can do the best we can."

"No, I used the power of three."

"Maybe we can rewrite it."

"Bebe, in six Minutes, have you turned into Supergirl since we last checked." Jules asked.

"Juliana." Her Mother warned. If they weren't in the midst of a magical emergency she would get a scolding.

Piper walks in. "Sorry, I'm late."

"Hey, are you okay?" Phoebe asked.

"I thought this wasn't about me…."

"You're not very open."

"I'm as open as I am going to get in the next five minutes, let's just do the spell…" She would have sworn but Jules was there all of them but Phoebe censured themselves around Jules if Jules got her Mouth Washed out for swearing they shouldn't swear in front of her. It wasn't fair. Of course when using any version of Damn or Hell meaning it literally wasn't swearing. Prue conceded that point to Jules when they became witches.

"In the tween time in this darkest Hour, we call upon the sacred power, three stand alone command the unseen to be shown, in innocence we search the skies, enchanted are our new found eyes." The charmed ones chant.

"You just got to lay off the rhyming Prue." Phoebe said.

"Alright let's go ring the doorbell, Piper you freeze Kate's parents so we can get past them." Prue said.

"Fine Whatever." Piper walks away.

"Alright let's go." Jules said.

"Juliana you're not going."

"But I have this nifty new power." She said hopefully.

"No, it's too dangerous."

"And leaving me here alone with no one to protect me from the trolls."

"Dammit." Prue said.

"Language!" Jules said cheerfully.

"You're enjoying this."

"A Little."

"How would you like to go to school dressed in all the best fashions of 1956?" Prue said. She would never abuse her daughter, but being a mother had some advantages.

"Let's go." Phoebe prods."

When they get to Kate, they get locked outside, the room without Kate and Juliana, they can't see anything and the rolls throw fairy just on Kate, and Jules, turning them into fairies. And trolls take them away.

"We've had spells, backfire on us before but nothing like this….." Prue said.

"This wasn't a backfire it didn't work because of me….." Piper said.


"I just wanted to save Kate, I never meant to hurt her….or Julie…."

"She only let Andy call her that."

"But not at the expense of two little girls. I just want him back Prue. And I don't know how I'm going to believe in anything anymore."

"I know but right now we need to get Kate and my daughter back, and we need your help to do it." Sighed. "Phoebe you need to focus."

"I am focusing Prue." Phoebe said.

"You're upset you need to take a deep breath….."

"Guys….." Piper said.

"I can't levitate when I want to, I can't get a premonition when I want to.'

"Guys." Piper repeated, louder short of shouting.

"What?" They both responded.

"I think the spell is working." She points to a fairy flying in the widow "Do you see it?"

"What's it doing?" Phoebe asks.

"I think it wants us to follow." Prue said.

So they do and it leads them to a cave.

Prue commented. "I think he got scared away."

"First troll I see is going to be in big trouble."

"Me too. They took my Innocent and My daughter. I think Mama Bear is coming out tonight." Prue said. They hid behind a rock leading up to the cave.

"When has she ever left?" Phoebe said. "Troll central."

Kate, Thistle, and Jules are in a cage above on troll places a branch underneath, and one troll bangs some rocks together to start a fire.

"What are they doing?" Piper asks.

"They're trying to start a fire. I really hope it doesn't work." The trolls get the fire started. "So much for Hope, we'll use Magic. Piper Freeze them."

Piper shakes her head. "They're too fast." One head straight at Piper and she freezes and Prue sends it straight into the fire

Prue comments. "One down."

Phoebe adds as she jumps and levitates. "Okay, a little help here, Prue."

Prue uses her magic to send her to the cage so she can unlock and freeze, Kate, Thistle, and Prue's daughter, she does, and then guides her back down.

"Piper Run." Prue said.

"Run? Run Where?" Piper asks.

"Just, Run Piper Run." As a Fairy, Jules Snorts, she should come on vanquishes more often her Mom and Aunts are hilarious. As a fairy she maintained Jules Halliwell's mind but not Jules Sullivan's, so she just wants her Mom to get her out of this, but she's enjoying the charmed Ones' antics If they could ever tell anyone it would make a good TV Show. She knows she's forgetting something. Her Aunt Freezes the flames, and jumps through it, the trolls go toward her, and she unfreezes the fire. They all burn. Wow. Her Mom made a joke about Medium well trolls. Her Aunt lets them out of the cage. And she's instantly turned into her old self.

"Nice to see everyone." She hugs her Mom.

"We're having a very long talk tomorrow morning after you wake up, baby girl." Prue wraps her arms around her daughter. "Thistle why don't you change Kate back."

Jules spoke. "She doesn't want to be turned back."

Phoebe spoke "You know Kate you know you can't stay a fairy, then your Mom will be very sad."

Piper Interrupted. "I kind of know how you feel when someone you goes away it doesn't make any it sense and it feels like the whole world is out to get you. But you know what your Mom and dad didn't split up to hurt you. Things just happen, things you may never understand, but you have to believe that's for the best. Even if it doesn't always seem that way. Remember how sad you were when your dad left. (Kate and Jules nod) That's how sad you'll be if you don't come home." Kate looks at Thistle and nods.

All three sisters, walk into the manor the three sisters are sore, Prue is also carrying her daughter who is asleep, and she's a lot heavier than she was when she was Kate's age.

"Ow." Phoebe said.

Piper added. "Ice and Bed."

"Well, definitely bed for our little fairy here, but she can sleep on the couch because I'm not carrying her up those stairs."

Piper just grunted at the thought. She wouldn't want to either.

Phoebe thought. "Call for Andy."

"Only she can, and I'm not waking her up." Prue said. As soon she settled her on the couch the doorbell rings. "Who delivers at this hour." There are flowers and her keys. "I think it is just someone's way of saying thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome." Piper said accepting the flowers from Prue. They carry them inside. She puts the wreath of flowers on her head.

Phoebe sighed then starts. "Uh, Piper…."

"It's okay I'm actually beginning to see why they don't let witches and White lighters to be together. (They sit down in the kitchen. Since Jules is sleeping in the living room.) Marriage is hard enough you know, but marriage to a white lighter he has to orb out all hours of day and night, be gone for weeks at a time. But honestly if I'm going to have a melt down every time I don't know where he is…..if we had lost Jules and that little girl tonight."

"But we didn't." Phoebe said.

"But we could have." Piper said. "And I don't think I could live with that, and if that means I have to give up Leo, then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. (She leave the room and when she gets to the stairs. Leo orbs in. "Am I dreaming?"


"That wasn't a dream either was it?"

"No….they had forbidden me from seeing you." (Phoebe and Prue come in. "I don't know what you said, or did but they said you showed great courage and great faith, enough to make them reconsider…."

"Does that mean you could get married now?" Phoebe asks.

Prue half sighs half grunts. She already knows the answer.

"What does that mean like Probation?"

Piper gives her youngest sister a look. Well Youngest that she knows about.

"If we can show them our relationship won't get in the way of our work….."

"Then we can stay together."

"But if anything goes wrong, if we're distracted by each other to the detriment of a single innocent."

"We won't be." they go upstairs.

"Are you worried?" Phoebe asks.

"When are you going to learn? I'm always worried." Prue replies. "I'm relieved he back though not just for Piper."

"Unknown unattractive demon on loose."

"We should tell them tomorrow, let them have one night of worry free romance."

"Ooh, Romance." Phoebe said. When Prue goes upstairs. Phoebe's in her room on the cordless.


"Cole, what are you doing in your office at two in the morning?"

"What are you calling my office at two in the morning?"

"I was going to leave you a message save you the trouble of having to talk to me."

"Why would I not want to talk to you?"

"In case you thought I was a lunatic or a drunk or drunk lunatic."

"I'm going with Mystery one I'm looking forward to figuring out."

"Okay, then I'm going to go, and be mysterious."

"I'll call you."

"I'll answer."

The next morning. The usual jeans and t-shirt and converse Jules walking into the kitchen wearing A past the knee Green and Blue Plaid Skirt, Saddle shoes, a White button down, and one of her usual green sweaters, her hair in twin braids. Her carrying an old fashioned knapsack. When no one notices. Leo, Piper, Phoebe, and Prue look up.

"This is cruel and unusual."

"It's your punishment for putting yourself in danger at Kate's Leo helped me pick out the outfit since he was alive in the 1950s."

"Are White Lighters supposed to get involved in parenting decisions?" She asked, Leo.

"I'm allowed to with the permission of their parents discipline my underage charges, but I only added to the discussion It was your mother who is punishing you for putting yourself in danger by putting yourself into a situation where you would face an enemy rather where you would be safe at home and could protect yourself, the elders were keeping me from Piper. I was allowed to answer your call, Juliana, so was your father."

Piper Spoke. "But he's also going to be your Uncle someday, and when he does become your Uncle, he would have the same authority to discipline you that I do."

The lectures continued on, she couldn't wait to escape it and get to the fifth grade. Middle School Sucked and it would suck eve more dressed like this, but no one liked being talked at instead of with. Prue dropped her off School. Where she made her way to Her Locker. Her Best friend was waiting for her Ashley was probably the most cheerful and Bubbly person she ever met. Ashley Long-Garcia. Ashley was Half Chinese and Half Puerto Rican. She was fluent in both. Sometimes she'd switch between Mandarin, Spanish and English at 40 words a minute to freak people out. Her parents were a Lawyer, and an Architect. It was her extended family that were full of stereotypes. I'd been to both families they really were. Not that mine wasn't just not ethic stereotypes. Magical ones. Three witches, a cat, bubbling cauldron. Creaky old magic house. fairies, trolls, angels, creepy old attic. It was all there. Just not one we could share They did fit the broken home stereotype to T when it came to outward appearance. Divorce, absent dad, dad mom, drinking, Runaway, neurosis, teen pregnancy, OCD, teen rebellion, credit card debt, But inside Halliwell Manor and to anyone who really knew them they were strong and Unbroken.