Return Of The Marauders

Characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley.

Synopsis: After learning the truth in reverse, Harry Potter decides to look at his map more closely and learns a shocking secret. Turning that secret into Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin. The Truth comes out to what really happened that Halloween night as it hits everyone in the castle and Gryffindor tower. It turns to hunting down the true traitor and bring his godfather to freedom.

But can Harry keep,his family intact or is this going to have long last repercussions, as the truth starts a chain reaction in their lives.

Warnings: This is going to be the night after he gets the map and without anyone doing anymore decisions as he decides on his own judgements now. And for this series, the Dursleys change and accept their connection to the wizarding world as they learn the truth, to what really happened to Harry's parents.

But the Story is the opening to and re-imagining of the Harry Potter series, as the story opens 10 days prior to Dudley's birthday and two months before Harry starts at Hogwarts now, so there is going to be re-imagining of the entire storyline once this story end as the new version starts up 10 days after.

Disclaimers: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, the story belongs to me, everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling and Warner brothers

Chapter 1: Looking At The Map

Hearing what I did from the trio of my favorite teachers, I decided to see what else was in that story. "Wait a minute." I said, and pulling the map out then and putting it on the table and turning it on. "No, no that can't be, Mione, look!" I said in a frantic whisper and she and my other best friend looked at the map to see a name. "He.., he was their friend, and he betrayed them, he was their friend, how could you, you bastard, why, why did you do this, I'll find you."

"He killed my parents by turning them in, not Sirius, but him." I said shaking, feeling 12 years of grief finally go through me. "Mooney, does the map ever lie?" I asked and a gentle remark appeared. 'No cub it doesn't your eyes are not playing tricks on you, you're really seeing Peter's name on this map, Peter is Wormtail.' I read out, as I aged the words 14 years and then heard my defense teacher's voice and felt my heart start flooding with anger.

"Professor Lupin?" Mione asked and heard a smile in the next one. 'Yes Mione, it's me.' he said and she smiled. "Dad, is that really you, you're the last of the quartet?" I asked softly and a gentle paternal tone came into the message. 'Yeah son, it's me, I'm Prongs son, you're me at 13 son, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. But you're seeing Peter on the map, he's Wormtail, kids.' I read out and the three of us exchanged shocked looks at this then.

"Remember, how can a common garden rat live 12 years, or why is said same rat having a missing a toe, unless…" I read out and and she leaned back. "Unless he's not a normal rat at all, but an animagus." we said together and knew he nodded. "Padfoot, you're innocent, you never turned on my parents, all this time it was Wormtail?" I said and heard a gentle tone. "Yes cub, it was all Peter, he's the traitor." Ron read out and I nodded then.

"Dad does this map lie?" I asked and he explained it. "No son, the map never lies, with the twins and possibly your friend's older brother, they never knew the name. But seeing it on this map, if he stopped trusting Albus, he considered the possibility. Till you deactivated the creator control code and we're confirming, coming up on 6.5 years, his record is shot, turn it into Alastor Moody and minister." He said and I nodded.

"Your remark, and the rules, do it now!" she said and I turned around. "Professors, Minister, Hagrid, you better look at this, you got it in reverse!" I said and they looked at me as I removed the cloak. "Minister you had it reversed, Peter's alive." I said, slamming the map on the table. "Black was trying to arrest Pettigrew for betraying us, if I'm reading this right, dad told him to arrest him!" I said and he nodded as everyone in hearing range all stood up in shock then.

"James if you can hear me, is that true!" he asked sternly and I heard my voice say it sternly then. "Yeah Minister every word, I told Sirius if Peter turns us, to arrest him and bring him to Millie, Barty, Alastor and you." he said and they nodded in shocked fury then. "Then Sirius got Harry to me, by changing into his animagus form, that's the only thing he's guilty of. Not registering himself, but Pettigrew is a criminal and a murderer." he said carefully to that.

"Screw the school rules, these both are security devices now!" I shouted and he nodded sternly. "I can let that go only once, you used both of these to learn the truth and get it to me." he said and I nodded. "Harry, what are you doing up here?" She said and I passed her the map. "You been protecting me from the wrong person, Sirius is innocent, Peter is alive. He's Scabbers, and he's been hold hostage by the Weasleys all this time!" I called out and everyone nodded then.

"We had him all this time, but without the map, I wasn't sure, but I got him now, I got him!" Percy Weasley shouted out and Fudge nodded smiling. "Nice work boys, thank you for telling me the truth, you get the award, Harry, see if you can find Sirius. And I'm exonerating him right now, he was trying to protect you all this time." he said and I flipped to my dorms and found him in my dormitory. "He's hiding under my bed, he's gone grim." I said and he chuckled then.

"Well there it is, they knew someone can't be trusted, turns out the someone just happens to be the rat we been holding holding hostage all this time." Percy said and I nodded. "Yep, and with that in mind, there's our exchange just before the stone." I said and he nodded and she paled."The twins snitched back dad's map, look." I said and she took one look at it and froze in shock. "Peter Pettigrew is alive, whoever of you built this, does it lie?" Rubeus Hagrid said in shock.

"No Hagrid, we charmed it to tell the truth, our code names gave off what we are, but you had that rat in the dorms for 7 years, how could a common garden rat live 12 years?" I read out and her eyes narrowed in anger. "Jamie?" she asked and a gentle remark said it then. "Yeah Minerva, it's me, I'm Prongs, remember what I named Harry as a baby, cub version of my alias, Sirius never turned on us, Peter did, Minerva."

"When we created this map, Remus, Sirius and I hexed it to tell the truth, but were it not for the twins, the truth would never have come out now. Our successors just made sure of that, as we and the 13 get justice finally, it was Peter, it always was. Minerva, Filius, take care of my son, he's in your hands, train him well." I read out and she and Filius Flitwick nodded as Rosemerta wiped the tears off her face at the truth out then finally.

"This is too much, of all the ways to get the truth, it's learning from a dead student and friend we had it reverse, all this time, and that their betrayer is alive." Flitwick said, shaking in grief and I nodded in agreement. "That's why he broke into the dorms, he was after Peter." she said and he nodded sternly. "Not Harry, Peter, he was after Peter, he's at Hogwarts, he's at Hogwarts, that picture taken in the paper, was a double edged sword." he said slowly and I nodded to him.

"Divide and conquer, he nearly got what he wanted, before I heard your conversation and then saw his name on the map, he's alive!" I said and she nodded in anger. "Sirius just saved our relationships, by the twins giving you that map, we're home free!" Ron said smiling in delight and I nodded in agreement. "Agreed, but you have to show this map to Severus and Remus, we're combining together, but Peter's dangerous, be careful." Flitwick said and I nodded sternly.

"I got to tell Professor Lupin then, and with him, Snape." I told them and the trio nodded sternly as she answered me. "Remus is your father's other best friend next to Sirius, Harry, looks like Petunia and Dursley never expected you to walk right into Danny though." Hagrid said for her and we nodded in shock. "Dad said that he also knew Snape?" Mione asked and they nodded. "Your father was a trio with Severus and Lilly, Hermione." he said and we nodded in shock then.

"Then I walked right into my sister without realizing it, this was why she was attracted to me, it's because she's a girl version of Dan, and I'm a boy version in personality to my mother." I said and the trio nodded gently to me then. "You look like your father with your mother's eyes and personality, but like Remus would say, you're more like them then you know Harry. And in time, you'll come to see how much here." Minerva said to me gently and I nodded to her then.

"Harry, I want you to get back to castle and show this to the twins and Ginevra." she said and we both nodded as he got up at that. "That can't be true, there has to be more then that to this story. Two sides of every story, there's more to this there has to be, what was I reading about, never judge a book by it's..., that's it, he's from a pure-blood family. Ron who was the family he was connected to, exactly?" I asked and my best friend, Ron Weasley, turned to me.

"His maternal family, his cousins are Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, but their slytherin supremacists, why exactly?" he asked and I looked at her. "Hermione, The Outsiders metaphor, I look like I'm dangerous and I'm not. While Malfoy doesn't look dangerous and he is, so what does that say to you?" I asked and she nodded to me. "It says they're placing to much faith in their belief system." she said and I nodded to her.

As we looked at each other as I said it then to her. "I think you could be on to something here, regarding this as you said to turn it into McGonagall, but we could have a traitor in our midst. And if he's innocent this could be our chance, to get me out of their house at the moment, but this proofs our truth, but Ron we need to look at that map ourselves. But the marauders who are they, and why am I getting that after three years now.

"Why is Lupin acting like this around me right now. Who am I to him, does he know dad and mom and where did that map come from who created it?" I said and he nodded as she nodded. 'There's got to be more to that, there has to be, because if there is, and he's innocent that's my chance at freedom now.' I thought to myself as I returned to the castle and waited for the coast to be clear. Before heading for my dorm and stopped as .

Remembering the way Remus Lupin talked about my father, I decided to go to him then the map to him. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." I said and looked at it and it opened up in response and I said it gently "Prongs, Padfoot, who are you exactly, my name is Harry Potter and this time, is this white magic. Or black magic who are you and what is this." I said and to my complete shock a message was written out at that.

"Son, we created this when we were fifteen, but I suppose you wonder why that tree was placed on the property. Why everyone talks about me like I'm you now. Well its time for that truth to come out, but thank you for revealing that to us, but our true names are James Potter and Sirius Black. The rest of the Marauders are Remus Lupin and the traitor Peter Pettigrew, now."

"To answer your question we hexed this to be light magic, but think about our names, padfoot, what types of animals have that, prongs, and I nicknamed you Bambi when you were born. Mooney and if you change Remus's last name from Lupin to Lupo and then finally Peter, wormtail. What animals have a tail that look like worm?" she read out and we looked at each other in shock at the wording.

"Oh dear god, you're not serious, Prongs, and he named me Bambi, he's a stag, Remus Lupin, Lupin, Lupo, wolf, Hermione did you finish the essay"I asked and she nodded. "Yeah and I figured it out, but I swore, I trusted him and I still do, but if this means what I think and we have the only rat in the dorms, keep reading." she said and I nodded as I read out the message as Ginny moved to us then as she looked at me at that.

"Harry what's going on?" she asked and I explained that to her. "This isn't like the diary, I've been paged by my father, but he's telling us the truth now regarding this. If you want to listen with us, but don't let Percy see this now, honey. Or he's going to confiscate and turn it in and we may never get the truth out, Gin." I said and she nodded as she moved to me and positioned herself between me and Hermione then at that.

"That words not metaphor now, what's happening to you exactly" She said and I looked at her. "You wanted me to see you as yourself and I do, but I think you're a beautiful girl, but it's stage one, borderline two Ginn, for the next two years, before we got further. By that I mean friends and borderline couple." I said and she smiled as she hugged me tightly and Ron shook, his head smiling as I read it out for the four of us then.

"Son if you're reading this and figured out how to use this now, then you just received the truth in reverse. Sirius is my best friend it's true, but he's also your godfather, son, the truth you've heard is a lie, it's in reverse, son, guys, if your friends are also reading this. And son if you, or your family found a rat, and if you have a rat with one missing toe, the truth is coming out right now."

"But that truth you have now, it's in reverse all this time it was in reverse now, but listen to me all three of you. Or four if your family member is also listening to this, if you created your own version to my trio now. so with it, found Neville. Neville was a friend of the family but son, he's you brother. But his mother was your mother's best friend, but you're hearing the truth from me now."

"But the reason our family was attacked was because of a prophecy. Our family defied Voldemort three times. And survived that many times as well, and it's the same for him, that child was born on the end of July, and with it, would possess abilities that rival him, and finally now. How a way and knowledge that he didn't, but think it over, until your friends came into your life now."

"But you were selfless, and now you have people who love and you love back now, but you have friends and a possible girlfriend now. What can you do that he can't and he's turned to the dark side?" I read out and I sighed as she answered that as she decoded it for us. "You were born July 31st, your families defied the him three times and survived until now and you're all alone now till you met us."

"But to you, you love us like brothers and sisters, Ron's family, my parents, the professors, what you can do is love and have friendship, friendship, love. That's the next piece to it, ah no, that's it, the reason you survived when they didn't is because your mother put a charm on you, that spell backfired it hit the shield bounced off of and hit him instead and you have that scar and he's turned into some monster now."

"But that explains that, so that turned him into a husk of himself, but he's tried twice to come back and we prevented for two years. Now with that in mind, it's making sure we delay for a little longer, but go on brother." she said and I nodded as finished reading this out to them. "Sirius never turned us into Voldemort, son, his plan, or rather ours, was a test regarding Wormtail, his true name was Peter Pettigrew."

"As you grow up on our world, you'll learn things are not as black and white as you think, Sirius was persecuted. He was falsely accused of murder and breaking a charm of acting as our secret keeper at the time. And it was because his parents were Voldemort supporters and they were all in Slytherin as well. All except for Andromeda Tonks, his cousin and himself at the time."

"But remember what your muggle books proclaimed now Harry, it's not money, the family or even the house that shows who you are. It's your values, but Sirius was from a dark Pureblood family and he's a blood traitor. Madeye Moody was in Skytherin and he's a auror, that's wizard for dark wizard catcher. We're cops in the magical law enforcement at the ministry when I was alive, son."

"Dumbledore had Sirius undercover and he brought back the news that Voldemort was after us, when your mother was pregnant with you. The morning of the day we were killed, I told Sirius if Peter turned us in. I wanted him arrested and brought to Amelia Bones and Mad Eye Moody for questioning. And that's what happened, he was never a turncoat, he loved us son."

"And you, he was like a second father to you, your grandparents took him in as a second son, he was like brother. We were his family, son believe me, our names appeared on the map and this map never lies. It tells the truth, if he came to the castle and attacked the fat lady. It's because he was after Peter, I know how the little rat thinks and he'd have chosen a family close to you.

"So that when time came he could bring you to Voldemort himself. Whatever his new alias is, it's covering his identity, we're animagi, as animagi even in animal form we appear on the map, and I should tell you Sybil is also one. She's a seer and as a seer, she created that prophecy about us." I read and that did it then. Looking at the dorm I saw a name appear and felt my heart start pounding.

"Peter Pettigrew, he's alive, and Pettigrew doesn't know the twins gave you this, this is our chance to prove he's innocent, of all charges now. The map doesn't lie and there are ways to prove the truth, but if they're not bothering to do that. So why bothering staying in this world, if they're treating us like this right now." Hermione said in relief and I nodded as I felt the grief go through me as I leaned my head against her shoulder.

" That's the understatement of the century once your father hears this and he's seeing this as this world is mad place and he's yanking you out of it. And me with you, before it kills both of us and these old fools are not bothering with the acts of the 20th to 21 centuries. He's alive, Pettigrew is alive and he killed my parents, he the reason they're dead, because of him they're gone, no, please god no, first them and then you."

"And I nearly lose you next Ginny, you're my everything, I'm not losing you." I said as I hold it in then sadly as Ron looked at me. "Sybil?" he repeated and I covered my eyes. "Professor Tralawney, she's an animagi and a seer though that's true and we catch Pettigrew I just delayed his return for another year. If that's her next prediction, I'm preventing it from all costs right now." I said and sighed as I finished they gently.

"Because I just ended up with the tooth of a basilisk in my arm when I saved Gin last summer. They just barely killed her and tried to discredit your family." I said and he nodded to me as I looked at the message and said my godfather's name then. "Merlin this is too much right now, dad please you're not serious, why didn't show me. Why Sirius, who you were when I saw you last summer, Sirius tell me, why didn't you?"

"Animagi, you're Animagi, no it can't be, that's not true, it can't be." I thought shaking as I read this as I got the answering response. "Son it's okay calm down, Padfoot, I'm a grim like dog, but if you saw me the night you left your aunt's house. That's me you saw, cub, we're not lying to you, I never turned you into him, you're my family, I love you and I loved them, show this to Mooney, Cub."

"You're my baby boy son, I love you, and I would die to protect you, I was to late to save your parents and arrived in time to save you. That flying motorcycle that you mentioned when you were 10 that motorcycle is mine. And I leant it to Hagrid that night to get you out that night after they died. And I went looking for Peter, and when I cornered him, he shouted out to the entire block."

"I was the reason your parents are gone, cut his finger off after that. He then blew up the street killing 20 muggles and turned into a rat and escaped through the sewer system. I was in shock and in one night I lost everything that ever mattered to me, including you, but I will not let it happen again. Cub, son, that's my testimony now, show this to the quartet and you can set me free."

"And you can move in with me once I get my house back and with it now at the moment. Make sure your uncle never touches you again son, trust me this is our only chance to get the truth, so show this to and you have to give it to Remus. Mooney will know what to do, he's a wolf, think about it, Lupo, Lupin, he's a werewolf but the 3 of us didn't care about that." I read out and I nodded gently.

"Cub, I'm down here, look under your bed." I read and we looked under the bed as I saw a black dog laying there. "Padfoot?" I said and he came out and I wrapped my arms around his neck. "So you were after Wormtail all this time, you broke in when none of us were in here to arrest Wormtail?" she asked and he nodded. "My cat knows who you are?" Mione asked and he gave another nod. "Meow!" we heard in response and I hid a smile as I looked at Crookshanks.

"Thanks boy, thank you for trying to protect me." I said and he gave me a mew as he pressed his furry forehead to mine, purring. "Love you to mate." I said in response and she chuckled. "I'm mistress's adoptive kitten brother, alpha's playmate is my mother, other playmate could be alpha of Green house." I said and he mewed. "You been trying to arrest Peter all this time, haven't you, so you can drag him to mother omega?" I asked him and he gave a meow to me.

"Nice wording Harry, that's the reason I was following you around, something between us snapped into place, I realized I found you, my twin." she said and I nodded. "Yeah but I'm the leader of the cub muggleborns here, meaning now this is getting dangerous enough already. And without him realizing we busted him this soon." I said and she nodded in stern agreement.

"I saw you that night, did you want me to remember you like that, when I was little, I saw you as a dog, but you acted like furry bodyguard?" I asked and it answered me gently. "Yeah cub I did, and with it, you're all we have left of your parents, like we're all you have left of them. It's going to be okay, show this to Remus and he can confirm everything to you, but show this to him, Minerva, Albus."

"Your father, Severus and I had this ongoing rivalry all our lives and at the moment he's holding a grudge against us and your father. Because your father saved his life and he has a life debt with him. But your mother was his best friend until he destroyed that by saying the M word, and to answer the other question on that, we, us blood traitors think of thst as swearing in our work."

"It's like calling the African Americans the N in our world, it's the same remark now, and to her she never forgave him. She chose your father when we were sixteen and we've been friends for five years, but he's loved your mother for years. And for Severus now, it's time he needs the truth. But he had one chance to fix it and by getting you into hiding now, but that's the truth son."

"If he's teaching there, if he tried to hide them, then Peter used that to his advantage, but he reads this and he's going to kill a rat when he finds him, but he cut his finger off and then transformed into a rat son. If you found him, or he's been with a family connected to you, it's time for the truth to come out now, but he and I hate each other, but it's getting the truth out now."

"Because, I got you something, my first ever christmas gift for you in 12 years since I was arrested. I wanted to replace the first after they caused you to collapse and you're getting it later, but that sums it up. And to prove it's not jinxed do a test flight to prove I'm not trying to hurt you. To free you of your staying at the Dursleys and we can come to an arrangement as well now."

"And I could take care of this, I heard the fight between you and his sister, before you blew up her and you can show us the reason later. But remember everything we taught you so far in our world. To prove your innocent it's by swearing on your magic, I can prove my innocence by swearing in my magic, but you're a mini me to us son." he said and I nodded as I looked at her at that.

"Remus, Remus is a werewolf, I have to tell Remus, now." I thought out loud to them as I stuffed the map in my pocket and ran to his classroom then. "Professor, you in here." I said and the door of his office quickly opened at that. "Harry what's wrong, you looked like you seen a ghost." he said and I nodded as I tried to control my shaking. "You said you knew my parents who were they to you?" I asked and he froze as he said it then.

"Your father was my best friend son, why do you ask, and you look like you just learned something that was beyond shocking. What's going on cub?" he asked and hearing him say that I gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around me, before I pulled back and answered him. "I just got the truth a bit ago, I was at the three broomsticks and then got it in reverse to what everyone was thinking Professor, and with that in mind."

"I got this message, from this map, I know what you are, but I don't care, I just learned the truth, read this." I said and I passed him the map as he read through the message and his eyes narrowed in anger at that. "I just found out how mom and and dad died, but it's in reverse, it always has been. Pettigrew destroyed my family just to save his own arse." I said as I slumped at my desk as I broke down finally as he hugged me.

"First some damn prophecy and now this, what have I ever done to have everyone treat me like this, last year I learn I had some of his abilities transfer to me, and now this. I just want to be like everyone else, I want my parents back and because of him, they're gone." I said through my crying and I felt him nod as he answered me then. "It's okay, it's okay, you got me back, I'm not leaving you son, I promise, I'm not leaving you."

"It's okay, it's okay." he said as I buried my head into his shoulder as he rocked me gently. "Remus..., what happened exactly?" I heard from Albus Dumbledore as he asked that question and I looked up at him. "Grandpa, I just got the truth in reverse order, here read this, dad told me the truth, everything over this, read it." I said and he read the message and his eyes narrowed in anger as he said it with grief in his tone.

"I was going tell you the truth in two years, but with the fact he just told you this, I never cracked the last piece to it yet." he said and I nodded. "If we drop it to only three weeks, is that enough to keep the charm strong until we break it, grandpa. I can live my life like any normal young wizard?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes, but only three weeks at the Dursleys, any shorter then that and it's going to put you and them at risk, but this."

"Merlin, I forgot that I told him to go undercover, but he never told me they switched places, this was a trap set for Peter all this time." He said and we nodded. "Remus is it true, you made this map and it's jinxed to tell the truth?" I asked and he nodded. "Yes Harry it is, but it was after we graduated that Filch confiscated it at the time now. Where did you get this and when exactly." he said, and before I could answer that question.

I heard the twins say it gently as he answered him. "We stole it from Filch's office first year professor, or that you made it. But this was our Christmas gift to him, not knowing it was a family heirloom. We just returned it to him, today, we just gave him a way to get the truth over this out in how 24 people were killed 12 years ago, but how did that truth come out now, Black is innocent?" George asked and I nodded, as I answered him.

"Yeah and if Pettigrew chose a family close to me, how many wizarding families do I know in this world, when the ones I hang with the most are you." I said and his eyes narrowed, as he thought it over and then he straightened up at that. "He chose us, we're your in-laws, if you and my sister are close to getting together now. If he's still hovering around, mom and dad are going to kill him." Ron said and they exchanged looks then.