A/N: I feel like I'm downgrading Gintoki too much. I'm pretty sure he never cared where he was and wasn't that fearful of others. Anyways, enjoy~

"Gintoki? Who's… that?" asked the boy so softly as if he never talked before.

Ohhh… I'm screwed… thought Gengai.

"And where… is this… place? Who.. are you?" whispered the boy, tightly gripping his sword closer to his body.

"You are in Edo, and the war is over. So will you put down that sword?" asked Gengai, trying to ease his way over the young boy.

Without warning, Gintoki slipped out the sword and swung it at the old mechanic. Barely avoiding the blade, Gengai also noticed that the young Gintoki had eyes that usually only battle-hardened warriors have, to live another day no matter the cost. Grabbing a nearby control, the mechanic got one of his robots to hold the kid in place.

"Hahaha, how is it? Can't move now, can you?" bragged Gengai, momentarily forgetting who he was facing at the moment.

Letting the sword fall from his right hand, Gintoki caught it with his left hand, made a quick turn and sliced through the unlucky robot in half. None too soon, both parts of the robot exploded, displaying an amazing show of fireworks. That was when Shinpachi and Kagura showed up.

"Nooo! Why did you do that!?" cried Gengai, collapsing on the floor in grief.

"Hello Gengai-san, is Gin-san here? If you're busy we can go somewhere to look for him. And here I am, thinking Gin-san is lonely, hahaha…" Shinpachi quickly deflated like a balloon that was popped by a sadist. (Namely, Sougo)

"Woah! Is that test fireworks for the upcoming festival? Will you make more? Can I set off some? And where is Gin-chan? Who's that kid that looks a lot like Gin-chan uh huh?" Kagura came bouncing in the workshop.

"Hahaha, don't say that Kagura-chan, wait, you're actually right. That kid does look a lot like Gin-san, rather, it'd be more correct to say this is mini Gin-san. Wait, WHAAAAT? Gengai-san, can you please explain this to us," prompted Shinpachi with a somewhat confused look on his face.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the silver-haired boy dashed out of the workshop and started running away, away from Karakuri Dou(Machine/ Robots Hall). Because Karakuri Dou was located quite a whiles from the heart of Kabukichou, no one has yet to spot the kid.

"Ah! Quick! Go after the kid before he disappears! Too late, let's hope he doesn't run in trouble. Oh," said Gengai, noticing the blank stares he was receiving at the moment. "Uhh… the kid's… Gintoki… yeah…" Gengai trailed off.

Silence filled the area for a brief second, then screaming started.

"Wait, WHAAAT? THAT KID IS GIN-SAAN? HOW? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WHEN WE WERE GONE FOR JUST A WEEK?" screeched Shinpachi running around looking for nothing in particular.

"UUWAA! IT'S CHIBI GIN-CHAN! We'll get to have more fun!" Kagura, on the other hand, was happy that she got a 'younger brother'.

By now, people have started to take notice of the odd little boy carrying a sword running around the outskirts of Kabukichou. Even if they found it odd. They paid no mind to it, after all, this was Kabukichou, the place where those on the bottom usually were.

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