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Chapter 4: Katsura (ft. Elizabeth)

Wandering the streets after taking out the latest group of people on his tail, no, there was no hostile intent, so they didn't die, not yet.

Even though it was high noon, he attracted practically no attention. Not watching the road, the young boy bumped into a monk-wanna-be-terrorist. By his side was an old man in a penguin suit, who immediately raised a sign that read 'Don't give me away so quickly'. Of course, this is for the sake of the readers, not the boy with his sword out and pointing it at his companion.

"Calm down! Are you lost? Do you know where your parents are? Do you know where you live? But first, stop pointing that at me, 'kay?" said Zura going full-blown 'monk mode'. After all, one's got to keep up the facades in others' presence.

"Are you... you won't... kill me?" questioned young Gintoki, looking warily at the person he bumped into. That guy also had a sword by his side. Stay alert.

"And why would I kill you?" Slightly shocked a child would be aware of the harsh reality.

"Because it's... war?" replied the child uncertainly.

"Oh...kay... Then what's your name?" said the man.

"I... don't know. I'm called a Demon, if that's how you want to call me. What should I call you?" His sentences becoming more fluid.

"...Zura" was the answer after he had pondered about it for a while.

During the conversation, Gintoki had sheathed his sword and appeared to be more or less off guard. How the truth couldn't be any further from it.

"Katsuraaa! This time you're not getting away for sure! And leave that child alone! We can't have you corrupting another child with your ways!"

"And the Shinsengumi shows up to save the helpless child from the clutches of the notorious terrorist, The Runaway Kotarou! More action after this round of advertisements. See you soon!"

"Oh look, it's Danna!"

"Yamazaki, will you shut up? Sougo's the one who's supposed to find the kid, not you. Speaking of which, (cue to cover your ears) SOOOUUUGOOO! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO FIND THE KID AND BRING HIME BACK TO THE BARRACKS?! DID YOU NOT DO IT?!" yelled Hijikata, a couple of veins decorating his forehead.

"Ah. Whoops," replied Okita, deadpan as ever. The only shocking thing was, the First Division Captain was injured and currently aiming at the Vice Chief with his bazooka. OK, maybe not so shocking, but he was covered from head to toe in bandages.

"I may have underestimated Danna a bit."

A collective gasp came from the rest of the Shinsengumi members minus Yamazaki.

"I never thought I'd see the day where Okita-taichou is so heavily injured! By a child no less!"

"Shut it, before I make the whole lot of you commit seppuku. Yamazaki, you too."

"Eh?! Why me too? I even refrained from joining in! And um, both the kid and Katsura ran away, y'know?" Yamazaki was seriously regretting his decision to come along and catch Katsura. He just wanted to spy on people and stay unnoticed when the time calls for it. Like now.

"Fine, Yamazaki, you're committing seppuku 50 times over, whether you like it or not. The rest are free to go. Thank you, Yamazaki, for you honourable sacrifice."

"Eeh?! Why?! And guys, quit cheering! Seriously, why?! It's not fair, life's not fair!" Sorry, Life just ain't fair.

While the group of rowdy country police bickered, the terrorist and the child demon slipped away into one of the numerous alleyways. Not long after shaking the cops off their tail, someone else was on their tail. Who? The most notorious terrorist of course.

"Yo... Gintoki... I wonder what happened to you... and do you still possess the same skills I've seen you have."

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