Chapter 1

Bellas POV

Has anyone loved you so much they have killed for you? Has anyone loved you so much that they choose you over themselves and the lives they have built? I can say that for me, someone has and that I was just as crazy for them as they were for me. The thing with that wasn't that he was older, twice my age actually, but that he was a father of my best friend and ex... As well as a respected doctor in NYC. Hi divorced his wife, my best friends mum, when he found her cheating. I just couldn't understand what made her do that.
Actually, I didn't know where Alice and I stood these days. She kept her distance not only with me but Rosalie, our other best friend and her boyfriend Emmett. We used to be like a family but she got pissed off that the three of us choose to go to California for our studies, and her brother, my ex, with his new girlfriend, choose to go study in the city where their cheating mum lived. Of course, Alice didn't know that it was because Edward knew about me and his father, Mr. Cullen. Actually, they knew, and Rose and Emmett knew. Out of the loop was Alice and Jasper.
Speaking of Alice and Jasper, when I had come over, Jasper confessed that Alice had gone a tad bit mad and that he was stuck with, feeling like he hated her, but couldn't leave because she said she was pregnant. Jasper also mentioned that they hadn't had sex, so either she was cheating or lying – and Jasper was just waiting so he could leave her. Both of them were miserable though.
"Where did your mind just went?" Carlisle asked me. We were facetiming, while I was pondering this. Since he was miles and miles away, this was the best way for us to see each other.
"Sorry, I'm out of it." Carlisle knew that her daughter and Jasper were having difficulties, of course, but I didn't want to put more on his shoulder right now.
Jasper was here, and I just remember how he opened up to us yesterday-

"Like, I get it, she's scared that I'll leave, but the things she does to make me stay are inhumane, man. Like I really felt like I hated her over the holidays. I can't stand her." Jasper said with a newly opened beer.
Emmett was by his side ''What was the turning point though?''
''Faking her pregnancy?'' Rosalie asked. Carlisle didn't know about this. I wondered should I say something.
''That's the thing, I know she isn't pregnant. But the turning point was her threatening to kill herself if I left.'' There was heavy air all around us after what he had said. We couldn't stop feeling guilty because all of us broke a pact – that we would all stay and go to university there. Jasper was the only one who stayed and he was leaping the benefits of her distress.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked slowly. I knew that if I would answer that I was not sure, he wouldn't be mad and would give me time. But that was not the case.
''Of course, I want to transfer!'' I said smiling and looking at the man I loved. I had returned to California after the holidays but it just didn't feel like home, not that it ever had. I had run to the other side of the country to look for love just because I thought Carlisle didn't want me. I don't think he realized that he did when I was there – only when I left. So it was a good decision. But as Carlisle and I were chatting our evening away, I realized that the only thing I liked here was my friends, that would come back to NYC anyway. I had nothing in California left.
''You have no idea what I will do to you when you're here.'' I smiled because I knew what he was talking about. I teasing him with pictures and videos and texts. So I had an idea what he would do to me. He has been very vocal to me about it.
''Oh no!'' I faked my distress ''Please don't spank me'' Please spank me.
He laughed ''I've missed you. It hasn't been the same here without you, I swear. The city seems colder without you.''
We chatted for a bit, but then I had to go see the guys. Jasper was staying with us because I was moving and he asked to help, seeing as Alice was pushed to visit her mother. We were leaving tomorrow, and everyone was just sitting around and chatting.
''I still can't believe you're transferring back,'' Jasper said and closed his eyes. I knew he was imagining that I would help out with Alice. And actually, I would be happy to ''Why the change of heart?'' he asked.
Rosalie laughed and I looked at her, my eyes pleading shut up ''Ahh well, you know how it is Jasper.'' He didn't. And he was about to say that he didn't when Emmett stood up.
''Well, whatever the reason, I want to make a toast – Bella, you know what you want and you know how to get it. Truly, inspiring.'' That lovable asshole. He knew I was transferring because of Carlisle mainly.
We partied a bit, we had fun, but then Jasper and I went back to my room, as things got heated around the remaining two friends. They weren't gonna go to New York just now. The summer was staring, and they wanted to stay at the beach and not the concrete jungle. I, for one, couldn't wait until I would land there.
''Bella...'' Jasper whispered, as he was sleeping next to me, on the floor ''I don't know how to break up with her. I need your help. I need help.'' He sounded so broken.
''I know,'' I whispered back. How wouldn't he break up with her? I really had no idea. I felt like such a traitor to my friend. First sleeping with her dad, making her brother leaving, leaving myself and now plotting how her boyfriend should break up with her. I felt like crying ''Was it always like this?'' I wonder out loud.
He answered after a moment ''You know, she used to be so filled with energy, with positivity... I don't understand what started to happen. She seems more and more depressed. I asked her to see someone, and I got a slap in the face. I know I love her, but the thing she has become is unbearable.''
I hoped that things would get better when I was there.
We woke up, and rushed to the airport, without so much as a breakfast or a shower – everything was packed.
The flight was actually okay, and just as we exited the costumes, I saw my dad, Charlie, in his uniform, waving at us. Once we saw him, we dashed over and he helped us with the bags. He was clearly in a good mood ''Hi Bella! You look good!'' He kissed my cheek and shook Jaspers' hand ''Jasper, truly thank you for helping out.'' I was getting more and more giddy with the passing seconds.
We dropped Jasper off and went to have a nice meal, outside the apartment for once. We talked about the decision to come back and stay here and finish my studies. God, I just wanted to play house with Carlisle.
I'll do anything.
I was working myself up. I hadn't seen him in such a long time. I knew Charlie had to work the graveyard shift. He would leave at eight p.m. and Carlisle would be here by 8:15 p.m.
I saw that he texted back-
I know
-Carlisle XX
He had me. He knew it.

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