That was fun! Thank you for reading along with us.

We want to start this epically long A/N with a round of applause for you guys, our readers. Most of you were there with us from the beginning and passionately rooted for these two troubled kids to find their HEA. We hope that you are happy with where they are now, and we hope we gave you everything you wanted. We loved interacting with you, and the time you took to reach out and let us know what you were thinking and feeling; it is not something we take for granted.

We think most of you figured it out, but Bee wrote Bella, and PB wrote Edward. If you didn't, well, there you go. There's the answer you wanted in your review ;) We can't say that this collab will ever happen again, but you never know what might pop up. Follow us if you choose.

We want to take some time to personally thank our team. This story took a team of dedicated people and we hope you take the time to read this. We wouldn't be here, at the end, without them.

First of all, Mina Rivera for the awesome banner. As we said in our very first A/N, she put up with two writers who had very different ideas (or no ideas at all) and molded these scattered thoughts into one, perfect, beautiful banner. It was everything we had in our heads but could not put into words for her. Thank you, Mina.

Now, the next three ladies, well, they're special. All three of them took on an author they had never worked with before, and a story that felt like a monster at first.

LayAtHomeMom was our pre-reader. She enthusiastically jumped in with both feet to make this story readable and relatable. We appreciated her witty, keen eye, her blunt honesty, and the fact that she didn't throw us out the window after pointing out the eight hundredth usage of the word 'old.' Nothing compares 2 U, Pal. Thank you, Lay.

Hadley Hemingway was one of our betas. She worked diligently on this monster, even while maintaining a very hectic personal life, giving us so much of her time she should be on a payroll somewhere. It was her patio where we dreamed up the initial conception of this story, and she has been giving us her guidance from the get-go. We put her doctorate to work, picking her brain to help build, break, and then mend the minds and hearts of our characters. She, in turn, forced us to curb hundreds of run-on sentences, forced us to clarify our half-formed thoughts, and nit-picked our comma usage like a pro. Her research into major issues (where is this story even located?) and minor (can deer even eat that?) was incomparable and we are in awe of her dedication to us. You are a pretty flower in our meadow. Thank you, Hadley.

CarrieZM was our other beta. She cleaned us up and cheered us on, also while working and dealing with a crazy-hectic RL. As with Hadley, she was there from the very first conversation and devotedly hung in there, pushing us along while we figured things out. Her empathy for our characters, her insights into their motivations and desires, and her straight-forward candor molded this story into something better than we brought to her. With commas in the right places, too! But mostly, her initial thoughts on the whole gigantic mess really guided us and formed it into what it became. You are a queen, BB. Thank you, Carrie.

So, thank you team BlueMeadow, from the bottom of our soulless hearts.

We love you three like whoa.

Peace out, people,

Honeybee and Planetblue

NOW… (yes, there's more lol) we are each gonna take the floor alone for the first time in months. PB taking the mic...

I can't end this without shouting out to the person I really couldn't have done it without. My dear Bee, I have this to say to you:

I never thought I'd do it. I never thought I'd write with someone else. The thought was scary and demented, and I honestly didn't see any way two completely different writers could come to any sort of agreement - on storyline, character development, betas, posting schedules, review reply etiquette... it seemed so massive and unruly, I just thought there was no way this would go smoothly.

I am thrilled to have been proven wrong.

Nothing could have been less stressful or less painful. We had our bumps in the beginning, mostly both of us getting serious about doing it, and I'll admit my hesitancy stemmed from a lot of what I describe above. The entire road to posting seemed full of nothing but obstacles to me: a huge monolith, a deep ocean, a rocky mountain I couldn't fathom scaling. But damn, girl. How happy am I that we just could not let the idea of Deer Girl and Patchward go? Insanely happy. I know they haunted both of us, and I thank the universe for that, and I thank you for not letting me go. For whatever reason, this story needed to exist.

It's been a joy, truly, to share writing skills and the whole writing process with you. There's a different sort of feeling when you share and take responsibility for words with someone else, and I am honored that my first time was with you. You are so damn talented, and I worried I wouldn't be able to measure up to you. So thank you, Bee, for handling and loving my words, and treating them like they were your own.

I will miss talking with you about it as it dies down in the fandom, and there's no longer any need to discuss it. I will miss endless text messages and hour long phone calls. I will miss bouncing ideas off of you and laughing at the stupid ones.

But we have this friendship now, this bond, that hopefully will not die with the trickling end of the Twific universe.

So here's to tattoos, brown butter sea salt cookies, pic research, and us.

Love you like crazy.

Letter to Blue

Inspired by the poem Fight For Love, by Andrea Gibson

Maybe, it was that time you sent me a link to a song you loved and told me it reminded you of me, and I decided you were the absolute worst for thinking that I didn't already love that song for ages and ages and wasn't already mentally married to the lead singer.

Maybe it was that time I sent you a link to a song that reminded me of you, and you told me that you already loved it.

Well played.

Maybe it was the tattoo lust, or the badlands writer-envy, or the infuriating way you can always keep your cards close to your chest even when plied with booze and promises and I worried that we'd never connect because I can hardly keep my mouth shut if you get me drunk and I def hate-read Badlands because I wanted it to be mine.

Maybe it was when you said something elitist like 'you cannot write a whole story without a plot,' or 'maybe we should figure out what the fuck is going on here before we just keep blindly writing ourselves into the void,' and I said something dramatic like 'I'd rather have a story with no plot than a lifeless, predictable pile of bullshit,' and you agreed.

Maybe it was that time we sat silent on the phone for almost twenty minutes and then came to the exact same conclusion at the exact same time.

Maybe it was because that summary was the easiest one I've ever written because you like being vague as fuck too.

Maybe it was when you talked me out of killing the fawn.

Please, destroy my death wishes... if it keeps me dragging myself back into the same damn gdoc for five friggen years to call you the writer I've been waiting, word for word, for.

Thank you for beating my 'let's write with no plot' with 'let's go dark.' You were so right.

Thank you for giggling on the phone with me after our first lemon while we discussed how awkward it was to write with each other in mind and then telling me that he wanted to give her his cameras.

Thank you for making fun of our Guest troll just as harshly as I did and thank you for talking me down off my facebook soapbox because SCRABBLED TO MY FEET is an actual thing, people. Scrambled is for beginners.

Thank you for getting a tattoo with me.

Thank you for still sending me songs that you love.

What's next?